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(The Chip shop that Mavis and Geoffrey owned, Top right: Geoffrey Bran at his trial. Bottom right: Mavis Bran. Picture credit: cambrian-news.co.uk

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I shared a horrific story the other day on my Twitter page about a woman who was alleged to have had boiling hot oil poured over her by her husband of 38 years, Geoffrey Bran (71). 

Mavis Bran (69) and her husband had been together since the early 1980s and were said to have had a very volatile relationship, they had no children together but Geoffrey had children from a previous relationship. The couple worked together in their own chip shop in Hermon in Carmarthenshire, Wales, which was right next to their home. Their relationship was often tense with explosive arguments and Mavis was said to have had an addiction to alcohol.

Despite their troubles, they managed to maintain their marriage for 38 years but on the 23rd of October 2018, things took a more sinister and horrific turn. Geoffrey and Mavis were in the chip shop having one of their many arguments which seemed to escalate, Mavis had been drinking alcohol that day and according to Geoffrey (depending of which story you believe) she was nagging him and slipped which resulted in her pouring hot oil all over herself. 

What makes this case even more stranger and darker is Geoffrey's response to his wife being in absolute agony and horrific pain. He just carried on with what he was doing in the chip shop and didn't bat an eyelid. Mavis had to struggle to the house, she was naked from the waist up and her skin was red raw and peeling (she had 46% burns to her body) and called her friend who she informed that Geoffrey had just poured boiling oil all over her. The friend rushed over to the house straight away to find Mavis in shock and shaking, there was a young man who was present with her who also lived at the house and an ambulance was called. Whilst all this panic was going on, Geoffrey carried on ignoring the situation and stayed in the chip shop, serving customers, he was eventually forced to shut the shop.

Another chilling fact is that Mavis had told friends weeks before that she believed her husband was going to kill her. 

Mavis was rushed to the burns unit at a local hospital where Doctors did their best to keep her alive. Sadly, Mavis died of multiple organ failure 6 days later. 

Geoffrey's trial lasted a week and it took jurors 4 hours to find him not guilty of manslaughter. They believed his side of the story that Mavis had been drinking that afternoon (she was found to have had a significant level of alcohol in her blood) and that she had been argumentative before she slipped in the chip shop and poured the boiling oil over herself. Geoffrey gave no explanation for ignoring his wife for two hours when she was suffering in agony.

Another strange twist to the case is the support that Geoffrey had gotten from Mavis's family, they were reported to have said that they just want to get on with their lives and it's just one of those things. Not surprisingly, Geoffrey's children have stood by him. 

During the trial, Geoffrey had shed tears and spoke of how he loved Mavis and still misses her everyday. Was this the words of an actor or was he genuine? Who knows? The fact remains that Geoffrey Bran has now walked free and we may never know what happened to Mavis.

For me personally, his reaction afterwards, whether the incident with the boiling oil was an accident or he had deliberately thrown it at her, his coldness, his lack of concern speaks volumes. 

A strange and horrible case indeed and to think they were together for such a long time but it was a case of they couldn't live with each other but couldn't live without each other. Quite a destructive relationship which was only ever going to end in tragic circumstances.

I read some of the reactions to the verdict on my Twitter page and every comment was shocked and appalled that Geoffrey was found innocent. What are your thoughts on this? My mind struggles with this and I just keep going back to how he responded to her afterwards, ignoring her for all that time when she was stripped to the waist with her skin peeling off, what kind of husband or human being for that matter does that?

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RIP Mavis 

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  1. I think he had done it. If she had slipped he would be with her from the start. Bit if he did it then that is why he did not give a toss about her and stayed at he chip shop working. He should of been found guilty.

  2. Hi Jo,

    It’s Paul, another fine example of how appalling our legal system is. This man is guilty of at least manslaughter, if not murder. I cannot believe he got off. Ridiculous.