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If you are unfamiliar with this case I can guarantee you by the end of this post you will be filled with not only a feeling of heartbreak but sheer anger. I'm not sure if I am one of the first true crime writers to have covered this case from the UK but I do know that quite a few American youtubers have covered it and hopefully more and more people from other parts of the world will continue to write about and share this case. 

I have to be honest and say that researching the details of this case had a profound effect on me. I felt that I had gotten to know Taylor along the way and the details of the case not only shocked me but the way the case was dealt with and the aftermath. 

I want to start by sharing a little bit about who Taylor was. Taylor was a beautiful and talented young woman, she had the voice of an angel and she taught herself how to play the guitar (she uploaded various covers to her You Tube channel) as well as being the mother of twin girls. She was born in Melbourne, Florida on the 21st of July 1994. She adored her parents, Leslie and Bill as well as her siblings, Katelyn, Payton, Kendall and William and had a real zest for life. She loved music and if you take a moment to watch her videos you'll see just how talented she was.

She also loved Dolphins and socialising & had such a great bubbly personality which really shone through not only in her videos but by the numerous lovely things that friends and family have said about her. She was someone who really made a mark in her short time on this earth.

Because of her zest for life and outgoing personality it was not surprising to learn that she grabbed life with both hands and decided to get married at a young age. She was a dreamer who was working on making her dreams come true like a lot of young women her age. She brought her two little twin angels into the world and seemed to have the world at her feet to anyone looking in. 

But being so young and just learning about life, Taylor had some struggles and became addicted to pills. Obviously I don't know the personal details of her struggles as that is none of my business but being so young, having the responsibility of being a mother (which she adored) and having martial difficulties must have taken their toll. Her husband also ended up going to rehab at one point and Taylor's parents did their best to support her.

A lot of young people go through these experiences and there are some who come through it and are able to go on with their lives but some people struggle because addiction is an illness. People don't choose to be addicted to something, everyone is different and even people who have overcome their addiction will tell you that everyday is still a struggle. 

Some of the things that Taylor was taking took a toll on her moods and personality. Certain things can affect the way people behave and it can seem like they are a totally different person at times. Friends and relatives describe how Taylor was like a completely different person because of the substance misuse. 

Taylor soon fell in with the wrong crowd who also had various addictions and she ended up down a dark path that was out of control. Her parents did everything they could but she was 22 years old and in the eyes of the law, an adult, able to make her own decisions. 

I do believe that certain substances and prescription medications can have a huge effect on someone's personality and can often lead them to do things they would not normally do, for example the link between SSRIs and suicidal thoughts and actions.

Taylor became friendly with a wealthy older man by the name of Robert Butler III who was a heir to his father's successful flooring business. Robert was a shady character who had a penchant for guns and drugs. He'd previously had run-ins with the law on many occasions and seemed to have quite a few ''interesting characters'' visiting his home to hang out. 

The other difficulty with this case is the number of assumptions, rumours and judgements that some people try to report as fact. Taylor has been branded a ''sugarbaby'', ''a working girl'' and ''a prostitute'' because she moved in with this man. Could it be that Taylor found herself on hard times and this man stepped in acting as some sort of support, a father figure? who took advantage of her vulnerable state? Whatever the circumstances, Taylor was young, vulnerable and struggling. He was a much older career criminal with plenty of money and seemed to be quite intimidating to those around him. 

Taylor moved into Robert's house in 2016 and towards the end of that year she didn't have as much contact with her parents except for a birthday text message that she sent to her mum in September. It's hard to imagine what her parents were going through, they must have been sick with worry.

Things just seemed to be getting darker and darker for Taylor and then, her parents worst nightmare, possibly something they could never have imagined happening, came true on the 22nd of December 2016. Their beautiful daughter was found dead, half naked, dumped in a back alley in St. Petersburgh, Florida.  

Her parents gave permission for the crime scene pictures to be shown on You Tube and they are very disturbing and prove in my mind (along with the amount of evidence) and so many others who have commented about the case that this girl was murdered and in my opinion her body was dumped there because they couldn't find anywhere else to hide her body. The pictures made me feel heartbroken and angry so Lord knows what her parents must be feeling. The utter disrespect, the heartless way she was just thrown away like that. I will include the link to the crime scene at the end of this post because it's important that you see for yourself what happened and hopefully you will be inspired to share Taylor's story and help support her family's fight for justice.

So what happened? Well, the ridiculous story is that Taylor (Who Robert Butler claimed to have just been a ''working girl'' and didn't live with him full time) was found half naked and semi-conscious (she was apparently found with just a t-shirt on and had urinated on the bed) on Robert's bed. He claimed that she had been ill for the past few days and was getting worse. He arranged for two men, Deonte Baker and Quran Archer to take her to the hospital, he apparently didn't call for an ambulance because he had guns and drugs in the house.

These two men then wrapped Taylor in a sheet as she was, no trousers, no underwear and put her in the backseat of a car. Deonte in one car, Quran in the other and they went to look for a hospital, according to their stories. They ended up passing eight hospitals as they drove around and at some point, Taylor was supposed to have died during this journey so they contacted Robert again. Robert said under no circumstances were they to bring Taylor's body back to the house. He told them to get rid of her body where nobody could find her. The two men decided against Robert's wishes and dumped her body in an alley without the sheet, they put her body there, the bottom half of her body was exposed and decided to drive over her as if to make sure that she was really dead.

(Picture credit:

They returned to Robert's house where they burned their clothing, cleaned the house and the car and disposed of Taylor's belongings. Taylor's body was later found by a man collecting juice cans. 

It took a year before these three were arrested and despite the fact that Taylor had Robert's DNA underneath her fingernails and neck, tyre marks on her body, traces of glue from tape found on her body and her cause of death was said to have been Asphyxiation, not to mention how her body was found and the fact that the three of them tried to cover the whole thing up and even when Robert was first questioned he had fresh scratch marks on his face. No charges of murder, mishandling or desecration of a body were brought. 

All three of them had time to put their stories together, so what was the outcome to all of this? Robert got a year in prison, Deonte got six months & I read that Quran was let go, they were only found guilty of failure to report a death. Long story short, the police felt that there was not enough evidence to prove that Taylor had been murdered. They also didn't seem to take into consideration what they had done to her body after she died either, dumping her half naked in the alley and driving over her. It makes no sense to me at all. I've seen cases where people have been convicted on less evidence than this. They say Robert's DNA on her body doesn't prove anything either because Taylor lived with him.

Look at the actions of these three people, the way they just discarded her, the lies. I dread to think what happened in that house when Taylor was there. It's horrible to imagine but I think that Robert, along with his cronies took advantage of Taylor and kept her dependent on the drugs. If she had in fact died at the house or in the car, any decent person would have contacted authorities and her parents or if they were to dispose of her body, have done it in a way where she was covered up and placed somewhere out of reach (but even that doesn't bare thinking about). To think she was taken out of that house, either alive or deceased (in my opinion she was deceased) with no dignity and disrespect and dumped like that just tells you all you need to know about these people and what they thought of her.

This case is unbelievable, it's all there in black and white so I do not understand why these people have not faced proper justice. A lot of people think that it has to do with Robert's wealth.

I will be keeping an eye on this case, hoping and praying that things turn around and we see proper justice for Taylor, her daughters, her parents (who continue to fight everyday) and family.

Please check out the links included below. I have included a warning next to the crime scene video just in case you do not wish to view it. 

RIP Taylor

(Taylor with her twin daughters who now call her 'angel mommy'. Picture credit: Express Digest)


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The Taylor McAllister Case (Lordan Arts who has had communication with Taylor's father Bill, has put this amazing video together about the case) 

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  1. Absolutely Horrific! There is no justice in this! These men got away with murder... literal murder! I feel absolutely heartbroken for that family and nothing but rage and fury with those three men! Brilliant story yet hard to stomach and even harder to believe!

    1. Thank you so much for checking out the post, I really appreciate it x

  2. Virtually talking, such a search would certainly entail having accessibility to documents polkbusted worldwide or at the very least accessibility to the FBI data source that houses nationwide rap sheets.