What Happened To Heather Elvis? | Part One

I've been following this case for the past few years and I was wondering whether or not I should post about it, but since Heather is still technically missing, I think that any bit of attention given to the case is important. I'm talking about the Heather Elvis case. I will be covering this case in two posts to try and break it up a little as there's a lot of information included.

I've studied Criminology at University and I've read a lot of true crime stories and this is a case that I've done a lot of research on and followed over the years, so grab a drink, get comfortable and I hope that you will also stick around for part two which I will be posting straight after this one.

Let's begin...

Heather Elvis is/was a beautiful 20 year old girl from Myrtle beach in South Carolina who seemed to have the world at her feet. Heather was creative, popular and had dreams of working in the beauty industry (Here is a link to Heather's twitter page for a glimpse of her personality and interests). Whilst she was studying towards a career in Cosmetology, Heather had two jobs, one was at a pizza restaurant and the other was at a place called 'The Tilted Kilt' (I'm sure my US readers will know of this restaurant but for those in the UK and beyond it's a bit like Hooters with a Celtic theme). One thing's for sure, Heather was not shy of hard work, she was/is also known for her kindness towards others. She once took a trip to Costa Rica and whilst she was there she would help out the locals, reading books to children and helping to build a roof for an old woman in one of the towns.

It was whilst working at 'The Tilted Kilt' as a hostess/waitress that Heather first laid eyes on a man called 'Sidney Moorer'. Sidney was a 37 year old maintenance worker who would go around all of the local bars and restaurants doing repairs. He was married to his wife Tammy who was 40 at the time and she was a stay at home mother to their children. Sidney met Tammy when he was 21 in a bar that they were both working it, they'd been together ever since and got married in 1997.

It was no secret that Heather had a crush on Sidney even though he was much older and the two of them would engage in harmless flirting at work. It soon became clear that Sidney was also attracted to Heather and the two began an affair. Sidney would often bring Heather coffee and bagels when she was at work (even on his days off) and they would hang out together. They would text each other back and forth and (according to a text message sent by Sidney during the affair that was seen by a witness) sometimes engage in kissing etc at work (I don't want to go into too much detail but I'm sure you get the idea).

Throughout the affair, it appears from what has been said from others, that Heather was under the impression that Sidney was in an open marriage and he told her that he no longer loved Tammy, that Tammy had her own boyfriend and that they were just together for financial reasons and for the sake of the kids. You have to remember that Heather was just 20 years old and at this point still learning about life, Sidney was an older man and more experienced and probably told her all of the things that she wanted to hear.

Heather began to have problems at work from some of her colleagues who weren't too happy about the affair, it became quite bitchy with someone writing on a board in the staffroom ''Stop F!cking a married man ok, thanks''. One of the girl's also phoned the restaurant posing as Tammy looking for Heather, Heather panicked and left work straight away thinking that Tammy was going to show up at any moment.
The affair lasted from June 2013 and came to an abrupt end in the October of that year after Tammy found out, it's not clear how she found out but she did and people close to Heather said that once the affair had been discovered by Tammy, it was like a bomb had gone off.

Heather (who was living with a close female friend at that time) received a phone call from Tammy saying ''You're going to end it with my husband''. Tammy then put Sidney on the phone and listened whilst Sidney began to tell Heather that she meant nothing to him, that it was over and that she was just someone ''who spread their legs'' amongst other insults.

Heather was devastated and it really knocked her confidence for a while afterwards. Her close friend that she was living with did her best to support her and over the next few weeks Heather worked on rebuilding her confidence, focusing on her dreams, goals and work. During this time Tammy would send nasty text messages to Heather's phone which included phone calls and even a picture of Tammy and Sidney having sex. Heather did her best to ignore them and only responded to one, she said ''I think you're a little obsessed with me, I'm nobody you need to worry about anymore''.

Tammy still continued with her harassment and sent Heather a text saying ''Hey Sweetie, are you ready to meet the Mrs?''.

Heather still continued to focus on her work etc and was doing really well, people had commented how she had gotten her smile back and was making jokes like she always did before. She was also a huge step closer to her dream as she was offered a job in a beauty salon which she was really excited about. Her confidence was coming back and she organised a date with a guy who was closer to her own age that she'd been talking to for quite a while, things were looking good for Heather.

As for the texts and calls from Tammy, Heather began to get used to them and continued to ignore them thinking that Tammy would eventually get bored and move on.

Whilst she was excited about all these positive changes in her life, Heather began to notice that she'd put on a bit of weight. She couldn't understand how this was happening and how quick it was. Her bra size had gone up three sizes and they had to give her a new uniform at work. This led her to take a pregnancy test that came back as 'error'. Heather told a friend that she was going to buy another pregnancy test and try again later.

The date that she had previously organised with the guy she'd been talking to had arrived and she was so excited. Her friend asked her what they had planned for the date but Heather didn't know, she just said that she was really looking forward to it.
17th December 2013:

Heather goes on a date with the young man (he was later interviewed, investigated and given a polygraph test which he passed) and they had a great time, they drove around looking at Christmas lights as it was one of Heather's favourite things to do during the Christmas holidays. Heather also sent a picture of herself having fun on the date to the close friend that she lived with (who was out of town visiting relatives) and her Dad Terry. The date started around 10pm and ended just after 1am. Heather was dropped off at her apartment and she and the young man arranged to meet up again the next day.


Heather (who was in the apartment alone as her friend was out of town) received a phone call out of the blue from Sidney Moorer (he was calling from a payphone which was unknown to Heather). The call lasted 4:53 minutes.


Heather calls her close friend (the one that she lives with) in tears and tells her that Sidney just called her and told her that he loved her and that he was leaving his wife (Sidney would later deny that this call had taken place until he was forced to admit it when the police had CCTV footage of him making a call at that exact same payphone at that time and was also spotted buying a pregnancy test and a cigar). Her friend told her to think properly about it and not mess up all the great progress she had made in the past few weeks over him. Heather said that she would think about it, do some internet browsing and then go to bed. This call lasted 2:20 minutes.


Heather tried to call the number that Sidney had previously called from several times but received no answer.


Heather then tries to call Sidney's mobile phone and receives no answer.


Heather tries calling Sidney's mobile phone again, this time she gets through and the phone call lasts for 4:15 minutes.

What was said during this phone call is unknown but after the call, Heather gets into her car and drives to a place called 'Peachtree Boat Landing' (Sidney and Tammy's home is approx 3 miles from the Peachtree Boat Landing. Sidney also denied that a phone call took place until he was forced to admit it after after the police confronted him with Heather's phone record. He then said that he did talk to her but only to tell her to leave him alone).


Heather tried to call Sidney's phone as she has now arrived at Peachtree Boat Landing but she receives no answer. She tries to call again at: 3:39am, 3:39:46 and 3:41 but there is still no answer from Sidney's phone

Heather's phone data ends at 3:41am

[At 3:36am and 3:39am, two CCTV cameras pick up a vehicle which is similar to that owned by Sidney and Tammy Moorer coming from the direction of their house headed towards Peachtree Boat Landing. At 3:45am and 3:46am, the CCTV cameras pick up the same vehicle leaving the Peachtree Boat Landing and heading towards Sidney and Tammy Moorers house]

Continued in part two...x

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