Unsolved: Part Three | The Highway of Tears & The Disappearance of Maddy Scott

(Highway of Tears: Photo credit: highwayoftears

So this is my third and final post in my unsolved series. I will do some more unsolved cases in the future so keep your eyes peeled for them. I usually post updates about what I'm doing with my blog on my Kofi page.

If you've just clicked on this page at random, don't forget to check out parts one and two where I cover the unsolved cases of Molly Bish, Holly Piirainen and Melanie Melanson who all disappeared from Massachusetts.

In this post I will be talking about The infamous 'Highway of Tears' in British Columbia in Canada where there has been a series of unexplained disappearances and murders of women dating back to 1970. A small number of the cases were solved but there are still a huge number of women who have never been found and what happened to them is a complete mystery.

Trying to cover all of the unsolved murders and disappearances related to the Highway of Tears would take a number of posts and possibly a couple of weeks to really research, in this series I was aiming to touch on each case briefly, If you are interested in me covering the Highway of Tears in more depth and go into each of the cases then let me know.

For this post I've decided to focus on one of the high profile cases that has the most information available from the authorities and that is the disappearance of Maddy Scott.

The Highway of Tears (which is 725 kilometres long (450 mi) is a very long stretch of highway that seems never ending. It seems to be the ideal place for killers to abduct people, murder them and bury their remains there because it is so remote, there are lots of trees, soft soil and not a soul to be seen for miles.

I've always been fascinated with the Highway of Tears, it was given that name back in 1998 during a vigil for four women who had been murdered and two who had gone missing. The highway has always had a bad reputation and people know, especially women to try to avoid it at all costs but it isn't always easy because some people have to travel on the road. Some women still hitchhike despite the warnings of the dangers.

The number of female victims connected to the highway differs, depending on who you ask. If you ask the police they will tell you the number is around 18, if you ask local people they will say the number of victims could be anything in the 20s to 40s whilst others think the number could be higher. The number is estimated to be between 18 and 83. I do believe that the number of victims is way more than 18. I think it could possibly be in the 100s.

Looking back over the history of the highway, going back to the 70s, hitchhiking was commonplace and women (and men) thought nothing of jumping into a strangers car. It baffles me that some people would do this but we never can know for sure if some of these women got into the vehicles of their own accord or they were dragged in.

With high levels of poverty and a lot of people not having the means to own a car but having to get medical attention, they had no choice but to use the highway.

Aboriginal women are said to have counted for more than half of the victims and it has led to theories that there is a serial killer who has been stalking the highway for decades. Going through my research, I believe that there is a serial killer stalking that highway and one day we may know for sure his identity.

(Highway of Tears, one of the warning posters along the highway. Picture credit: cbsnews)

There's been many heartbreaking stories about this haunting highway but I wanted to look into the Maddy Scott case first, I may look into more of the cases connected for a future post once I can gather all of the information but for now, I will talk about Maddy.

(Maddy Scott. Picture credit: madisonscott

Madison Geraldine Scott aka Maddy Scott, was 20 years old when she was last seen at Hogsback Lake in Canada (Hogsback lake is located 25 km southeast of Vanderhoof) in the early hours of the 28th of May 2011.

The pretty and popular Maddy was and is deeply loved by her family and friends who continue to hope that one day she will return to them and they will find out what exactly happened to her.

I've been looking a lot into Maddy's case this past week and it seems that everyone who met her and knew her on a personal level adored her and spoke of how she loved being outdoors and doing sports as well as working with her Dad as an apprentice heavy duty mechanic. She was a tom boy but had her girly moments too.

Maddy was close with her parents, Eldon and Dawn and was the sort of person who would go out of her way to help you and many people who have been interviewed since her disappearance have repeated this many times that she would ''give the shirt off her back to help someone in need''. She was born on the 29th of April 1991 and has an older sister and younger brother.

She could be spontaneous and do things at random so some of her friends thought that she may have just gone off somewhere else as she had a habit of changing plans at the last minute.

On the 27th of May 2011, Maddy and her friend Jordi attended a party at Hogsback lake. Jordi's boyfriend was also there as was a bunch of other people that just randomly appeared. The beginning of the night seemed to go well with everyone having a drink and chatting away but at some point Jordi got into an argument with some of the boys and she was pushed into the fire. She wasn't burnt but she and her boyfriend decided it was time to leave and asked Maddy to come with them.

Maddy was relaxed and didn't want to go so she told them that she would be fine where she was. Jordi would later say that she felt a lot of guilt for leaving Maddy there and that she did try and go back to get her the next day.

When Jordi and her boyfriend left, some of the other people who were there continued to have drinks and then a couple of hours later they decided to leave. Between 3 am and 4 am one of the attendees of the party approached Maddy and asked her if she would like a lift home but she refused. This was the last time anyone had heard or seen of Maddy scott.

At the time of her disappearance Maddy was described as having hazel eyes, weighing about 160 - 180 lbs and her height was 5 ft 4. She had ginger hair, her nose was pierced and she had a number of ear piercings. She also had a tattoo of a swallow silhouette on the inside of her left wrist.

Jordi came back the next morning to collect some of her belongings that she had left there and also to see if Maddy was ok. When she got there she saw that Maddy's tent was still there but the door to it was open and the bedding inside was pushed to one side.

The guy who's party it was said that he had seen Maddy's tent all zipped up when he was cleaning up after the party but didn't think to check as he assumed that all was ok and didn't want to disturb her privacy.

Because of Maddy's spontaneous personality, her parents and friends weren't too concerned at first but after two days of hearing nothing from her, they grew more and more concerned and her parents went to Hogsback lake to see what was going on with their daughter.

When they arrived they found Maddy's car which had valuable items in and around the vehicle, They also noticed that her clothes, an expensive camera and purse were still there. Some items were missing, such as her iphone and keys.

(One of the information posters appealing for help in the search for Maddy. Picture credit: cbc.ca)

There has been many theories over the years about what happened to Maddy, the serial killer Israel Keyes (who I wrote about a few months ago in this post) was looked at as being involved but after careful examination the police realised that he couldn't have been connected to Maddy's disappearance.

Other theories include that she ran away which according to her family and friends was very unlikely. Some people suggested that she may have been attacked by an animal but this was soon cast to the side as there was no evidence of a struggle or blood on Maddy's tent.

A lot of people have tried to connect Maddy's disappearance to the Highway of Tears but her family (for reasons best known to themselves) would rather that Maddy's name was not included in the list of people connected to that highway.

Apparently after Maddy's disappearance, two women went missing in similar circumstances with valuables being left behind and no signs of a struggle.

Today, Maddy's disappearance still remains a mystery and her family and friends have never given up hope or their search for her.

I think about all those women who have been murdered or have gone missing and their families. I imagine there will be people who have been abducted on the Highway of Tears who have never been reported missing or have been murdered around there but because of how big the area is, their remains have never been discovered.

I do hope and pray that there is a positive outcome for Maddy's family and the families of those who have gone missing, it's important to not give up hope because we have seen incidences where people have returned home after years, sometimes decades of being missing.

There's some documentaries on you tube you may be interested in about the Highway of Tears and Maddy Scott's disappearance I will include them below.

Thanks for checking out my recent post and I'll see you in the next one x

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