Coffee And True Crime Q&A with Jo

It's been quite a while since I started writing about true crime cases and to celebrate my 20th case, I thought I would do a little Q&A on here as I'm always getting questions from my amazing readers/subscribers. I decided to take a few and include them on here. I will be doing Q&A posts here and there so if you have any questions, they are always welcome.

So grab some tea, coffee or whatever you prefer & let's get into it...

1) Do you have a fave serial killer? (from @AsylumOfSins & @Dark_History1 on Instagram):

I don't know if ''favourite'' is the word but I enjoy researching and finding out everything I can about a certain serial killer. I have many that I'm interested in researching and it changes. Right now, I'm interested in Edmund Kemper, BTK and looking more into the background of John Wayne Gacy.

2) What was the strangest case you've researched? (from @HorrorDude_89 on Instagram):

There's been quite a few cases which have been very strange indeed but I suppose the one that comes to mind is the Heather Elvis case. Although a lot of us think that a certain couple are responsible, it seems as if Heather just vanished off the face of the earth and nobody has seen or heard from her since. There's a lot of theories about what happened to her and it's really sad. I wish that Heather's family and friends were given proper closure and that justice was properly served. There's always that dream that Heather will turn up somewhere alive and well someday, it's not a silly dream, we've seen it happen before where someone who has been missing for years or even decades has been returned to their families.

3) What's been the most disturbing case that you've encountered? (from @HalloweenIsMyXmas on Instagram): 

There's been many but from the ones that I have covered on here, I would say The Sylvia Likens CaseThe McDonald's Massacre and The Ricardo Lopez Case

4) What's your dream date night? (from @BeardedMonkey on Instagram): 

It has to include, horror movies or psychological thrillers and either Domino's pizza or some Chinese takeaway. Drinks and candles.

5) What's your fave true crime story? (from @_Criminology_101 on Instagram): 

Again, I wouldn't say favourite, but cases such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, BTK, Jeffrey Dahmer intrigue me because these guys lived double lives and if you didn't know anything about them and stood next to them in the coffee queue, you would probably think that they were nice, friendly guys because they could come over as charismatic (especially Ted Bundy).

Q6) Have you ever done any research on self described 'Angel of Death', Donald Harvey? (from @Citizen_ed on Instagram:

I saw a little bit of a documentary on him some time ago and I recently read about a case (I think it was in Germany) where there was a male nurse who was doing the same things as Donald had done in his crimes. The nurse would inject harmful dosages into patients and then when the patients were at deaths door, having convulsions or heart attacks, he would rush in and try to save them. He managed to get away with this for quite a while and was often hailed as a hero for managing to bring the patients back from the brink. Some patients unfortunately died. He was caught eventually.

I'm going to add Donald Harvey to my list of cases to cover because I'm really interested in looking more into this case, thank you for bringing it up in your question.

Q7) Would you investigate a murder? (from @GhostFaceChili on Instagram): 

If I was a trained cop I would lol.

Q8) I'm a big fan of your work, do you have plans to have your own podcast? (from @SignedWithLippy on Twitter):

First of all, thank you so much!! Secondly, I would love to have my own podcast at some point but I've heard it can be quite expensive getting the equipment together and I wouldn't know where to start (any advice would be greatly appreciated) plus, knowing me, I'd have to have background music and art work so that it isn't just me droning on and on. I like to set the scene lol.

Q9) Please write a true crime book, I would totally buy it and if possible could you sign it? (from @HoneyHutchence on Twitter):

Thank you so much, that is my dream to be a true crime writer and yes, I would sign the book for you.

Q10) Who is your favourite true crime writer? (from @DeanEyedMonster on twitter):

First of all, Reg McKay (RIP), I love his books so much and he will always be my no1 inspiration. If I ever do get to write a true crime book, he'll be one of my dedications. I'm always telling people to read his books.

Professor David Wilson, David is just awesome and I could sit and listen to him talk all day, he is so full of knowledge and interesting facts about all kinds of cases. His books are fantastic and he has popped up in a few true crime documentaries. Right now he has his own series ''David Wilson's Crime Files'' on BBCiPlayer. Go and check it out.

Q11) Jack The Ripper - a Royal, a doctor or something else? (from @Horror_Buff_1981): 

I think he was a surgeon but who knows? the mystery remains...

Q12) What are your opinions on the Varg killing Euronymous case? (from @Dancing_Thru_Sunday on Instagram):

I can't remember the full details of this case but it is one that interests me. I'm adding it to my list of cases to cover so keep your eyes peeled.

Q13, Where are you from? (from @TheRealGrungeDaddy on Instagram):

I'm originally from Scotland but currently live in England.

Q14, Who is your favourite TV detective? (from @TheLydonGirl on Twitter):

My ultimate favourites are Columbo and Jim Taggart

Q15, What's your fave true crime/fiction crime on Netflix? (from @BeautyIsMyBag on Twitter):

Without a doubt it has to be Mindhunter!!!

So, there you have it! Thank you so much to all the people who took the time to ask me these awesome questions, I enjoyed answering them, hope you enjoyed my answers.

I'm off to research my latest case now and drink more decaf coffee lol. Thanks as always for all of the kind words and support that I receive regularly on social media. I appreciate it and it's always a lovely thing to read when people tell you how much they enjoy your work.

See you in the next post, much love x

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  1. Loved reading this and getting to know you, and by default, your blog more. I love what you do and often spend time stalking your blog before sleeping. I love learning about true crime stories, and it makes me want to start a separate blog for something else I'm passionate about. Not necessarily true crime but something else.

    1. Thank you so much lovely, your comments mean a lot : ) x

  2. I was recently watching some documentaries on Hulu about John Wayne Gacy and omg like I heard of him before and knew he was a murder bc of a joke in high school (we called another school's band director John Wayne, and tbh I'm not sure way expect that he was creepy) but I had no idea about the whole story.

    The case of Heather Elvis reminds me of Shelly Miscavige a bit, expect people in the cult Scientology "claim" to see her alive but she hasn't been seen since 2007.

    I have to agree with you about Ted Bundy, I find that case very intriguing, because before him no one really though the guy next boy "handsom" type could be what he was, and that we women should fear tbh all men and not the ones that just look creepy. I hate to say it that way.

    Just to jump on the question about the podcast, I really only listen to a fandom related one but the lady who run it uses a gaming headset, and a bot on discord to record it called Craig, and I think she uses some type of free music for it.

    Loved this Q&A!

    Love is Zero

    1. Thank you so much lovely for taking the time to ready and comment : ) x