Coffee & True Crime Q&A With Jo | Part Three

This week I'm not able to post a true crime case (with it being the run up to Christmas, work and not getting the time this week), however I am posting another true crime Q&A post. I have also posted a personal Q&A for my monthly subscribers over on my Kofi page. If you didn't already do so, please check out my three part series on the Kenny Richey case.

I will be back on the research on Monday and posting another case so stay tuned for that.

So here goes...

Q1) Which movie do you think was the best based on a serial killer or true crime book?

I've always said that 'To Catch A Killer' is my favourite, John Dennehy gives an amazing performance as John Wayne Gacy. I also think 'Monster' is an amazing film and Charlize Theron is amazing as Aileen Wuornos but I do think the movie tried to portray Aileen (in my option) in a sympathetic light.

Q2) Which case are you working on next?

I haven't decided which cases(s) I'm going to cover next. I have a list and I'm hoping to squeeze a few in before Christmas because I'm nearly at my 40th true crime case and I would like to have hit that goal by the end of the year.

Q3) What has been the longest case you have worked on and how long did it all take to put together?

That's a hard question to answer because there's been quite a few, the ones that come to mind are, Columbine, The Tracie Andrews case, The Sylvia Likens case and The Life & Death of Marvin Gaye. These cases took me all week to do and I would often be up all night working on them.

Q4) Last true crime podcast you listened to?

I always listen to 'Trace Evidence Podcast'

Q5) Do you have a favourite serial killer interview?

I'm wouldn't say 'favourite' but I find Ted Bundy's interview he did hours before his execution quite interesting as well as Aileen Wuornos interviews where she would appear to be nice but then someone would say something the wrong way and you could see her eyes change.

Q6) Favourite police interrogation 

That would have to be the Russell Williams one. That was a masterpiece!!

Q7) Which true crime docu would you recommend?

Talhotblond! That was amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat right up until the end. If you can find it anywhere, i recommend watching it.

Q8) Top 5 cases you've covered so far that you would recommend to a new reader?

I'm proud of all of the cases I've worked on because I've put a lot into each of them but I would have to say:

Q9) What do you think of sites that sell serial killer memorabilia? 

It's a bit strange. I personally wouldn't want to own anything that a serial killer once had. Saying that, some people might find me weird for writing about serial killers and true crime cases. I also read a lot of true crime, have true crime books and watch true crime documentaries which other people might think is strange. Each to their own.

Q10) Have you ever been to a prison? if you have, did you see anyone famous?

Yes, I've visited a prison and the only 'famous' person (if you could class them as famous) wasn't a murderer but a minor celebrity, Amy Winehouse's ex husband Blake. Whenever I saw him in the newspapers he looked terrible because of the drugs but when I saw him there he had been clean and actually looked handsome, I could kind of see what Amy liked about him. Some time later though he was out of prison, back in trouble and back on drugs.

Well, there we go, short but sweet but let me know if you have any more questions you would like me to answer.

Catch you in the next post x

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