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So, in a different change of direction to what I usually write I just wanted to express my thoughts on something here on my blog in this particular post (don't worry, I will be back covering various solved, unsolved cases, serial killers and mysteries from next week). I just felt that I needed to write something here especially as I have been asked to cover the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case quite a few times. I haven't covered it because the story is all over the place but something has been bugging me to write my thoughts on what has been going on with Gypsy recently. 

Now, we all know the horrific story of how she had been abused by her mother for years, starved, beaten, forced to take pills, her hair shaved off and had her whole life controlled as well as many other horrendous things. Her mother (Dee Dee Blanchard) did all of these things to her own daughter to pretend to their local community that Gypsy had cancer as well as many other illnesses in an attempt at gaining money and attention. When you heard Gypsy's story of the abuse that she endured for many years, your heart went out to her. 

To cut a long story short, Gypsy (having suffered enough of years of abuse) arranged and provided the financial means for a young man that she was secretly talking to online, to murder her mother. Nicholas Godejohn was 26 years old and was Autistic, he also shared some very sick fantasies with Gypsy through endless messages. Gypsy manipulated this man by sexually explicit messages and promises of what would be if he helped her get rid of her mother. 

Gypsy knew where to find money that her mother kept hidden but instead of choosing to take the money and some household valuables and running away to the authorities or staying somewhere else, she chose to end her mother's life. The horrific plan had worked, Nicholas came to the house and stabbed Dee Dee Blanchard to death with a knife that Gypsy had paid for. Gypsy was in another room as she heard her mother beg and scream for her life. After the murder, Nicholas came to Gypsy's bedroom and the pair had sex before stealing money that her mother, Dee Dee had hidden away. 

When you read the details of what happened in that house when the murder took place, it leaves chills down the spine and makes you question things. Yes, Dee Dee Blanchard was a monster but she should have been exposed and faced justice, Gypsy would have still gotten the attention and support that she also craved and had gotten used to. To have been murdered in a sickening way and for Gypsy (who claimed that she had sex with Nicholas because he had threatened to sexually assault her mother before killing her so she promised that she would have sex with him instead afterwards) to have not only had sex with this guy instead of putting a stop the whole thing and calling the police. She happily went with him with the stolen money until the pair were finally brought to justice. 

Both were clearly in it together and Gypsy admitted this. She had used her background to try to explain her actions and when the public heard her story they were shocked. The community who knew her were shocked because they had fallen for the lies. The world heard her story and were horrified at what she had been put through but when the details of her actions came to light, some people began to have different thoughts especially recently. 

Nicholas was sent down for life and Gypsy got 7 years due to her past abuse. Debates continued for years as to was it right that she was put behind bars or was she just an abused victim who deserved 100% support and sympathy? Whatever the mix of opinions were, Gypsy was released in December of 2023.

It was revealed that she had been filming her life behind bars and her story had been covered many times in books, documentaries and dramas. When she came out of prison the majority of comments that I had seen online and the general opinion was one of sympathy and support. However, here in April 2024, the tone has since changed. It appears that Gypsy had quite a few admirers writing to her whilst she was in prison and had been engaged to a guy called Ken Urker. Apparently she had cooled things with Ken and moved onto another guy called Ryan Anderson who was a teacher. Whilst developing a relationship with Ryan, Gypsy was still in contact with Ken and still had some feelings for him but ended up marrying Ryan. 

Ryan stood by Gypsy and supported her whilst she was in prison and worked hard to support her release. Having seen how she was now a married woman to a teacher and had appeared to have grown and spoke openly of her involvement in her mother's murder, she was released. 

The couple were everywhere in December, TV chat shows, endless interviews, everywhere on social media. They lapped up all of the attention and money that poured their way. I, like a lot of people, thought it was wonderful that Gypsy had this supportive husband and it was now time for her to start living her life and maybe having a family. But fast forward just a few months later and now Ryan has been dumped, Ken is back on the scene (having apparently never left cause she admits they had been in contact the whole time) and Gypsy is promoting the next season of her documentary whilst recovering from undergoing plastic surgery. She's also been openly out and about in front of staged paparazzi shots, cigarette in one hand, holding Ken's hand in the other and the pair have matching tattoos. All in full display of Ryan and the world. 

Sure, we all wanted to see her happy and live her life but something just doesn't sit well with a lot of people. When a lot of the public were starting to turn on Gypsy's thirst for attention and fame (you have to admit it) she announced that she was going to step away from the public life and go and enjoy her life but that has since changed. It appears that she is trying to be a celebrity and every time you look on your phone or browse social media, she pops up in another interview and it leaves a sour taste in your mouth because the reality is, she was part of the horrific murder of her mother and has made (and continues to make) money from crime. Obviously the media has a huge part to play in this because they are giving her a platform and printing stories with her as well as arranging paparazzi shots. But isn't this all just in poor taste? By all means, give your side of your story like you have done in your book and you've made a lot of money but why the attempt at trying to be the next Kardashian? 

Even the situation with Ryan is being used for publicity and attention ''If you want to find out what happened with me and Ryan, tune in to the next season of my documentary and all will be revealed''. 

I've talked many times on this blog about how serial killers can be glamourized in movies but this situation too is in poor taste. I remember reading a comment that a young girl had written underneath Gypsy's plastic surgery post ''Do I have to off my Mom so I can get money, fame and a BBL?'' Let's hope that younger people don't look at Gypsy Rose Blanchard's story and think that it's the way to go. How many times have we seen guys like Stephen Griffiths, the infamous 'Crossbow Cannibal' who felt himself a loner and watched the glamorization of the likes of Ted Bundy and wanted books and movies to made about him too. He thought that becoming a serial killer like Bundy would help him be famous and make a name for himself. 

In the true crime community a lot of us are here to share the stories of these horrific cases and tell the victim's story and to raise awareness for unsolved cases. Never have I glamourized a cold-blooded killer in my blogs. I'm not a fan of serial killers, I write about them and know a lot about them but I come from a psychological aspect. I studied criminology and psychology at university and worked with victims of crime. I'm not on Youtube, I'm focused on becoming a writer. I'm wondering what my readers are thinking about the Gypsy Rose Blanchard situation. Do you think this is acceptable behaviour? and what of Ken and Ryan? are they along for the ride for financial reasons and fame? 

Some people believe that Gypsy should still be in prison and have described her as a master manipulator who has fooled us all and Ryan was another person that she used, do you think this to be the case? 

Nobody is saying that Gypsy did not go through utter hell with her mother, every sympathy is there for those years of suffering but at what point do we say.....''hold on, what's with dumping the supportive husband just months after being released, acting like a celebrity and getting plastic surgery?''. 

Gypsy had a lot of time behind bars to think about what she wanted to do when she was released, could it be that she thought that marrying Ryan (the teacher) would be a good look for her but planned all along to hook up with Ken on the outside, splash the cash and get plastic surgery, she was only released in December and has done all of this already, it does make you wonder?

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Easter Special #TrueCrime Storytime With @CaledonianKitty | ''She Hid Cocaine In My Bag''

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When it comes to friendships, I've had some unlucky moments in my time. I for one know first hand what it's like to be tricked by someone you thought you were safe to put your trust in. As we approach Easter, I was thinking about what my next post was going to be on my blog and I decided to change things up a little bit by sharing a personal true crime story of my own. I have many stories which will no doubt be appearing here in the future but for now, I'll share this one. 

I hope that by telling my story that it will make people (especially younger people) remember to think twice about who you trust. When I first moved to England when I was about 19 or 20, I got a job in a household store as a Sales Assistant whilst studying at college. It was there that I met an older woman named Jill, she was 26 and was a single mother of 2 children. We struck up an unlikely friendship and would have breakfast together before starting our morning shifts. As the months went on we talked about all sorts of things from relationships to past experiences. 

Jill would tell me how much she hated where she lived and how much it was a struggle for her to bring up two children on her own as a single parent. She'd had a number of relationships but they would fizzle out after a few weeks. Another difference between the pair of us was that I was in a close relationship with my boyfriend at the time and had quite a number of good things going on in my life. I've always been (what friends and those who know me as) a 'glamourpuss' and very much into looking my best. Jill on the other hand was more of a 'Tom-Boy' who wore jeans, trainers and no make-up. Even though there were a lot of differences between us, we got on well. 

As the months went on I started to notice that Jill was asking me a lot of questions about what cosmetics and perfume I wore as well as where I bought my clothes. I didn't think anything of this and took it as a compliment. I also noticed that whenever I spoke about my boyfriend there would be a bit of an ambiance like she was jealous of my relationship. I thought I was just being silly and tried to brush it off. 

One day out of the blue Jill was late for work and around lunchtime she appeared and I couldn't believe what I saw (and the rest of the staff were taken aback too). Jill walked in with a full face of make-up, hair extensions with her hair styled like mine, similar clothes and my favourite perfume. Everyone thought it was hilarious and threw out comments such as ''Single, White, Female'' and ''It's the twins''. The whole thing made me feel uncomfortable. Jill said that she had used her welfare money to buy the makeup etc (she was able to claim welfare because she only worked a certain number of hours per week). As uncomfortable as I was I just tried to push it to the side and changed my perfume etc. 

One day Jill suggested that we have a girl's night out and we made arrangements to go to a nightclub on a Saturday evening, just me and her. She made it clear that my boyfriend wasn't allowed to come (she made out that it was just a girly night). She said that a friend of hers would drop her off at my house and I said that was fine. There was a local bar around the corner from my house at the time and I suggested getting a quick drink there before heading into town to the nightclub. On the way to the bar, Jill was texting on her phone and asked if I wouldn't mind if her friend had dropped something off for her. The next thing I knew some guy in a car pulled up and she jumped in beside him as they talked for a couple of minutes. He seemed friendly and nothing seemed odd. She got out of the car and I asked who he was and she claimed that he was a guy that she was getting close to in a romantic way. 

We had our drinks at the bar and headed to the nightclub, Jill was a smoker and she had a bag with her but was complaining that she couldn't fit her cigarettes and her lighter in her bag so would I put them in mine as my bag had more space. I agreed and thought nothing of it. We stood outside of the nightclub as the doormen checked everyone in, everyone's bags were searched as they went in. I opened my bag and the doormen could see that all I had in there was Jill's cigarettes, lighter, my lipstick, some money and my phone. We went in and got some drinks and danced. Some time later Jill said she needed the bathroom and grabbed my hand to go with her. We went into the bathroom stall and closed the door behind us. She asked me if I had a bank card and puzzled I asked her what she needed that for? She asked for her cigarettes and it was there that she pulled out a bag of cocaine. I was a mixture of alcohol and shock and couldn't quite believe that I had been carrying cocaine in my bag this whole time. That I had been around the club and let the doormen search my bag whilst I had cocaine in there. I didn't know how to feel about it, everything was happening so fast and Jill was acting like it was no big deal. 

She asked if I wanted some and I refused, she took the bag and I don't know how much she took but it was gone and she put her cigarettes in her bag (the same bag that she said she couldn't fit them in). With everything going on and after having a few drinks I couldn't think straight. Jill was practically wasted. Before we knew it, the night was over and I could've offered Jill to stay over at my house that night but I just wanted to get rid of her as drunk as I was. I made sure she got a taxi and made my way home and was on the phone to my Dad as well as explaining the whole situation to my boyfriend. My Dad was furious and trying to drum into me the seriousness of what had actually happened. Jill knew fine well what she was doing, she put them drugs on me just incase we were searched so that she wouldn't get into trouble. I told my Dad that I wasn't taking any drugs and he explained to the young, naive me that it didn't matter, I could have been arrested for carrying drugs with intent to supply, I wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. 

Me and Jill never spoke about it and I never confronted her. I was actually so stupid at the time, looking back I should have played hell but I didn't. When I think about it now I get a mixture of chills down my spine and anger. How could she do that to me? Why did she do it? Was it all part of a plan?

Her behaviour leading up to that with copying my style, being jealous over my boyfriend and then trying to set me up makes me wonder if she was lowkey trying to destroy my life somehow? When I think back to her actions that night, I see how she carefully covered her steps all the way. 

After this, I didn't see Jill outside of work and distanced myself from her. She'd had all sorts of problems with her neighbours and started missing work until she ended up getting fired. I never saw her again but I later heard from friends who knew her that she'd had a bad reputation for years around where she lived. I also heard (and I don't know if this is true or just rumours) that she had two boyfriends who had died due to drugs and people were pointing the finger at her. As I say, I don't know if this is true or not but this was years ago, I have no idea or interest in where Jill is now. I just hope that she is a better person. 

I guess the moral of this story is that no matter how mature and nice someone may seem, even if they are a mother and are older than you are, you have to be careful who you trust. I should have known better that night, I was very naive and the scary thing is that I could have ended up in jail. If those drugs had been found in my bag there's no way Jill would've told the truth, she would have lost her kids over that. The cops wouldn't have cared about my story either. It's a scary thought but luckily I had a narrow escape. 

On a positive note, I moved on to bigger and better things and a lesson was learned. I would never do that to another person and now I'm very careful about who I trust in my life. I have a small number of people close to me and because of what I have seen of certain people over the years who could blame me. 

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Unexplained Deaths: The Truth May Never Be Known

(Linda Kurle & The Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital. Picture credits: Chicago Tribune)

This is one of those cases that you may not have heard about considering that it took place in 1980 and received little to no coverage. I actually stumbled across this story whilst going through one of my old true crime books which had been published many moons ago. I started to do some digging about the case to see if there had been any conclusion or updates and what I found was quite interesting to say the least. 

As you know I have written about killer nurses in the past (Lucy Letby & Beverley Allitt)  as well as the shocking crimes of Doctors Harold Shipman and Josef Mengele who have abused their position and harmed or murdered innocent patients in their care. It's a frightening thought to know that the stories I have written about involving these individuals are just a tiny speck on a huge number of cases which are still going on to this day. We used to be able to say that whilst in hospital you were considered to be in the best place, it was seen as safe, clean and staffed by qualified medical professionals that only had your best interests at heart. We used to be able to say that you could 100% trust your Doctor but in this day and age with numerous mistakes being made, patients concerns being ignored, corner cutting and unexplained deaths, you really do have to think twice. 

So back in 1980 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, a shocking story briefly hit the headlines involving a 24 year old nurse by the name of Linda Kurle. Apparently Linda, who had been working her usual 11pm to 7am nightshifts at The Good Samaritan hospital was being suspended due to an investigation into two unexplained deaths of elderly female patients who had primarily been in her care. The two patients had been in hospital for routine surgery (one of the patients was in hospital for a hip operation) but suddenly died due to lapsing into a insulin induced coma. The two women had been perfectly fine previously so their deaths became a mystery and shock to the staff of the hospital. Linda was in charge of 12 patients on that particular ward and was the one who had apparently found both of these patients not responding and raised the alarm. According to Linda, she had done everything she possibly could to keep both of these women alive. 

Both of the women had undergone autopsies which revealed that both of them had died through heavy doses of insulin. After the autopsies the remains were released to the families for cremation. Linda Kurle was suspended by the hospital who continued on with their investigation into the unexplained deaths. Linda contacted a lawyer and got the press involved declaring that she was innocent and had been targeted by the hospital. Her argument was that the insulin had been kept in a room which anyone could have had access to as it was always open and was situated right next to a public elevator. Her lawyer also argued the fact that the hospital was not questioning everyone who had access to that room, the focus was purely on Linda.

A hearing about Linda's suspension was held and she turned up with her lawyer and an army of friends who were prepared to provide a positive character reference for Linda. She had also alerted the media. The hospital forbid the press to attend but interviews with Linda and her lawyer as well as the attorney representing the hospital were conducted outside. The hearing only lasted 20 minutes but Linda was provided with a two-page document which contained the concerns that the hospital had in regards to her conduct during her shifts. Linda was in tears and again declared that she was innocent and even offered to take a polygraph (lie detector) test. 

The shocking story did make the nightly news and the public were waiting to hear what the final decision was going to be in regards to Linda's possible guilt, innocence and her career as a nurse. The hospital board were set to make a decision within days of what manner in they wished to proceed. It ended up with Linda being fired from her position but because the deaths could not be proven to be her responsibility they still let her go. The hospital still believed the deaths to be highly suspicious and unexplained but they could not prove that Linda was 100% responsible although they did suspect her. Nobody else was ever questioned. 

Not one to take the news of her nursing career at the age of 24 being over, Linda pressed forward and took the hospital to court to fight for her nursing reputation, employment and financial damages. She claimed that her life and professional career had been ruined and that she'd been made a scapegoat. 

In a surprise turn of events due to lack of evidence which could 100% prove that Linda had been the person who had administered the insulin to the patients, the court decided that the hospital give Linda back her nursing position as well as money owed and financial compensation for distress caused. 

The story quickly vanished from the media which is quite interesting because if it had occurred today, I think that members of the public and the media would be interested in getting to the bottom of it all. We have seen with the likes of Dr Harold Shipman, with his patients who had routine ailments mysteriously passing away out of the blue but those relatives of those victims and members of the public would not let it lie despite the victims being of a certain age. I could be wrong but it seems like because the two patients in the Good Samaritan Hospital case were elderly women and it occurred in 1980, there seemed to be an attitude of just letting the case dwindle away. You'd think that the hospital would continue their investigations into everyone who worked there, not just Linda. At the end of the day the hospital was left with a bad reputation as well as being dragged through the court in front of the media by Linda, you'd think they'd want to get to the bottom of the unexplained deaths. To not only bring some sort of closure to the patient's families but to help repair their image to the public. 

Linda returned to her position as a nurse at the hospital which is quite baffling to me for a number of reasons. One being that she was allowed to return (by order of the court not by the hospital wanting her back) to her position despite the fact that it was not known if she had been responsible for the deaths. Two that she would even return to a place where everyone suspected her of being a murderer basically. In this situation I think that if there's any doubt (obviously with some sort of evidence) about someone's conduct in that position with vulnerable people, I think that chances should not be taken. 

After Linda's return no other incidences were reported but was Linda 100% innocent all along or was it the case that she was guilty and knew that all eyes were on her, so if anything was to happen she knew they'd look to her first? 

The unexplained deaths of Ellen O'Hara and Vivian Brown were never solved, nobody was brought to justice and their families were left with unanswered questions. Linda continued on with her career and reportedly passed away at the age of 35 in 1991 taking any possible secrets to the grave. This case was over 43 years ago and the people that were working in the hospital at the time are probably no longer with us or at least in their late 60s if they were around the same age as Linda. 

The Good Samaritan Hospital still exists to this day but goes by the name of Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital. Linda having passed away at the young age of 35 one wonders if it was illness related or had she taken her own life? I couldn't find any information except for a death notice. If Linda was indeed innocent, it's a very sad end to a very tragic story. To be accused of murder at the age of 24 then passing away not that long after at the young age of 35 the ordeal of being falsely accused and no doubt suffering PTSD afterwards as a result for the rest of those years, one hopes that she did find some peace towards the end. On the other hand, if she was guilty, it is still tragic and questions remain why did she do it? was it an error in judgement or a deliberate act? 

What would you have done in that situation if you had been accused of something you hadn't done? Would you have given up your nursing career? This is a case that leaves a lot of unanswered questions which in my opinion we'll never know the answers to. Too much time has passed, no evidence was saved and unless someone has a death-bed confession we may never know. 

I think about the families of the deceased women and hope they were able to find some sort of peace despite everything. 

RIP Ellen and Vivian 

I feel that I should say RIP also to Linda because even I am not psychic and cannot say whether she was or was not guilty. 

The story of what happened at that hospital back in 1980 has long been forgotten I'm sorry to say. It's popped up on my blog now in 2024 and it may inspire others to look for answers or cover the story but it's one of those cases that has been lost in the sands of time and it really is a tragedy no matter how old the victims were. There's also the thought that if Linda was innocent, someone spent all of those years allowing her to suffer and have her reputation as a nurse called into question. If that is the truth of the matter, I hope that karma has come back around for that person. 

Further reading & sources: 

Linda Kurle: Article | Chicago Tribune

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The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes | Book by Michael Newton

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The 'Canal Killer' Finally Brought To Justice After 30 Years! | The Horrific Murders of Angela Brosso & Melanie Bernas

(Left: Bryan Patrick Miller. Top right: Melanie Bernas. Bottom right: Angela Brosso. Picture credits: The US Sun)

*Please be aware that I will be sharing some disturbing details in this post which involve details of murder, violence towards women and horrific crime scenes. As always I will try to be as sensitive as I can be without leaving out the facts of the case* 

When we look back at some of the most horrific murders and serial killers over the years it's easy to look at the decades of the 70s and 80s as some of the most dangerous times but the truth is, we've always had sickening crimes happening. The frightening reality is, that there are serial killers out there right now and some will be caught and some will remain at large. Some cases will be solved in a short space of time and some may go decades without justice being done. Then there's the case files that are locked away in a cold case box which over time gathers dust and as years go by and other factors, such as lack of proper evidence, or lost evidence, they are sadly never solved. But sometimes incredible things do happen and thanks to the advances in DNA technology and the tireless efforts of dedicated investigators (as well as members of the true crime community) attention is once again brought to these historical cases and even though decades have gone by there have been cases which have eventually been solved. 

I'm happy to say that in the past couple of years I have seen a significant number of cold cases solved, cases which a lot of people had given up on. The heartbreaking story of Caroline Glachan which occurred in my hometown back in Scotland and which had a personal connection to myself, was solved after 27 years. I had worked with Caroline's mother and as a teenager I had walked the same route that Caroline did in those dark hours before her death. I knew first hand the culture and the mentality of the local people, the attitude of knowing information but keeping quiet. I also grew quite close to Margaret (Caroline's mother) and had seen first hand the devastating impact of years of not knowing who had murdered her child had done to her as well as the horrific loss of her beloved daughter. I wrote all about this previously but the belief for so many years was that the case would never be solved, luckily that belief was wrong and the three murderers are now behind bars where they should stay. 

We often look at the likes of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer and numerous documentaries and films have been been made about them, but in years to come it will be the serial killers of the 90s and 00s that will be written about as well as them, maybe even more so. With the advances in DNA a lot of cases which occurred in the 90s and early 2000's are currently being solved as well as some being connected to well known serial killers. We have the technology now to go back and test evidence as well as track down relatives of deceased serial killers to test for DNA in a bid to close an unsolved murder case which carried all of their hallmarks. 

So this case which I'm focusing on in this post took place in the early 90s and was only solved in recent times thanks to DNA technology. The murders of two beautiful young women just 10 months apart in Phoenix, Arizona in the timeline of 1992 and 1993 had shocked and horrified anyone who had watched the news and read the papers. Angela Brosso was just about to turn 22 years old the very next day when she decided that she would take her usual bike ride along the beautiful scenic route by Cave Creek Park the night before. This activity was a regular occurrence for Angela but she always had her boyfriend with her. On this rare occasion her boyfriend decided to stay home and continue planning her birthday celebrations as well as making her a cake. Obviously a young woman going for a bike ride late at night would concern a lot of people but because it was a regular routine and there had been times in the past where she'd been on her own and all was fine, she must have thought that this time would be ok too. 

Unfortunately this time, Angela did not return home and panic set in. She was reported missing but the reality of what had happened was quickly apparent. Someone had cruelly murdered Angela in the most gruesome and cold-blooded way. Her remains had been found within hours on the day of her birthday, she had been decapitated and disemboweled, it was a crime scene so sickening that investigators believed the murder to be the work of a serial killer. Whoever murdered Angela had obviously been lying in wait and could possibly have been watching her and her boyfriend cycling previously so knew her routine. The murder looked like that of a fast, frenzied, aggressive attack with a sharp, ragged object. When Angela's remains were originally found, her head was missing. Her head was later found on the 20th of November, nearly two weeks later. With no clue as to who was responsible, the investigators tried to work with the evidence that they had but DNA techniques were still in their infancy at that point. The case remained opened.

Just 10 months after Angela's gruesome murder, a 17 year old girl by the name of Melanie Bernas had been found murdered at the same location where Angela's head at been found. Melanie had not been disemboweled or decapitated like Angela but both had been sexually assaulted before they were murdered or after the fact. Melanie had also had the letters WSC carved into her chest by the unknown killer. DNA evidence found at the scene connected both murders to the same culprit. Both girls had been out riding their bikes at the beauty spot near the Arizona Canal when they were attacked and murdered, the media dubbed the killings ''The Canal Murders''. Both of the bikes have never been found but the DNA collected was kept on file and later entered into the national database. 

As I mentioned before, investigators believed the murders of both Angela and Melanie to be the actions of an unidentified serial killer. The evidence collected together with the perpetrator's DNA sample was kept on file and on the database but for decades there was no match. 

For years the case went unsolved but a big break came in 2015 when investigators discovered a match on the national database. A man named Bryan Patrick Miller came to their attention and he was promptly brought in for questioning and later charged. All of the DNA evidence matched up to him and it turned out that Bryan had quite the background of violence towards women. During his trial (which took years to get up and running due to a series of delays, especially with the covid pandemic) details emerged of his difficult and abusive childhood, he had an addiction to violent porn and BDSM. At the time of the murders (of which he was just 20 years old at the time of the killings) he had been fantasizing bout abducting, sexually assaulting and mutilating women and had written about his fantasies. In later years he went on to marry and have a daughter. 

During his trial his lawyer tried to plead his case trying to gain some sympathy for his client who was clearly a sexual sadist. They were trying to paint him as an abuse survivor who wasn't in his correct frame of mind at the time of the killings due to severe PTSD. Looking at the evidence presented and the gruesome reality of the crimes, it was clear that he had planned these murders and had written about violent fantasies involving sexually assaulting and murdering women since his teens. It was clear he had been a ticking time bomb. The fact he was able to just move on with his life after the murders and start a family shows just how callous he was. He continued on with his life whilst the families and friends of Angela and Melanie suffered. One wonders what it must have been like for Angela's boyfriend who must have felt a huge amount of guilt (even though he wasn't to have known what would happen that night) as well as devastation at what had happened. 

After decades Bryan Patrick Miller was finally found guilty and was given two death sentences. As the murders of Angela and Melanie occurred when he was 20 years old and he wasn't caught until 2015 one wonders if he was connected to any other murders. Some investigators believe he could have started killing in his teen years. Investigators are still looking into other cases that he may have been responsible for. 

I know this was a difficult post to get through and I appreciate that you have made it this far. 

RIP to Angela, Melanie and to any other unknown victims of Bryan Patrick Miller. 

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''If I go to hell,...I'll see you there.'' | She Told His Wife & All Hell Broke Loose | The Sugarbaby Murders

(From left: Sultan Shareef. Middle: Kania Brunson. Right: Johnny Hopgood Jr. Photo credits: hollywoodunlocked)

*Please be aware that I will be sharing some disturbing details in this post which involve murder and the desecration of remains. I will, as always try to be as sensitive as I can be whilst stating the facts of the case*

In my final instalment of The Sugarbaby Murders series, I wanted to briefly share this shocking case which took place quite recently in Milwaukee, a city in the USA in September of 2022. 20 year old Kania Brunson was a beautiful young woman from a close family who was just about to attend college and work on her future dreams. Kania was a bright young woman who was still trying to decide which field of work she wanted to do, she was always interested in cosmetology but she also had thoughts of the possibility of a career as a dentist or veterinarian. Popular with friends and loved by those that knew her, the world was pretty much her oyster and she was excited to see what the future held. 

Like a lot of students, she struggled financially but tried not to let financial worries get her down. For a young woman who seemed to have a bright future ahead and appeared to take any troubles in her stride, nobody knew the other side of Kania's life until those potential dreams and years were cruelly stolen from her. 

For Kania's personal life was troubled. As a naive teenager she had gotten involved with a man in his 50s who promised her the world and when times were financially tough, she found herself becoming more involved with him. The man she was involved with was already married and had a lengthy criminal record behind him. He may have had the money but it was clear where he had gotten that money from, illegal activities and by the time Kania was starting college, she had already become financially dependent on him. 

Sultan Shareef not only had a bad past as a drug dealer but he'd spent years in and out of prison in the 1990s and it was clear that even though he was no longer behind bars, he was still up to his old activities. The pair had been having a toxic relationship for years and when Sultan decided that he'd had enough of the relationship and helping Kania, the situation got worse. 

Kania had pleaded with him to continue to help her financially especially as she was going to college but he refused. In an act of revenge, Kania decided to contact Sultan's wife and told her everything that had been going on between them. When Sultan found out he was full of rage and tried to cover things up with his wife and then set about looking for Kania. 

When Sultan finally caught up with Kania, he decided to silence her for good in the most evil way. The poor girl (as naive as she was she didn't deserve what ended up happening to her) had been tied up with wire, shot, stabbed to death and (with the help of his brother in law) her body was burned in a recycling bin. Her remains were then dumped in an alleyway. Kania had to be identified by her dental records. 

It wasn't long before the police knew who was responsible and Sultan and his brother in law were arrested. 

Sultan denied killing Kania but the evidence against him was overwhelming. His brother in law (Johnny Hopgood Jr) who helped burn Kania's body, was given a plea deal if he gave up the full details of what happened. He was classed as having 'time served' and put on a 10 year probation order. In other words, he pretty much got away with his part in the gruesome act.

Sultan Shareef was sentenced to life in prison, he tried to appeal his sentence claiming that he was an innocent man but his appeal was rejected. 

What happened to Kania was a cruel and cold hearted, selfish act that saw the promising future of a bright, young woman just wiped out and what for? a selfish career criminal who wasn't happy that more of his lies had been exposed? Kania was 20 years old and he was in his mid 50s, he'd been having an inappropriate relationship with her since she was a teenager. He had somehow manipulated her into thinking that she needed him in her life, especially financially. The situation was indeed very toxic and Kania should never have been involved with him but she didn't deserve to lose her life and to have been treated in such a horrific and disrespectful way. He was the adult and he was married, he should have known better but he obviously was never one to be told what to do or have respect for others since he made his illegal living off the back of the vulnerability of others. 

My heart goes out to Kania's family and to Kania herself who (it is clear to see) has left a lasting effect on this world to those who knew her for all of her amazing qualities. 

We all make mistakes when we are young, we've all maybe had relationships we shouldn't have entered into. Nobody is a saint and we don't know the full story of what went on between Kania and Sultan. It's a sad and heartbreaking story but again, a cautionary tale, to be careful of who we trust. 

''If I go to hell,...I'll see you there.'' - Shawnte Brunson (what Kania's father shouted to Sultan in the courtroom).

RIP Kania, your beautiful smile and the memories that you have left will never be forgotten. 

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Thank you for joining me in this final part of The Sugarbaby Murders series, I hope that you found this series informative and interesting as tragic and heartbreaking as the cases were. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families who I have written about briefly in this series. 

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Monster In Disguise: The Sugardaddy From Hell | The Sugarbaby Murders

(From left: Mackenzie Lueck. Right: Ayoola Ajayi. Picture credits: The Salt Lake Tribune)

*Please be aware that I will be sharing some disturbing details in this post involving domestic violence, sexual assault and murder. I will, as always try to be as sensitive as I can be whilst stating the facts of the case*

It pains me to have to include the beautiful and talented Mackenzie Lueck in my series, The Sugarbaby Murders. All of the cases have been tragic and each victim matters, but to describe Mackenzie as just a ''Sugarbaby'' would be a terrible injustice, for she was more than that. She was just 23 years old when she had her life cruelly and sadistically taken by a man she mistakenly trusted. Mackenzie (who preferred to be called 'Kenzie') was a promising student at the University of Utah and had dreams of becoming a nurse, she also worked part time and was committed to her Mormon faith. 

So when Mackenzie mysteriously vanished in June of 2019, everyone was shocked and frantic with worry because it was so out of character for her. Mackenzie would always keep in contact with her close family and friends and for messages and calls to go unanswered? The people who knew her best knew that something was wrong. Those closest to her knew that she had taken a flight to Salt Lake City International Airport from her family home in California where she was originally from (she had been visiting her family and had been attending her grandmother's funeral) but when nobody could reach her, the panic set in. It's testament to how loved Mackenzie was that straight away alarm bells were ringing and people were concerned about her whereabouts. 

Her family and friends had a right to worry because they were sadly right, Mackenzie did come to harm and it was a situation that should never have happened. Being a student, working part time and trying to make ends meet whilst away from the support of close family, took it's toll on Mackenzie and with student debts racking up she had heard about other girls at her University joining a site called 'Seeking Arrangement'. She had been told that joining this site would put her in contact with men who would help her out financially if she went on dates with them. 

The opinion on 'Seeking Arrangement' is divided, some people have purely online arrangements whilst other girls will actually meet their 'Sugardaddies' in person. With some Sugarbabies they will just go on a date and with others they will provide sexual services in exchange for more money. 

Mackenzie was looking for a man who could help her out with her debts and claimed in her advertisement on the site that she was serious and looking for a serious arrangement. It was on here that she was contacted by an older man by the name of Ayoola Ajayi who claimed to be living in Utah and had previously studied at the same University (he'd kept details to himself such as his history of violence towards women and the fact that he'd been kicked out of University for theft). He'd also had a stint in the army but that didn't last long either. Ayoola was the type of person who would never finish anything he started, situations with him would either end in some sort of disgrace or he would simply give up. His neighbours thought of him as a bit of a weirdo who never spoke two words to them, instead he would walk around his backyard with his earphones in preferring not to engage in conversation. 

Ayoola was portraying himself as a nice, rich guy on 'Seeking Arrangement' but what he actually was, was a dangerous threat to women and had harmed women in the past as well as being involved in petty crime. He was a raving fantasist who had a strange sexual appetite as well as fantasies of committing murder, so much so that he actually wrote a self published book that he sold on Amazon (this book has now been removed). The book was about murder and the burning of victim's remains. 

If you have had the unfortunate opportunity of watching Ayoola in action in police footage, you will see how much of a master manipulator this guy actually is. When his home was searched when Mackenzie was reported missing, he was acting like Mr harmless nice guy who just wanted to help the cops. He was lying through his teeth but the cops were not buying it. 

The tragic truth of Mackenzie's sudden disappearance soon became clear, she had been keeping in regular contact with Ayoola on the 'Seeking Arrangement' site and the pair were messaging each other back and forth before arranging a meeting. When Mackenzie had arrived back in Utah that night in June, she took a cab to a park in the early hours of the morning. It was there in the darkness that she met Ayoola. Either by force or persuasion, Mackenzie ended up back at Ayoola's house and the next thing that anyone knew was that she was missing and he claimed he had nothing to do with it, even going as far as to saying that Mackenzie had actually blocked him from the 'Seeking Arrangement' website. His phone records and search history said otherwise. 

All the evidence led back to him and when his house was searched the police made the heartbreaking discovery of Mackenzie's personal items along with some burned remains. Her body was later found and more items were found in the Jordan river which was near to the house. Ayoola had tied Mackenzie up with rope and zip ties, she had been subjected to a horrendous assault and suffered blunt force trauma to her skull as well as being strangled. He then tried to burn her remains along with her personal items. When he had problems burning her body he took her to a wooded area in Logan Canyon where she was placed in a shallow grave, the rest of her belongings were thrown in the river. 

As horrendous as this case was, thanks to the incredible effort of the family and friends of Mackenzie together with the police, Ayoola was charged very quickly with her kidnap and murder. A contractor had came forward to reveal that Ayoola had contacted him previously about the possibility of creating a soundproof room for him in his home, the room would also contain hooks. Ayoola gave a ridiculous story that he had a girlfriend who was Mormon and against drinking so he needed the soundproof room and hooks to hide the alcohol. It was clear that he had planned the whole nightmarish scene. The contractor found him to be very creepy and refused to do the job.

Ayoola kept telling everyone who didn't care to listen, that he had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a way of gaining some sort of sympathy but the man was a monster with sick fantasies and any act that he was trying to put on just wouldn't wash. He faced the courtroom and was given life in prison. It was a small price to pay for taking away such a beautiful life. As well as being the sweetheart that she was, Mackenzie wanted to help others by fulfilling her dreams of becoming a nurse but all that was taken away from her. She was a young, naive girl who made a mistake meeting a monster. You wish you could turn the clock back and talk to her, tell her not to go and meet this strange guy in a park in the early hours of the morning but we've all done silly things when we were young. Mackenzie had just attended her grandmother's funeral, maybe her mind wasn't in the right place at the time or maybe she fell for Ayoola's nice guy act? whatever the case, she did not deserve to lose her life. 

Ayoola was a loser, a no mark who has to spend the rest of his life behind bars at the cost of the American tax payer. He robbed us all of a shining light who brought goodness into the world and wanted to help people in need, just think of all of the vulnerable people she would have helped through her nursing career. It is a sad and tragic loss. 

RIP Mackenzie. 

Further Reading & Sources:

Thank you for joining me in my latest post in this series, I know it was another difficult one to get through but I appreciate you being here. I think as well as sharing these heartbreaking cases in the series, it is not only important to share what happened to these beautiful young girls but to serve as a warning to anyone who is tempted to join sites such as 'Seeking Arrangement' or is tempted to meet a strange man for financial reasons. It is a very dangerous and risky thing to do. In these current days of 'influencers' and pressures to have a certain lifestyle, a lot of young people place a lot of importance on money and the lines between what is safe and not safe, become blurred. I'm sure that the lovely girls that I have written about in this series, would want to warn anyone who was thinking of going down this route. Money isn't everything. 

I hope you will join me in my final post in this series next Sunday, until next time please stay safe and see you (hopefully) on my socials x

My Thoughts On Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, Rose West! Meeting Murderers & What Do I Think Of The The UK Justice System? | Q&A With Jo: Part Two

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So. here we are in part two of my Q&A, I hope you found the first part interesting. I have tried to answer all of the questions that I was sent on Instagram and X/Twitter so if your question is not answered, please let me know and I'll update this post but I think I've covered everything. 

So here goes....

Q1: Which crime related series is your favourite?

I have to say 'Mindhunter'! I was so obsessed with that series that I would literally sit up until 5 am, watching every episode when a new series came out. We only got two series which is a crying shame! I'm still fuming that Netflix are still back and forth about making a third series. The people are crying out for it, give the people what they want!!!! Here's hoping that Mindhunter 3 is made, otherwise we just have to appreciate it for what it was. I would like to own both series on Blu-Ray though. 

Q2: Have you ever met a murderer?

Yes, I have, loads of them! One of these strange encounters happened at university. I was on a psychology course and this older guy sat down next to me in the lunch area and proceeded to tell me (with a smile on his face) that he had murdered his step-father. I have written about this on my blog previously (this was back in 2019 that I wrote this so forgive the bad quality picture and serious lack of false eyelashes lol). It was a strange experience and the guy made my skin crawl to be quite honest. 

Q3: Would you ever become a cop?

Nope! I know there are amazing cops out there who work so hard and are passionate about helping people but I've seen a lot of things and conduct at the hands of British police that I'm not happy with. 

Q4: What do you think of the justice system in the UK?

Nine times out of ten it's a complete joke! I don't agree with cold-blooded murderers being given 15 years and serving half their sentence (in certain cases). I find it also ridiculous that people can be locked up for the most stupidest of things whilst the real monsters are let off with a slap on the wrist. 

Q5: Are you interested in doing a collaboration with other members of the true crime community?

Yes, I would love too! I always welcome it so if anyone would like to collaborate on a case or request a case, just email me at jocaledoniankitty@gmail.com

Q6: Which book are you currently reading?

A masterpiece of a book (which I've read before): And The Band Played On by Randy Schilts. The book is an in depth look and detailed account of the AIDS crisis in the 1980's. 

Q7: Do you believe in the paranormal?

Yes! I believe in aliens, ghosts and some sort of afterlife. I believe that our souls go to a higher frequency (I don't know if I'm making any sense here) and that the spirits of our loved ones are around us. I believe that they send us little signs every day to let us know that they are looking out for us. 

Q8: What is your favourite thing to cook?

I love cooking Italian food. It sounds simple but I love making Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread and sprinkles of grated Parmesan cheese. I also like cooking a traditional Sunday roast (vegetarian style) with roast potatoes and all of the trimmings and gravy. 

Q9: Which of your true crime posts took the longest for you to research and put together?

It's hard to point out one particular post because a lot of them have taken me a long time to research and write. If I had to choose one which I remember writing into the wee small hours of the morning for a number of nights, it has to be The Most Evil Woman Ever? | Gertrude Baniszewski, this horrific case was about the cruel and heartbreaking murder of Sylvia Likens. It's a story that can never be forgotten and shocks anyone who has ever heard about it or read about it. A truly disturbing case that I have never forgotten. It was a tough one to research and took a lot of writing but I am glad I was able to share Sylvia's story along with many others. I have had various messages over the years about the post and I'm glad that other people have been inspired by my article to write about the case and that people think of Sylvia as she was before what had happened to her. 

Q10: What has been the best compliment that someone has given you on your work?

I have had some amazing things said about my work and it really means the world to me. As someone who has battled learning difficulties with dyslexia, the thought that my blog had been visited by over 1 million people is insane. So many interesting people have contacted me over the years. I guess I just love to hear that people enjoy my writing, I'm still growing as a writer, I'm still learning. I also love that I have dedicated readers who've been here with me from my very first true crime case back in 2019, I think that's amazing. 

Q11: Describe your ideal night-in?

My ideal night in would be a takeaway, some candles, a stack of classic horror movies and maybe some wine. I love nights like that, watching as many horror movies as you can until you basically pass out!

Q12: What are your thoughts on Rose West, Jodi Arias and Caylee Anthony? 

Well, Rose West (I wrote about her and her husband Fred here in a previous post) was a master manipulator who basically wore the trousers in the relationship with Fred. They were both evil and each had a part to play in the crimes but she was the mastermind in everything. When she basically threw Fred to the wolves in the courtroom and ignored him, he couldn't cope with that, he practically lived for her and couldn't cope with that rejection from her so he took his own life. I go into all of the details in that post so please check it out if you are interested in knowing more about the case. 

Jodi Arias, what a lost and messed-up person she was but also a master manipulator. I do feel that the male victim, Travis Alexander used her and messed with her head but he did not deserve what happened to him. Jodi was a beautiful girl and this is part of the intrigue that some people have about her case. To anyone looking in they would wonder why she didn't just move on to someone else and forget about Travis. But behind the looks was a raving narcissist who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. She stalked, begged and pleaded Travis until he gave in, she would use her sexuality to try and own him but it didn't work. In a final act of utter rejection she found that he wasn't interested in a serous relationship with her, he saw her as a dirty secret. In her mind, she had given him everything and posed for private, intimate pictures for him and still that wasn't enough. Her obsession with Travis drove her crazy and she committed the most evil and horrific murder whilst trying to cover her tracks. 

The Caylee Anthony story was a case that shocked us all and is still talked about to this day. Casey Anthony got away with murder, she's as guilty as sin. The whole thing sickened me and again, she is another master manipulator, a narcissist who used her looks and pathetic performances to try and gain sympathy. All three of these women are proof that sometimes the female of the species can be (sometimes) more deadly than the male. 

And there you have it, all done! I hope my responses to the questions didn't drag on for too long and that you enjoyed reading my replies. I enjoyed answering them and a big THANK YOU to everyone who sent me the questions. I liked the variety of questions...I did get a few naughty ones too lol! 

In my next post I will be continuing with my series 'The Sugarbaby Murders' so I hope you will continue to join me for that. 

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