Meet the blogger: @BeckasBubble | #Blogtober day 20

It's day 20 of #Blogtober and in today's post you'll be learning a little bit more about the fabulous Becka from Becka's Bubble  

So grab your pumpkin spiced latte or your bonfire lattes (If you haven't tried them yet, get your skates on, they are divine!!) and say hello to Becka.....

Q1) What inspired you to create a blog?

I started a blog entitled Educating Roversi back in March 2015 when I was on maternity leave with my first born, Lucas. Like most bloggers, I felt like I needed to use my brain and blogging was a good way to do it. I was completely naive about how long and how much effort it would take or how addictive it would be. In September 2018 I started Becka's Bubble a new blog to suit a new chapter in my life now I have resigned from teaching. I'm feeling super motivated and enthusiastic about the future with Becka's bubble.

Q2) What are your favourite type of posts to write?

I love those posts that have a real topic or that I have a real interest for. That moment when you start writing something and think ''Ooh this is going to be good'' and then you can't stop typing. Sentimental posts about my children, marriage or my family always are very therapeutic for me.

Q3) What has been your favourite blog post that you've written to date?

On the basis that I'm focusing on Becka's Bubble now. I have to say A letter to Lucas - First day at school My mum read it and cried. It's real and directly from the heart.

Q4) What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram (@BeckasBubble) all the way! I'm a visual person so I love seeing people's lives through those little squares and instastories is addictive. It's nice that people have moved away from showing an airbrushed version of their lives and are showing reality. It's far more interesting. I use stories daily and try to post at least one picture a day.

Q5) What is your least favourite social media platform and why?

For my blog, probably Facebook I use it for my personal account but I find it sooooooooo frustrating for my blog page! It seems to take far longer to grow and the interaction is less. 

Q6) What are your favourite things about autumn?

Whenever we get finished with one season, I start to look forward to the next, I'm ready for the change. After a very warm summer, I'm actually really enjoying wearing my cosy pyjama bottoms instead of shorts and my cardigans are back out of the wardrobe too. This autumn I'm also looking forward to a two night trip to Dublin with my girlfriends and I really like Halloween now i have kids to enjoy the fun with.

Q7) What are your plans for Halloween?

Since having Lucas I've held a little party at the house for him and his NCT mates. I'm not sure if I'll do it this year because he'll have all his school friends too but it's super cute seeing them all dressed up! I will take him trick or treating around our village, to the houses we know and I'll use it as an excuse to dress Sienna up as a pumpkin or something too.

Q8) Which brands would you love to collaborate with?

OMG! The million pound question! In a dream world, the brands I would love to work with would be Disney, Cath Kidston, Next and Volkswagen. If Disney emailed me and said ''Ey up Becka! We'd love to work with Becka's bubble'' I think I'd be so excited that I might wee a bit!

Q9) Have you ever had a bad experience with a brand? if so, what happened? (you don't have to include the brand name)

No I haven't. After 3 years of blogging with Educating Roversi and just starting Becka's Bubble, I have only worked with a handful of brands but I have to say that the ones I have worked with have been super lovely.

Q10) If you have collaborated with a brand, which one has been your favourite so far?

I really enjoyed creating the content in my collaboration with The Milky Tee Company The pictures from it are some that I will treasure and it was a product that really suited my lifestyle so I felt like I could give it an honest and real review.
Q11) Are you taking part in #Blogmas this year?

I've thought about it but I'm not sure I could keep to it this year. Maybe next year when Becka's Bubble is more established! I have been planning some Christmas content though and did use the Blogmas themes as inspiration.

Q12) What do you think of beauty advent calendars?

I like the idea of them but they always seem really expensive. I suppose you do get some decent presents in them but I'm all for a basic chocolate one. I may be 34 but my mum still buys me one every year.

Q13) What is your favourite horror movie?

I'm not a huge horror fan! Any horror movies that are about unrealistic things don't scare me. The last horror film I saw was 'it' at the cinemas with my best friends and I just wasn't feeling it at all. Anything that could actually happen is more scary to me but I wouldn't say that I have a favourite one. 

Q14) Favourite Christmas movie?

Oooh difficult, The Grinch because I love the scene when he's trying different outfits on but Elf in general makes me chuckle throughout and the Love Actually just makes me go all soppy and makes me laugh too. 

Q15) Favourite Christmas song?

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. For me it IS Christmas and I love to sing so obviously I love to attempt the high notes at any given opportunity.

Q16) Christmas or instore?

A bit of both.... Last year I was pregnant with sienna so a lot more of my Christmas shopping was done online, more than ever before. It was dead easy and I'll definitely do the same again this year 
but I do like to do some physical Christmas shopping too. I usually hit the Sainsbury's toy sale in October and that marks the start of my Christmas shopping. 

Q17) Favourite hot drink during autumn/winter?

Ok, last year I LIVED off the Costa Black Forest hot chocolate! This year I'm aiming to be at target weight for Christmas so I need to avoid Costa like the plague! They are delicious though....

Q18, Favourite scented candle?

The Yankee Candle range in general but particularly the fresh linen one. That's my favourite one of all. I used to love cosying up on the sofa with lots of candles lit but now we have two kids, the candles tend to be kept in a drawer and I forget to get them out and light them.

Q19) Fluffy socks, slippers or both?

Slippers! I love slippers and pyjamas! If I only got them for Christmas, I'd be a super happy lady.

Q20) Favourite posts to read by other bloggers? (for example: personal posts, shopping hauls etc)

Either something I can relate to, or stationery/Disney hauls. I also love watching/reading home organisation stuff. That is addictive. My husband actually thought I was nesting three months too late in March when I completely organised the entire house because I'd been watching videos and reading organisational tips! 

Hope you enjoyed reading Becka's interview, you can find Becka on:

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The 12 days of @LizEarle Advent calendar | #Blogtober day 19

 So, with a few birthday's coming up before Christmas I thought it would be a nice idea to treat some of my loved ones and fellow beauty and pampering enthusiasts with some beauty advent calendars. For the past few years I've had thoughts about buying beauty advent calendars but never really got round to it because I thought that some of them were a waste of money. I'd read a lot of fellow blogger reviews on the calendars and I decided not to bother.

This year, however, I have had a change of tune. There may be some dodgy beauty advent calendars out there but I've noticed over the past few weeks that there's some pretty amazing ones out there right now too. 

Obviously it was the amazing ones that I was interested in and did some research online. The one that really impressed me was the 12 Days Of Liz Earle advent calendar. First of all, who doesn't love Liz Earle? (Plus, I had my eye on some Liz Earle products on my birthday wish list) I thought, whilst I was ordering some different ones for loved ones, and the fact that my birthday is coming up on the 5th of November, I decided that I would throw caution to the wind and snap one up for myself. 

Was it worth the £80.00 price tag? here's what I think....
I was so excited when I received this. I actually thought that all the calendars would be sold out by the time that I tried to order them but luckily they were still in stock. First of all, the box was so beautifully designed. I love the colours and the gold, shiny lettering. Another thing you'll notice if you pick up this calendar is the gorgeous scents that come at you, not overpowering, just subtle and enough to tell you that there's some gorgeously scented skincare goodies inside.
 I was already bowled over with the outer design of the box but when I opened it, I was even more obsessed with the cute boxes, even more gorgeous scents flowing out and I just love how cleverly designed it all is. The boxes all fit together like a puzzle. 
 I didn't want to be too naughty and open everything (I'm trying to be good and wait till December lol, it does tell you what's inside the boxes at the back of the outer box)) so I had a little peek and opened one of the boxes and one of the little treats is the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask with a little Deep Cleansing Mask Sponge. Both the mask and the sponge were in the same box (You know how some brands would probably be a bit tight and have them separate, not the case with Liz Earle).

 Want to know what else is inside?

 These are all the amazing products you can find inside. The font is really tiny so being the lamb that I am (lol) I've made a list for you, here's what you'll find in those pretty boxes:

- Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser (30 ml) 1 pure cotton cloth included.
- Instant boost skin tonic (50 ml) 
- Skin repair moisturiser (15 ml)
- Gentle face exfoliator (15 ml)
- Eyebright soothing eye lotion (50 ml)
- Deep cleansing mask (15 ml) 1 sponge included.
- Superskin concentrate for night (10 ml)
- Superskin superlip balm (15 ml)
- Botanical shine shampoo (50 ml)
- Botanical shine conditioner (50 ml)
- Nourishing botanical body cream (50 ml)
- Orange flower hand repair (50 ml) 

In my opinion, I think I struck gold with this being my first beauty advent calendar. there's no disappointments and I'm so impressed with all these products. You have everything there for the ultimate pampering routine. I love that this calendar has also introduced me to products that I haven't tried before.

This would make a fantastic gift for men and women. It's great for introducing friends and loved ones to Liz Earle and giving them a chance to try out the products and see which ones they like. 

I'm so happy that I purchased this. When Christmas is over and I've used all the products, I'll be keeping this beautiful box as a pretty storage box to keep on my dressing table. 

I purchased my Liz Earle calendar at Boots for £80.00. You can also find this beautiful calendar for the same retail price of £80.00 at: 

Look out for this gorgeous calendar popping up in my Christmas gift guide which goes live on the 1st of November (my birthday week, yay!) and I'll also be giving one of these beautiful calendars away to one of my lucky followers so keep your eyes peeled for that. 
Have you treated yourself to this beautiful advent calendar? or have you picked up another one? Leave your comments below or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet  

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*All thought and opinions are my own and 100% genuine. This is not a sponsored or gifted post. Product purchased by me. All pictures are my own. 

Things that really irk me | #Blogtober day 18

I saw this hilarious post on the fantastic Weird & Liberated blog the other day and asked if I could pinch the idea for a blog post. I have seen a few of these posts floating around where bloggers have listed their pet hates and they are so relatable and really funny so I thought I would have a go. Have a browse and see if you can relate to any of these and maybe have a go yourself if you're a blogger.

Here goes, grab some tea & have a good read....

1) People who don't wash their hands after going to the toilet!

This is just totally gross and I don't understand people who don't wash their hands it's just yuck!! 

2) People who chew pens!

Have you ever had this where you've maybe lent someone a pen at school or at work and they've sent it back with the lid all chewed and covered in saliva (yuck). Can you imagine the number of germs they are putting into their mouths.

3) People who bite their nails & spit the nails out on the floor!

Horrible! I know with some people it can be a nervous thing but it's just a plain no in my book.

4) When you feel like you need to sneeze but can't!

This is awful and makes you look like a crazy person especially if you're in public. 

5) Delivery men who wait for 1 second at your front door, not giving you time to even get to the front door before they disappear! 

Happens all the time. 

6) When your parcel or letter arrives and it's quite clearly been opened! 

I've noticed this a lot especially if someone has sent me a card or if its around Christmas time.

7) When you've just painted your nails and notice there's a big smudge on one of your nails!

This drives me mad especially when I have to do them all over again.

8) The words ''Totes emosh''!

I don't know why this annoys me but it just does.

9) The Royal Family: 

If they fart or burp it's in the papers. The press ram their weddings down our throats and I read yesterday that Harry & Megan were moving into their new palace after having to wait for millions of pounds worth of repairs to be done. It annoys me all the money that could go to charity, the homeless and the NHS instead of grand outfits, weddings and holidays.

10) Over photoshopped swatches!

We see this a lot with brands and some bloggers. If you're going to do a swatch at least do it without the fancy lighting and re-touching so that we can see what the shade actually looks like. These types of pictures also have a robotic like look to them. 

11) Unsupportive bloggers!

The ones who don't bother responding to you, don't follow you back or just play the follow/unfollow game on Instagram. 

12) Instagram!

Too much fakeness, photoshopping and people buying followers to appear to be more popular. I know some of the bloggers I follow have amazing accounts and they don't get the attention that they should get. All I've seen about Instagram lately is negativity.

13) Creepy guys on twitter who dm you trying to chat you up etc!

I had one of these recently, he said he liked the music that I liked and that's why he followed me. It soon became apparent that this guy was a bit of a raincoat man especially since he started following a lot of fellow bloggers who were in their 20's and blogged about makeup and fashion. I wondered what a guy in his mid 40's was doing following young women who were blogging about beauty/fashion. I thought he was harmless at first but when it soon became clear that he was going to get nowhere near me, he got really bitchy lol. I had to block! 

14) Guys who can't take rejection!

I try to let people down nicely and nine times out of ten it always ends up with the guy acting like a little brat. It's a bit odd. 

15) People/brands who say that bloggers get 'freebies'!

Wouldn't it be lovely if we did! But no, we work hard on our posts, photography, planning, drafting, promoting, sharing, managing...the list goes on. There's nothing easy about blogging and anything we do get we have to work hard for. 

16) Stuck up brands/PRs! 

I'm not a fan of these and there has been times when I've been tempted to reply to a bitchy email with 'f!!k off' lol.

17) Fake people! 

The ones who tweet stuff like "I'm in my hotel room, it's such a beautiful morning & I'm having my avocado on toast & I'm so looking forward to my Spa session later & booking my holiday to Barbados'' (and there's a picture of them sat on a perfectly made bed, make up on fleek holding a beauty or skincare product with a fake smile). If it's an ad they should declare it lol! If that is their real life then great for them but I don't think it's entirely realistic and young people & other bloggers see this kind of thing and start to question why their lives are not perfect like that. 

18) People who turn up to your house unannounced! 

I'm not talking about the postman or deliveries that you know are coming. I'm talking about people who show up at your door when you haven't been informed beforehand. 

I could go on about things that irk me but we'll be here all night lol. I thought I better stop! So, what do you think? Do you relate to any of these or so you think I'm being too harsh lol?

I would love to hear/read what drives you mad. I find these posts so funny and a real entertaining read so if you do decide to do this, send me your post on twitter and I'll read and share.

Much love as always for reading & I'll see you in the next post! 

Anxiety warrior? have you tried this? | #Blogtober day 17

The things that have worked wonders for me in regards to anxiety is things such as chamomile tea, self care sessions and a little tip that I'm going to share with you in this post...

(I have shared some on my tips and talked more about anxiety and panic attacks in this previous post

This is very simple and doesn't take much time and you'll be surprised at the positive difference it can make in terms of how you feel and bodily sensations. 

As an 'Anxiety pro' lol, I've seen everything and bought the t-shirt and tried various things over the years and you've probably been told about breathing techniques but not really known what people are on about. 

I learned about a technique called the ''4-7-8'' breathing technique and I love it! It's part of my every day routine, even when I'm not anxious, I will take a few moments each day just to do it and it makes such a difference.

All that the ''4-7-8'' technique involves is: 

- Find a quiet place, either stand still or sit still. If you're too anxious to sit down you can walk and do this.

1)  Breathe slowly through your nose and count to 4 as you breathe in, 

2) Hold your breath and count to 7

3) Slowly breathe out to the count of 8

You can choose to do this once as a quick calmer or if you need help to relax before bed you can repeat this technique 3 times. 

Doing this a few times a day makes such a difference to how you feel and it helps calm the body down. Even when you're not anxious it's a good way of keeping on top of things and ensuring you are letting your body have a breather for a few seconds.

I Know the idea of trying to do this during a panic attack when your heart is pounding is not exactly your idea of a good time but if you can't stand still, walk slowly and click your fingers as you do it. This helps to distract the brain, 

You will calm down, let your heart beat and the fear do it's thing and remember it will pass you'll be fine. Just keep doing the 4-7-8 technique and you'll start to calm down.

A lot of us don't realise how not breathing properly can make our anxiety worse so it's important to remember along with the self care that we take little moments now and again throughout the day to do this technique. 

You can find out more about the 4-7-8 technique here 

Is this technique part of your every day routine? If you have any questions or just fancy a chat about this, feel free to email me: or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

See you in the next post x

Bloggers Copying Bloggers | #Blogtober day 16

So, I was enjoying my cup of cadburys hot chocolate, with my candles lit and reading through blogs when a blog post popped up on my timeline with the same title as one of my most recent posts. I didn't think anything of this (people are allowed to have the same titles and it was probably just a coincidence I thought to myself) 

I'd never come across this blogger before so I thought I would have a read of the post and as soon as I clicked on the page, this terrible sinking feeling came over me. At first I thought that it was my blog post, the pictures were different and the blog layout was different but the text was practically mine.

The introduction to the post was practically copied and pasted from my post the day before. A few of the products featured were the same that I had written about and the text underneath the pictures of those products was what I had said but with a couple of tweaks here and there. 

I started to wonder if I was imagining things lol, I put my post and her post side by side to see if I was just being silly and as I had originally thought, it was a blatant attempt at copying my post.

I was annoyed at first and was wondering what to do next. It's not the first time that's happened and I know a lot of bloggers who've had their posts copied and their pictures stolen. 

This person is a new blogger with only 198 followers on twitter. I thought it was a fake account at first or one of those bots that can sometimes pick up people's blog links and tweet them out but no, this was an actual person, 

My frame of mind at this precise moment in time is just to leave it, I can't be bothered with the drama of confronting her and to be honest, if you have to copy other people's work you're not going to get very far. 

I don't have the energy at the moment to make a big deal out of it because one, I found a childhood friend of mine had recently passed away and two, she's only got 198 followers on twitter and is a new blogger so that tells you all you need to know about the reason she's blogging. You can always tell the ones who are in it to see what they can get. 

I wouldn't dream of copying someone else's hard work. I find it really sad that some people can't  be bothered to come up with their own ideas or put the time in.

As I mentioned before, this is common, I'm not the first blogger to have this happen and I won't be the last. 

Have you had your work copied or pictures stolen? What did you do about it? Leave a comment below with your blog link or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

Thanks as always for reading my rants and raves on here lol, I really appreciate it!

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Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask | #Blogtober day 15

Every now and then I like to treat myself to some high end luxury skincare products and one of the products which has been my absolute favourite for the past few years is the Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask 

I remember it being the first time I had ever used an 'overnight' face mask. I didn't know what to expect but read so many positive reviews and I already knew it was a favourite with celebrities so I thought I would try it out.
Up until a few years ago, the thought of going to bed with a face mask on was not that appealing to me, I imagined waking up in the morning with product everywhere and a bright red face. Since I'd heard nothing but positivity about this product and I liked the sound of all the skincare benefits that it offered, I decided to give it a go and I was not disappointed.

The mask is quite pricey at £78.00 from Feel unique but it's one of those products worth investing in because it really works wonders for your skin. 

It has a gorgeous, fresh scent and a little goes a long way. the product is very soft, silky and glides easily onto the skin. You can use your fingertips to apply or use the little plastic spatula that comes with it.

The mask doesn't take long to dry and you forget that it's on your skin. There's no mess and it doesn't come off onto your pillows or sheets during the night. In the morning you wake up and wash the product off with some warm water and pat dry. Your skin will feel amazingly soft, smooth and your pores will feel like they've had a real deep down clean. my skin always feels like it's had a chance to breath and really detox when I use this product.

I love this mask for hydrating my skin, blurring fine lines and giving me a healthy glow. Makeup is also easier to apply, your base looks more dewy and flawless. 

You can use the mask once a week or twice a week or the night before you have a special event/occasion. It's really up to you. I like to use it once a week on a Sunday as part of my pampering routine. Sometimes I'll apply it on a Sunday night or I'll apply it onto my face on Sunday morning and just have it on my skin all day and wash off at night.

You can find this skincare favourite of mine available to purchase at: Feel Unique (£78.00 for 40 ml), Amazon (£86.87 for 40 ml) and Harrods (£82.00 for 40 ml). 

If you're interested in finding out more about this mask plus other amazing skincare goodies from Erno Laszlo, have a browse of their website 

Happy skin pampering!

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*All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% genuine. This is not a sponsored or gifted post. Product purchased by me. Pictures are my own. 

Meet the blogger: @ESCSandberg | #Blogtober day 14

It's been a few weeks since I last posted a 'Meet the blogger' instalment so here is a new one so get your cup of tea ready, relax and have a good read. In this post you'll get to know a little bit more about the lovely and super glamorous Sophie from E.S.C Sandberg

I'll include all of Sophie's social media links at the end of the post so be sure to give her a follow...

Hello, my name is Sophie Sandberg, and I am a bit of a mixed bag blogger who would formally like to invite you to enter the fabulously interesting world of Sophie. I write a lot about my tragically funny love life, what it's like to be a foreigner living in the UK as well as what it's like to be a Uni student, or about anything that comes to  mind really. You can find my blog here. but don't take everything I write too seriously because I'm also fluent in sarcasm.

Q1, What inspired you to create a blog?

Initially I started a blog because I love to write and wanted to create an outlet for that, an outlet that I was in charge of myself and where I was the one who decided what can and cannot be published.

Q2, What are your favourite posts to write?

My favourite posts to write are my personal story times where I mostly tell funny love related stories from my past. I love to write these because they are very personal and really lets my readers get to know me better. I aim to inspire my readers whenever i publish posts on my blog, that's really important to me.

Q3, What has been your most favourite blog post that you have written to date? 

My favourite blog post that I have written so far is called An open letter to the guy who liked everyone but me This is my favourite post just because it is so raw and honest, and it represents a part of my life that has really affected me as a person. I hope this piece can help people who are going through a similar situation can read this and understand that they are not alone and life gets better even if it doesn't feel like it right now.

Q4) What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Twitter, hands down. The people in the blogging community on twitter are so supportive and wonderful.

Q5), What is your least favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram, the whole idea behind Instagram has become very superficial and shallow, which leads to a lot of negativity that can affect your mental health. 

Q6) What are your favourite things about autumn?

Now that it's socially acceptable to drink pumpkin spiced lattes again, and that I can start wearing my favourite knits again.

Q7) What are your plans for Halloween?

I am probably going to have a house party, but I'm still unsure of what I'm going to dress up as, (ha ha, that's my favourite part) .

Q8), Which brands would you love to collaborate with?

I love to collaborate with smaller businesses, just because they help me spreading my blog as much as I help them promoting their company, and helping other people reach their goals and grow is very important to me.

Q9) Have you ever had a bad experience with a brand? if so, what happened?

No, all brands that I have worked with have been lovely and easy to collaborate with. I'm very selective when it comes to brands that I collaborate with so I make sure we have a good connection before I agree on working with them.

Q10) If you've collaborated with a brand, which one has been your favourite so far?

Nutri Plan. They really helped and inspired me all through the collaboration (shipped the products really quickly and gave me lots of help and information).
Q11, Are you taking part in Blogmas this year?

I'm going on holiday over Christmas so I will, unfortunately, not take part in Blogmas this year (I'm looking for guest bloggers who wants to do something like that when I'm away though).

Q12, What do you think of beauty advent calendars? 

I love them, not necessarily because of the products that are in them, but because you get a little daily surprise that will make you even more excited for Christmas.

Q13, What is your favourite horror movie?

I'm too scared to watch horror movies, he he. 

Q14, What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Love actually or The Polar Express. I cannot really choose one as they both bring back so many memories. 

Q15 Favourite Christmas song?

Last Christmas by Wham.

Q16, Christmas or instore? 

ALWAYS instore! It's a great tradition in my family that we go out on the town together and buy gifts, have coffee etc and make a fun family day out of it, so I would never get all of my gifts online (maybe some if I don't get enough time or can't find the product anywhere else).

Q17, Favourite hot drink during autumn/winter?

Pumpkin spiced latte (enough said lol)

Q18, Favourite scented candle? 

Vanilla or coconut or green apple or peach or anything that's a scented candle, I think you all get it now, I looooove scented candles. 

Q19, Fluffy socks, slippers or both?

Slippers, If I could, I would never take them off, ha ha.

Q20, Favourite posts to read by other bloggers?

Personal posts, just because I love to 'get to know' bloggers and sort of get to see the world though their eyes. Plus I think that people who've got the courage to post stuff like that are very brave. 

So there you have it, hope you enjoyed reading Sophie's interview as much as I did! You can find Sophie on: 

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