Let's Talk True Crime: Part Two | True Crime With Caledonian Kitty

Well here we are in part two and I just want to say thank you to everyone who read Part One of the Let's Talk True Crime series. I didn't expect it to be as popular as it was. It always surprises me when my Q&A posts do really well but I really appreciate it and my loyal readers. 

Can you believe we are getting so close to Christmas and the end of the year? Soon we'll be in 2022. 

So, let's get stuck into part two shall we?

1) Has there been a case that you've covered that has given you nightmares?

I don't know about nightmares but each case has left it's mark on me. It's difficult just to pick one out that has affected me the most because I've written about so many cases but off the top of my head I would say the Jessica Lunsford case, the horrific murder of Barry Wallace and of course the devastating stories of Sylvia Likens and Kriss Donald

2) Which serial killer would you interview and why?

I've probably answered this question in the past and maybe gave a different answer but in this moment I would have to say, the late John Wayne Gacy or Edmund Kemper. I'm not sure why as I have written about a few serial killers but with these two they had quite complex personalities but I'd be interested to hear more about their backgrounds, more than what we already know and have read in books. 

3) Who has done the best on-screen portrayal of a serial killer in your opinion?

As if I have to answer this question because you know what I'm going to say if you're a regular reader of mine..... the fantastic Brian Dennehy in To Catch A Killer. If you haven't seen this movie, stop what you're doing right now and go and watch it here / part one and here / part two. Brian's portrayal of John Wayne Gacy leaves chills down the spine. 

4) Which is the best? Manhunter or The Silence of The Lambs?

OMG! You can't do that to me. I am dedicated to them both and love them both for different reasons. I saw The Silence of The Lambs when I was 6 years old and I wanted to be like Clarice and join the FBI whilst other girls my age were playing with Barbie dolls. I love both movies and often binge watch both. 

5) What was the last true crime related documentary you watched?

It was more of a movie than a documentary but it was called The Lost Girls and I actually have the book based on the real case. It may still be available to watch on Netflix but it was heartbreaking. 

6) Are you currently reading a true crime book, if so, which one? 

Right now I don't have the time but there's a little stack that I'm determined to work my way through. I will be posting about them soon. 

Well thank you for getting through part two with me, the final part will be up next week. If there's anything you would like to ask that hasn't been covered in these two posts, please feel free to email me at jocaledoniankitty@gmail.com and I'll add them to next week's post. 

Hopefully I will see you in my next post or on my socials x

Let's Talk True Crime: Part One | True Crime With Caledonian Kitty


It's been a long time since I've done a Q&A post and I had so many question requests last time that I didn't get the chance to answer everybody so I thought it would be a good idea to put those remaining questions into a little series. Sometimes it's good to have a sit down and a right good chat about all things true crime. 

In this little series of posts we are going to have a right good natter about the darker things in life, I'll be answering your questions and hopefully you will find my answers interesting and maybe you'll find out a little bit more about me along the way, so let's get into it...

1) Do you worry that someone else is going to steal your content or is using your true crime content right now?

This actually happened not that long ago, I wrote all about it in this post. Someone on YouTube had stolen my content from my Husband From Hell: Mitchell Quy blog post and I sat in shock as this female narrator with a mature voice basically read out everything I had written word for word. There was drama about it because I confronted the coward but she hid behind the screen so I was never able to identify who she really was. My followers weren't happy about the situation either. She blocked all of us and no doubt the video is still on her channel. Good luck to her, I say....see how far she goes when she's too lazy and uneducated enough to do her own work. I see podcasts using my blog as a ref all the time, they do credit me but at the same time I don't think it's right to go onto someone else's blog, read all the details that you couldn't be bothered to research yourself and then sticking it on your podcast or channel. It tells me that these types of people are not really passionate about what they do, either they are in it for the money, attention or just jumping on the bandwagon. I have no doubt that my posts are probably somewhere right now being passed off as someone else's work, I shall have to put a spell on these people (Evil laughter).

2) Do you have a favourite true crime podcast?

I always say Trace Evidence because I'll tell you the truth, I don't have the time to really listen to podcasts and there's so many of them now. Steve stands out from a lot of the others because he works his ass off putting each episode together and he's had many experiences of having his content stolen. If a podcast is really good, like REALLY good, I will listen but honestly, I enjoy reading books from real criminologists like Prof David Wilson and Christopher Berry Dee. Some podcasts go on way too long with Bob and Margaret banging on about what they think, I'd rather hear from the experts that actually worked on the cases. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of podcasts have used my work for ref so you can usually tell when they are just reading someone else's work, have no real idea about the case and are just throwing out opinions at the end of it. Not all podcasts are the same so don't shoot the boots off of me, I'm just saying that you have to really go through and see which one really interests you and if it is proper quality as well if you are thinking about setting up a paid subscription. 

3) Have you ever been to a true crime convention?

I have never been to one but I would love to go. 

4) Have you ever been inside a prison?

Yes I have, only the once and I saw Amy Winehouse's ex husband Blake in this visiting room whilst I was there which was quite an odd experience having always seen him with Amy on TV and in the newspapers. I will talk about that in a future post if anyone is interested? 

5) What do you think of these vigilante channels on You Tube that feature undercover groups exposing pedophiles?

This is going to sound irresponsible to some people but I think what these people do is fantastic! It's a scary world that we live in and children are getting snatched off the street right, left and center by these types of monsters. I have written various horrendous stories on here and I've not even touched the sides. These monsters should be shamed and exposed for what they are, at the end of the day, children's safety is a priority and agree with it or not, these groups have stepped in and saved quite a few children from falling victims to these disgusting perverts. 

6) Is there a law that you would like to see in place? 

There's so many! I would like to see harsh sentencing for animal abusers and Internet trolls. I want to see Fox hunting banned. I would also like to see people jailed straight away if they have exposed themselves to others. It annoys me to this day that a lot of these types of perverts get away with a caution. As we've seen time and time again, this is a major red flag that these monsters are going to go on and do worse, look at the Sarah Everard case for example. I would also like more protection for victims of crime, stalking and Domestic Abuse. I also don't agree with murderers being released early from prison under new identities and lifestyles all paid for by the tax payer. 

So, that's my first little batch of Q&As, I will be posting the second part next week. Thank you for joining me and I hope to see you on here next week. You can find me on all of my social media platforms by clicking this link

See you in the next post x 

From Glam Rock King To One Of The Most Hated Men In Britain: The Gary Glitter Story | True Crime


(Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter. Picture credit: IMDB)

When you mention the name 'Gary Glitter' in this day and age people recoil in horror but there was a time, especially in the UK where Gary (real name, Paul Francis Gadd) couldn't walk down the street for hundreds of adoring fans surrounding him. He's been arguably described as the King of Glam Rock in the past. As much as people would not like to admit, Gary was a pioneer and very much a focal point of the Glam Rock era and influenced everyone from Johnny Rotten to The Sisters of Mercy. 

Paul (Gary) didn't just arrive on the music scene and become a star over night, he actually struggled in the beginning and went through various different images and styles of music until he settled on what would become Gary Glitter. His life was something of a rags to riches tale, with him having a difficult upbringing, his mother struggled to make ends meet and did what she could on the wages that she earned from her job as a cleaner. He never knew his father and from a young age, Paul was a handful and his mother struggled to control him. Both he and his brother were taken into care of the state. 

Paul always felt like an outsider and was quite shy in his younger years, he felt that he related more to the kids who'd also had difficult upbringings or no proper parental guidance. He was a dreamer who had fantasies of running away and becoming famous, as soon as he discovered the London night life, he would sneak off and hit the clubs. He fell in love with the whole scene and decided that he was going to be a singer. 

He worked hard trying to get his music career off the ground and was very ambitious even at the tender age of 15, Paul was performing in clubs around London and cut a record (Alone In The Night) using the name 'Paul Raven'. 

(Gary Glitter. Picture credit: Billboard)

Years followed where he continued on trying to hit the big time and suddenly it had arrived with the released of Rock And Roll Parts One And Two which was a massive hit and even up to this day has been featured in various movies and at stadiums in the USA. Most people with be familiar with Rock And Roll Parts One And Two. The song did really well in the US which was quite rare for a glam rock artist to have achieved at that time so it was a huge deal. 

Gary Glitter had officially arrived and it was still the early 70s, he was supported on stage by his band 'The Glitter Men' and his new image seen him transform into this larger than life character, very eccentric with costumes of silver, covered in glitter and wearing platform boots. When he appeared on TV people were transfixed, they couldn't take their eyes off of him and younger people began to copy his style. As well as the outfits and catchy music, his whole stage persona was electric, he just knew how to work the audience and play to the camera. 

More hits followed and he achieved his first number one with the ground stomping anthem I'm The Leader of The Gang which did well in both the UK and the USA music charts. 

As his fame rocketed and the money poured in, Paul's ego started to overtake everything. Suddenly he thought he was invincible and that he was this fictional character he had created. Everything had to be his way or the high way and his backing band soon grew tired of it. He insisted in staying in the best hotels when on tour and didn't seem to care what happened to the band, he also insisted that everyone was to refer to him as Gary Glitter and nothing else. 

For a while, Paul rode the high wave of fame and cemented his place in Glam Rock history, it seemed that everyone knew who Gary Glitter was, It was remarkable what he was able to achieve at that point in his career. He was always very vain and narcissistic and believed in his own hype. 

Glam Rock was starting to fade and so was Paul's popularity. People grew tired of The Leader of The Gang and wanted something new so out went the glitter platforms and in came the safety pins and ripped T-shirts. As Paul had been living the high life, it had hit his bank balance pretty hard and he ended up bankrupt. He tried to play it off as nothing when the press got wind of it. He was always a very proud person and always about keeping up appearances. 

By the time the end of the 70s rolled around, Gary Glitter was considered a thing of the past and it was a low point in Paul's career until he released his greatest hits record and that saw a little bit of public interest in the early 80s which led to him doing a few collaborations. Then towards the late 80s he had a huge comeback which surprised everyone. He did a collaboration with The Timelords which sampled Rock And Roll for a Doctor Who Tribute it brought back everyone's love for the Gary Glitter version of the song and soon he was back on Top of The Pops performing alongside the younger acts of the day. He released more music and had a huge hit with the Christmas song Another Rock and Roll Christmas

Going into the 1990s. Gary Glitter was classed as an Icon, a national treasure. People looked upon him fondly and still enjoyed his music. Despite musical tastes changing, Paul was still enjoying the success he had worked hard for since he was a young teen and still performed at various venues. He even made a cameo appearance in the comedy movie Spiceworld but this was later cut from the film for obvious reasons. 

(Gary Glitter. Picture credit: BBC News)

As members of the UK public turned on their television screens back in 1997, they were met with a shock, a shock that nobody saw coming and were absolutely horrified. It was announced on the news that 'national treasure' Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd had been found with indecent images of children on his computer. Apparently Paul had taken his faulty computer to a repair shop and it was there that the technician found the disturbing images and contacted the police. 

Nobody could get their heads around it, how this rich, successful well respected and celebrated man who had millions of fans, could think to do such a thing. It made everyone sick and horrified. 

So the word was out, the superstar and Icon, Gary Glitter was a paedophile and overnight he went from being loved to being hated. People threw his records in the trash, nobody wanted to know him, fellow celebrities cut him off and he thought he could get away with it if he put on a sad face and issued a pathetic apology to the public. Nobody cared about him at that point, they were disgusted. 

As if the horrible images on his computer was not enough, more details began to emerge of the real man behind the glitter suits and platform heels. Paul had sexually abused his daughter's friend and had attempted to rape others. He had been close friends with notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile and was reported to have hung out in Jimmy's dressing room with various underage girls making inappropriate comments and touching people. 

He spent a few months in prison due to the charges of having the indecent images on his computer and soon fled the UK. He seemed to spend years after this practically on the run and staying in countries where  underage sex was legal. He reportedly stayed in poorer countries so that he could abuse children and then pay the parents (who were desperate for money) cash to keep them quiet. Undercover reporters often pictured him sat by a swimming pool with lots of young girls around him who looked to be under the age of 10. 

Things would go quiet for a while and then stories would emerge in the newspapers or there would be a news report that would feature Paul going from one country to another or being arrested. He would shout at the cameras ''I am innocent''. 

Because of his money, Paul was able to move about from country to country and pay people to stay quiet. 

He did spend time abroad in prison for having been found guilty of indecent behaviour with children and was deported back to the UK. He was arrested again and soon found himself walking through the prison gates in 2015 where he was to spend the next 16 years for crimes he had committed in the past which he thought he had managed to get away with but nobody was interested in his money in the UK, they wanted him locked up and away from children. 

(Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter. Picture credit: Standard)

So right now, the man who was once called The King of Glam Rock and The Leader of The Gang, is now sitting in a prison cell aged 77 and a national disgrace. When the time comes for Paul to leave this earth, he won't be remembered or celebrated for his contribution to British musical history, he'll be remembered with utter disgust. 

I wrote about Ian Watkins recently, another vocalist who (although not at the level of fame of Paul) seemed to have it all but then threw it all away and was this sick, disgusting pervert. People close to both Ian and Paul would say that these guys were always surrounded by women so it never crossed their minds for a second that something deep down, sick and twisted was going on. 

Both of these men were narcissists, incredibly vain, in love with their fame, believed their own hype and thought they were invincible. Both of them were incredibly talented. Both of them are the scum of the earth who have not only destroyed peoples lives but destroyed their own talent. 

Was it just too much? Having everything they ever wanted and not appreciating any of it and deciding to harm innocent children? They could have gotten help, a proper psychiatrist, they could afford it. 

In my opinion it looks like they harboured these sick thoughts for years before they even were famous. We all have our fantasies and things that turn us on and that's normal but to have an appetite for children is completely disgusting, wrong and it gets me angry on so many levels. I remember mentioning in my post about Ian Watkins that I wanted to run out and keep children safe and I always feel that when I come across sick individuals like these two. 

(Paul Gadd mug shot. Picture credit:Manchester Evening News)

So that's the Gary Glitter story, a lot of you have heard the name and bits and pieces but here you have the full story so you know who he is now and what he's done and what became of him. 

Further Reading & Sources:

Gary Glitter | Wikipedia

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Gary Glitter: Convicted | Various Footage

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Ian Watkins: Article | True Crime With Caledonian Kitty

I think about his victims and his fans who thought the world of him back in the day before the horrible truth came out. It must be heartbreaking for the victims having those horrible memories but also his former fans who thought he was everything.

I planned to write this post for a while so I'm glad I have got around to covering it. I hope you found this post informative and I hope to see you in my next post or my socials x

Wakefield Prison: The Monsters Mansion


(The Monsters Mansion - Wakefield Prison, home to 600+ of the UK's most dangerous criminals. Picture credit: Independent)

You know, I used to live in a place called Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England, it's just a small place but is known for being a city and one of the things Wakefield is best known for is it's prison. Wakefield Prison is the largest high security prison in the UK and is home to 600+ of the worst individuals you could imagine so it's no surprise that it's nickname is 'The Monsters Mansion'.

Having recently covered the horrific Ian Watkins  case it got me to thinking about previous cases that I have covered, the individuals I wrote about who ended up in Wakefield Prison and the ones we already knew were in there. 

It sounds crazy looking back but I used to walk past this prison almost every day on my way to college or work and as I walked alongside the huge walls with the barbed wire right up at the top, I wondered to myself, that I was just feet away from some of the most vilest creatures to have ever walked the earth. I also thought to myself how frightening it would be if the worst case scenario ever happened and there was some kind of prison outbreak. Trying to imagine 600+ monsters roaming the streets of Wakefield, it would be a nightmare none of us could ever imagine. 

(Wakefield Prison. Picture credit: Examiner Live)

I've known people who have worked in that prison and by all accounts they told me that the monsters within those walls were treated very well, as well as free healthcare, dentistry etc, they also have access to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and psychologists. If you happen to live in the UK and you're just an ordinary good member of the public, trying to get a psychologist or some CBT treatment, you'll find yourself on a never ending waiting list. 

The use of CBT in the prison is supposed to be effective with the sex offenders. Wakefield Prison is a Category A male prison and is home to the UK's worst sex offenders and murderers. Some of the names that I mention in this post will ring a few bells with you, for example, Mick Philpott who you may remember as the father from hell who, alongside his gullible partner and next door neighbour, came up with a revenge scheme against his ex partner in a bitter custody battle and row over wanting a bigger house and more wellfare. You may remember me telling you about how he and his two co-conspirators set fire to the Philpott's family home with their children trapped upstairs. Their plan was to climb up a ladder and rescue the kids so that Mick could be hailed as the big hero of the hour. Tragically, the children died and instead of holding their hands up to what they had done and shed a tear for their children, Mick and his partner lied and tried to put on the performance of a lifetime but soon the act was up and although he is still in Wakefield Prison, Mairead, his ex, has been released from prison and started a new life much to Mick's dismay. 

(Mairead & Mick Philpott pretending to cry at a press conference after the death of their children which they were responsible for. Picture credit: Mirror)

I just recently covered the case of Ian Watkins as I mentioned earlier, the former rockstar who was a sick pedophile and had spent some time in Wakefield prison before being transferred to Long Lartin Prison to be closer to his mother who was in poor health. 

(Ian Watkins. Picture credit: BBC and Rock Revolt)
You may remember me talking about the sickening case of 'The Babes In The Wood' murderer Ronald Jebson, he'd been in Wakefield Prison for decades and was one of the most evil and dangerous predators to have walked the earth. I go into more detail in that particular post about his crimes but he passed away in 2015 from Kidney failure. 

One of the worst cases I covered was that of Levi Bellfield who had a spell in Wakefield Prison before being moved to HMP Frankland. He stalked the streets and attacked and murdered young blonde girls. It was later revealed that he was infact Milly Dowler's killer. Milly's case remained unsolved for a long time and nobody knew what had happened to the pretty, bubbly schoolgirl who just seemed to vanish on her way home from school. Levi finally confessed to her murder in gruesome detail. 

Another monster who I haven't written about because it's one of those cases that is so terribly disturbing (but if my readers would like to know more then of course I will put it on the list) is the story of Robert Black which is another hard one to stomach. I mention him here because he had a spell in Wakefield Prison before being moved onto somewhere else. Robert was a sick child killer and peadophile, he was actually from Scotland. It's a horrible feeling when you hear what these people have done but when you hear that they are from your country it makes you feel even more sick. Robert passed away in 2016.

(Levi Bellfield. Picture credit: Daily Mail)

When I mention the words 'The UK's Doctor Death' I'm sure without a doubt a name and a face will pop up in your mind. I'm talking of course about Harold Shipman, the man that everybody thought they could trust, a man who was well respected in his community but then a suspicious number of his elderly patients started dying and leaving their money to him. Harold ended up in Wakefield Prison and obviously couldn't handle it or was there a moment in his evil mind for a bit of remorse? who knows?, all we know is that he was apparently found dead in his prison cell in 2004, he'd taken his own life by hanging. 

(Harold Shipman. Picture credit: IMDB)

Can you imagine how utterly fascinating and quite frightening it would be if the walls could talk in that prison? Being a home to so many monsters over the years, the evil must seep through the walls and if you are a believer of the paranormal, you can imagine the ghosts that must drift through those endless halls, all those tortured black souls never finding peace because they don't deserve it. They say God forgives but in my opinion I think the horrendous acts that these people have committed especially involving children, is something that you just simply can't forgive. There's no excuses to be said but you will find really flaky types of people who bang on about difficult childhoods so on and so forth. Quite a lot of us have had traumatic childhoods but we don't go out harming innocent children, there will never be an excuse for that. 

There are so many other infamous names who are connected to Wakefield Prison or have served some of their sentences there, from Ian Huntley, the twisted and cold murderer of the two young girls, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells back in 2003 to child murderer Roy Whiting who was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of little Sarah Payne in 2000. There are so many other names I could list but then this post would never end. I will be writing about some of the current inmates of Wakefield Prison in future posts. 

Wakefield Prison was built in 1594 and remains standing today almost like a landmark and an important piece of not only Wakefield's history but Yorkshire as a whole. Sometimes I wander what it would be like to walk into that place knowing that all those monsters that you've seen on TV, read in books and the newspapers are all there gathered in one place, like some sick island for twisted individuals. I take my hat off to the staff that work there, it can't be easy being around these people everyday especially the ones you know have harmed children. 

HMP Wakefield is not without it's controversies even though it is a high security prison, fights do often break out and other prisoners will try and get to high profile inmates like Roy Whiting who have had various attempts on his life by fellow inmates. Prisoners who are known as pedophiles and child killers are instant targets in prison so they are often put in an isolated wing away from the other inmates but sometimes there is some crossover and that's where incidences can occur. 

Well, I hope you found this post interesting, I just had it in my mind to write about it with recently covering the Ian Watkins case. If there's any other prisons you would like me to cover, let me know, I find this topic quite interesting. I should maybe write about the old school prisons, the way things were done back in the old days with public hangings. 

Anyway, my birthday is next Friday (5th of November) so I'm going to be taking a little break from making true crime content just for that weekend, but I will be back the Sunday after and I currently have a case that I am working on which will be published then. 

Further Reading & Sources:

As always, thank you for checking out the post and I'll see you in my next post hopefully or on my Socials

''If You Belong To Me, So Does Your Baby'' | The Sick & Twisted Story of Former Rockstar Ian Watkins

                                                            (Ian Watkins: Picture credits: BBC & Rock Revolt

I've written so many True Crime stories now that I've actually lost count and in each one I have tried my best to share the details in as much of a sensitive way as I could, however, this case right here was always going to be a difficult one to talk about. I'd been putting it off for a while despite the requests because I had researched the case before and read the court documents and what I read in those pages haunts me to this day. 

So the day has finally come that I have decided to write about it and most of you from the UK are probably already familiar with this story and some of the sickening details but for those who do not know, I'm hoping you will stick around, grit your teeth and get through it with me. I have to warn you that this post will contain some very disturbing details.

Before I begin, just a reminder that you can find all of my links here 

Ian Watkins is a name that may be familiar to a lot of rock fans in the UK and perhaps further afield especially the band name 'Lostprophets', Ian was the lead singer of that band which were formed in the late 1990s in Wales and went on to do well in the charts as well as scooping up a few awards along the way. For the band it seemed that the only way was up. They had thousands of adoring fans and the lead singer, Ian was considered a bit of a heartthrob. 

To the outside looking in, Ian (born Ian David Karslake Watkins on the 30th of July 1977 in Merthyr Tydfil in Wales) and the rest of the band members had it all. Ian was often pictured out on the town or at an awards ceremony with a beautiful girl on his arm, some of their devoted fans even had tattoos dedicated to them. They were rockstars, they had made it and were even making waves in the USA. The future couldn't have looked brighter for a bunch of young lads from Wales. 

But behind the sold out shows, the endless autograph signings, mountains of money and fan mail, lay a dark and twisted mind that belonged to Ian Watkins. Nobody saw it coming, they didn't see the red flags. Ian always made stupid jokes, sickening jokes, jokes that were too close to the bone at times but people would brush them off. Like in a lot of these rock bands, the more the band became popular, the worse Ian's ego became to the point where he thought he was invincible and could do and say whatever he wanted.

Ian had dark, sick fantasies that he kept hidden from the world, he had everything he wanted, women threw themselves at him, right left and center but it wasn't enough for him. His depravity knew no bounds, he wanted children, babies. It makes me sick to even write this but that's the truth of the situation. 

The rest of the band members, friends and family never knew about this demonic side of Ian's personality, he kept it well hidden and with the girlfriends and female fans always at his beck and call, nobody suspected anything sinister. 

(Ian Watkins was the frontman for the popular rock group, Lostprophets. Picture credit: Punk News)

As time went on and the band's popularity grew, the demon within Ian could not stay under wraps for much longer. Like a lot of paedophiles, they fantasise about children and use sick materials to fantasise but eventually they crave the real thing and Ian couldn't control himself. He was a master manipulator who would seduce starstruck female fans in an attempt to get to their children. Some women were reportedly so obsessed with him that they gave into his demands. Two of his fans helped him create indecent images and not just involving children but animals, Ian was into bestiality too. 

He was a self obsessed narcissist who had an addiction to recording himself (as well as other people) having sex, he would take nude pictures of himself and reportedly worked as a prostitute in London when the band fell apart due to the allegations and just before he was sent to prison. 

The horrendous catalogue of the sick crimes of Ian Watkins include the following:

- Conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a baby.

- The attempted rape of a child under the age of 13.

- The sexual assault of a child under the age of 13.

- Making and storing indecent images of children.

- Possessing material of a sickening nature which involved an animal.

- He was also caught with a mobile phone in prison, 

One of Ian's sick fantasies was to abuse a baby, he told one of the starstruck women ''The good thing about babies is they'll put anything in their mouth''. He also told one of his fans ''If you belong to me, so does your baby'', (these lines have haunted me ever since the first time I read them in the court papers).

Going through the court documents of this case is very difficult, a lot of people cannot get through it, some people cry, some get very angry, some are sick. The details in this case are horrendous and every time you think you've heard or read enough there's more disgusting and vile details, it's very difficult to get through. 

When you look at Ian on the stage in a throwback musical performance or see him in an interview, it's hard to believe that this same guy had all this horror deep within him. He was a monster, a nightmare waiting to happen. He felt power over these starstruck fans (who I have to say, were pathetic and just as sick as he was. If you're willing to put your child in harms way for the sake of a sick, twisted rockstar pedophile, then you don't deserve to be a mother and you should be locked up too) and abused that power. 

When he was finally exposed he played the innocent man and his fans fell for it. They adored him, he was this good looking, successful young rockstar who was on the posters in their bedrooms and had thousands of girls after him, they couldn't possibly believe those stories about him. 

The whole thing was downplayed as two salty fans who were obsessed with Ian and tried to ruin his career but as the evidence piled up and the handcuffs were on, it was clear that heartthrob Ian wasn't the perfect idol that his fans thought he was. 

They all listened and watched in horror as the full details of Ian's crimes were exposed and everything was backed up with tapes, pictures and witnesses, there was no way he could be innocent and no way he was going to get out of it. 

I think about those fans who adored him, worshipped him, had his name and lyrics tattooed on their arms, what they must have felt. We all know that celebrities are human and they are not perfect, some take drugs, some are womanisers, but to do the things that Ian Watkins did and planned to do, that was beyond anyone's comprehension & worst nightmare. 

So, of course with the mountain of evidence against him there was only one place Ian Watkins could go.....straight into a prison cell. He was sentenced to 29 years & 10 months plus 6 years on extended licence. The two starstruck fans who helped him in his depravity were sentenced to 14 and 17 years. He began his sentence in 2013 in what is known as The Monsters Mansion (Wakefield Prison, England) before being transferred to Long Lartin Prison to be nearer his mother who was in poor health. 

(Wakefield Prison: The Monsters Mansion, home to many of the world's most dangerous criminals and of course, Ian Watkins. Picture credit: Alamy)

Ian Watkins is now 44 years old, still a young man but a waste of a life and a talent, He claimed he was addicted to filming himself having sex and that it just got out of hand. There's no excuse for what he did and what he is. He's a sick monster and the judge even described him as a ''Committed and organised pedophile and possibly one of the most dangerous sex offenders he had ever seen''

Since Ian has been behind bars things have not been quiet where he has been concerned. He got into trouble for having a mobile phone, strange messages were appearing on his Twitter account reported to be him. He has mountains of fan mail sent to him, a lot of them are from females, some of them are single mothers begging for his attention. He returns flirty, sexual letters back to these women trying to manipulate them into sending him nude pictures of themselves. He's very cocky and arrogant in his letters and obviously still thinks that he is something special when in fact he wouldn't last 5 minutes out in the streets of the UK. Ian has never expressed remorse for his actions, he describes his sickening behaviour as ''Mega Lolz''. 

The prison staff have been keeping an eye on the letters he receives and in a few cases the women writing to him have been reported to social services and had their children taken into the care of the state. Like I mentioned earlier, if you're a mother (or anyone for that matter), what the hell are you doing writing to a convicted pedophile? It seems that some people in this world still live in a fantasy, obsessed with their idols and just cannot see through their looks. 

A picture emerged online of Ian from behind bars and he still looked every inch the rockstar with his styled hair and tattoos, this added a sickening touch of glamour to the whole thing like Ted Bundy's trial where he looked smart, well educated and charming. Some people had to remind themselves that Ted Bundy was a sick murderer. I never forgot, I'm one of those people that can see past looks and if someone is too charming, too smooth, I become suspicious. It's all in the eyes with these people, if you look at their eyes you will see a darkness that you just can't describe, like there's something sinister about them that you can't quite put your finger on, that's your instincts telling you to stay clear of that individual. 

You can probably understand why it's taken me a while to have the nerve to post this horrible case but what this man has done and what he was planning to do should not be ignored or forgotten about. Just because he was a celebrity and had thousands of fans at one point in his life it doesn't take away that this individual is a sick monster. 

His former band members got back together with another lead singer and a new name, 'No Devotion'. That was a few years ago and things have been quiet since so I assume they must have broke up. As well as all of the other devastation here, it must have been particularly horrendous for Ian's bandmates to see all of their dreams and success go up in smoke and to find out that the person they considered a close friend, to be this absolute monster. 

I would like to thank you for joining me on this post, it must have been a difficult read as much as it was a difficult story for me to write but unfortunately this is the world we live in. 

I think about all of the people who've had their lives turned upside down because of Ian Watkins, his fans who believed in him only to find out the horrible truth later on, I think about all of those poor children and animals who were in those images and videos that Ian Watkins and sick people like him, had stored on their computers and phones. 

I have a deep hatred for anyone who harms a child (or an animal) and I will never forget the day that a policewoman said to me that she had to deal with all sorts of sick and horrendous cases, even assaults on babies and I was completely horrified and shocked. I was 15 years old at the time and I just couldn't get my head around that and never understood how these horrible things can happen. It makes me what to run out and try and protect every child that I can. 

Further Reading & Sources:

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I have no sympathy for paedophiles, never have and never will. I would even go so far to say that some sort of death penalty or castration should be in order for individuals like that. 

I hope that in this post I have given you the story of Ian Watkins as sensitive as I could. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I hope you will join me again next Sunday (don't forget that you can find all of my social media links here) for my next case.

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The Marriage From Hell | Penelope & David Jackson | True Crime


(David and Penelope Jackson. Picture credit: This Week)

In the past few posts here on my blog, I seem to have written about a few cases that are all in a similar vein. I didn't plan on doing this, it just happened. I'm always in the middle of researching cases and when this particular story popped up in the UK press recently, it was hard for me to ignore. 

There seems to be this frightening occurrence that some of these couples (who've known each other for decades) just suddenly fly of the handle and kill their partner and it isn't by slipping some arsenic into their tea, it's always up close and personal. Whether it be throwing boiling hot water over an individual as they slept, trap them in a bathroom and strangle them or in this case repeatedly stab your husband even when he's on the phone to the police. 

We have to use the word 'allegedly' in this case because the trial is currently ongoing as we speak, It's supposed to run for 3 weeks. Obviously I will be keeping an eye on things and updating you on the verdict but you don't have to be Albert Einstein to work out how all of this is going to pan out. 

So let's get into some of the background of the case. Penelope and David Jackson looked just like any other older happy couple posing for photographs and taking regular holidays but as we learn with all of these types of cases, all was not as it seemed. Penelope had been married 4 times previously and her husband 3 times, so both of them had been around the block a few times and had seen a bit of life, why their marriages never lasted is a bit of a mystery but sometimes people just grow apart or could it have been something to do with the fact that they were both very headstrong and controlling people?

Penelope (currently 66) was younger than David (78) and were reported to have a fiery relationship. Out of the pair of them, Penelope was the one in control according to people who knew the couple, David seemed to be on edge a lot of the time that he was around her. 

Penelope apparently loved to create negative atmospheres and would enjoy making people feel uncomfortable with her actions and words. 

In December of last year (2020) the police were called to the house where the couple lived after the neighbours complained of some commotion. When the police arrived they found that Penelope and David had been having a shouting match over a remote control for the TV. David had reportedly grabbed Penelope so hard that she had bruises on her arm. 

They were always fighting, it was like they couldn't be in the same room together for 5 minutes without getting at each others throats. One wonders why they stayed together, maybe it was a financial thing or a part of them enjoyed the constant turmoil, who knows?

They had been married for 24 years and lived in a comfortable bungalow in a place in England called Berrow in Somerset. David had been a retired lieutenant colonel and Penelope had been a former accountant for the Ministry of Defence. They were used to the good life and had visited many beautiful locations around the world. There was a very passionate side to their relationship with Penelope having the words 'Property of David Jackson' tattooed just above her bottom. But with the passion they both had for each other there was also a dark side, both were very jealous, particularly Penelope but David had his faults too. 

The arguments were frequent and on many occasions felt like they could get out of hand. Their marriage was a constant cycle of arguments day in, day out when things finally came to head in February of this year (2021). They'd had another one of their arguments after celebrating Penelope's birthday with a dinner of seafood and champagne. Penelope, who was sick to death of it,  stormed off to the bedroom with the intention of taking her own life. As she sat there with those thoughts she suddenly said to herself ''Why should I be the one who has to end my life. It's him! he's the problem, It should be him''.

She picked up a knife and found David in the kitchen and charged at him, stabbing him as hard as she could, trying to aim for his heart, there was blood everywhere and the pair struggled. In the middle of all of this, David was trying to dial 999 and told the cops that his wife was trying to kill him. Penelope wasn't phased by this and continued to attack her husband. As she stabbed him the final time, the police overheard David scream in agony. They tried to talk Penelope into giving David CPR until the ambulance arrived but she refused. 

When the police arrived they found Penelope, still standing in her nightwear covered in blood acting calm and very matter of fact. Without a tear, shock or any sort of emotion she told the police that her husband was in the kitchen and that she hoped that he was dead. She told them straight away that she was trying to stab him and that she hoped that she'd managed to do it properly so he would bleed to death. 

She claimed that it had been a long time coming after years of abuse by David. She said ''I tried to aim for his heart but he hasn't got one''

David was in the kitchen lying lifeless on the floor. The police arrested Penelope and took her to the station where she make flippant remarks, acting as if the whole situation was a joke. She was happy that her husband was dead and she had no remorse, care or feeling about it. She claimed that she was happy to accept anything that was going to come to her for what she had done, to her it was all worth it. She had been talking and joking that much that the police had to advise her to be quiet and wait for her lawyer. Penelope expressed that she wasn't bothered about a lawyer either, she told them she stabbed him and that was that. 

Right now the trial is ongoing at Bristol Crown Court and is set to wrap up in a couple of weeks. I will be updating this post with any new news and the verdict. Penelope is claiming manslaughter. 

Penelope claims that what she did was in self defence after being in an abusive relationship for years with David who she described as a control freak. On the night of the stabbing, the pair were drunk. Penelope had also left a note by the telephone which said:

''Self Defence. To whom it may concern. I have taken so much abuse over the years - look at my records. But he was a good Daddy. However, the mask slipped tonight. That was unforgivable. I accept my punishment, may he rot in hell'' 

People who knew David, such a his daughter from his first marriage and his ex wife, described how he was scared of Penelope and when asked why he did not leave her, he replied that she had threatened to cut off his penis if he did. 

It's unclear what was exactly said that night that they had that argument but it was enough to tip Penelope into full blown anger. 

Penelope had a history according to those close to the couple of being very argumentative and would love to provoke people. David was described as being a bit of a lap dog where Penelope was concerned, he seemed to be on edge and nervous around her. 

As I mentioned before, I will be updating this case over the next few weeks until the outcome is reached. What are your thoughts on this case? Why do people stay in such toxic relationships? You must get out if you are in one, it only leads to more trouble ahead and in some cases it can end in death. You have to get out. 

October 2021: Since I last wrote about this case, the trial has been ongoing with many details and shocking revelations revealed. In the beginning we had David's loved ones describing Penelope as the dominant one in the relationship who David was nervous to be around and due to how things ended, one could be forgiven for believing that to be the case as a lot of men suffer Domestic abuse too. 

But, now we have Penelope's side of the family revealing that there were two situations where David was quite a horrible individual towards his wife. At a family BBQ he held a knife to his wife's throat and on another, Penelope was seen with a bloody nose. 

Penelope claimed that David was verbally and physically abusive to her on a regular basis. The lawyers for David's family said that if David was so controlling then she would not have been able to leave the house, go to the Gym or see her friends 

Friday 29th of October: After 11 hours of deliberation and days of testimony, a verdict was reached, Penelope Jackson as found guilty of the murder of her husband. The Judge explained that he believed there had been difficulties in the relationship with abuse from each of the parties involved but that didn't excuse Penelope's actions during or after her husband's murder. The fact that she found the situation amusing as the offers arrested her and had shown no remorse throughout her trial, spoke volumes. She was sentenced to 18 years at Bristol Court in England. 

Thank you for joining me on following this case x

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What's Going On With The Lucy Letby Case? (Nurse Accused Of Baby Deaths) | Update!


(Lucy Letby, Picture credit: Daily Mail)

When I wrote about this case back in November 2020, I expected people to be horrified because that is an understandable and normal reaction to hearing that babies had been murdered. All fingers & evidence were pointing towards one person in particular over a long period of time and investigation, but I never expected to have messages, emails and tweets telling me that myself and the police were wrong and that the lady in question, Lucy Letby was and is 100% innocent. 

How these people who claimed her to be innocent and say they know that to be fact, is a complete mystery to me. So the hours that investigators have spent on this case and the fact that she's been arrested more than once doesn't seem to register with some people. We know of miscarriages of justice happening but how do we know for sure that Lucy Letby (as some of these people claim) is completely innocent? 

The police have been like a dog with a bone with this case, no matter how thorough the investigation, all roads kept leading back to Lucy Letby, hence why she is sitting in a cell right now waiting for her trial. She claims to be innocent but like I mentioned in my previous post a lot of this case echos that of Beverley Allitt. 

On the face of it, both women looked like the type who would bake you cakes and be all smiles with you but as we know, evil has many faces. Beverley looked harmless on the surface and when she was accused of murder there was absolute outcry at that and many people to this day cannot believe what she did. we see a similar reaction here. 

All murder cases are extremely difficult to deal with and it's heartbreaking when people of any age are murdered but there's something even more gut wrenching when it's babies who have had their lives taken. You think about the parents and the hell and grief that they must be going through all because they wanted the best for their child and expected their child to be taken care of. Don't we always say to people in hospital when they are sick ''Don't worry, you are in the best place you could possibly be''. 

It's not a common thing (thank goodness) but there are times when the people we trust to take care of us and our wellbeing in a medical capacity, simply have other ideas, they are psychopaths who enjoy having power, they have access to medications, you are vulnerable, they put something in your arm and you are trusting them and having confidence in them to take care of you. When we hear of Nurses and Doctors being involved in these types of crimes it is quite frightening. You may remember my posts about Dr Harold Shipman who also looked nice and friendly, was well liked in the community for years but behind closed doors was an absolute monster.

So I promised to update my readers on the Lucy Letby case, well as you know, she has been charged with the murder of 8 babies and the attempted murder of 10 babies, that is a lot of horrifying charges right there. She appeared in court yesterday just for a hearing via video link and she pleaded ''Not guilty'' 18 times to the charges put before her. 

All of the crimes took place at the same hospital (The Neonatal Unit of The Countess of Chester Hospital) and the murders and attempted murders were said to have taken place between June 2015 to June 2016, like I said before, this has been a lengthy investigation.

Originally the trial (which is estimated to last for about 6 months) was to begin in January of 2022 but is now set to take place in October of 2022 due to all the paperwork, evidence and fine details included. The judge has described this case as of a high ''Magnitude and complexity''.

So none of us will know all of the exact details involved or the outcome of this case until 2023. I'm sure it will go down in the history books as one of the most lengthy and complicated murder investigations in British history. 

Due to the nature of the crimes, the ages of the victims and out of respect for the families it has been reported that the newspapers may not be able to shed any light on what will be taking place during the trial. We may find out the details afterwards if she is found guilty by a jury. 

Years from now, books will be written about this case, documentaries will be made, I could be writing another update on this blog? who knows? I will bring you the news as soon as I hear anything. 

If you haven't had a chance yet to check out my original post on this case, please do so here, it will give you more of an idea of the background. 

Let me just say this, if the investigators are wrong and the evidence they have is wrong, this could be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice the UK has ever seen but going by everything we know so far and how long this has all taken, it doesn't look very good from where she is standing. 

What are your thoughts? 

My heart, as always, goes out to those little babies and their families. I can't imagine the utter nightmare this must be for them. I pray they see justice done. 

Further Reading & Sources:

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