Yankee Candle Giveaway!

Being the Candle Obsessive that I am, I've somehow managed to turn my house into Candle City lol. I've always adored A/W Candles and I've been ordering all kinds of Candles over the past few weeks and ended up with quite a few of the same scent.

I already had quite a few boxes of candles when I spotted that Yankee Candle had some Beautiful Festive candles on their website and I often buy their candles around this time of year as the scents are so Amazing!

If you follow me on Social Media, you'll have noticed that I have set up a new Instagram Account so I thought I would have a lil Giveaway to help get everyone in the A/W mood, after all, it's that time of the year now for Fluffy Socks, Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes etc. 

So, What are the Giveaway Details I hear you ask? Well, I'm giving you the chance to win 3 Gorgeous Scented Yankee Candles in the Scents:

Cosy by the Fire
  Snow in Love
 Winter Glow 

They sound Divine but let me tell you...they smell even more Amazing!

For a chance to win, all you have to do is:

- Follow me on @TheBloggersPost @CaledonianKitty (Counts as 1 Entry) & Retweet this Comp Tweet 

- For an Extra Entry follow my New Instagram Account: @TheBloggersPost (Counts as 1 Entry - If you do not have a Twitter Account you can just enter on IG if you prefer)

I'm only running this Giveaway for a week so I'll collect all the Entries from Twitter and Instagram and select a winner at random. The Giveaway will end on Wednesday 27th September. Open Worldwide.

Good Luck!!!

*Prizes have been purchased by me, Image is my own*

I never thought I would say this...

But.....I'm back on Instagram with a New Account 

If you've been following me on Social Media you may know that I had to close my Insta last year because I had been hacked and I wasn't enjoying it much to be quite honest. I had people following me, then unfollowing me when I followed back. Constant Spam, and I seemed to be getting nowhere with it, it was stressing me out too.

When you're a Blogger you can feel the pressure to post perfect pictures of the most expensive, latest products & I've spoken to a lot of Bloggers at length about this. Feeling a bit like being on a Hamster Wheel, having to produce impressive pictures on a regular basis. 

I got to that point before I was hacked where I'd look at other Bloggers pictures of Expensive products which I thought looked flawless compared to mine. I felt like I coudn't keep up with the fancy photography etc. Plus, I wasn't going to cheat and buy followers.

It's becoming a thing now to buy Instagram followers and you can even pay to have your Account verified! 

My Favourite platform is Twitter. I've worked hard at building The Bloggers Post and it didn't happen overnight. I kept on at it and now it has over 22,000 Followers. I enjoy Twitter. 

With Instagram, this time round I'm taking it with a pinch of salt. I will be posting pics, Brand Giveaways, Quotes, Random Stuff, Blogger Stuff etc. If it grows, it grows, if it doesn't, it doesn't. I'm not going to buy Followers and likes. 

Some people have thousands of followers on each platform and my hat goes off to them. It must be hardwork! I tend to find a platform I like and stick to it and Twitter is my Favourite by far. I find pinterest boring (ha,ha) no offence to anyone who's a big pinner out there. It is a handy thing to have and if you're good at it then all power to you.

So, I'm a 'work in progress' with this Instagram thing, so bare with me, I'll see how it goes.

What are your thoughts on Instagram, do you find it Hardwork?, Easy Peasy? Let me know in the comments below or let's have a natter on Twitter: @TheBloggersPost | @CaledonianKitty 

Much Love & see you in the next post x

Bronzer ✔Highlighter ✔Contour✔ Eyeshadow✔ The Palette that is a Favourite with Celebrities & Makeup Artists! & why you NEED it in your life! (+Swatches)

I'm not one to splash out on an Expensive palette if Im not 100% that it's going to tick all the boxes of what I'm looking for and needing to create my desired looks especially one that is aimed at 'Bronzing & Highlighting' but I've struck Gold with this impulse purchase. 

First of all I thought the palette looked beautiful but wanted to check if it was worth the price tag so I checked out a few YouTube reviews and everyone was raving about it and from what I could see and hear, I was in the mood for popping this little beauty in my Shopping Basket & seeing what it could do for me & why it was a Favourite with Celebs, Makeup Artists and Beauty Addicts alike.

Yes, as you can see from the Gorgeous packaging, it's from NARS I seem to be a bit NARS obsessed with everything lately. I'm a bit late to #TeamNARS but now I understand what all the fuss was/is about. I've been so impressed with their products that I've ended up buying more. But anyway, onto this Gem. 

You see before you the Stunning 'Bord De Plage - Highlighting & Bronzing Palette'. But let me tell you, this is so much more than a Bronzing & Highlighting palette, you could pretty much create the majority of your look with this Palette. As well as Bronzing & Highlighting, you can also Contour and use the beautiful shades (which blend like a dream) as eyeshadows and they are longlasting.

The pictures don't do the palette justice but these shades are to die for!

Whether it's a subtle glow or Intense look that you're going for, this palette takes care of that. If you want something more Dramatic looking you can dampen your brush for a more intense look. The highlighters are Fantastic and you can achieve that 'Dewy/Glowy' look or dampen your brush & really make your cheeks pop. Infact this palette has helped me create cheekbones and sculpt my face, define my jawline. This palette in a Nutshell is Fabulous!


These swatches were taken in the daylight but you can just imagine what they look like as soon as the light hits. As I mentioned before, the pictures don't do these shades justice but trust me they are WOW! They certainly Impress. Easily Blendable, longlasting, perfect for subtle or dramatic looks. 

I created some subtle everyday looks below. I used the palette to subtlely contour & highlight my face and I used 'Crique' & 'Galet' shades for my Eyes. I used the bronzer for my neck. The palette helped me achieve a Natural Dewy look & gave me a nautral looking brown glow like I'd caught a little bit of the sun. 

I'm looking forward to creating more looks with this palette especially more Dramatic looks! The Palette retails at £45.00, you can purchase it Here My advice to you is try and snap it up quickly as it tends to sell out pretty quick. 

Have you got any NARS favourites that you swear by? Do you own this palette? what are your thoughts? Leave in the comments below or tweet me at: @TheBloggersPost @CaledonianKitty 

Stay Fabulous! See you in the next post x 

Tea Addicts, this one's for you!

As we head towards the end of the year, the nights get darker, the heating gets turned up and we have the perfect excuse to rock those Waterfall Coats, Knee High Boots and drink endless cups of Tea!

I don't know about you but Tea is an absolute must for me everyday. I can't start my day without it! That first cup of tea in the morning - you can't beat it! 

Over the last few years I've been switching back and forth between different types of tea and different tea brands. My normal everyday tea is English breakfast tea with milk but I do love Herbal Teas too!

If I'm feeling Anxious I'll have Camomile Tea. If I'm going through a little health Kick, I'll go through a phase of Drinking Green Tea. I go through different phases.

At the moment I'm having an Obsession with Hoogly Tea I've tried a few of their Teas and loved every single one of them, especially 'Vanilla Chai' (Back Tea). It reminds me of 'Christmas Tea' and the smell is Divine, a Gorgeous combination of Cinnamon, Ginger, Vanilla & Spices. You can have the Tea with or without Milk. I tend to drink it without milk. 

Hoogly is the adjective of 'Hygge' meaning feelings of coziness and well-being. Hoogly is the perfect name for these delicious and luxurious teas. I've tried a lot of different teas over the years and although I've enjoyed them, I've never had any that were as bursting with flavour, Gorgeous scents and an overwhelming feeling of comfort and Relaxation that I've had when I've been enjoying Hoogly Teas.

Oh, and I have some good news for all of you 'Tea Addicts' out there, Hoogly Teas are giving you the chance to win some of their Delicious Teas. Find out how to enter at the end of the post.

Hoogly Teas have an Amazing range of Loose and Biodegradable Tea Bags with loose Tea inside. Each Tea whether it's Rhubarb and Vanilla Green Tea or Marzipan Herbal Infusion, they are bursting with Flavour and Amazing Scents that give you an overall Relaxing and soothing feeling with every sip. 

As soon as you open the box of Tea, the Amazing Scents hit you and you'll find yourself inhaling the tea before you put the Tea in your Cup and once the tea is made it just gets better, you'll be addicted to Hoogly Teas in no time and no doubt will want to try other Flavours in their Fantastic range. 

"It's always Tea Time" ~ The Mad Hatter 

Some of the Delicious range of teas from Hoogly Teas include:

- Baked Apple Chai (Black Tea)
- Lemon and Ginger (Herbal Infusion)
- Around The Fire (Black Tea)
- Raspberry, Liquorice and Lavender (Black Tea)
-  Sparkling White (White Tea)
- Marzipan (Herbal Infusion)
- Rhubarb and Vanilla (Green Tea)
- Vanilla Chai (Black Tea)
- Cosy Chamomile (Herbal Infusion)
- Chocolate Brownie (Black Tea)
- Apple Strudel (Black Tea) 
- Lemon and Ginger (Herbal Infusion) 

Those are just some of the Amazing Teas and Flavours from Hoogly Tea 

You can find purchase the Teas mentioned above on the Hoogly Tea website and you can also find them on:

You can also contact them at: info@hooglytea.com

**** Competition has now ended, winner has been chosen and announced on Twitter ****

Ok, Time for the Giveaway Details....

To win a Selection of Gorgeous Teas from Hoogly Tea, all you have to do is Follow Hoogly Tea and The Bloggers Post on Twitter and Retweet the Competition Tweet. The winner will be chosen at random on Friday 15th September at 1pm and announced on The Bloggers Post/Twitter. The Giveaway is open to UK entries only. Good Luck!

Keep Calm, Have some Hoogly Tea and I'll see you in the next post x

*Samples were provided for this post, pictures are my own*

MAC, Ranting & Blogmas!

I've been going a bit crazy lately buying high end Cosmetics especially from MAC and NARS. Don't get me wrong, I still love and swear by my Favourite High Street/Drugstore brands but sometimes I like to treat myself to some bits and pieces now and again that are a little bit more pricier if I know the product is good or I really fancy trying it out.

So I splashed out a little bit and that's my little fix done now till My Birthday/Christmas Shopping. (Famous Last Words)

So in this post I'm going to show you a little peek of what I bought from MAC, My ideas about Blogmas and have a little rant about a PR/Brand situation I had earlier lol. Oh, and don't forget to enter my Giveaway at the end of the post.

So grab some Tea, Coffee...Wine & here goes...

I fancied a new Eyeshadow palette to keep me going through A/W. I was looking for some warm/neutral shades for my Hazel Brown eyes. I was looking at a particular Eyeshadow palette that has just been launched (I won't mention the name but it seems every Beauty Blogger on the planet has reviewed it - except for moi... no shade lol!) and the opinions were mixed. I read one of my Favourite Bloggers posts about it and she disliked the product so after reading her (and others) review and closer inspection of the pictures I decided to not jump on the bandwagon and buy it. 

I think I made a good choice. I've yet to try these shades out but I will be playing around with looks and there will be a post up soon with swatches so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I love these shades and the pictures don't do them justice. I just know I'm going to have fun creating Subtle and Dramatic Smokey A/W eye looks with this palette.

It has a perfect mix of light and dark shades both shimmering and matte. 

This Gorgeous palette containing 15 shades retails at £49.50 from John Lewis 

and of course I had to pick up a couple of MAC lipsticks and I opted for 2 shades that I hadn't tried before. This one above is called Pink Pearl Pop (£16.50) 

and this one is called 'Peach Blossom' also £16.50 and from John Lewis. I'll be sharing my Swatches and looks of these products in upcoming blog posts.

I also picked up some gems from NARS at John Lewis and I've featured one of those products in a little Giveaway: See all the details Here! 

If you're interested in having a browse and picking up some of these Gorgeous Lip Glosses you can find them in various shades inc the one above ('Orgasm') at John Lewis (£20.00) 

 Ok, on Twitter "Christmas is Happening" was Trending and it got The Blogging world talking about Blogmas. If you're not familiar with Blogmas it's basically where you Blog everyday on the run up to Christmas. 

Some bloggers have an Advent Calender theme where they give away a prize everyday leading up to Christmas. 

I haven't taken part in Blogmas but I have done Christmas posts/Gift Guides. I'm considering taking part this year and Interviewing/collaborating with some fellow Bloggers as well as brands. If this is something you think you would be interested in then pop me a DM on Twitter: @CaledonianKitty @TheBloggersPost or Email: Caledoniankblog@yahoo.co.uk and we'll have a chat about it!

So, now that I've gotten the nice bits out of the way I'm going to sip my Tea and rant (or type lol). I enjoy Blogging and it's a great hobby for me. I get on great with fellow Bloggers and have made so many friends through blogging and worked with some Amazing Brands.......but... (Sips Tea),

Every now and then my Cage gets rattled because of the way that Bloggers are treated by certain Brands/PR People. It's only Wednesday evening and I have had a handful of patronising/rude emails already this week from certain "Brands/PRs". 

The Strange thing about it is that these people reached out to me on Twitter/Email asking me to contact them via an Email Address they provided. Once I had done, the replies were a Joke and the amount of spelling mistakes was obscene (I sound like a right moany git here lol), they got my name wrong "Miss Caledonian, Mrs Blog, Hello Caledonian, Hi Caledonian Blog" (The list goes on) For some insane reason these people find it hard to call me by my name "Jo", It's only Two letters and not that hard! Plus, My name is clearly stated on my Social Media Platforms. 

An Example of one of the Emails:

Them: Hello Caledonian, We would love to collaborate with you. We have a new range of products which we think would suit your Blog. Please send us your updated Media Kit.

- I send them my Media Kit -

Them: Thank you for your Email. We are not looking to work with Bloggers at the Moment. We wish you all the best in the future with your Blog.

and here's another:

Hi CB, We are interested in collaborating with you on a Review post on our (whatever it's called) range and would like to send you some samples. Let us know what you think.

- I reply saying that it all sounds good etc -

Them: Thank you for your Email about collaborating with us in exchange for free products. Due to limited samples and budget we are not looking to collaborate with Bloggers at this time. 

The confusion is real! There's been others like that and worse. I kept my cool though and just left it but I have to say the desire at times to reply "F!ck Off" was immense. 

This has happened many times in the past and it put me off Blogging for a while. You'll find Brands/PRs (not all of them) who rip off Bloggers. They'll say they have no budget but are happy to pay more popular Bloggers and I've seen a lot of Amazing Bloggers having to fight their corner to get what they quite rightly deserve. 

The strange thing is that I've worked with some big named brands in the past and they were fabulous and I still keep in touch with them now, it's been some of the lesser known brands that have been a bit high and mighty. Again I stress that this is not all of them, just some. 

I've seen a lot of Bloggers talking about their experiences with certain Brands/PRs and it has led one Blogger to create a Forum where Bloggers can "Spill the Tea" on their Experiences. I think it's a good thing and it should be talked about because it's not fair. 

Yes, there's Bloggers out there who treat Brands/PRs unfairly too, I'm not taking that away, I'm just speaking from my own experience of being as polite and nice to these people and their attitude towards me. 

It's also useful to note that some of the people who run the Social Media Accounts (inc the Emails) are often not that Experienced (Sounds like shade, but it's true), you can tell by the vocab, the spelling mistakes, the overall attitude and lack of knowledge. You don't have to be Albert Einstein to know the importance of Respect, Politeness and Fairness when communicating with Bloggers after all Bloggers talk, they share Information and they can make or break a brand and hang your brands reputation out to dry. 

For Example, Not to blow my own Trumpet here but I could have gone onto My Twitter page and tweeted to 32,032 people that such and such brand has done this or that and the whole thing could have gotten out of hand as we've seen with Some Bloggers and their negative experiences before with other certain Brands. 

The fact of the matter is that from time to time this is going to happen to Bloggers and it's important that we talk about it because it can affect people who have worked so hard on their Blogs and are made to feel that their work isn't good enough or they're not worth paying etc. If a Brand/PR can get something out of nothing they will, it's free publicity for them and probably a pat on the back from the boss for saving a few quid for not paying you for your work. 

Anyway, I'm a bit of a Diva and I've always been the sort of person who will stand up and say something if I feel that people are not being treated right and the rebel in me doesn't like being talked down to, especially by "Brands" who nobodies ever heard of with only a handful of followers. 

I went on a bit there and I think another cup of tea is in order but you know what I mean. If you're a Blogger reading this you've probably "Been there, done that and got the T-Shirt" or as they say in Glasgow "I writ the script and pit the jokes in"

I often get Emails/DMs from Bloggers asking for advice on this or that and I'm always happy to chat away. If you are unsure about anything like this or have a Blogging issue/just fancy a chat then feel free to Email/DM me. 

I'm going to end this longggg post with a quote from Jerry Springer... 

"Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other" (lol)

See you in the next post! x

*All products purchased by me*

Is this the Cutest Subscription Box yet?

The Majority of Bloggers and people in General that I know are just as Obsessed with Stationery as I am. I can happily spend ages browsing the Stationery Aisle when I'm out Shopping and picking up cute bits and pieces. 

As we are in September a lot of people are back at College/School/Work and Stationery supplies are very much needed. 

I was Excited when Boxcitement sent me this little package of Fabulous-ness! I was so Excited opening the package not knowing what to expect inside. I was greeted with lots of Cute, Totally Adorable little items that really brightened up my Morning (not to mention my Desk). 

Boxcitement are a Fabulous Subscription Box Service that deliver a Gorgeous box of Surprise Goodies to you every month. You can also Gift one of these Beautiful boxes to your Friend, as a Birthday Gift or just to brighten someones Day. You can also order a Box as a One-Off with no Subscription. 

As you will see from the Boxcitement  Website their previous boxes have been just as Cute, Adorable and Totally Fun!

Each Month you'll be surprised with a Different Themed Box. 

The Box I received was "Fantasy Island" Themed, check out what Lovely Items were inside and how you can win a Boxcitement Box full of Surprise Goodies.

The colours are just Divine and really Brighten up your mood, not to mention the Cute items. 

A Bloggers Dream: Cute little weekly Planner and Doughnut Pen. So Cheery and Fun!

The "Fantasy Island" Themed Boxcitement Box included:

- An Eyemask 
- An Adorable Flamingo Necklace 
- A Beautiful Greeting Card
- A hand-stamped clay unicorn ornament
- A Doughnut Pen 
- A Cute Weekly Planner 
- A Set of Mermaid Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags
- A 'Mergoat' Pin.

The Pictures above don't do these Cute little items Justice. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to one of these Fantastic Surprise Goody Boxes. 

***** Giveaway is now closed *****

The kind folks over at Boxcitement are giving you the chance to win one of their boxes. All you have to do is look out for the Competition Tweet on @TheBloggersPost (Twitter) and ensure that you are following both @TheBloggersPost & @Boxcitement and RT the Competition Tweet. The Competition is UK only and ends on Friday 8th August 2017 at 1pm. Good Luck!!

You can find Boxcitement on:

If you have any Questions about the Subscription Boxes you can also Email Boxcitement at: hello@boxcitement.co.uk 

See you in the next post...

*Sample was provided for this post, pictures owned by me* 

Miss Dior - Eau de Parfum

When it comes to Fragrances, I can be really Selective. I love Scents that last and don't disappear or turn into that Stale scent that some cheap fragrances can have after a few hours. I don't mind paying that little bit extra for a Fragrance that I know is not only Gorgeous but long lasting.

I think that's why I keep coming back to my Favourite perfumes by Estee Lauder and Dior. I have tried other Scents and gone through phases of trying the latest perfume. The trouble with buying the latest perfume is that everyone you work with ends up buying the same one and you get bored of the scent really quickly, plus I don't like the idea of  wearing the same perfume as everyone else lol.

I've come back to Dior. I love Dior so much! Every product I've ever bought from Dior has always ticked all the boxes for me and I've always had Great customer service from every one of their Makeup/Fragrance counters wherever I've been whether it be in Manchester or Glasgow. 

I was on the lookout for trying a new scent but decided to buy another bottle of this beautiful delight 'Miss Dior Eau De Parfum'. Even in 30ml it will last you quite a while because the scent lasts and lasts. It's up to you how strong you want the scent to be. If you want a subtle scent, 1 or 2 Spritz is enough and obviously if you want more you Spritz a bit more on. I tend to just do 2 and it lasts all day.

This beautiful 30ml bottle will set you back £52.00 but it is worth every penny and more. I swear by it. There are various sized bottles and prices which you can find at Dior and Stockists Online and Instore, such as House Of Fraser, John Lewis, Debenhams etc.

What are your Favourite Fragrances? Let me know in the Comments below or Tweet me at: @TheBloggersPost or @CaledonianKitty 

See you in the next post....