Pure Evil: Levi Bellfield | Part Two

(Top left: Milly Dowler. Bottom left: Marsha McDonnell. Centre: Amelie Delagrange. Right: Levi Bellfield, now known as Yusuf Rahim. Picture credit: dailystar.co.uk

Continued from Part One

In part one I covered a little bit of Levi Bellfield's background to give you more of an idea about what kind of person he is. In this post I'm going to talk about his crimes, the victims and the aftermath.

As always, please be aware that disturbing details will be included in this post.

If you happened to live in the UK around March 2002, you'll no doubt have seen the news reports, the articles in the newspapers and the photographs of a pretty 13 year old schoolgirl by the name of Milly Dowler who had been reported missing.

The disappearance of Milly Dowler was a huge case here in the UK, nobody knew what had happened to this popular, beautiful and bubbly young girl. The police had no leads except for nuisance callers who would sickeningly provide false information which wasted investigators time.

Milly's real name was Amanda Jane Dowler and on the 21st of March 2002 she and her friends went to a cafe after school for a short period of time. Milly, who was just 13 years old was dressed in her usual school uniform and jacket with her schoolbag and hair tied up in a pony tail (her bag, purse and mobile phone have never been recovered). Shortly after 4pm, she was seen walking a friend across the road to a bus stop from the cafe.

Being the kindhearted girl that she was, she waited until her friend got safely on the bus before she began to walk away from the bus stop. As she waved to her friend who was now sat on the bus, it was the last time her friend was to see Milly alive.

Although CCTV cameras were able to track some of Milly's footsteps from school, there was a section towards the end when she was coming away from the bus stop that provided no sight of her whatsoever, like she had just vanished.

When hours passed by and she didn't return home or answer her calls or messages, Milly's family and friends knew that something was wrong. Milly would never ignore messages or calls.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, the area where Milly went missing in Walton-On-Thames in England was thoroughly searched and missing posters with Milly's photo were all over the place. Regular appeals were broadcast and a newspaper offered a financial reward to anyone who could provide correct information about Milly.

It would be 6 months before the devastating news came that Milly's body had been found dumped in a wooded area in Hampshire. The callous murderer just left her naked body there. It was sickening and heartbreaking.

It would be many years later before Levi Bellfield was found guilty of her murder, the police had suspected him for a long time.

On the night that Milly had disappeared, Levi (34) was house sitting with his 23 year old girlfriend. He'd been out all day and appeared back at the house around 11pm at night with cans of beer and a Chinese takeaway.

His girlfriend reported that he seemed normal that night, they ate the food and then went to bed. He woke up around 3am complaining that he couldn't sleep. He said that he wanted to go and check his girlfriend's apartment which was located in Walton On Thames. He took the dog with him and drove his girlfriend's car.

[We now know the circumstances of what went on from the moment that Milly disappeared to when she was found. Levi had waited in the bushes watching Milly before kidnapping her, he put the poor girl through hell for 14 hours, sexually assaulting her repeatedly and torturing her. He told the police that he took Milly to his mother's house originally before taking her to his girlfriend's apartment. It is believed that he strangled Milly around 6am the next day before dumping her body in the woods in Hampshire]

3 days later when his girlfriend returned to the apartment she noticed there was a strong smell of bleach and cleaning products. The place looked spotless which she found strange as Levi wasn't the domestic type. She also noticed that the bedding in one of the room's was missing as well as her car.

Levi explained that the dog had urinated on the bed so he had to throw away the bed sheets. He told her that he'd gone for a few drinks with a friend and was too drunk to drive her car home so he got a taxi. When they went to pick the car up, it was not there. Levi claiming that it must have been stolen. The truth was that he had suspected the car may have been caught on CCTV and got rid of it in case it ended up being traced back to him.

Despite alarm bells ringing and never really trusting a word he said, his girlfriend continued the relationship with him and they moved in together. The neighbours mentioned later that Levi seemed really polite and approachable when they first moved in but that soon changed. As I mentioned before, he didn't get on too well with some of the elderly neighbours and had allegedly spread weedkiller on an elderly neighbours garden. He also put barbed wire up around his home, kept two wild dogs in his back garden and had a habit of stealing gates etc from houses a few blocks down.

Levi was arrogant and walked around like he owned the place. Neighbours found him intimidating and felt sorry for his girlfriend, one neighbour told investigators that the couple would act as if they were the perfect couple but the reality was that Levi was in control of that relationship and did all the talking. His girlfriend often looked scared of him and there were many times that she would be seen crying.

As I mentioned in part one, Levi had a history of being abusive towards women despite the fact that he idolised his mother.

At the time of Milly's murder, Levi was still working as a doorman at a nightclub and on the side he would go around clamping people's vehicles.

In Feb 2003 the public and the police were still in the dark about what had happened to Milly Dowler and London was rocked again by another horrific murder of a young woman.

(Levi Bellfield. Picture credit: thesun.co.uk

On the 4th February 2003 in Hampton, a pretty 19 year old blonde student by the name of Marsha McDonnell had been out for the evening with a friend to a cinema. She caught the late bus home and at the end of her journey she got off at her stop and began to walk the short distance to her house as she would always do. 

It was 11:30pm at night and the sky was pitch black, as she was walking on her way to the home that she shared with her family, someone struck her very violently over the back of the head with a hammer. There were no witnesses around. Marsha was eventually found and rushed to hospital where she sadly died the next day. 

The bus that Marsha had been travelling on had a CCTV camera and from this the police were able to identify a vehicle they were interested in that was in the area around the same time as Marsha was seen getting off of the bus.

One wonders if Levi had an idea that he was getting too close to getting caught because he waited a year before he struck again. This time he targeted another pretty blonde girl named Kate Sheedy. 

(Kate Sheedy. Picture credit: thesun.co.uk

Kate was only 18 years old and had been travelling on a bus on her way home after spending some time with her friends. When she got off of the bus, she noticed a car was parked up in front of her in a strange angle. She didn't feel comfortable and decided to cross the road. All of a sudden the car swerved up onto the pavement and then drove towards her.

She was knocked over and the driver of the car stopped and reversed back over her before driving off, leaving Kate in absolute agony and terror. It was a miracle that she was still conscious. She had suffered horrendous injuries, all of her ribs were broken, her spleen ruptured and she had extensive spinal damage. Despite all of this, Kate managed to call the police and get help.

Kate's life hung in the balance for quite a while, doctors were not sure if she would make it but she defied the odds and began to be stronger day by day. Her strength returned and so did her memory. She was able to give investigators a complete description of the vehicle. 

The police began to see a pattern emerging of someone who was targeting pretty young blonde girls but still they had no leads.

It was just three months before Levi struck again. This time he murdered a 22 year old girl named Amelie Delagrange who was a language student from France. Like the other girls (except for Milly), she had travelled on the bus home after spending the evening with friends. 

Police believe that Amelie fell asleep during the bus journey and missed her stop so got off and decided to walk the rest of the way home by making a short cut over Twickenham Green. Like Marsha, someone had approached Amelie from behind with a fierce blow to the back of the head. Levi took her phone with him and the police would later track this to a property at Walton On Thames. The net was closing in on him.

On one of the televised appeals, one of Levi's ex partners had been watching and recognised his car from the CCTV footage. She went straight to the police and told them everything she knew about Levi Bellfield. She told them about the magazines with the blonde women's faces scrubbed out, the abuse that she suffered and the rape kit that he had hidden in her garage which included a balaclava, a kitchen knife, a bin liner and another magazine with women's faces scrubbed out. 

The police went to his house to arrest him and that was quite the scene. Levi, who was naked, decided to run upstairs and hide in his attic. When one of the police officers found him he ordered Levi to stand up before stating ''You're nicked'' (You're arrested).

His house was thoroughly searched and the police soon realised there was more to Levi Bellfield than they had first believed. It got to the point where there was 27 active investigations into him for various reports of rape, sexual assault and murder.

The police decided to focus on the suspected murder investigations first. They are still investigating murders going way back to 1980 that they believe that Levi may have a connection to.

With an overwhelming amount of evidence, Levi Bellfield stood trial where he was reported to have shown no remorse throughout. He felt sorry for himself telling the court ''I'm fighting for my life here'' 

There was no emotion as he was found guilty in February 2008 of the murders of Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

9 years after her death, Levi Bellfield (now calling himself Yusuf Rahim after converting to Islam in prison) was found guilty of the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder of Milly Dowler. He was reported to have yawned and gave no emotion as he was sentenced, 

Levi Bellfield will never be released from prison. He was given a full life order. 

In 2011, it was reported in the press that during the investigation into Milly Dowler's disappearance, some reporters who worked for the News Of the World had hacked Milly's personal voicemail messages. The newspaper was also found to have invaded the privacy of many other high profile figures and celebrities. The newspaper closed in 2011. 

My thoughts...

Such a horrible case to cover and a horrendous individual. It's strange that someone who worshipped their mother so much could have such a hatred for women. Some people believe that it stemmed from girls at school who bullied him or that he was so insecure because he thought that the pretty young blonde girls that he was interested in wouldn't be interested in him. I was asked the other day what colour of hair did Levi's mother have, she had dark hair so it's not that you could say there was a connection there.

Nobody knows why he did it and he would never tell anyone. He's a monster with no remorse or feeling for anybody and it's crazy to think that he has all of these children, hopefully they've been able to try and get on with their lives. I saw a documentary a few years ago which featured some of his daughters.

The Milly Dowler investigation went on for years, her poor family have been through hell and then to learn that her phone was hacked by people who were just looking for a story, it's horrendous.

My heart breaks for all of the families and for these beautiful young women who had their whole lives in front of them and for Kate Sheedy who is an inspiration.

What are your thoughts on this case? leave a comment below or on any of my social media platforms. 

See you in the next post x 

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