What Happened to Abby & Libby?: The Snapchat Murders | UPDATES!


(Monon High bridge Trail. Picture credit: indystar.com)

You'll will no doubt have heard of this heartbreaking case which is often referred to as 'The Snapchat Murders''. I had heard of the case before and decided to delve back into it this past week and see if there was any updates on the case. Before I begin, just a reminder that you can find all of my links to my socials here 

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Let's get into the case....

Libby (14) and Abby (13) were like two peas in a pod, the best of friends. You would never see one without the other. They did everything together and shared common interests such as sports, art and music. Although young, they both had that kind of friendship that you could see lasting a lifetime. To strangers they could have been sisters, it was a unique and special bond and yet they had different traits about each other that seemed to just fit, like they brought out the best in one another.

If you were to ask their families or anyone else in the small town in Indiana where they grew up, you would never hear a bad word spoken about them. Both the girls were well liked, very close to their families and had very bright futures ahead of them but sadly something horrific happened to both of these girls on the 13th of February 2017 which nobody could have imagined happening, not in their worst nightmare. 

(Abby and Libby. Picture credit: wrtv.com)

Libby (Liberty Rose Lynn German) and Abby (Abigail Williams) wanted to make the most of their day off of school on the 13th of February 2017 and with both being keen photographers with a sense of adventure they decided that they wanted to spend some time at the Delphi Historic Trail which was located near the Monon High Bridge. The bridge was abandoned but people tended to go there for the scenery and take pictures. Fashion bloggers would pose in their outfits there and even wedding pictures were taken there. To look at the bridge, in my opinion as someone who is scared of heights I think it is very unsafe. The boards look like they could fall through at any moment and there doesn't appear to be a rail at either side, you could just imagine a gust of wind blowing you over the side. 

Anyway, the two girls thought it would be a great idea to take some pictures there and make the most of their day off from school. They planned to upload some pictures online onto their favourite app which was Snapchat

The girls asked for permission to go to the trail and were told they could only go if someone was going to drive them there and bring them back home afterwards. It was arranged for Libby's sister to drop them off and for her Dad to pick them up later. When Libby's sister dropped the girls off all seemed well, the girls were happy and there didn't seem to be anyone else around.

Libby and Abby were having fun, taking pictures and uploading them to Snapchat but later on that afternoon when Libby's Dad messaged her phone to let the girls know he was there to pick them up, he got no response. At first he thought it might have been a signal problem or Libby's battery had drained. As time went on and there was so sign of the girls panic set in amongst their family members. 

(One of the pictures of Abby that Libby had posted on Snapchat that afternoon of the 13th of February 2017. Picture credit: abcnews)

Libby and Abby's relatives went to the trail themselves to search, keeping an open mind, thinking that maybe the girls got lost or had no battery left on their phones. With no further sign of the girls and text messages and phone calls unanswered, the families of Libby and Abby contacted the police.

That night, the police and volunteers from the local community searched as much as they could but with the darkness upon them they decided to call off the search for that night and resume again in the morning. 

The next day around lunchtime the heartbreaking news came through that Libby and Abby had been found deceased.  It was horrific news for a small town where everyone knew everyone and they considered where they lived to be one of the safest areas in Indiana. The news that the two young girls were murdered sent shock waves through the local community and beyond. 

The police have never revealed how the girls were murdered which has led people to believe that the details are too horrific that quite possibly the police do not want to disrespect the family or the girls in any way by sharing such personal information. 

The next day the police released a photograph of someone they claimed to be their prime suspect. Whilst the girls had been on the bridge taking pictures and having fun, they spotted a man walking towards them (according to the FBI website, the suspect was described as a white male between the ages of 18 to 40 but could appear younger. He was wearing blue jeans, a blue coat/jacket and a hoodie. They estimated that he was between 5''6 and 5''10 weighing 180 to 220 pounds. The suspect was also said to have reddish-brown hair but they couldn't get a clear indication of eye colour) and managed to capture a few seconds of this man on Libby's smartphone. 

Obviously being two young girls in the middle of nowhere with a strange older man walking towards them must have been quite scary for the girls and at that point Libby's instincts must have kicked in because she did what she could to try and record what was happening. 

This is a haunting case and not only have the full details of how the girls died been kept private but the full content that Libby was brave and smart enough to record has also been kept confidential. The police did release a snippet of the audio on Libby's phone and it is chilling. The girls are silent, a very eerie silence with a male voice coldly saying ''Guys....down the hill''. You can hear the audio of that clip here 

The clip together with the artist impression of the suspect is all that has been released to the public about the case so far. There's no indication as of yet if the police plan to release any more information. When I first heard about this case a while ago I remember reading a comment on You Tube (I don't know if this is a legit statement or not but I thought I would include it here) where someone said they had been listening to a true crime podcast where an investigator who had worked on this case had been interviewed. Apparently the man didn't go into too much detail but did say that he saw and heard a lot of the evidence on Libby's phone and what he heard and saw shook him to his core. He said that he could hear the perpetrator's voice and he swore it was just like listening to the devil himself. He also said that the girls looked terrified as if they knew what was about to happen.

That horrible sentence that we have all heard, ''Guys...down the hill''. It's only four words but it's very haunting and just the feeling about it is very cold and uneasy. 

There's a number of theories about this case, some people believe that the murderer had a gun and was pointing it at the girls instructing them to go down the hill, hence why there was no word from the girls, they could have been in fear and shock. 

To this day, this heartbreaking case remains unsolved. Various people have been questioned and some were viewed as suspects at one time or another but further investigation and lack of evidence made the police cross these people off their list. Questions remain unanswered, the hurt and anger continues and I always talk about how my heart goes out to the relatives who's loved one's are either missing or have had their lives taken by a suspect who is still out there walking the streets.

Will this case ever be solved? I hope and pray that it does. A lot of people who have followed this case would like all of the content on Libby's phone to be shared but there may be another reason why the police have kept it all confidential and only released that snippet. Like I mentioned about that person's comment before, what that investigator heard and seen on Libby's phone haunted him. The footage and details of the murders are possibly too disturbing to be released to the public.

There may come a time in the future where everything will be released as is often the case, who knows.

I just wish this case could be solved, the girls and their families deserve some kind of peace of mind and justice.

RIP Libby & Abby. I didn't know you but I loved reading about the people that you were and were on the cusp of becoming, the light you brought to other people's lives and the bravery in which you displayed in those final terrifying moments. God bless you both and your families x

I have included the details of how to contact police if you have any information (no matter how small) on the information posters from the FBI website. I will be following this case and will update as soon as I hear of any further developments.

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UPDATE: Nov 2022: Investigators announced that they had arrested and charged a man by the name of Richard Allen. He is a 50 year old married man and familiar and local to the area where Abby and Libby were found and where they grew up/went to school etc. He currently remains in custody. All we know right now is that Richard Allen is their prime suspect in this case. More details to follow....

Thank you for checking out my latest case. See you in the next one x


  1. Of all the horrific true crime stories to read the ones involving children are always the hardest to stomach. Knowing that things so horrible they can't be discussed yet are done to children by such horrifying monsters is heartbreaking to say the least. I truly hope that someone sees this picture and says something. This monster needs to be brought to justice. You told another absolutely amazing story and you ate an extremely gifted writer!