Hey everyone and welcome to my blog, Caledonian Kitty. Here I share bits of my life, past/present experiences, topical ramblings, self care tips, mental health related posts as well as my latest lifestyle and beauty obsessions. I also post about true crime cases.

I share/promote my posts everyday across my social media platforms to over 39k followers. I'm also the founder of @TheBloggersPost on twitter where I help promote fellow bloggers and their social media links and latest blog posts.

I'm a big fan of pampering and think there's nothing better than having a spa day or relaxing evening at home with scented candles, a cosy dressing gown, face mask, messy bun and hot chocolate.

I think that imperfections are beautiful and would love it if people embraced what they perceive to be their flaws because what may be a flaw to them, may be the most beautiful thing to someone else.

I'm a vegetarian and have been since 2006. I live with my amazing fiance and adopted black cat Freddie Mercury.

I'm originally from Scotland but currently live in England.

I love everything 80s related and like reading about true crime. I've also started collecting crystals.

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x Jo 

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