Pure Evil: Levi Bellfield | Part One

(Levi Bellfield, Picture cred: thesun.co.uk)

I've researched some pretty sick individuals during my true crime blogging but one of the worst cases has to be of the English serial killer Levi Bellfield. This was a man (if you could call him a man) who had an intense hatred for women and in particular, young blonde women who he would refer to in derogatory terms. 

Before I get into the case, I have to warn you that I will be sharing some very disturbing details so please keep this in mind. I will try my best to not be so graphic but I do have to share some of the details to give you an idea of what really happened.

So let's begin...

Levi Bellfield (who know calls himself Yusuf Rahim after converting to Islam behind bars) was born on the 17th of May 1968 in Isleworth in London. He grew up on a council estate in southwest London. His father passed away when he was just 10 years old so he became incredibly close to his mother, a bit too close to his mother some might say. He also had two sisters and brothers. 

Throughout his early years in school he suffered bullying as he was quite a skinny, pale child. His nickname at school was ''Rabbit'' because of a disgusting rumour that he had stolen his sister's pet rabbit and sexually assaulted the animal before breaking or cutting it's neck. Some people believe this horrendous incident to have taken place, others say that it was just a rumour.

He wasn't exactly popular with girls and slept in bed with his mother and sucked his thumb up until he was a teenager. Throughout his life, before his arrest, he would continue to sleep in his mother's bed whenever he would visit her, he referred to her as ''Mummy'' and his previous girlfiends would mention how they thought it was unhealthy that his mother was still bathing him when he was in his 30s.

They often say that a man who is close to his mother is often a gentleman to other women but that is not always the case as you will see as we go further.

Levi was tired of being picked on for being skinny and decided that he wanted to bulk up a bit so began working out. Soon enough he had built himself up to be quite an intimidating figure. His stature enabled him to get jobs as a nightclub bouncer.

It's unknown where he got his hatred towards blonde women, it could have been his experiences at school or a previous bad relationship with someone who just happened to be blonde? Nobody knows for sure where the anger came from. Maybe he desired these women and felt insecure, that he wasn't good enough for them? There are quite a few theories as to why. 

In his job as a nightclub bouncer, he had a mini van with a mattress in the back and blacked out windows. He enjoyed picking up drunk women at the clubs and taking them back to his van. He had an appalling attitude towards women despite being so close to his mother.

Previous girlfriends said he was an absolute nightmare to be with. They never knew what mood he was going to be in from one day to the next and he would physically assault them. He would be careful to leave bruises on the women where nobody could see them so he would never hit them in the face. He also enjoyed sticking his fingers into the sore bruises afterwards.

People who knew him said that he was arrogant and would walk about like he owned the place. He didn't get on with an elderly couple where he lived and allegedly poured weed killer all over their treasured garden.

During my research I couldn't find anyone who had a good word to say about him. He really was a nasty piece of work. One of his girlfriends mentioned that he would take catalogues and magazines and scribble out all of the faces of the blonde women with black marker pen.

He'd been in trouble with the law before, having been arrested in 1981 for burglary and then for assaulting a police officer in 1991. By 2002 his total stints in prison for petty crimes & violence added up to almost a year. 

As a way to make some extra money, he would place adverts in the local newspaper advertising a brothel. He would tell the unsuspecting potential customers to go to a particular address where this supposed brothel was. When the person arrived, Levi would keep watch and whilst they were away from their car he would clamp their wheel. When the person came back, Levi told them to pay him a few hundred pounds if they wanted the clamp removed. 

Despite his terrible personality and average appearance, he still managed to father 11 children with three different women.

Levi would often be seen driving around in his van and stopping at bus stops to try and chat up young blonde women. 

In my next post I will be going into Levi Bellfield's crimes and what happened to his victims as well as his arrest and what happened afterwards. Hope I'll see you in the next post x

Continued in part two... 

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  1. 11 children?!? That's insane, hope his 'issues' aren't hereditary 😕😕

  2. What an absolutely disgraceful human being! Enjoyed reading part 1 of your blog