About Caledonian Kitty: 

Caledonian Kitty is a UK based blog which focuses on lifestyle, beauty, topical posts, personal experiences/thoughts, wellbeing and mental health.

Blog posts and collaborations are shared daily on social media to over 39,000 followers.

About Jo: 

Hello, I'm Jo and I'm the blogger behind Caledonian Kitty.

I started this blog as a way of sharing my latest beauty and lifestyle obsessions but it soon progressed into me including mental health and personal posts as well as my thoughts and opinions on various topical issues.

I'm a pampering queen with an obsession with white roses, pampering products, scented candles and spa days. I love my 'glam' days but also happy taking a day to rock a face mask and a messy bun.

I love writing posts that people say they can relate to or has helped them in some way. I also like sharing beauty products that people may not have come across.

When it comes to beauty and lifestyle products you'll find that I include affordable items, items that I love and swear by and that I know are good quality.

I have an adopted black cat named after Freddie Mercury and I consider myself (lol) to be a bit of an 80s and true crime boffin.

I also love a good nude, baby pink lipstick and believe that drugstore products can be just as good (if not better, in some cases) than the high end brands!

So that's a little bit about me, hope you'll stick around. read a few posts and be a lamb and subscribe (See my subscribe email link on the right side of my home page or follow me on Bloglovin)

If you fancy a natter (or a 'bleather' as they say in Scotland) come say hi on Twitter

x Jo