The "Comfy Questions" tag.

I saw this questionnaire on twitter which a few bloggers were tweeting about. It looked fun but instead of completing it on twitter I've decided to put it on my blog instead. I don't know where the tag originated from so I can't shout out the blogger who or whoever created it but here goes...

Q1, How do you like your tea?

At the moment I've been drinking a lot of herbal teas like chamomile and mint (Pukka is my favourite herbal tea brand) but I usually have Decaff tea with milk and no sugar. 

Q2, Favourite Dessert?

I like cakes especially if they're from Valarie's Patisserie

Q3, Favourite season and why?

I used to love summer but over the last few years I've been loving Autumn/Winter more. I just find the later months of the year to have more of a positive feeling with Halloween, My birthday which falls on Guy Fawkes day/bonfire night and Christmas.

Q4, What cheers you up?

Music, scented candles, shopping.

Q5, Dogs or cats?


Q6, What's your dream holiday?

Staying in a gorgeous castle or hotel in the highlands, Scotland

Q7, How many kids do you want?

I would love to have 2 but I'll just leave it to fate. If I could only have 1 I would be just as happy. 

Q8, Favourite Weather?

Sunny with a breeze. I do like snow especially around Christmas time.

Q9, What would your last meal be?

French fries, Veggie subway, chocolate cake. 

Q10, You could spend 24 hours anywhere?

hmmm 24 hours? probably go up to Scotland and spend time with friends and fam.

Q11, If you were a ghost, who and where would you haunt?

Probably Morrissey or Depeche Mode so I could watch them work in the studio and get a preview of  their new songs

Q12, What is your family ancestry?

Scottish and Irish 

Q13, What scares you?

Spiders, Illness, Death, Losing people I care about or something bad happening to them.

Q14, What are you most grateful for?

Everything I have and the people I have in my life.

Q15, Dream job?

Depeche Mode or Morrisseys manager lol

Q16, Do you believe in aliens?

I do, I find paranormal stuff interesting

Q17, Favourite sport?

Ice skating

Q18, How do you relax after a long day?

I've started reading books in the evening. I find it really relaxing. Comfy socks on, candles lit, big cup of tea and a good book. It's great to unwind and take a break from social media. 

Q19, If you could meet one historical figure who would it be and why?

Robert Burns, I just think it would be interesting to meet someone who has had such a huge impact on poetry and literature worldwide for all of these years

Q20, If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?

I'm such a nerd, I would probably do History 

Q21, Describe your perfect day?

Shopping followed by spa then a takeaway and horror movies in the evening 

Q22, Describe yourself in a sentence?

I would say I'm bonkers but my heart's in the right place lol

Q23, Who makes you laugh the most?

Billy Connolly

Q24, What superpower would you choose?

I'd cure people of terminal illnesses 

Q25, Favourite animal?

I love all animals, it would be hard to pick just one

Q26, Biggest accomplishment?

There's quite a few achievements I'm proud of but I still have more dreams and goals I would like to achieve. 

So, there you have it! why not have a go yourself on your blog or twitter.

see you in the next post x

A little update...

(Remember to take time to pamper yourself! Some of my faves from Champneys)

Hi guys & gals, 

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas & New Year and are excited for 2018! I have to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who checked out my Christmas gift guide as well as other posts last year, I couldn't believe the number of views so thanks again. 

If you follow me on social media you might have noticed that I haven't posted much this year (except for scheduled tweets on my Twitter account for my blog), I've been taking a break from blogging and twitter and focusing on work, friends and family as well as myself. I've been enjoying the break from social media to be honest and have decided to continue doing blogging in my spare time (when I get spare time lol).

I think it can be draining when you have a busy life and do blogging at the same time especially now that the blogging community has kind of changed in my opinion. I saw so much drama last year that it got to the point when every time I logged into twitter all I could see on my timeline was all fighting between bloggers and negativity, I needed a break from it. 

I changed 'The Bloggers Post' because I had been running that page for 4 years by myself and worked really hard on it. It got to the point where people were taking the p***. I don't want to go all into it but I just decided to change the page to feature my blog posts from Caledonian Kitty. I'm still happy to do some retweets (which I still do from time to time) for fellow bloggers and favourite brands. 

I also got fed up with the way certain brands (or the PR representing that brand) were treating myself and fellow bloggers. Certain brands ripping bloggers off still seems to be a thing and it seems worse than ever. I've had some bad experiences with some brands. I keep saying 'certain' and 'some' because I do know that there is some brands out there who do play fair with bloggers but sadly it seems to be a small amount. 

I still get emails every day from PRs/Brands looking to collaborate and I'm very picky with who I collaborate with and making sure that everything is fair for them and for me. I've had to say no plenty of times to people who expect everything for nothing. This is a good 2018 resolution if you're a blogger and you're reading this... don't sell yourself short! 

I do plan to write some posts this year about my blogging experiences, good and bad with brands and other bits and pieces aswell as sharing my latest beauty finds and giveaways. I love blogging about products that I've actually bought myself and know are fabulous quality. I also enjoy reading blog posts from bloggers who give their genuine opinions on products they've bought. A blogger/youtuber  got caught out last year over a certain famous youtubers advent calender. The overpriced and tacky calender was sent to her to review and she got over excited when she opened each advent door. I think everyone is more switched on now as to ads and sponsored posts (at least I hope they are lol). 

Don't forget to take a break from social media, schedule some tweets for a week or however long you need. It'll do you the world of good and don't forget to pamper yourself!

see you in the next post...x 

*Image is my own, products purchased by moi.

Christmas gift guide 2017 | + #Giveaway

Well, it's that time of year again when we are all on the hunt for the best Christmas gifts and bargains we can find, whether it be online or on the high street. I'm half way through my Christmas shopping. but I've still got quite a bit to do, I thought I was more organised this year but I've been so busy that I've just been buying bits and pieces online but I'll get up to speed with everything this weekend when I brave the cold and hit the high street. 

Due to the popularity of my Christmas gift guide last year, I thought I would make a little one this year to give you some ideas if you're looking for some gift inspiration. Here you'll find gifts for him and her which are affordable that are perfect as little gifts on their own, as stocking fillers or bundled together to make a hamper. Have a browse and don't forget to check out my latest festive giveaway at the end of the post. 

This fragrance is one of my favourites: Miss Dior, Eau De Parfum. I purchased mine for £50 from John Lewis but you can find this stunning perfume for various prices and sizes in other stores on the high street and online, such as Boots, The perfume shop etc. I wrote a previous post about this fragrance here.

Crazy Angel  are a professional self tanning range that are popular with celebrities and beauty bloggers. Their products are perfect for women and men who are looking for the perfect streak free, professional, long-lasting tan. Their products smell divine too and are so easy to apply. On the Crazy Angel  website you'll find beautiful gift sets like the "Goddess" and "Desire" Christmas gift sets (products from each gift set shown above). Both sets are priced at £21.90 and contain 2 full sized products. You can also find Crazy Angel on:

Superdrug  have a great range of Zoella products in store and online. You can find the Zoella rollerball perfume set for £8.00 and the Zoella bath set (reduced from £14.00 to £12.00, check with store to ensure offer is still going on) I'm featuring both of these fabulous products in my festive giveaway so keep your eyes peeled and look out for the end of this post for all the details.

Some more Zoella goodies, again purchased from Superdrug The Zoella shower shake is a great treat for the shower, it's only £3.99 and perfect for a nice little stocking filler. I really like the Zoella wonderful journal (£10.00), it's handy for jotting down lists, making notes and the design is cute. 

This gorgeous MAC eyeshadow contains 15 beautiful warm, neutral shadows, both shimmery and matte. I purchased mine at John Lewis for £49.50. 

You can find a fabulous range of Baylis & Harding gift sets at Superdrug both instore and online. There's something to suit every budget and they have products for both men and women. 

These beautiful Red Cherry lashes are from the limited edition "Valley of the dolls" box. In the box you'll find 4 pairs of stunning lashes and you can can purchase them from for only £19.99 plus free first class delivery. You can also find on Twitter They have 1000 of false lash styles to choose from.

If you're looking to treat someone to some luxurious hair and skincare products, I highly recommend "Alterna Caviar perfect iron spray" for those divas in your life that love to rock a sleek hair style. You can purchase it here at  for £29.75 + Free delivery. 

For a luxurious and hydrating skin treat and saviour, treat your loved one or friend to the Erno Laszlo Hydrating sleep mask. You can find it here.

If you're looking for the perfect stocking fillers for him & her, you can find skin goodies such as Nivea for men on 

I featured these gorgeous Impulse body mists in my October favourites post these make a fantastic stocking filler. You can purchase them for only £6.99 at Superdrug 

If you're looking for gifts that would be perfect for Nail care fans do a great range of nail and hand care goodies for men and women, perfect for stocking fillers.

For the perfect Makeup stocking fillers check out the Balm and treat your friends or loved ones to what's known as "the secret to gorgeous brows" Wunderbrow I purchased mine for £19.95 and I think it's fabulous. 

I like putting in fun stocking fillers for friends and family or having little fun games for Christmas day. I like these 80's trivia cards as an example. You can find these and other novelty/nostalgia games on Amazon these 80's trivia cards are on there to purchase for £8.99. 

These L'Oreal shower gels for men are perfect for stocking fillers or building up your own Christmas skincare hamper, you can find these and other products for men, women and children on 

So, you made it through browsing my Christmas gift guide. I hope you picked up some ideas or found some bargains.

Don't forget to enter my festive giveaway, see the details below. 


For a chance to win these two gorgeous Zoella gift sets in time for Christmas, Follow me on Twitter at: @CaledonianKitty and @TheBloggersPost 

Look out for the competition tweet on @TheBloggersPost and Retweet

Giveaway is open worldwide and will end on the 9th December. Winner will be chosen at random. 

Good Luck!!!!!

Have a Fabulous Christmas and all the best for New Year & Thank you for all the support and love this year  x

*Most of the products featured are purchased by me, some are gifted samples. All images are my own. Thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% genuine. 

October Favourites!

October's been a great month for all things beauty, lifestyle, food and TV related. I've just finished binge watching 'Stranger Things 2' and 'Mindhunter' on Netflix over the weekend. Are you a fan of the shows? what did you think of the final scenes of each show? Well, I'm excited for the next series of both of them but I'm sure they'll keep us in suspense. Don't worry, I promise I won't give any spoilers away here if you haven't already checked them out. 

I'm in a bit of a chirpy mood because it's my birthday this Sunday (November 5th), yes I'm a Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes baby. I'm looking forward to some scrumptious birthday cake, fireworks and cheesy music (just kidding about the cheesy music but there will definitely be some 80's tunes in there along with my beloved Depeche Mode and Morrissey of course) but anyway enough about birthday shenanigans and Netflix, let's get to the products I've been loving this month...

If you've checked out my previous post about these chocolate delights from Hotel Chocolat you'll remember I described them as "chocolate heaven in a box" and "the chocoholics dream". I think that pretty much sums up my thoughts on 'The Autumn Sleekster' box which features some of the stunning chocolates that you can see from the above picture. They're amazing. 

I had so much fun with this collaboration with The Pink Parcel not only did I get the chance to review their October box (which was pink themed as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month) I also ran a giveaway which included a 12 month subscription to their fantastic boxes. These are a must have for that time of the month.

Impulse have always been iconic from as far back as I can remember. My mum and sisters have always been big fans as have I. One of my earliest childhood memories is pinching a can of Impulse out of my mums bag and spraying it everywhere, I just loved the scent so much. I carried on being a fan through my teenage years up until the present day, they always have amazing campaigns and seem to come up with new fresh and exciting scents every time. No matter what scent they come up with you can always tell that it's an Impulse spray and it's no wonder that it never goes out of fashion. 

I was excited to try out these three new beautiful body mists: burnt marshmallow and leather jacket (a seductive scent that reminded me not only of sweet marshmallows but with a little hint of coconut), white lace and muddy grass (a light fresh, musky fragrance that reminded me of summer festivals) , purple petals and smoky sky (light, floral, fun and girly). These stunning body mists are perfect for whichever mood you're in whether you're looking for something rich or subtle these are perfect. You can find them at Superdrug for only £6.99 (150ml). 

I was looking for a new notebook and came across the Zoella stationary range in Superdrug and really liked the cute Wonderful Journal (retails at £15.00) so I picked that up along with the Gelato Sauce (£5.00), Gelato Shower Shake (£6.00) and the gingerbread man bath fizzers (I can't find them on the Superdrug website but you can also purchase them here on Amazon)

I didn't know what to expect at first but since using the products in my shower/bath, I have to say that I find them quite fun with a subtle scent and they do leave my skin feeling really soft and they don't irritate my sensitive skin.

My favourite subscription box of the month and perhaps...ever? has to be the "Fabric, Fashion and Fragrance" Discovery box from The Perfume Society I wrote all about it in my recent post 

If you're a lover of designer fragrances and high end brands this is an absolute must-have for you. The perfume society have various discovery boxes to suit every taste for male and female. I have included their fantastic range of discovery boxes in my recent post along with their delights on their website, be sure to check them out. 

Other favourites this month:

- Being an avid plucker of my eyebrows back in the 90's (showing my age..shhh) it was a miracle that I got them them to grow back at all. As I don't pluck them as much as back then, I still have to keep them tidy and in shape. I don't have the patience to go to a brow bar because I can't face walking around with crazy brows in public so I found a little gem of a beauty tool for those of you who can't stand the plucking and want a more pain-free approach to grooming. Step forward the Hollywood Browzer 

Not only does the Hollywood Browzer take care of your brows, it also takes care of any other little stray hairs you may have, quick, easy and pain free. 

- I don't know about you but I've been feeling the stress lately so I've upped my herbal tea game and have been trying to avoid caffeine. Usually it would be a struggle to keep away from my normal caffeinated tea and coffee but I picked up some yummy relaxing Pukka teas in  Holland and Barrett I opted for "Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka Honey" and "Vanilla Chai Tea". They both seem to be doing the trick and I don't crave the caffeinated drinks plus the Vanilla Chai tea reminds me of Christmas tea.

I have a few other products I haven't included here which I will be including in next months favourites post so keep your eyes peeled for them. 

The next time I post I'll be a year older (but not wiser lol). Thank you as always for reading my posts, for subscribing etc. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy Bonfire night as much as I will x Jo

* All images are my own. Opinions are 100% genuine. Pukka/Zoella products purchased by me. The pink parcel/Hotel Chocolat/Impulse/The perfume society are samples *

Love Designer Fragrances? you'll LOVE this!

Ever since the "Fabric, Fashion & Fragrance" discovery box arrived at my house from The Perfume Society I have been obsessed with it. There's just so many positive things to say about it that I don't know where to begin. 

I'll try and begin by telling you what is inside of this beautiful crisp white box (which was heavy so you know it was packed with lots of perfume goodies inside). I opened the box to be greeted by sheer heaven, gorgeous scents, pretty packaging and....designer names everywhere. 

Some of my favourite designers and high end brands from Estee Lauder to Jasper Conran to Molton Brown, the list goes on, were all in there. I couldn't believe the quality of the contents of this box. It reminded me of those perfume gift boxes with miniature scents and the samples included in this box were a generous size as you can see in the below picture.

To say I was in perfume heaven is an understatement. I loved every item in the box and discovered some new, stunning designer scents that I had not had the chance to try out before. I was really spoilt for choice with this box. 

The size of the samples were fantastic! Perfect to carry around in your handbag and the beautiful designer scents have real staying power. You have a gorgeous selection of scents to choose from and switch around whenever you want. You have subtle scents and rich scents, perfect for whichever mood you're in and perfect for any occasion. 

8 beautiful designer scents were included with some high end brand surprises thrown in making this the perfect subscription box and amazing value for money. The Fabric, Fashion & Fragrance discovery box retails at £17.50 + p&p (for non-subscribers) but if you sign up as a VIP Subscriber you can purchase the box for only £12.50 + p&p . Whichever you decided to go for there's no denying that the prices are amazing when you consider what you are getting. 

This stunning Fabric, Fashion & Fragrance discovery box isn't the only gem in their collection, they have some fantastic boxes which are just as dreamy as this one and there's even one for your partner or male relative: For Him Discovery Box which is only £19 (£15 inc p&p, when you're a VIP subscriber). 

For those who purchase a 'For Him Discovery Box' between 13th October 2017 and 9th of December will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 10 featured fragrances or grooming extras.

Other Perfume Discovery Boxes:

Modern Classics (£17.50 plus p&p to non-subscribers. £12.50 inc p&p if you're a VIP subscriber) 
The Sharing Collection Discovery Box (£19.00 plus p&p to non-subscribers, £15.00 plus p&p to VIP subscribers)
Latest Launches (£17.50 plus p&p to non-subscribers, £12.50 plus p&p to VIP subscribers)
The Travel Edition  (£17.50 plus p&p to non-subscribers, £12.50 plus p&p to VIP subscribers)
Eaux La La (£17.50 plus p&p to non-subscribers, £12.50 plus p&p to VIP subscribers) 

If you're a fragrance addict like me you'll love The Scented Letter magazine. It is also one of the benefits of signing up to a VIP subscription. You can sign up for an international subscription for only £20 here! 

To find out more about subscriptions, amazing products, events and more, check out The Perfume Society on their:

Website  | Blog | Shop | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest 

I hope you enjoyed the post and as always, thank you for checking it out. I hope you treat yourself to a subscription, you wont regret it. 

See you in the next post x

*Sample included, all thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% genuine. Images are my own

The Ultimate Autumn Tag

 I don't know about you, but I love this time of year. Not only because it's that time of year when we get to celebrate Halloween, bonfire night (which happens to be my birthday...I love being a bonfire night baby) and of course Christmas, but because there seems to be a positive, happy feeling in the air. It feels like the year is winding down (which it is) and that we can finally kick off our heels, let our hair down and have some fun after a stressful year. 

It's been a while since I did a tag and I thought I would create this one, for a little bit of fun and in spirit of the autumn-festive mood. Have a go if you have the patience, it'll keep you feeling chirpy and festive whilst drinking your hot chocolate.

Q1, What is your favourite hot drink at this time of year?

I love a hot chocolate but at the moment, I'm really loving vanilla chai tea.

Q2, What is your favourite food at this time of year?

A nice quorn roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Q3, What is your favourite chocolate?

Cadburys is usually my go-to chocolate but I've been loving Hotel Chocolat lately.

Q4, What are your favourite autumn-themed nail shades?

I like dark nails, deep reds, dark greens and blacks.

Q5, Favourite lipsticks or lip glosses you like to rock at this time of year?

Dark reds for that more vampy look

Q6, Favourite autumn outdoor footwear?

My black knee-high boots from MissPap 

Q7, Fluffy socks, slippers or both?

I like both!

Q8, Favourite scented candles?

I love spiced apple, cinnamon, festive scents.

Q9, What is your No 1 handbag essential for autumn?

E45 Cream 

Q10, Do you like Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

I must be the only person in the world who hasn't tried it yet.

Q11, Favourite hot pudding?

Apple pie and custard 

Q12, Favourite hot chocolate brand?


Q13, Do you like going for autumn walks?

I like going for autumn walks, even more so when it's up in Scotland around Loch Lomond and places like that. 

Q14, Things you dislike about autumn?

Halloween should last a week

Q15, Things you love about autumn?

The food, the atmosphere, the celebrations, the fashion, the blog posts, the shopping, festive scented candles and music, fluffy socks, hot chocolate.

Q16, Bubblebath or shower?

Shower if I'm in a hurry, bubblebath if I'm in pampering mode.

Q17, Lush or The Body Shop?

Has to be Lush! Gorgeous products and they are nice online as they are instore with bloggers and customers.

Q18, Will you be carving a pumpkin for Halloween?

Yes, and I'll be getting tea lights to put inside lol

Q19, Favourite Halloween movie?

The one and only "Halloween". I watch it every Halloween night, Love it!

Q20, Describe your comfiest outfit (ie: pj's, onesie etc):

Fluffy socks, slipper boots, lounge bottoms, crop top, pink fluffy dressing gown. It's a fashion disaster but comfy as hell.  

Q21, Do the darker evenings bother you or do prefer them?

I used to dislike darker evenings but now I prefer them. I feel more cosy with candles etc 

Q22, Favourite horror movie character?

Freddy Krueger 

Q23, Fave autumn accessories?

Scarves, gloves, hats and boots.

Q24, Favourite book to read on autumn evenings?

I'm not reading anything at the moment but I love reading true crime books.

Q25, What are your favourite autumn themed blog posts to read? 

Lush hauls and Halloween makeup looks.

Q26, Are you feeling excited for Christmas yet?

I'm always excited for Christmas, it's one of my favourite times of the year.

Q27, Plans for Halloween?

Horror movie night, munchies, booze, pumpkins 

Q28, Favourite autumn hairstyle?

Pigtails or straight and sleek

Q29, Favourite autumn range ( Lush, The Body Shop, Molton Brown etc)

Molton Brown

And finally....Q30, What colours do you associate autumn with most?

Red, orange and brown. 

Did you make it to the end? I salute you! Thanks for sticking with me through the post, why don't you have a go. Send me your link if you do and I'll share it on The Bloggers Post 

See you in the next post x 

An Absolute MUST for that TOTM

When it comes to a certain 'Time of The Month' it's not exactly something we look forward to,  Cramps, Spots, Mood Swings.... the list goes on and the symptoms vary with some Women even experiencing Endometriosis 

But what if you knew that a Surprise box of Treats was heading your way just before that dreaded time was due each month? Something Fabulous to take some of the dread away, lift your spirits and keep you topped up with sanitary products in case you've forgotten to pop them in your Supermarket basket when you've done the monthly food shop (which is usually the mistake I make).

Well, I've got something Exciting to share with you. I know the words 'Exciting' and 'Period' are not exactly the words you would think would fit in the same sentence but when it comes to the Monthly Subscription box from Pink Parcel you'll understand what I mean. 

Grab some Pumpkin Spiced Latte/Tea/Coffee (or whatever tickles your fancy) and keep reading and find out about How you can win a YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION TO PINK PARCEL (yes, you read that right! isn't it Awesome!)

Some of the Goodies I Received in my Beautiful Box from Pink Parcel 

So, as I mentioned before, Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box designed to help lift the blues during your period, keep your supply of sanitary products topped up and surprise you with beauty and pampering goodies that vary each month. Each box is a Surprise and the quality of the goodies inside each box is Amazing from Fantastic brands such as Urban & Veda, Raw Halo Chocolate, Blank Canvas Cosmetics and many many more. 

I can understand why Pink Parcel is so popular and wish I had discovered them sooner. I've been missing out! 

If you're interested in treating yourself to a Subscription to these little boxes of Heaven each month, it is so easy, all you have to do is choose your preferred Sanitary Brand (Pink Parcel stocks all of your Faves), Tell them your dates, Pink Parcel will post out your parcel a few days before your period is due. It's that simple and totally stress-free!

Subscriptions are only £12.99 (and that includes P+P). I was shocked at how low the price was due to the size of the parcel, Excellent Quality of the products and the big supply of Sanitary Products. I now own every Sanitary Towel for each time of the day and level of my flow thanks to Pink Parcel. They really do take care of all your needs. So much thought goes into each parcel.

****** Giveaway is now over ******

So, onto this Incredible Giveaway:

To win a 12 Month Subscription to Pink Parcel, all you have to do is:

- Follow @ThePinkParcel and @CaledonianKitty and RT the Competition Tweet when you seen it on Twitter (I will be posting it throughout the week on my 'CaledonianKitty' Twitter Page)

- For an Extra Entry, Follow us on Instagram: @TheBloggersPost @PinkParcel and 'Like' the Competition Pic on My Insta Page.

The Winner will be selected at random from the Twitter and Instagram Entries, UK Entries Only and the Competition ends on Monday Morning at 9am (9th October) where the winner will be announced on my Twitter & Instagram.

Good Luck!

You can find out more about 'Pink Parcel' on:

As Always, Thanks for checking out my latest post, see you in the next one x

*Samples inc in post, Giveaway provided by Pink Parcel, All opinions are my own and 100% Genuine. All Images my own*