Welcome to True Crime With Caledonian Kitty, a weekly true crime blog created, written, researched and put together by me, Jo. I'm so glad you stopped by and if you're a regular reader, you know I appreciate you. 

I've been interested in Criminology since a child and I'm a huge fan of the movies Silence of The Lambs and Manhunter. I read a lot of true crime books and was inspired by the late legendary Reg McKay to create my own blog as I love his books and I also studied Psychology and Criminology at University.

My ultimate dream is to become a published true crime author. 

I've now written so many true crime stories on this blog that I actually stopped counting them after about 90 and I'm proud of all the hard work that has gone into those posts. I've covered various cases from serial killers to cults and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

As well as true crime, I write erotic stories and have a weekly personal blog and podcasts which can be found on my Patreon and Kofi pages.

I will be bringing more true crime content to my YouTube channel very soon. I will be creating podcasts/videos on cases I have already covered here on my blog plus new cases. Check out my channel below: 

I love cosmetics (that's probably obvious lol), bubblebaths, all things Gothic esp vampires and bats. working out, dancing, vegetarian food, animals and horror movies.

I own way too many knee/thigh high boots, lipsticks and true crime books. 

I'm originally from Bonnie Scotland but currently living in England. I'm also half Spanish and a Scorpio so I'm quite a fiery mix. 

I have two cats called Freddie Mercury (black cat) and Gobbolino (tuxedo), both are rescued kitties and they are my babies. 

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you find my posts interesting and informative x

[Disclaimer: All photographs on this blog, unless otherwise stated & credited, belong to me. All posts are written for educational purposes & to bring awareness to these cases. If you would like to contact me about any of the content shared, please feel free to contact me at: caledoniankblog@yahoo.co.uk or jocaledoniankitty@gmail.com]

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