When people are not who you think they are | Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter & R.Kelly

This is probably a bizarre post for me to write but I've been thinking a lot about people who are around my age (that makes me sound ancient lol) who grew up watching the same people on TV that I did and how some of those people that we admired in our childhoods have now been found out not to be who we thought they were.

Four people in particular come to my mind, Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter and R Kelly. People nowadays would probably say that it's obvious that these guys were dodgy but as a child, sometimes you don't pick up on these things.

Jimmy Savile (although he did give off creepy vibes) was seen as someone who could make kids dreams come true. His show 'Jim'll fix it' was about granting children's wishes (they would write a letter asking Jim to set it up for them to meet their favourite singer or actor and he would grant them their wish), I loved watching his show and when I heard the theme tune to his show, it always made me feel really positive and warm. Even up to his death (and I'm going to be honest) I thought of him as a legend and when he passed away I was upset. I remember at the time saying that it was the end of an era.

When Jimmy Savile died he was laid in state at the Queen's hotel in Leeds, more than 4,000 people had gone to pay tribute and sign a book of remembrance. I was going to go and pay my respects because I lived near to Leeds and worked there at the time. Leeds was brought to a complete standstill on the day of his funeral. He was Leeds born and bred and was well loved in the city.

When all of the stories came out about him I was in shock and at first people were divided. Some thought it was an attempt to get money and some believed everything they read. As countless stories were told and people came forward, I realised like a lot of people that he wasn't who I thought he was. Some people will argue and say there is no concrete evidence that he did those things but when I saw the picture of him stood next to Peter Sutcliffe (notorious serial killer), that and the horrible accounts people were giving, was enough for me. It was really difficult to get my head around.

Rolf Harris was another one that shocked me because I loved watching his cartoon club (kids show on TV) and admired him as an artist, he also worked with animals and seemed to be a nice guy from what we saw on TV plus people who met him always described him as really friendly. 

It turned out that Rolf had done something inappropriate with his daughter's friend (I don't know the full details) who was underage and wrote a letter to the girl's father which was later used as evidence in court. He'd also been accused of behaving inappropriately with other women/girls. It's horrible to think about.

At school we'd dance to Gary Glitter's songs at parties and thought he was a lot of fun when we were kids. He was seen as an old school legend when I was growing up. It turned out that he was being inappropriate with underage children and some awful pictures were found on his computer. I think he's still in jail at the moment. A legendary career down the toilet because of what he did which should be the case, people who hurt others should not be allowed to reap the benefits or be able to carry on with their careers in my opinion. I just think it's crazy that people who've had careers for decades and then.....gone! 

R.Kelly. This didn't come as much as a shock as the others. We all knew that R.Kelly had a high sex drive and was a bit of a ladies man but it turned out worse than what people thought. We've seen the stories and the ladies coming forward and some people would say that it is a ploy to get money but there is actual videotapes of women and an underage girl with R.Kelly. There's also the whole Aaliyah marriage drama.

R.Kelly wrote so many iconic songs and is a talented artist who came through hard times. He can't read or write but worked his way up to be a superstar and look what he did, he threw it all away doing these awful things and treating women like they were just there to serve him.

Over the past few years some people have been exposed, the masks have come off and we've seen that they are not who we thought they were. At one point, there was so many people from my childhood being exposed for doing certain things that I wondered what was going on and how could I not have seen it back then.

I look at old clips of Jimmy Savile on youtube and it's cringeworthy. He still has supporters who think the whole thing is a conspiracy. 

What are your thoughts on this? I know some people don't feel comfortable talking about such things but I think it's important to discuss it. Some people say that rumours went around about R.Kelly and Jimmy Savile for years but nothing was done because they were famous, powerful men. 

Victims were scared to come forward, scared that they wouldn't be believed. That's one of the things that has to change, we need to let people know that they will be supported. 

I've included some interesting documentaries below about these individuals for those of you who don't know much about them:

Let me know your thoughts on this below, tweet or email me. Thanks as always for checking out my latest post, see you in the next one x 

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I was nearly abducted by a paedophile | Personal post

In my life I've had the unfortunate bad luck of being in the close proximity of paedophiles as a child, obviously at the time, I wasn't aware, my parents were not aware and the same kind of attitude went for the communities in which I grew up in, at that time parents would let their kids go outside to play or walk around the streets and didn't give it a second thought. 

I used to live next door to a paedophile (he was abusing his two step daughters and nobody knew because he'd threatened the girls to stay quiet. I was friends with the girls and they never let on to me or anyone else what was happening. When their mum was at work I would sleep over at their house and he would sit on the sofa with us watching Disney films. It makes me nauseous thinking about that with what we were to learn about him later. Not only did he abuse his step daughters but other children as well, he would sit outside primary schools watching the kids and attacked a woman when he was working as a taxi driver, horrible, horrible person), One was a babysitter (but we never knew he was a paedophile till years later), I had a family member who's since passed who had a strange fixation on children (it's a long story and maybe one that I will post here one day), We had a paedophile teacher at school, I encountered one at my place of work, the list goes on.

I have a dark memory of being at a shopping centre in Leeds with my mum when I was about 9 years old. This was the first time that I had moved to England (I've been back and forth living between Scotland and England during growing up) and I went with my mum to a place called 'Seacroft shopping centre'. It was the old shopping centre before they pulled it down and there was about two floors to the building and it didn't really have that many shops in it but on the ground floor they had a market.

My mum used to take me to the market to get clothes and things because we didn't have much money and one day we were at this market when I remember being stood looking at something whilst my mum was talking to one of the market stall holders, I felt like someone was behind me and a bit too close for comfort. I thought at the time that I was just imagining it and so I moved a few steps to the side and this person (I didn't look behind at first, but I knew they were there because their coat was brushing against me) moved a few steps to the side too. This person was following every move that I made.

I turned around and there was this guy, he seemed really tall (this is from a 9 year old's perspective), he had black hair and glasses with a long sandy coloured coat (I kept thinking 'Clark Kent' for some reason). Today I'd say that he looked about 30's. He was transfixed with me and he had this strange look which I can only describe as when you look at someone you are in love with? Straight away my blood turned cold and I felt really uncomfortable (looking back I cannot believe this guy had the confidence to do this in a crowded market with my mum only stood a few steps away).

For some reason instead of doing the sensible thing (to my defence, I was only 9 years old) and going straight to my mum and making a scene. I panicked and decided to make a run for it! My mum at the time seemed to be too distracted by talking to someone or doing something, I can't remember but she didn't seem to notice any of this going on. So I got as quickly as I could out of the market and I was on the other side of the ground floor, there was people everywhere so I thought I was doing the right thing by keeping myself in public. To my horror this nutcase started running after me (this was all in front of people, I don't know if they thought he was my Dad or what? I should have stopped and told someone, but I was too scared and naive. It was like split second decisions).

I kept running then I'd try to hide behind things but he'd just stop and his eyes were still fixated on me. As soon as I started running he would take off again. he chased me all over this damn shopping centre. 

I had no idea what I was doing, I was full of panic. he seemed to be quite a fast runner too and I was running out of places in this shopping centre.

I decided (don't ask me why, a naive 9 year old's logic) to run out of the shopping centre (there was people outside of the centre and cars so it was still pretty public. That's one thing that I made sure of, that there was always people around) and had the split second Idea to run into a phone box. I couldn't see him for a few minutes but then he appeared and I could see him looking at me. He made a beeline for the phone box and I gave him a really angry look (I just had this determination that he was not going to get me, that I would fight him, bite, kick, scream and scratch if I had to) and picked up the phone pretending that I was talking to the police or my Dad (I had no money or a clue to what I was doing. I know I should have just called 999 but I just remember the feeling of panic and not knowing what to do. I wasn't crying, I seemed to be in some kind of shock. We'd been told at school never to talk to strangers but never told what to do if you have a creepy grown man running after you) and suddenly he stopped and gave me this really sad pathetic look, shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders.

He turned away from the phone box and started walking across the street, every now and then (I was still pretending to be on the phone) he would look back at me and just shrug his shoulders and shake his head. 

I saw him get into this dirty brown van but I couldn't see the licence plate because it was from the side and I probably wouldn't have thought to get the licence plate number anyway being as naive and panicked as I was.

I ran like thunder back into the shopping centre looking for my mum and finally I found her and told her what had happened, I was actually traumatised but I'm sad to say that my mum didn't take any of what I had said seriously. She told me that I shouldn't have wandered off and gave me a lecture. 

Looking back, the police should have been called because this guy was a nutcase and shouldn't have been walking the streets in my opinion. I have always hoped and prayed over the years that nobody came to any harm because of this person. I always kept an eye on the news in Leeds to see if anyone fitting his description was ever reported but I never came across anything. 

Gives me chills to this day to think that this guy might still be out there and that there is people like this out there. If you have young kids, keep them close when you're out shopping or visiting places because you never know the moment. 

If you see a child running away from an adult or an adult behaving suspiciously towards a child, try and do something about it, call the police, tell security if you're in a shopping centre. Check if the child is OK. 

When we watch movies it's easy to scream at the screen and say ''I would do this or I would do that'' but when you are actually in a real life situation like that you never know how you're going to respond. It's sad to me that I didn't shout out or talk to the nearest adult, maybe I thought they wouldn't do anything because my mum didn't take it seriously when I told her after it happened.

I've included a list of websites which include helplines and useful information if you think a child may be in danger or someone is behaving inappropriately with a child:

INHOPE (protecting children from online grooming)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it x 

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Time to confess, who was your pop pin up? here was mine.....

I think all of us girls and boys have gone through a teen stage of having a 'heartthrob', it could have been a solo singer, a boy/girl band member or an actor/actress. Some people never grow out of it, I have seen people who still have posters on their wall when they're in their 50s.

So I've decided to own up and tell you about my previous obsession with a singer called Peter Andre. Those of you who are in the UK will probably know him as the ex-husband of glamour model Katie Price and he's done various reality TV shows after his music career went quiet. In the USA, I think he tried to make something happen over there with his music career but I don't think it worked out. So for those who don't know him or what he was like in the 90s, stick around, grab some tea and I'll be honest about my teeny bopper Peter Andre phase. 

It started at a concert in Leeds, England when I was about 13. It was called 'Party In The Park' and all of the big pop acts of the day performed. It was a free concert at that time and you would get your tickets from the town hall in Leeds. They would go so fast! Peter Andre (who I'd never heard of but I did recognise the song 'Mysterious girl') was the first singer on and he was dressed in white baggy trousers, trainers and a white tracksuit top. His hair had tons of gel in it and he had one of those 90s spider haircuts with bits of hair sticking out at the front. I thought I had just witnessed a god coming down from the heavens. I thought he was the most amazing looking guy that I had ever seen.

The next day I went to the local newsagents and bought every magazine with him in it. I ended up making a scrapbook of him. My bedroom was covered in posters from floor to ceiling with his pictures. I had to have every single and album that he brought out. I would stay up all night taping award shows that he would be appearing on. I taped everything he was on.

Friends at school couldn't stand him and wondered why I liked him. They were all about Boyzone. I was never into Boyzone. I don't know what it was about Peter Andre, maybe it was all the crap he said in interviews about being a romantic and that looks didn't matter to him. I later found out that boybands and male solo artists often give these types of interviews at the beginning of their career, stating that they're single and looking for a girlfriend etc. I think the record companies try to paint them as squeaky clean to appeal to fans. It is true that fans will often take their attention away from an artist that they admire if they find out they're attached.

I think my obsession with Peter Andre lasted about 2 years. One of my craziest moments was going to another 'Party In The Park' concert on my own the next year (by this time he had a couple on No1s and his career over here took off) where he was headlining. I actually stood for hours and hours (I'm sure it was 7 hours?) waiting for him to come on at the very last moment. I was so happy to be breathing the same air as him (I know, I sound a right nutcase).

So I was happily plodding along with my Peter Andre obsession when I suddenly found out that I would have to move back up to Scotland. I was worried about this because I didn't want to move further away from him (I know, it's crazy), he lived in London and I would write letters to his fan club and I'd convinced myself that maybe one day out of the blue, he'd turn up on my door step (I'm actually cringing as I type this).

Fast forward to me living in Scotland for a few months and Peter Andre was nowhere to been seen, not in the magazines, not on Top of the pops or anywhere on TV. Where had he gone? It turned out that he had gone over to America to try and launch his career over there and I was pissed off! I felt at the time that he had dumped us for the US now that he had made a name for himself over here in the UK.
I wasn't happy about this and one day out of the blue I had one of the morning TV shows on in the background whilst I was doing something and I heard his voice! I ran over to the TV screen and saw him being interviewed from the states. He'd cut his hair (I could have cried lmao) and changed his clothes. He looked grown up and like some RnB singer or something. He said he was releasing a new song which I thought was good news until I heard it and saw the video. He had completely changed his image.

He was trying to be the next R Kelly (singer wise, not any of the dodgy stuff) and his new album was all very middle of the road and mature. It was a far cry from the 'Natural' album (which was Peter's second album. His first was released in Australia) and he started insisting that everyone call him ''Dre''. 

There would be pictures in the newspapers of him with models and people would write kiss & tell stories about him. I refused to believe that the angelic, poetry reading, romantic Peter was anything like they'd described. After this album he seemed to completely disappear off the face of the earth.

For a few months afterwards I looked through the newspapers (the days before the Internet lol) and magazines and he was nowhere to be seen. 

Some years later I had moved back down to England and had completely forgotten about him. One night I was watching TV and a commercial for 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' came on and Peter Andre was one of the contestants. You'd think that I would be excited to see him and dying to watch the show but surprisingly I felt nothing and wasn't bothered.

I'd completely grown out of my Peter Andre obsession, it was like I was never even a fan of his to begin with at all. I did watch a bit of a documentary years later about him and he was honest and said that during those years in the 90s he had slept with lots of women, partied all the time, his nickname was 'The blow job king' and the reason he had disappeared for all that time was because he had a nervous breakdown whilst he was in the US. He also said that he suffered terribly with panic attacks for which he had to be placed in a psychiatric hospital.
What do I think of him today? Well, I have nothing against him. He seems like a nice guy and I'm glad that he has had children and married his second wife, who's a Doctor and they make a lovely couple. He seems completely different to the person from all those years ago, in looks and in personality but I suppose time has done that, he probably feels that he can really be himself now without record companies and PRs telling him what to say (to my knowledge). 

I don't have any of the posters or music that I once had of his. I sometimes watch the odd music video of his from the 90s if I'm having a little 90s music spree on YT but that's about it. Funny how your taste in things can change over the years.

Who was your idol? let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet on twitter, it would be interesting to read other people's stories.

Thanks for checking out my post, see you in the next one x 

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Godiva luxury chocolate bundle | Valentine's giveaway!

So it's valentine's day this week and whether you're celebrating it as part of a couple or as a footloose and fancy free singleton, there's nothing stopping you from indulging in some gorgeous chocolates. 

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I Have Dyscalculia (what is it? and how was I diagnosed) | Personal post

I remember being 10 years old and sitting in the classroom at lunchtime with my frustrated teacher, ''WHY CAN'T YOU COUNT BACK FROM 500 PROPERLY'' she screamed at me as I sat, trying not to choke on my tears. ''THE WATERWORKS WON'T WORK WITH ME, PAY ATTENTION!!''.

All I could think and feel at that moment was confusion and panic because I just couldn't do what she was asking. She always gave me a hard time over Maths and put it down to me either 'Not listening', 'Not paying attention' or 'Being distracted'. The truth of the matter was, that (I didn't know till years later) I had some brain damage and Dyscalculia.

It's funny how you remember certain points of your childhood and that moment seems to be one that has always stuck with me. I've had the unfortunate luck of having some really horrible teachers in my life, people who should have never been around children.

I remember we sat there for an hour with her shouting and screaming at me, slamming pencils down on the desk, slapping the pages of the text book. I just sat there distraught and told her how sorry I was and that I just couldn't do it. After an hour of this, she gave up, walked out and left me in the classroom. The bell rang and everyone came back into class and my stomach was rumbling with hunger and face sore from all the crying.

There was a few instances in my school years where there would be moments similar to this and I would have to put up with being screamed and yelled at because I couldn't do a sum properly. None of these idiots who were supposed to be educated themselves, stopped to think that this child may have a problem.

I know there are some good teachers out there today who are fabulous and really care about children (thank god) and support children with special needs. Like I said before, I had my pick of horrendous teachers, I could tell you a few stories, they might pop up on this blog at some point lol. My life has been and is a freakin soap opera.

So, I had this drama with Maths all through Primary school (kindergarten), High school and into University (Yes! me with the brain damage and crap ability at Maths got into University, this was one of my proudest moments but I worked my socks off for it).

I mention going to University but do you know that I also worked in retail too? and on a till? the only way I managed to survive working in retail (and there was a few mistakes I can tell you, with sales tags and operating the till. The customers loved me but the managers didn't lol) was that I had to do everything slow and had to double check everything at least three times with a calculator.

I've had some really fabulous jobs and I don't know how I've managed to keep them, I put it down to double checking everything when it comes to numbers.

When I was at University I went to an education psychologist because we were due to take exams and I can't remember what the exact reason it was, it was something to do with dyslexia (which I also have by the way but a lot of research has been done into dyslexia so you probably know what it is) and she did these tests on me and I received a letter a few days later with the results. It said that as well as the dyslexia, I had Dyscalculia!

I could go into the definitions of what it means (here's some more info about it) but to cut a long story short, it's like dyslexia with numbers. I get numbers around the wrong way. Sometimes I see numbers wrong, for example '3' instead of '5'. I don't know all of my times tables, I know the five and ten times tables, for some reason these are easy for me to remember. I don't know my own phone number which I've had for years but have to keep it written in my diary incase anyone asks for it (I always lie and pretend that I've got a new phone because people look at me funny if I say I can't remember my own phone number).

I can't remember anyone else's phone number either. I have to be careful with post codes, I mistake 0 for O a lot of times. I can't hold numbers in my head, if you ask me to count backwards, I get all mixed up and can't think straight. I have no idea how to do divides or equations or percentages. Pie charts and graphs etc are a mystery to me.

I've tried everything to learn Maths but with my learning difficulty it won't work. With dyslexia, you can practice and practice and sometimes it can really work. If someone gave me a Maths test for a 5 year old right now, I can guarantee I would fail every question/sum. It's something that I've had to learn to live with. I have to use a calculator to do basic sums.

A lot of people who have Dyscalculia often hide it because it can feel embarrassing. For some reason some people think it's funny if you can't add up properly, some people get annoyed and call you ''thick''.

I remember working in retail and we had a problem with the tills one day (think it was a powercut or something) and I was told that I had to look after the till manually. This was one of my worst nightmares, I grabbed a calculator and hoped for the best (this was before being diagnosed at University, at that time I just thought I was terrible at Maths and that was it). This woman that I was serving gave me some money and I was trying to work out the change. She saw me using the calculator and she said in a snooty voice ''Oh, you're not that stupid surely?''. I felt so much pressure and the queue was getting bigger and bigger with everyone looking at me using the calculator. I heard someone say that I need to learn how to count properly.

I saw my supervisor walk past and pretended that I needed to go to the toilets to be sick and he took over the till for me (which was nice of him). I just went into the toilet and cried my eyes out because I felt humiliated over something that I couldn't do anything about. I was embarrassed that I had to use a calculator to do a basic sum, I felt that I was publicly shamed.

Nowadays if someone said anything, I'd tell them to F!ck off but at that time I was younger and obviously didn't know I had these issues. It can be hard to know that you have learning difficulties yourself until someone professional points it out to you. I grew up in a small town in Scotland where the majority of people had problems with Maths and spelling so it wasn't seen as a big deal. None of the teachers had ever supported me or talked to me about this, it was either ignored or I was screamed and shouted at.

It's crazy to think that I had gone so long through Primary and High School without a teacher taking the matter up with me, it's not as if there were no signs. My homework and classwork was a catastrophe. The truth is, is that they couldn't be bothered. Maybe they thought it would be too much hassle. Thank goodness for the University being so supportive and helping me with it.

Nobody talks about Dyscalculia and I wish there was more awareness of it. It would really help teachers, parents, kids and basically everyone lol! I didn't find out I had it till I was an adult, I struggled for all those years thinking and being called ''thick'', ''stupid'', ''lazy'' for something that was beyond my control.

Hopefully this post will help others who are like me out there feel a little bit better, you're not alone. It's a daily struggle for me too .

Thank you, as always for taking the time to read my post and if you fancy a chat about this, just drop me a comment below, tweet or email me. See you in the next post x

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10 Albums That Changed My Life

Music is a big part of my life as it is with most people. At various times in my life I've turned to music to help me feel better or get out some pent up aggression lol. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a post of the albums that mean a lot to me and that have been my all time favourites. I'm sure that I have more than 10 but the ones listed below are my ultimate all time favourites.

So it's time to take a wee trip down memory lane and talk about my favourite albums and why I love them.... (these are in no particular order):

Alice Cooper: Greatest Hits (originally released in 1974):

I stumbled upon this album by mistake when I was going through my big brothers cassette tape collection. I must have been about 12/13 and I was a goth. I'd seen Alice Cooper on TV and knew his song 'School's Out' as pretty much everyone did and my brother would blast 'Poison' really loudly in his bedroom. I decided to give this tape a listen and became hooked, this started a love for Alice Cooper that has never left me. Alice Cooper is a legend and one of rock n roll's pioneers. A lot of my favourite artists and some of the bands today took inspiration from him.

Smashing Pumpkins: Melon Collie & The Infinite Sadness:

I'd only ever heard 'Tonight, Tonight' and I loved it. When I was 17 I was with my friend in this old record shop in the small town in Scotland where I lived. It was rare to have a shop like that at the time because vinyl didn't have the comeback that it has had in recent times. They sold vinyl albums and CDs. I found the Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness album and I liked the fact that it had two discs in it. having only heard one song of there's I don't know what made me buy it, but I did and it's still one of my favourite albums, it's so beautiful.

Depeche Mode: Black Celebration:

If you follow me elsewhere on social media, you were probably waiting for me to mention Depeche Mode lol! Well, my love for Depeche started at the Black Celebration album but I didn't really get into them fully till 'Barrel Of A Gun'. I then ended up buying all of their albums which are also favourites of mine. 

Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals:

I came to know Marilyn Manson through all the tabloids about the Columbine massacre (not the best recommendation, I know). Something intrigued me about him and the fact that he made people freak out. As I mentioned before, I was a goth and an outsider in my school and hometown so I was drawn to people who I perceived to be like me. This album was just brilliant from start to finish, when I listen to it the quality and production is just amazing. You can hear the David Bowie influence in there. The lyrics were shocking and funny, it was such a rebel album and I started listening to it at 15 and it just takes me back to that time whenever I listen to it.

Def Leppard: Hysteria:

My brother was into Def Leppard and Bon Jovi when I was younger so you would always hear their songs blasting out from his bedroom. I started getting used to hearing Def Leppard and liking their songs. My brother would record some of their songs onto a cassette tape and I found one of these years later and I pinched the tape lol. I still like listening to their songs, it gives me such 80s classic rock vibes.

Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet:

My brother was obsessed with Bon Jovi and because of him I know all the words to a lot of their songs. Bon Jovi's songs are timeless and sound like they could've been made yesterday.

Depeche Mode: Songs Of Faith And Devotion:

A lot of DM fans mention this album as being one of their favourites, especially the tour! I had to mention this album along with Black celebration because these two albums seem to stand out to me the most.

Placebo: Without You I Am Nothing:

I have every album (and some bootlegs) that Placebo has ever recorded but this post I'm going to talk about this album. Placebo were heavily influenced by Depeche Mode and David Bowie and you can hear it in their music. I loved that they were different and had their own style. I still listen to them today.

Michael Jackson: Thriller:

I had to include the king in my list because I've always adored Michael Jackson. As a child he made me believe in magic and he inspired me to become a dancer. When I won my first dance competition, the prize was Michael Jackson's Thriller on vinyl, I was over the moon. He inspires me because he went through so much pain in his life but still seemed to find the strength to carry on and perform the most amazing dance routines and vocal performances the world had ever seen. There's nobody like him and never will be.

The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead.:

Such a gem of an album and one that I can easily replay over and over again. This was my introduction to The Smiths and my beloved Morrissey and I've never looked back. If you are unfamiliar with The Smiths, I would highly recommend this album.

And there you have it! It was nice to have a little think about all those albums. It's amazing how a song or an album can take you back to a particular place or memory in time. What are your all time favourite albums? leave a comment below or Tweet Me

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Words & Sayings That Get On My Last Nerve!! (18+)

I saw a thread on twitter a few weeks ago and it really made me laugh. People were making lists of all of the words and sayings that really drive them up the wall and I thought that instead of putting my own personal list in endless tweets (knowing me I had a feeling there would be more than just one lol), I decided to just include my list here. 

I found this quite funny! What are words and sayings that drive you mad? here's my list, see if any of these get on your last nerve too? leave a comment below or Tweet me and we'll have a laugh about it.

Here we go..... 

- ''I'm totes emosh''
- ''I'm out with this one''
- ''I'm out with these ones''
- Saying ''Literally'' after every word, for example: ''I like, literally love it, because it's like, literally so good and I'm like, literally obsessed''
- ''I can't even''
- ''Me thinks''
- ''Going on my holibobs''
- ''Check out my titties''
- ''This is proper sick''
- Starting sentences with ''I mean',  for example: ''I mean, I'm not a big fan of strawberries but I like, think they're ok''
- ''Hashtag making memories''
- ''This is the bomb dot com''
- ''The boy did (or done) good''
- ''Social media influencer''
- ''Chillin with my famalam''
- ''Aww bless''
- ''Poor you''
- Saying ''Mummy'' and ''Daddy'' to your parents when you're a fully grown adult
- ''Big Daddy''
- ''Keep Calm And Move On''
- ''Fuck Bitches Get Money''
- ''Hoe''
- ''Stank Hoe''
- ''Puke''
- ''Hanky Panky''
- ''Clout''
- ''Poopa Scoopa''
- ''Are you having a case of the Mondays?''
- ''I really Want To Poke You'' 
- ''I Poked So And So Last Night''
- ''She got fingered''
- ''Shag, Shagged or Shagging''
- ''Knee trembler'' 
- ''Butt plug''
- ''Panties''
- ''Amazeballs''

What are yours?

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