5 Of My Most Popular True Crime Posts....So Far + My Thoughts

So, I wanted to just start 2021 on my blog with a sort of recap on some of the cases which I have covered so far. Having written over 65 cases I decided to pick out five of the most popular just in case you missed them or you are a new reader just discovering my blog for the first time (welcome). 

Here are five of my most popular posts....so far! I hope you find them informative and don't forget to check out my other socials and Patreon for more exclusive content, podcasts, erotic stories and more. 

I wrote this story all the way back in 2019. As a fan of 80s movies, especially the Molly Ringwald/Brat Pack movies, I was shocked to hear that one of the stars of Pretty In Pink, a promising young actress by the name of Alexa Kenin had died. I did a search online to find out what had happened to her and it took me a very long time and a lot of research to get some answers. Rumours flew around for years about Alexa's death and I wanted to write about it as I knew there were many people out there who were also wondering what happened to her. Quite a number of people contacted me to say that they didn't even know she had died until they read my post. 

I often wonder what could have been for Alexa and where she would be today. I'm sure her career would have continued. I hope she's resting in peace and it is a comfort to know that so many people still think of her and enjoy the work she left behind. I also feel honoured to have written such a popular post which also helps keeps Alexa's memory alive. 

This was another case I wrote about back in 2019 and it has also gotten thousands of views. It was a shocking case that occurred in the 90s and it caused a bit of a stir when I posted it, I was getting dozens of messages including one from the victim's daughter who contacted me to thank me for writing the full story. It was a big case for me to write about and and took a few posts in a lot of detail but I'm proud of how hard I worked on it and the fact that it's still getting views to this day. It's important to keep the memories of all victims alive and they deserve to have their stories heard. After I covered this case I was happy to see that some You Tubers covered the story (using my blog as one of their references). 

This was a gut-wrenching case to write about and I remember being up until the wee small hours working on each post. I got so lost in this case trying to cover every detail and it's one I have never forgotten. I actually saw a horror movie that was supposed to be based on this case, I'd never heard about it before until I started to do my research and I was horrified. I was horrified and angry but I wanted Sylvia's story to be heard. Luckily there's been quite a number of podcasts, channels, blogs etc who have covered the case and the memory of Sylvia and who she really was (more than just a victim who went through absolute hell). I remember at the end of writing the final post I felt a sense of relief that it was over, it was harrowing to think about what Sylvia went through. Even as I type this now, I'm still shocked that this could have ever happened and I know that a lot of people have never ever forgotten this case. 

I only just wrote about this case a few weeks ago and it's already number four on my popular case list. I had known about this awful story for a number of years and a few weeks ago it came back to me when I was sorting out lists for future cases to cover. When I was doing my research to refresh my memory of the exact details, I was shocked to see that nobody else in the true crime community had covered the case. Hopefully (like in a few previous cases) someone will come across my blog and be inspired to share the case with their viewers, readers or listeners (just as long as they reference me, if they check out my blog as part of their research lol). 

What a sickening case this was and I had a number of messages about Mitchell. I included clips at the end of my post and people commented about how he had evil in his eyes and they wouldn't have trusted him in a second. Mitchell Quy is a very evil, manipulative and twisted individual and I'm glad right now that he is still in prison. He needs to stay there and I'm angry that his brother was released so early. I know there's quite a number of people from the local area (where the case took place) who keep an eye on the newspapers to see what's happening with Mitchell. I will be doing updates on this case and any other previous cases I have covered as soon as I get the correct information. 

This was another case that wasn't covered by any other True Crimer at the time. I'd been following the case in the news and decided to write about it. This terrible and frightening story of this beautiful young girl who had everything to live for, her whole life ahead of her and here comes along this disgusting and evil individual. It was a scary story and a situation that many a young woman or man (anyone of any age to be honest) could be in. Being out with friends for a few drinks, having one too many and trying to get home safe. It's such a shocking case and such a waste of such a beautiful and popular girl's life. 

Well, I hope you found this post interesting going back down memory lane of some of the cases I have covered, this is only five out of 66 cases so if you're new to my blog, you've got plenty of reading to keep you busy. I will be back next week, Sunday to be exact with a fresh new case for 2021. I already have a huge list of cases I am interested in covering and I have requests from my subscribers on Patreon

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  1. Having followed your work for almost a year and a half now I have to say that each and every one of your cases are absolutely incredible.

    The way you commit yourself to your work shows through each and every single story. And each time I think you've reached a new peak you surpass that moment the following week with something more incredible.

    I truly enjoyed this post as it was a great moment to look back and reflect on your prior stories. And I loved reading your thoughts on the cases in such a retrospective manner, I can't wait to see what stories you come up with in 2021 and look forward to what comes.

  2. Thank you soooooo much! This means a lot to me x