The Camden Ripper | Anthony John Hardy: Part Four

(Elizabeth Valad and Bridgette MacClennan above. Anthony John Hardy and his flat below) 

In my final post in The Camden Ripper case, please be aware as with parts onetwo and three that the following includes some graphic and disturbing details.

The homeless man was doing his usual routine of looking through the bins for any bits of left over food and on this occasion he was looking in the bins outside of Anthony's council block.

As he lifted up the heavy lid of the bin, the smell of rotten food was overpowering but he spotted what looked like meat wrapped up in black bin liners. He took the objects out and began to unwrap them. To his horror and disgust he was holding two severed female legs in his hands. The police were contacted immediately and the whole area was cordoned off and searched. More female remains were found in various bins around the area and the police knew whose door to knock on first.

When the police arrived at Anthony's flat he was nowhere to be seen but they found a bin bag containing a woman's torso, a hacksaw and an electric power saw, both of which contained pieces of human flesh still attached. There was also pools of blood on the floor.

The neighbours had mentioned to the police as they did their door to door enquiries that they would often hear drilling noises coming from Anthony's flat at all hours of the day and night. 

The hunt was on to find Anthony John Hardy and to identify the human remains found in the bins and the flat. 

The remains identified belonged to two women, Bridgette MacClennan (34) and Elizabeth Valad (29). Their heads and hands were never found. Elizabeth was identified by the serial number that was on her breast implants. 

Bridgette MacClennan was originally from New Zealand and was the mother of two boys. Bridgette was said to have been a heavy cocaine user and would fund her addiction through prostitution. Anthony was one of her regular customers and police believe that she was either murdered and dismembered on the 30th of December 2002 or shortly before due to the condition of the remains. 

Elizabeth Selina Valad was born in Nottingham in 1972 and was described as rebellious from a young age. She came from a respectable family and her father was a professor at a University. When she was younger she lived with her parents in America but moved back to the UK when her parents got divorced. At 16 she seemed to go even further off the rails and her mother described her as being a difficult child who mixed with the wrong crowd. She would steal items out of her mother's house and disappear for days on end. She moved to London and by the age of 18 she was married and had a baby daughter. One day, Elizabeth decided that she was tired of being a mother and a wife and walked out on her family.

She began working in a massage parlour where she met a married, multimillionaire in his 70s. He became a sugar daddy figure for her and she described him as her ''meal ticket''. The man paid for her to live in an expensive apartment in London, bought her designer clothes and a car. This went on for 10 years and even during this period she would continue to work as a prostitute. 

When she did visit her family they were concerned about where all the money was coming from and how she could afford to live such a lavish lifestyle. She told her parents that she was working as a secretary but they didn't believe her so she told them the truth. Despite her parents concerns and pleas to give up this lifestyle, she refused and said that she loved the money too much.

When the relationship ended with the man she claimed to be her ''meal ticket'', she ended up working full time as a sex worker. 

People who knew her said that her life had taken a drastic downturn in the last few months of her life and she became a heavy cocaine user. When she worked in the massage parlour she would charge £30 a time for her services but by then she was so desperate that she would charge less and less just so she could get some drugs. 

Anthony must have thought he'd found another easy, vulnerable victim who he could persuade back to his flat with the promises of money and drugs. 

The police reviewed the CCTV cameras around Anthony's housing block and sure enough, Anthony was seen placing the bin liners containing the victims remains in the bins. At one point Anthony looked up at the camera. He was well aware that CCTV cameras were there and this was another demonstration of his arrogance and his overconfidence at thinking he was going to get away with it again.

Anthony managed to evade arrest for a week after the remains were discovered. He didn't exactly go out of his way to hide from the police as he continued to stay in Camden and freely walked around the streets. His face was splashed all over the newspapers and whilst on the run he shaved his beard in an attempt to alter his appearance. He wore his usual long black coat and a black baseball cap.

He was spotted by an off duty policeman at Great Ormond Street Hospital whilst he was collecting his medication. The policeman contacted his colleagues and they arrived at the hospital swiftly. Anthony knew the game was up but did his best to hide. During a search of the hospital, Anthony was found hiding behind some bins.

As the police tried to arrest him there was a scuffle as Anthony tried to resist arrest. One of the police officers was knocked unconscious and another was stabbed through the hand and his eye socket was dislocated. Despite suffering these painful injuries, the policeman managed to hold onto Anthony until backup arrived and he was arrested at the scene.

At the police station, Anthony replied ''no comment'' to every question put to him by the police. He was charged with the murders of Bridgette MacClennan and Elizabeth Valad.

Among the evidence against Anthony, the police had 44 pornographic pictures that Anthony had taken of Bridgette and Elizabeth. He had sent these pictures to a friend for safe keeping, the friend later turned them over to the police after the victims remains were discovered. One of the pictures depicted Elizabeth lying naked, posed on the bed with a sex toy and she was wearing a devil mask and a baseball hat. The devil mask and baseball hat were still in the flat when the police did their search. Elizabeth and Bridgette's blood was also found in his bathroom as he had dismembered them in his bathtub.

In November of 2003, Anthony John Hardy's trial began and as he knew the evidence was stacked up against him, he changed his plea to guilty and to the surprise of everyone, he claimed to be responsible for not only Bridgette and Elizabeth's death but also to Sally's death too. His confession about Sally's death had put the original conclusion by Dr Freddy Patel into question that she had died from natural causes.

The forensic pathologist Dr Freddy Patel was later suspended from the government's register of pathologists pending an enquiry into not only his findings in this case but in the death of Ian Tomlinson as well as many other cases. In 2012 his name was erased from the medical register by the General Medical Council, meaning that he can no longer practice medicine in the UK.

During the trial it was revealed how each of the women who died at the hands of Anthony John Hardy met their deaths. Anthony lured them to his flat with promises of money and drugs. He then engaged in extreme sex with the women before strangling them. He was described in court as a ''pornography obsessed necrophiliac'' who achieved sexual gratification by posing the nude bodies of his victims after death and taking explicit photos of their naked corpses. As he was disrupted by the police the first time they visited his flat and found Sally, he didn't have the chance to dismember and dispose of her body as he had done with Bridgette and Elizabeth. Police are sure had they not been there, Anthony would have done the same with Sally's remains.

During sentencing, Judge Justice Keith said to Anthony ''Only you know for sure how your victims met their deaths but the unspeakable indignities to which you subjected the bodies of your last two victims in order to satisfy your depraved and perverted needs are in no doubt.''

On the 25th of November 2003, Anthony John Hardy was given three life sentences.

 In May 2010 a High Court judge decided that Anthony should never be released from prison and placed him on the list of life tariff prisoners. Justice Keith said ''This is one of those exceptionally rare cases in which life should mean life.''

The police believe that Anthony John Hardy could be responsible for the deaths of other women in London but they have struggled to find evidence to charge him.

There was a lot of anger towards the authorities for releasing Anthony back onto the streets despite the fact there was damning evidence that he was a danger to women. The Daily Mail newspaper had reported that health supervisors were so scared of him that they refused to go to his council flat, agreeing to meet him only in cafes.

A public enquiry was held into why he was released when he was such a threat to society. There were calls for the panel of the three health managers (who deemed him fit to be released despite concerns by psychiatrists that he was a danger to women) to be fired from their positions. Some people argued that Anthony was a master manipulator and had managed to fool the panel and that the blame rests on him. The fact remains that if he had still been kept in the hospital, Elizabeth and Bridgette may have been alive today.

This was such a disturbing and gruesome case to cover and I started from scratch as I didn't know that much about it. It's unbelievable the amount of red flags that were ignored when it came to Anthony. I also feel very sad about the victims. When I write about the victims of crimes in my posts, I always aim to be truthful and talk about their backgrounds. Going into the backgrounds of these women was very upsetting, they had such hard lives and when I've researched similar cases in the past I can't help but wonder about the families of these women. I'm not placing blame on anyone as adults are free to make their own choices in life but I can't help but wonder what drives a young woman to run away from her family and prefer to live on her own, on the streets and turning to prostitution.

I used to work as a support worker for women who had been through sexual assault and forced into prostitution and I learnt a lot about their backgrounds and why they felt the need to run away. Some were forced into a life of drugs and prostitution because of their boyfriends or even family members. The stories I were told were very harrowing and I do feel sad for these women and men who feel that they have no choice.

It's also scary to think that there are still murders in London that remain unsolved but the police believe that Anthony may have had more victims. I think that's the case too as we have seen time and again that serial killers often have been responsible for more deaths but have only been charged in the cases where evidence has been found. I think Anthony could be responsible for murders in Australia too. We may never know but can take some comfort in knowing that he is locked up and will never be released.

Thank you as always for reading my latest case. It means a lot to me when someone comments on here or twitter about how they've enjoyed my posts or learnt about a case they hadn't heard of before. I always try to leave no stone unturned when I do my research.

RIP Sally Rose White.
RIP Bridgette MacClennan.
RIP Elizabeth Selina Valad.

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See you in the next post x

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The Camden Ripper | Anthony John Hardy: Part Three

(Anthony John Hardy pictured above. Below is where he disposed of some of his victims remains and the police pictured at Anthony's flat where they had cordoned off the crime scene) 

As with parts one and two, this post contains some graphic and distressing details.

As the officer opened the door, he was hit with a really strong odour and noticed that there was more yellow and red symbols on the walls. There was stacks of videotapes everywhere (which were later found to be pornographic) and some photography equipment had been set up as if someone was getting ready for a photo shoot. In the middle of the mess and foul stench was the naked body of a female lying on a bed with a devil mask covering her face. 

It was clear that the woman was deceased and her body had been posed in a disrespectful manner. On closer inspection the police were able to see that she had suffered head and neck injuries and there was a bite mark on her leg. 

The scene echoed one of Jack The Ripper's murder scenes. In 1888, he had laid out the body of Mary Kelly on a bed.

There was a bucket of warm soapy water next to the bed and it looked like the police had disturbed Anthony whilst he was in the middle of taking photographs or getting ready to clean up the scene.

Police believe that if they had gotten there later, the scene would have been a lot worse and they may have found dismembered remains. 

The deceased lady was identified as Sally Rose white. She was born in Southampton on the 23rd of September in 1963. She was born with brain damage and had been sent to a special school at the age of 16. As she got older she struggled to keep a job because employers did not know how to best support her with her learning difficulties. She began running away from home and would sleep rough. Her father and the police would often have to look for her and bring her back home but she would run away again.

In the mid 1980s she moved with her family to Dorset and for a short period of time things seemed to be going well. She'd managed to get a job as a shop assistant and her employers were really supportive and understanding to her needs. 

In 1991, she gave birth to a daughter who was given up for adoption. 

Later, for whatever reason, she decided that she wanted to move to London and live independently away from her family. At first she rented a small flat and tried to make a real go of things but she struggled and ended up homeless. She would often take shelter at The Salvation Army hostels. She seemed to spiral further downward when she turned to cocaine and would work as a prostitute to fund the habit. 

Being the naive and easily led person that she was and in a desperate situation, Anthony would have found an easy victim in Sally. With his charming and intelligent way with words, she may have felt that it was safe to go to his flat. She may have been there before or seen him talking to other girls that she knew? Neighbours had mentioned that various women would be seen with him going to his flat. It's a wonder what happened to all of these women? 

Her parents were living in Portugal and when they found out about what had happened to Sally they said her death had a profound affect on their family. Her mother said: ''Although Sally had chosen to live an independent life in London, she remained in contact with members of the family and was always aware of her importance to us.''

Once the police had Anthony in custody, they began a thorough search of his flat and an autopsy was carried out on Sally's body. Anthony told the police that he had psychological problems and was an alcoholic, he said that he had no idea how Sally had gotten into his flat. What happened next was even more bizarre, the forensic pathologist Dr Freddy Patel concluded that Sally had died of a heart attack and dismissed the other injuries on her body. 

In Anthony's flat all the police could find was a collection of pornographic videos and magazines. In a shocking turn of events, the charges against Anthony were dropped and Sally's death was ruled to be from natural causes. They did charge him for the damage that he caused to his neighbours' front door and yet again he manage to be referred to a psychiatric hospital instead of a prison cell where he remained till November 2002.

He told his friend Maureen that he was more intelligent than the psychiatrists but the mental health professionals could see through him and deemed him a risk to women. Dr Alan Stuart-Reid warned ''His behaviour is characterised by impulses, lack of forethought about the consequences of his actions, seriously irresponsible behaviour, inability to learn from experience and lack of concern for others feelings.'' Dr Stuart-Reid also said that there was a strong chance that if Anthony was reintegrated back into society he would likely re-offend and ''cause others serious physical or psychological harm.''

Despite all of these concerns and warnings, Anthony did his usual routine of being the model patient and was released just 11 months after Sally's body was found in his flat. 

He returned to his flat in Camden and carried on like nothing had happened. The story had been in the newspapers and word quickly spread around the neighbours but Anthony didn't seem to care and carried on regardless. He told the man next door that it was lies and he had nothing to do with Sally's death.

At this point, Anthony must have felt untouchable like his hero Jack The Ripper. He'd managed to get away with the attempted murder of his ex wife, the rape of a sex worker, petty crime and a dead woman had been found in his flat and here he was again, allowed to walk the streets. He used mental illness and his clever way with words to get around the authorities. 

The alarm bells were going off like crazy about this man and the attempted murder of his ex wife should have been enough to put him behind bars but he kept getting off lightly and it was almost like he was teasing the police to see how much more he could get away with. 

He continued to invite sex workers back to his flat with promises of drugs and money. He would write them love letters telling them that he had lots of money and would take care of them. 

A lot of the neighbours were scared of him and the only time they would see him during the day was when he was going to collect his medication. He was more active at night.

Everyone knew he was a ticking time bomb. The police were not happy with the ''natural causes'' conclusion into Sally's death. They believed there was more to it and that this woman must have had a heart attack due to the sheer terror of what was happening to her at the hands of Anthony John Hardy. 

It was only a matter of time before Anthony would take his obsession with Jack The Ripper even further and in the early hours of the 30th of December 2002 a homeless man who was searching the bins around Anthony's council block for some food, came across a horrific discovery. 

Continued in part four...

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The Camden Ripper | Anthony John Hardy: Part Two

(A room in Anthony John Hardy's flat in Camden. There was a number of Television sets in this room along with a vast collection of pornographic videotapes. Photo credit:

As I mentioned in part one, this post may contain some graphic and disturbing details.

Once Anthony had returned to the UK he managed to find his wife and children pretty quickly. He wasn't happy that Judith had started divorce proceedings against him and began stalking and threatening her. She reported him to the police and had a restraining order put out against him. Being the determined individual he was, he broke the restraining order and continued harassing her until he was arrested. He spent a short time in prison for violating the order.

Following his release from prison he attended outpatient clinics and was diagnosed with diabetes and manic depression. He was prescribed medication for both of these health issues.

In the early to mid 90s, Anthony developed an addiction to alcohol and drugs. He ended up living on the streets and would sometimes live at different hostels. He would be involved in various thefts and was arrested on various occasions for his aggressive behaviour. He ended up in jail again for a short period of time.

In 1998, a sex worker had reported him to the police for rape but due to lack of evidence the charges were dropped.

Anthony had a horrible view of women but had somehow managed to strike up and maintain a ten year friendship with a lady called Maureen Reeves. They would meet each other for coffee every now and then and Maureen was very fond of him and would later say that she always found him a very interesting and intelligent person. There was no love interest between the pair and Maureen knew of his obsession with Jack The Ripper. She would later comment that Anthony was always reading books about Jack The Ripper and talked about how fascinated he was with how he'd outsmarted the police. Maureen didn't seem to be that alarmed that her friend was obsessed with an infamous murderer. When she heard about what Anthony had later done, she was in shock and couldn't believe it was the same person that she had known for all those years.

In 2000, Anthony had his sights set on a flat in Camden. He chose this flat specifically because it was near Kings Cross which had a well known area for sex workers, drug dealers and pimps. It would be easy for him to find sex workers who would help him indulge in his addiction to violent sex if he promised them money and drugs.

It was around this time that a man who had been walking along the River Thames saw something floating in the water. On closer inspection he made the horrific discovery that the object in the water was the upper remains of a woman who's body had been severed at the waist. The police had to use pictures of her distinctive tattoo and a twisted lateral incisor tooth in hopes that someone would be able to come forward and identify her. After seeing the pictures in a newspaper her relatives came forward and she was identified as Zoe Louise Parker. Zoe was a 24 year old who had been working as a sex worker in the Feltham and Hounslow areas of London. She'd been described by her mother as a caring, loving daughter who had suffered from learning disabilities. [The police have never found Zoe's killer but they suspected that Anthony John Hardy may have been responsible but there is no evidence to connect him to her murder]

Less than two months later another horrific discovery was made and this time it was by a group of ten year old boys who had been fishing in the Regent's canal in Camden. The boys saw a bag floating in the water and being curious they decided to open it. To their horror, the bag contained human remains. The police were called and the canal was searched. Six bags were found which contained various female body parts wrapped in bin liners. Not all of the victim's body was accounted for and bricks had been put inside the bags in an attempt to weigh them down in the water.

Investigators suspected that the rest of the victim's body could still be in the canal or possibly kept as trophies by the murderer. The victim was later identified as 31 year old Paula Fields who was originally from Liverpool. She was a mother of two children and had lived in the Highbury Grove area of London. She'd been living in London and had somehow become involved in drugs and prostitution. Paula had been working as a sex worker to help fund her £150 a day cocaine habit. She was last seen getting into a red car and investigators believed that a hacksaw was likely used to dismember her body. Her ex boyfriend was the prime suspect at the beginning of the investigation due to his violent criminal past but he was soon released due to lack of evidence.

Paula's ex boyfriend John Sweeney was later charged with her murder and sentenced to life without parole. He had also murdered and dismembered another former girlfriend and disposed of the woman's remains in a canal in Rotterdam.

Once Anthony John Hardy had moved into the one bedroomed council flat on Royal College Street in Camden he was able to have access to sex workers on a regular basis. He would often be seen looking unshaven and would go for days without washing himself. He would dress in a long black coat and a black baseball cap. The neighbours thought he was a bit of a weirdo and would often see him coming back to his flat with different women. The man who lived next door to him said that he didn't see him much in the daytime but whenever he did happen to come across him, he described him as polite and friendly.

It didn't take much to anger Anthony and when the neighbour above him had a problem with her shower which was causing a leak into his flat, he became enraged. Instead of calling the council and sorting the problem out in a sensible manner, Anthony decided that this woman had wronged him and that he needed to get revenge.

He got some black paint and painted obscenities on her front door and then poured battery acid through her letterbox. The woman, understandably terrified, called the police who came out to investigate the situation. When the lady was interviewed by the police she spoke about how something wasn't quite right about Anthony and that she felt something odd was going on in his flat. She also mentioned that he always had women coming and going at all hours of the night.

The police went to Anthony's flat anyway because of the damage he had done to his neighbour's front door but they thought they would have a quick search of his flat just to be on the safe side.

When Anthony answered the door he was polite and let the officers come inside. The officers noticed that the flat was cluttered with strange yellow and red symbols painted all over the walls and there was an off-putting smell. Anthony looked like he'd been in the middle of something and officers found it suspicious how enthusiastic he was to come to the station with them. They noticed a locked door with a jacket pushed up against the bottom of it. When they asked for the key, Anthony claimed that the room belonged to a lodger and he didn't have the key. As he went to grab his coat, an officer reached into one of the pockets and the key fell out.

Not knowing what was going to be on the other side of that door, the officer turned the key and couldn't believe what he was seeing before him.

Continued in part three...

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The Camden Ripper | Anthony John Hardy: Part One

(Anthony John Hardy. Photo credit:

In the early 2000s, fear was in the air in London. Dismembered female remains were being discovered in bins, in a canal in Camden and in the River Thames. All of the victims were sex workers and the murders had echoes of the infamous Jack The Ripper case. Nobody knew when or where the murderer would strike next. 

In this series of posts I will be focusing on the crimes and background of Anthony John Hardy and his victims. Anthony was given the nickname ''The Camden Ripper'' by the press which I'm sure had suited him fine as he was obsessed with Jack The Ripper and aimed to follow in his footsteps. As you know, I always aim to give a detailed account of what happened during the crimes and sometimes graphic and disturbing details are included in the posts. 

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Let's begin...

Anthony John Hardy's childhood was a quiet one, there was nothing alarming about him. He was a well behaved boy who was very intelligent for his age and would always strive to do better especially when it came to his school work. He was born on the 31st of May 1951 in Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England and was the youngest of five children. His father was a Coal Miner and like a lot of working class families back then, it was expected that Anthony would grow up to follow in his father's footsteps. Anthony had a bit of a snobbish attitude to his working class background and didn't want to be a Coal Miner, he wanted the finer things in life and he decided to work even harder to get them.

He excelled academically at school and his teachers described him as a bright individual who was quick to learn and was well mannered. He attended grammar school and later won a place at the Imperial College in London. People who knew him back then describe Anthony as being very charismatic, intelligent and good looking. He was popular with girls and was a natural at holding interesting and pleasant conversations with both male and female friends.

It was during college that Anthony met and fell in love with Judith Dwight, she was very taken with his charming personality and found him to be both attractive and very intelligent. He seemed to be the perfect gentleman and it wasn't long till Anthony asked Judith to marry him. Judith accepted and they were both looking forward to sharing their lives together. After graduating, Anthony got a job as an Engineer with British Sugar which was quite a high status job. Things were working out perfectly for Anthony and now that they were financially stable, he and Judith began making plans to start a family.

Anthony and Judith's marriage in the beginning seemed to be a happy one and they were blessed with three sons and one daughter.

By Anthony's late 20s, cracks began to appear in the marriage and he would become verbally abusive to Judith and his children. He would have mood swings and would often sit staring into space. Judith tried her best to support him and make things easy for him when he was at home, she thought his behaviour was down to stress from work. Unknown to her, Anthony was visiting sex workers and having affairs whilst he was travelling away from home for work.

As well as suffering from mood swings and depression, Anthony became obsessed with violent sex and the women he had slept with during his marriage later came forward to say that he would strangle them during sex to the point where they couldn't breath and they had to beg him to stop or fight him off.

Anthony's mood swings and depression got worse when he lost his job due to the economic downturn. His abuse toward his wife and children would often turn physical. After numerous arguments, Judith persuaded him to see a Doctor and he was prescribed some antidepressants. With his mood swings and extreme highs and lows, Anthony at that time should have been diagnosed as bipolar but it was the mid 70s and it was a time when not much was really known about mental health.

Despite this slump, a surprising opportunity came Anthony's way when he was offered an Engineering job in Tasmania in Australia. It was an amazing opportunity and meant that the family would have to emigrate but they were very excited about it and Anthony seemed to have a new lease of life and things seemed to be working out again. He was in a better mood and Judith and the children were glad that they didn't have to walk on eggshells around him.

When Anthony was in a good mood he could be a really nice and fun person to be around but when he was angry, he was terrifying.

Once the family had settled in Australia and Anthony was enjoying his new job, things were going great. Despite all the positive things in his life, Anthony began to crave violent sex again and particularly enjoyed violent sex with prostitutes. He began his secret visits to sex workers and saunas behind Judith's back.

Problems struck again when Anthony lost his job due to cuts and his depression and mood swings returned. It seemed that the violent sex with prostitutes wasn't doing anything to help curb his frustration. He began behaving violently again towards his wife and children and decided that he wanted to kill Judith.

He spent weeks thinking about how he was going to murder his wife and put a plan into place. He filled up a bottle of water and put it in the freezer. He planned to use the frozen water bottle to hit Judith over the head and then he would wipe off any blood and leave it to defrost. He thought this was a clever idea and the police wouldn't be able to find a murder weapon and he would get away with it.

Anthony thought he was more clever than the police and could outsmart anyone. Once he had filled up the bath tub with water and had his frozen bottle of water, he approached Judith as she lay in bed sleeping. He hit her over the head and dragged her to the bathroom, trying to force her into the tub. With all the commotion, one of the children came running into the bathroom screaming at the sight of their father trying to drown their mother. Judith regained some strength and tried to fight back.

It is unknown who called the police but Anthony was arrested and he didn't put up a fuss, he held his hands up and admitted that he wanted to kill his wife. Back at the police station, Anthony would put on the performance which would see him wriggle his way out of situations. He would claim that he had psychological issues and that he really needed to be in a psychiatric hospital not a prison. Due to his intelligence and way with words he managed to wrap the police around his finger and it was decided that he would be sent to a psychiatric unit in Queensland.

The police at that time viewed Anthony's attempted murder of Judith as a ''Domestic Incident''. This was a time where domestic abuse wasn't taken seriously and authorities would often take the view point of what goes on between a husband and wife is their business and it should remain behind closed doors. They didn't deal with him as harshly as they should have.

Judith and the children wasted no time in returning to the UK, they never wanted to see Anthony again and wanted to start a new life without him and not in constant fear.

In the psychiatric unit, Anthony was the model patient who was polite with the nurses and took his medication when asked. He knew if he played by the rules the quicker he would be allowed to leave.

Sure enough, due to his good behaviour and cooperation with the staff, he was released and deemed to be not a threat to the public.

It wasn't long till Anthony discovered that his wife and children had packed up their things and returned to England. He decided that he was going to return to the UK himself and find out where they were.

Continued in part two...

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Targeted: The Kriss Donald Story | Part four

(Kriss's memorial bench on the Clyde walkway where his body was found. Photo credit: The Scotsman)

Continued from part three...

On the 30th of April 2004, Kriss's funeral took place. Family and friends along with 50 of Kriss's school friends from Bellahouston Academy in Glasgow attended. There was said to be hundreds of people in attendance at the service in the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church. His auntie paid tribute to him by saying ''We know your life was ended soon but your death has touched this nation.'' 

Kriss's favourite football team Rangers had signed a football shirt which had laid across his coffin with some flowers. Kriss was buried in Linn Cemetery in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Along with a tribute plaque that was placed on the railings of Kenmure Street, a memorial bench was placed at the scene where Kriss had passed away. In the heartbreaking picture above you can see the tree trunks in the background and the short journey that Kriss had taken from them to where the memorial bench is situated. It's very upsetting to think about a 15 year boy, even a fully grown adult having to go through all of that pain and suffering. 

The plaque on the bench has a little picture of Kriss with the words: ''In loving memory of Kriss. Born 2-7-88. Died 15-3-04. The hearts that loved you most are the ones that will never forget. Till we meet again beautiful boy. Mum, Sam, Laurie, Taylor, Amber x x x x x.''

Kriss would have turned 31 this year and it's a wonder what he may have been. He could have been married with children of his own or realised his dream of joining the army. He had his whole life in front of him and a family who loved him very much. 

(James Allen from the Scottish band Glasvegas wrote the song, 'Flowers And Football Tops' in dedication to Kriss. On the right: a family picture of Kriss. Photo credit: Glasgow Live

The song Flowers And Football Tops was written in tribute to Kriss by the Scottish band Glasvegas as I mentioned earlier, the fence on kenmure street was covered in flowers and football tops in tribute to Kriss.

Glasvegas paid tribute to Kriss last year on what would have been his 30th birthday. The lead singer of the band posted on Kriss's birthday: ''Kriss Donald Would have been 30 years old today... he was the victim of a racially motivated murder at only 15. I wrote the song 'Flowers And football Tops' in his honour...I'd never met Kriss but the moment I saw his kind, beautiful face in a photograph, I instantly loved him...Anytime I think of Kriss, I don't think of a guy that I've never met, I think of him as my brother. I had the absolute pleasure to meet Kriss's younger brother some years ago in our dressing room after a show we played in Glasgow. Angela, I don't know if you will see this but I love you, Kriss and all of your family forever. Happy birthday Kriss. One love. James x.''

Glasvegas had also previously dedicated their 2008 Philip Hall Radar NME Award to Kriss.

Kriss's family also paid a visit to the memorial bench to pay tribute to Kriss on his 30th birthday.

(Zahid Mohammed now known as Yusef Harris. Photo credit: The Scottish Sun

Zahid 'Ziggy' Mohammed was back on the streets after only serving two and a half years out of his five year sentence for his involvement in Kriss's murder. Upon his release he quickly changed his name to Yusef Harris. It didn't take long for Zahid/Yusef to be back in trouble and he was jailed again in 2017 for four years for threatening to murder a man who demanded to know why he had four teenagers locked in his car. He was also charged with having a knife and driving his car at police officers.

In September of 2008, it was reported that Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq had to be moved to another part of Glenochil Prison in Clackmannanshire for his own safety after other prisoners were making threats against him. Mohammed has been previously moved from other prisons due to various threats from other inmates.

Nothing much has been reported about Zeeshan Shahid but his brother on the other hand has featured in the Scottish newspapers quite a bit over the years.

Daanish Zahid who is already serving time for his involvement in Kriss's murder had another six years added onto his sentence in 2015 after admitting to lying and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

 (A recent picture of Imran 'Baldy' Shahid. Photo credit: Daily Record

Imran Shahid has continued to be as much of a bully behind bars as he was outside. He was almost killed in 2013 when three fellow inmates hit him with a metal bar, stamped on him and threw a 15kg weight over his head as he was working out in the gym. He suffered a fractured jaw and cheekbone, his teeth were also shattered.

In 2015 he won a human rights right appeal case after complaining that he was kept in solitary confinement for 14 months. The judge ruled in his favour but stated that he would not be eligible for damages.

In 2017 he pretended he was converting to Judaism in an attempt to get better prison food. He threw a tantrum and demanded that the prison officers returned his Xbox and penis pump or he wanted £3000 compensation. He said he needed the penis pump because he was allergic to Viagra and without both of those items he was ''alone in the world.'' He tried to take the matter further and tried to sue the prison officers for taking the Xbox away over fears that he was using it to access the Internet but the Judge threw it out. He was awarded £219.90 for the value of the Xbox but he never saw that money because it went to cover the debt owed to the Scottish Prison Service over fees for the penis pump case.

It's been quite emotional looking back over this case and doing the research. I was living in England at the time of Kriss's murder and because of the lack of proper media coverage, I didn't find out about what happened until years later. It broke my heart then and I didn't really know the full details but now that I do it breaks my heart even more.

He was just a 15 year old boy who was tortured and murdered just because of the colour of his skin. I think about Jamie Wallace and how he must have battled with trauma over the years, seeing his friend being taken away and almost being dragged into the car himself. Kriss's family come across as really strong people and have always appealed for peace. His mother said that it didn't matter what background the killers were from, all she saw was 5 murderers full of hate.

I don't think Glasgow has ever gotten over what happened to Kriss and I don't think any of us who've read about his story ever will. It's important that we never forget what happened to Kriss Donald. All cases where people have been murdered or attacked just for the colour of their skin is sickening and every case should be given the same focus and attention.

As for the murderers, I think they should stay locked up for life. From what I've read, they've not had an easy time in prison, everyone knows what they did and it's followed them around for years.

I hope that people will read what I've written and help keep Kriss's memory alive and not forget about him. He deserves to be remembered and the reminder is that anyone can be a victim of racism and we must not tolerate it.

RIP Kris Donald
RIP Ross Parker
RIP Stephen Lawrence

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Targeted: The Kriss Donald Story | Part Three

(Mohammed ''Becks'' Faisal Mushtaq, Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid and his brother Imran ''Baldy'' Shahid. Photo credit: Huffington Post

Continued from part two...

On the days after Kriss's murder, Rangers and Celtic scarves along with flowers and tributes were left on the railings of Kenmure street at the spot where Kriss was abducted. 

There had always been a bit of tension in the area between various sections of the community but the news of Kriss's death and how he was murdered had angered a lot of people. The Muslim community were concerned that there would be a revenge attack on innocent members of the public.

The murderers thought they were clever setting the Mercedes on fire in an attempt to destroy any evidence. Investigators managed to find some spots of blood in the remains of the car which matched Kriss Donald. They also found some DNA from the remains of a rolled up leather jacket which belonged to Imran Shahid along with Kriss's missing trainer.

Imran Shahid, his brother Zeeshan and Mohammed all fled to Pakistan, Zahid Mohammed and Daanish Zahid were arrested soon after the murder and both were charged with murder. Zahid Mohammed admitted to a reduced charge of assaulting Kriss during the kidnap and later lying to the police about where he was that day.

Zahid went on to be a key witness in the first trial (they couldn't try the others as they were still hiding in Pakistan and the police were trying to track them down) against Daanish Zahid who was found guilty of murder in November 2004. Daanish Zahid was the first person to be convicted of a racially motivated murder in Scotland.

Daanish Zahid was sentenced to life imprisonment with the recommendation that he serve at least 17 years. Zahid Mohammed was jailed for five years after he admitted taking part in the abduction but not the murder.

It took months before The Shahid brothers and Mohammed were finally tracked down in Pakistan thanks to Glasgow MP Mohammed Sanwar. Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq appeared in court on Thursday the 6th of October 2005 after being extradited from Pakistan. All three were charged with the abduction and murder of Kriss Donald. MP Mohammed Sanwar helped negotiate their transfer to the UK as no extradition treaty existed between Britain and Pakistan.

On the 2nd of October 2006, the trial began. All three of them, who had criminal records had pleaded not guilty to the charges. The jury was made up of six men and nine women. Imran Shahid lodged a special defence of incrimination, blaming the others for the murder.

Imran Shahid also faced charges of assaulting detectives in Glasgow's London road Police office after attempting to pervert the course of justice by jumping on a blood sample in a bid to destroy it.

All three of them denied further accusations that they acted in a racially aggravated manner at court. They were said to have been shouting racist abuse, swearing and spitting. Zeeshan Shahid denied that he spat in a women's face, spat in a man's face and headbutted another man.

After 27 days the Jury took eight and a half hours to convict them. Prosecutors described Kriss Donald's death as an ''appalling crime of inhumanity against a defenceless boy".

All the way through the trial there were no apologies or signs of remorse from the three murderers.

Judge Lord Uist told them, as he was passing sentence: ''You have all been convicted of the racially aggravated abduction and murder of Kriss Donald - a wholly innocent 15 year old boy of slight build. He was selected as your victim only because he was white and walking a certain part of the Pollokshields area of Glasgow when you sought out a victim.''

Imran Shahid (29) was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 25 years. Zeeshan Shahid (28) was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 23 years and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq (27) was to serve at least 22 years in prison before being considered for parole.

As they were led away, Kriss's family all cheered and Kriss's mother Angela, who had been quiet throughout the case shouted ''YOU B*STARDS''.

Outside of the court, Angela expressed her thanks to the police and the people who helped bring her son's killers to justice. She said ''Justice has been done. Thank you. It is over.''

In the early stages the media was criticised for the lack of coverage of the Kriss Donald case. The BBC were criticised because they only covered the case three times and the first trial was largely confined to regional Scottish bulletins including the verdict itself. There was anger that the BBC had covered the opening of a new arts centre in Gateshead instead of the verdict. The BBC didn't bother to cover much of the second trial either. They waited till the 18th day of the trail to report anything and Peter Horrocks of the BBC apologised for the organisations further failings.

At the time there was a lot of anger from members of the public not only for the lack of coverage of Kriss Donald's case but the media's attitude to white victims of racist crimes in general. Peter Fahy, a spokesman of race issues for the Association Of Chief Police Officers noted that the media as a whole tended to under report the racist murders of white people. He said it was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested when the murder victims were young white men.

Members of the public who lived in the area spoke out about the building tension between the communities and said that it had been going on for years but this time it had gone way too far. Due to the lack of media attention and priority regarding Kriss's case a lot of the people from the white community in Glasgow felt ignored and forgotten about. The British National Party were accused by Scotland's First Minister among others of trying to take advantage of the situation. There was fear that revenge attacks would occur and that innocent people would come to harm. Kriss's mother was asked to speak out and call for calm to try and ease some of the tension.

The BNP planned to visit the Pollokshields area to speak to the locals. An open letter preventing this from taking place was signed by MSPs, Trade Unionists and community leaders. The BNP did hold a rally later in the area leading to accusations that it was fuelling racial tension.

When local residents were questioned about their feelings on what happened, they were sickened and some of them commented that it was only a matter of time before something really terrible had happened. They described the tension as at boiling point. There were certain areas that you were not allowed to walk in for fear of being attacked. The tensions were already at boiling point before the BNP ever arrived but fears were that matters would be made worse.

Due to Angela's plea for calm and sections of the community coming together in tribute to Kriss, things began to settle down a little bit. Mark Easton cited that the racist murders of Kriss Donald and Ross Parker demonstrated how society has been forced to redefine racism and discard the erroneous definition of Prejudice Plus Power - a definition which only allowed ethnic minorities to be victims of hate crime.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said that ''treating some victims as more worthy of condemnation than others is unforgivable and a betrayal of anti-racism itself.'' 

Continued in part four...

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Targeted: The Kriss Donald Story | Part Two

(The Shielders: Imran ''Baldy'' Shahid and his fellow gang members: Daanish ''Ferrari'' Zahid, Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid, Mohammed ''Becks'' Faisal Mushtaq and Zahid ''Ziggy'' Mohammed. Photo credit: BBC News)

As I mentioned in part one, please be aware that disturbing and graphic details are included in this post.

The next day, March the 15th 2004, Imran ''Baldy'' Shahid was in the council flat of fellow gang member Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq otherwise known as ''Becks''. Imran was still fuming about the night before and was making various phonecalls trying to track down anyone who could identify The McCulloch Street Team and tell them where they were. Baldy and Becks were soon joined by Imran's brother, Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid, Zahid ''Ziggy'' Mohammed and Daanish ''Ferrari'' Zahid.

All five of the men were members of ''The Shielders'' and Imran Shahid was the leader. 

Imran told them all what was happening on the phone and what he had plans to do. As instructed they each produced a tool which was placed in a blue bag. The bag contained a hammer, a screwdriver, a sharpened knife as well as other implements. The plan was that they would find these McCulloch Street Team members and ''chop them up and take their eyes out.''

Before they went out to look for the McCulloch Team, Imran decided to dye his hair black which was his original hair colour. Why he did this is not known to me but it may have been so that he didn't stand out as much or maybe because one of the McCulloch Team may have made a comment about his blonde hair the night before.

Once Imran was finished doing his hair, He together with Zeeshan, Zahid and Daanish called a taxi at 2:42pm to take them into the West End of Glasgow to collect a stolen Mercedes. Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq was to stay behind at the flat and they would call and pick him up when they were ready.

By 3:08pm, Imran called Mohammed and told him to be ready with the blue bag of tools. They picked him up and now there was five of them in the car.

Imran did all the directing, telling them where to go and to keep their eyes open for any ''white b*stards'' that looked like the McCulloch Team. Imran must have got bored very quickly because they were having no luck finding them and he suddenly spotted two boys walking on Kenmere street, it was Kriss and his friend Jamie Wallace. Imran told them to stop the car and said ''I'M, DOING THEM.'' He got out of the car and told them to turn the car around and come back.

Kriss and Jamie were too busy talking about the video game at first and seemed to be in a world of their own till Jamie saw the huge, angry figure coming towards them, ''F*ck, it's Baldy'' said Jamie. Kriss had no idea who he was talking about and didn't know what to think when this guy out of nowhere grabbed Jamie. He was demanding to know where the McCulloch Team were and the boys were terrified and didn't know what to tell him. Imran struggled to keep a hold of Jamie who tried his best to get away, suddenly Imran lost grip of Jamie and turned his attention to Kriss who was of slighter build. Kriss didn't know what to do and as the Mercedes approached them he tried his best to get away.

The car door flew open and Imran tried to push Kriss into the back seat, the others were trying to get a hold of him too. Kriss kept saying ''I'm only 15, what did I do'' as he tried to hold onto the roof of the car but he was kneed in the back and was pushed head-first into the foothold where he was repeatedly punched. Jamie stood in shock, shaking and crying as he watched the gang attacking Kriss shouting ''WHITE B*STARDS''. Imran then turned to Jamie and said ''DO YOU KNOW WHAT PAIN IS? YOU'RE NEXT.''

The car door slammed shut and the car sped off with Imran's brother, Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid at the wheel and Imran shouting ''DRIVE, DRIVE.''

Jamie was hysterical and went to get help. His grandmother had witnessed the whole scene from her top floor flat window, she was already running down the stairs. A neighbour went to inform Kriss's mother of what happened and the police were called.

By 3:28pm the Strathclyde Police were informed of what had happened with a brief description of the car and the men who abducted Kriss. It was hard to give a good, detailed description of the men who were inside the car but they got a good description of Imran.

It's hard to imagine what was going on in Kriss Donald's mind at this moment. To be dragged off of the streets, pushed into a car with a gang of men punching and threatening you, calling you racist names. He was just a 15 year old boy of slight build who dreamt of becoming a motor mechanic or joining the army and tried his best to avoid confrontation. He wasn't in a gang and wasn't friends with anyone who was part of the McCulloch Street Team, he just happened to be on Kenmure street that day.

As he was continually punched in the back seat, Imran kept demanding that he provide the names and whereabouts of the McCulloch Street Team and Kriss told him that he didn't know them and kept begging to let him go and that he wouldn't tell anyone what happened. Imran shouted ''I'M BALDY, NOBODY F*CKS WITH ME.''

Imran held up the blue bag in front of Kriss and told him that there was a ''shooter'' inside.

The gang drove around Glasgow and even as far as Dundee making phonecalls from one contact to the other, all in full earshot of Kriss. Imran was looking for a place to take him so that they could torture him without being disturbed. He told the gang earlier that his plans were to chop up members of the McCulloch Street Team and take their eyes out. Imran was getting frustrated because they were struggling to find somewhere, they drove for a long time with no success. The time was approaching 6pm and they needed to drop off Zahid ''Ziggy'' Mohammed because he had a security tag and curfew.

Once he was dropped off they carried on with some more suggestions on where to take Kriss from their contacts over the phone. When this failed it was suggested that they go to the Clyde walkway behind the Celtic Supporters Club on London road. They were informed that it would be quiet and they wouldn't be disturbed. They decided to go there but stop off at a service station to buy a canister of petrol.

At around 7:19pm they arrived at the Clyde walkway. Daanish ''Ferrari'' Zahid, Mohammed ''Becks'' Faisal Mushtaq, Imran ''Baldy'' Shahid and his brother Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid were in the car with Kriss Donald.

Between 7:19pm and 7:39pm, it is unknown who did what, but Kriss was dragged from the car and restrained whilst he was brutally stabbed in the front and the back 13 times. The knife punctured his lung, kidney, stomach and intestines. Three of his major arteries were cut. One of his ribs was cut in half and the knife had gone through one side of his arm to the other, cutting a notch in the bone.

When they let go of him he slumped onto a felled tree trunk in agony, losing a lot of blood. They opened the canister of petrol and poured it all over him as he was struggling. They set him on fire whilst he was conscious.

They got in the car quickly and sped off. The stolen Mercedes would later be found abandoned and burnt out in another part of Glasgow. They also burned the clothes they were wearing in an attempt to cover their tracks.

When the murderers had sped off in the car, Kriss was still conscious and managed to move himself whilst his body was on fire. He moved from the tree trunk and tried to reach the grass slope that led to the walkway path. He tried to roll himself in a muddy hollow in an attempt to put out the flames. This was where he was found by a passerby the next morning. Kriss had died from losing so much blood and suffered 70% burns to his body.

A scenes of crime examiner, William Galloway said that Kriss was mostly naked when they found him due to the fire burning his clothes. All he was wearing was some remains of clothes around his mid section and one trainer.

Continued in part three...

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