After my salon nightmare: My new hair style!

 You may remember (if you happen to follow me on here or Twitter) that I was having a nervous break down over my hair a few weeks ago. I know lol, first world problems but I had gone to a new stylist and it was a really bad week for me especially with one of my furbabies passing away, nothing seemed to go right at all that week.

Well, I promised that when I plucked up the courage to post a picture of my hair on here that I would and I've included a couple in this post. Now, remember my hair was right down to my butt and I only went in for a trim and some long layers. I ended up coming out with my hair just touching my shoulders (because she'd blow dried it, it seemed even more shorter).

Since I've had a few weeks to get used to it , style it and straighten it to my own style, I feel a lot better about it, of course I would like it to be a bit longer (just under the boobs lol) but I can cope with it.

So here's some pics:

I have to say that it's a lot more manageable now and a lot more healthier. Maybe it was a happy mistake? 

Anyway, there's an update on my hair lol. 

On another note, If I had originally asked for so much to be cut off my hair I would've donated it to charity, I'm annoyed that all that hair went to waste but it is what it is. 

Have you had any hair salon nightmares? Tell me your stories, I'd love to hear/read them in the comments below or link me to your post.

Here's to more happy hair days!

See you in the next post x

Women Empowerment | Blogger tag

 I was kindly tagged by one of my favourite bloggers, the lovely Lisa from Lisa's Notebook to take part in the fantastic 'Empowering Women' tag. I think it's a brilliant way to join together to celebrate women, all of their/our achievements and recognise how much we have done and continue to do. I'm very much about GIRL POWER! 

So how does the tag work? well, if you are tagged to take part, all you have to do is answer these 5 questions:

1) What does women empowerment mean to you?
2) What woman/women do you most admire and why?
3) Share a story, drawing or video that you think says 'empowered women'
4) Share the best lesson you've learned in leadership.
5) What cause do you most want to bring awareness to? why? what does it mean to you?

Then tag 5 inspirational, powerful women to do the same. Link your post to Women Wednesday: Women Empowerment Tag 

Tag them on twitter at: @My_Lifelines and/or Instagram: @MyLifelines_ with #WomenWednesday 

So here's my answers to the questions above:

1) What does women empowerment mean to you?:

I grew up when the Spice Girls were all the rage and they taught us to celebrate our femininity and give the boys a run for their money! Women have always been strong and tough, our bodies go through quite a lot and we always take care of business come rain or come shine. Women have also had to put up with a lot over the years and really had to fight to have their say and we are still fighting to this day. Every woman I've ever met and known has been strong in their own way and I love that there's more and more women today in more prominent working roles and speaking their minds. We have proven and continue to prove that we can get things done. I believe that women should be treated equally especially in the workplace. 

2) What woman/women do you most admire and why?

My late grandmother will always be an inspiration to me because she grew up in poverty in Glasgow. She worked hard and became a nurse during the war and battled cancer for many years. She went through a lot of hardships and experiences. She was an old school glaswegian and no matter what life threw at her she always got up and got on with things. I learned so much from her and I think about her every day and how strong she was. 

Tina Turner comes to mind. She is amazing! To go through a horrendous domestic abuse situation to finding the courage to escape and become the absolute legend that she is. 

Jessie J. I really like Jessie J, she's so talented and I love her personality. Despite being born with a heart condition, she always gets up on stage and gives it her all. It annoys me that she doesn't get the recognition as a singer that she deserves because I think she's one of the best. She has also been very open about her health struggles and I think she's an amazing role model for women of all ages.

Michelle Knight. I keep forgetting to order her book but I'll make sure I do after typing this post. Michelle was one of the girls who was kidnapped and held for 11 years in a house in Cleveland, US. She went through hell, from rapes to miscarriages, the list goes on and very heartbreaking. She fought every step of the way and held onto her faith. I've watched her interviews and she's a remarkable woman who is now helping other people who've gone through similar things.

Naomi Oni. Naomi was the girl who's (so called) best friend followed her home from work one night, dressed in a burka (to disguise herself) and threw acid in her face. Naomi went through hell and had to endure so many operations. The 'friend' was finally caught and is in prison. Naomi has come so far since it happened and is such a strong, inspirational person.

I'm sure there's so many women that I admire but we'd be here all night lol. These are just some of the women who I admire. 
Q3, Share with us a story, drawing or video that you think says 'Empowered Women':

Again, I have to mention Tina Turner. Her life story was made into an amazing movie 'What's love got to do with it'. you can find the trailer: here 

and you can find Naomi Oni's story: here which is the full documentary. 

Q4), Share with us the best lesson you've learned in leadership? 

Treat everyone fairly, don't be too grand to get your hands dirty. Be someone who's approachable. Get your head down, do your best and give out positive vibes. 

Q5, What cause do you want to give more awareness too?, Why? What does it mean to you?:

I would like periods to be taken more seriously. It has been medically proven that some women go through absolute hell during their periods with some women not being able to get out of bed. I don't feel that some employers take periods seriously and brush it off like it's nothing. I also agree with people who question why we should pay for sanitary towels/tampons? 

I would also like more research, support and funding in this country for anxiety and mental health issues, not just for women but for everyone. Menopause it another thing that a lot of women have to go through and that can be very tough too. I would like to see more research and support in that area also.

As a sufferer of anxiety and I've had some awful periods myself (but nowhere near as bad as some women have) I would like to see more help available.

So, now I have to choose 5 women who inspire me which is hard because so many do. If you haven't been included please don't take offence as I would love to include everyone but here are my 5:






This has to be my favourite tag to date! Thank you again to the lovely Lisa for the nomination, don't forget to check out her post too! 

As always, thanks for checking out my latest post, see you in the next one x 

50 #Blogmas post ideas!

It doesn't seem that long ago that some of us were planning our Blogtober posts but here we are thinking and planning our Blogmas posts which I have to say I'm looking forward to doing. I love this time of year and never tire of thinking and talking about festive things.

This year I won't be doing every single day of December but I will be doing 24 days with my last post obviously on Christmas eve, after that I will be in a festive food coma and off social media for a few days. I think it's good to take a break from social media around Christmas and really give yourself time with your loved ones or to treat yourself. If you can schedule your blog posts and tweets it gives you a chance to take a break but still know that your posts are being shared and promoted. 

So, it's time to get your hot chocolate or gingerbread latte's ready (whichever festive drink you have in hand) and see if any of these ideas tickle your fancy lol:

1) Christmas wish list.
2) Favourite Christmas songs of all time.
3) Worst Christmas present you've ever received.
4) Favourite Christmas memory.
5) My Christmas decoration haul.
6) My top 5 favourite Christmas movies.
7) My top 10 festive Netflix recommendations.
8) Worst or most embarrassing Christmas memory.
9) Christmas outfit look book.
10) Christmas gift guide.
11) Stocking filler gift guide.
12) Come Christmas shopping with me.
13) Top 5 places online for the best Christmas deals.
14) What I love about Christmas.
15) My favourite Christmas stationery.
16) Vegetarian Christmas Dinner ideas.
17) Vegan Christmas Dinner ideas.
18) Christmas eve routine.
19) Christmas morning routine.
20) My favourite festive drinks.
21) What I got my relatives/friends for Christmas.
22) My favourite festive candles.
23) How to bake Christmas cookies (cupcakes, whichever goodies you want to share the recipe for).
24) Review of a Christmas advent calendar. 
25) My favourite Christmas nibbles (This could be cheese & crackers or roasted chestnuts, Chocolate truffles etc)
26) Festive makeup looks.
27) Festive nail looks.
28) My plans for New Year's eve.
29) My hopes for 2019.
30) What 2018 taught me.
31) My Christmas shopping routine.
32) My favourite Christmas shopping experience.
33) My worst Christmas shopping experience.
34) My favourite Christmas adverts (Could be recent or from childhood ie: Coca cola adverts lol). 
35) Bloggers/Vloggers I've been loving in 2018.
36) A thank you post to the bloggers who have supported you over the past year.
37) My favourite Christmas ranges (ie: Lush etc).
38) My favourite posts (make a list of the posts that you've enjoyed writing this year).
39) My most popular posts of the year (List as many as you want of the posts which have been a big hit on your blog).
40) My favourite festive products.
41) How to make the perfect festive drink.
42) How I plan for Christmas.
43) How I decorate my Christmas tree.
44) 5 things I would change about Christmas.
45) 5 Christmas songs that drive me mad.
46) Christmas self care routine.
47) Advice for fellow bloggers who are not looking forward to Christmas or New year.
48) How I manage my anxiety over Christmas and New Year.
49) My top 5 favourite festive lipsticks.
50) Christmas home ware wish list.

And there you have it! I managed to come up with 50 ideas to maybe help you out if you're in the middle of planning Blogmas. If you have written a post with some ideas leave a link or comment below. I'm looking forward to reading all the Blogmas posts. 

Don't forget to check out my Christmas gift guide and don't miss your chance to win a Liz Earle advent calendar here 

I'm still in the process of putting my 24 days together, once I've decided 100% what I'm doing, you'll no doubt hear about it on here or on Twitter 

Much love as always, see you in the next post x 

A touch of luxury from Taylor Benfield | @TaylorBenfieldu

There's nothing better in these darker evenings than lighting some lovely candles and creating a relaxing atmosphere. What's even better is when those candles happen to be the luxurious and beautifully scented Taylor Benfield candles. 

These candles just scream luxury and they are encased in stunning grey or white matte glass with the elegant Taylor Benfield label. 

There is also a variety of beautiful travel candles if you're looking for some luxury stocking filler gifts, maybe as a general treat for a friend's birthday or for yourself if you're travelling and want to take a little bit of luxury away with you. 

These beautiful hand poured candles are so elegant and compliment any room no matter the decor. They look stunning on a dressing table, a fireplace, a bedside table and anywhere you wish to place them, they add such a touch of luxury to any room. 

I have mine on my coffee table in my living room and as well as giving off a wonderful scent, they look beautiful and make my living room feel so much more cosier and festive. 

As you may know I'm a bit obsessed with candles and I've tried all different brands from the most expensive to the cheap and cheerful. I have to say without a doubt that the most luxurious candles I have had so far are the Taylor Benfield candles. 

With these candles you have the beautiful scents (that are also much different and unique to previous candles I've had before), the lovely packaging (even after the candles have burnt out, I will be keeping the stunning glasses as storage for something) and the long lasting, great quality candles and the affordable prices. 

I was lucky enough to try out the stunning Spiced Noir Home Candle which is also available in WhiteTravel Candle and as part of a lovely Travel Candle Trio Gift Set 

The beautiful Spiced Noir candle contains an amazing combination of notes which gives off this beautiful, festive scent which is so relaxing and really warms up the room. The notes included are:

- Head Notes: Pink, Pepper, Cardamom, Thyme, Frankincense.
- Heart Notes: Clove, Patchouli, Lily, Plum, Raspberry.
- Base Notes: Tobacco, Cedar wood, Guaiacwood. 

The Home candles retail at £30.00 for 220g and each has approximately 40 hours burning time. 

There are plenty of beautiful and unique scent combinations to choose from such as:

- Citrus & Lemongrass
- Crimson Rose & Oud
- Grapefruit & Orange Blossom
- Summer Haze
- Floral & Ginger

These beautiful scents are also available in the Travel Candle size (75g) with approximately 15 hours burning time and they retail at £12.00. The Travel Candles also come in a lovely glass with the Taylor Benfield label and are also packaged with a pretty grey ribbon.  

I have the beautiful Grapefruit & Orange Blossom travel candle on my coffee table and it is just as stunning and luxurious as the Spiced Noir candle and I think that both scents also compliment each other every well, my living room smells so lovely right now. 

If you would like to find out more about Taylor Benfield and treat yourself or a loved one to some of their beautiful candles for Christmas or any time of the year, you can find them on:

Look out for them in my Christmas Gift Guide (and don't forget to enter my competition for your chance to win a Liz Earle 12 days of Christmas advent calendar, see the gift guide for all the details)

Are you a fan of Taylor Benfield candles? which scent is your favourite? leave a comment below or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

See you in the next post x 

*All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and 100% genuine. This is not a sponsored post. products were kindly gifted to me. All pictures are my own. 

Why I don't see my relatives at Christmas | Personal post

I was in the middle of writing a post about Christmas gifts and it got me thinking about things. I've got my Christmas tree up, I've started my Christmas shopping and I'm already thinking about the Christmas dinner and we are still in November! I know that there's been a few people out there who have been complaining about the likes of me trying to start Christmas early (Jodie Marsh had a lot of abuse from trolls on Twitter for putting up 9 Christmas trees in her house at the end of October) but personally I love Christmas, there was a time when I dreaded Christmas but now I make the most of it.

I've been putting off writing this post for a while as it's quite close to the bone and personal but I think it's an important piece to share because I know there's people out there that are dreading Christmas, even going through anxiety at the thought of it. Depression levels can hit sky high around this time of year and some people feel that they are alone and can't go on. 

As I mentioned before, today I love Christmas and look forward to it and I'm going to be honest and tell you why, you may find this strange, abnormal, not a pretty picture but it's my truth. I had a traumatic childhood and grew up between Scotland and England. I don't want to go too much into it but I didn't get the proper parental care and love that I should have had and my two sisters and brother who are older than me also suffered and had their problems. 

Fast forward to adulthood, we all had our emotional scars from the past and there was a lot of dysfunction in the family. We tried to have Christmas family dinners and all that kind of stuff but it always ended in a nightmare with people getting drunk and things being said. When I had my own house I invited everyone over for Christmas dinner in an attempt to have a nice, pleasant Christmas but again this would end up with my sisters kids fighting over toys, food (that cost a fortune) being wasted or trampled all over the floor (the kids would run riot at my house, leaving taps running full blast in the bathroom and things like that, it would be chaos), my sisters would get stressed out and they would be shouting and swearing, the list goes on. Christmas day would end with me and my other half, exhausted and cleaning up all the mess that was left.

I absolutely love children but my sisters children all had their own problems too. One sister buys her kids the latest iphones and the other sister buys her kids stuff from Poundstretcher so you were always guaranteed an atmosphere and an argument whenever the kids got together. My oldest sister would always turn up late and nobody was allowed to open any presents or eat anything till she arrived (even though it was my house lol). Sure enough, when she did finally turn up she would be all flustered, shouting at her boyfriend and the kids moaning. 

So Christmas day was always one that I dreaded, in the past and up until a few years ago. As for my Mum and Dad, I haven't seen them in years, I won't go too much into the past but that's partly why and because of the times that I had reached out to them to try and build some kind of relationship, they hurt me badly again and I just couldn't put myself through it anymore. I did try and have a relationship with my Dad a few years ago but the woman that he is with is a complete nutcase who likes to treat him like rubbish, rip up his clothes and write 'clown' all over them (I'm not kidding). I tried to give him support and told the others about what was happening and to my surprise they all knew. My Dad was going through a domestic abuse situation and nobody was doing anything about it. My Dad took the side of this woman when I tried to help him and again I felt abandoned by him yet again.

Because of the childhoods we've all had, each one of us has issues. I'm the only one who's gone to counselling and worked though things but I do still have anxiety which I try to deal with. My sisters and brother on the other hand have just got worse as the years have gone on and hurt other people in the process, they refuse to seek counselling and have never had any. 

A few years ago I decided after a long time of putting up with people's bullshit, that it wasn't good for my wellbeing and I decided to cut them off! They didn't even care anyway. My parents never called me anyway to check how I was or wish me happy birthday etc and my dad would never answer my texts because he didn't want to upset the control freak that he's with. I decided enough was enough. 

Just because someone may be related to you, doesn't mean that you have to put up with being treated like crap or have to suffer their constant negativity. I put up with a lot for years and always cleared up after them but whenever the time came for me to need someone to talk to, they didn't care. 

This isn't a sad story, I finally grew a backbone and walked away from people who didn't deserve to have me in their lives. So there you have it, I don't have a picture perfect family and my life isn't perfect. I'll tell you what I do have now though, an amazing fiance, a small fabulous group of friends (and not forgetting my cat Freddie Mercury and dearly departed MJ) and fabulous Christmas holidays. In my house, it's festive, fun, cheery and me and partner are like kids on Christmas morning. I'm very lucky that I have my prince charming because he knows everything about me like I do with him, we've been together for years and he had a difficult upbringing too so that's part of why we always make a big deal at Christmas and birthdays,

You might not see your relatives at Christmas for whatever reason, you may be single, whatever the case, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy yourself, buy yourself a load of gifts, yummy food, stick some Christmas films on and treat yourself as a way of congratulating yourself for getting through the year. If I was single I would still be getting the tree and the decorations up and just buying myself lots of presents. I can understand why some people would find Christmas depressing but if you look at it as a way of celebrating and treating yourself if you're alone, it's not that bad after all. It's better to be alone and doing your own thing than with a bunch of negative people who don't really care about you and are only there just for the food and gifts. 

I hope by sharing this that you know that there are people out there (like me) who don't see their relatives and that you're not on your own and that Christmas can be a time to celebrate and spoil yourself. 

Let me know what you think? I will say this though, once you get rid of people (that sounds harsh lol, but you know what I mean) who don't have your best interests at heart and just hurt you, you will feel so much better and feel so much happier. It's a shame that things have gone the way they have but that's life, sometimes you have to deal with the cards you've got and in my case I just threw the crappy ones out and got some new, sparkly, fabulous ones lol.

Leave comments below if you want to share anything, email me ( or pop me a DM on @CaledonianTweet if you want to chat in confidence.

Much love as always, see you in the next post x 

My birthday and hairstylist horror

If you follow me on social media or on here, you'll no doubt know that it was my birthday yesterday! Another year older but not wiser lol. 

I've kind of been celebrating my birthday from the 1st to the 5th. I've done plenty of shopping, ate far too much cake (from Patisserie Valarie how could I say no?) and had some beauty treatments done as well as some beautiful gifts, so all in all it's been a really lovely birthday but I do have to mention the hair drama lol, grab some tea for this one.

You can probably see from my pictures that my hair is very long, it goes all the way down to my butt. As part of a birthday treat and to perk myself up a little bit after one of my fur babies sadly passed away last week, I booked a few treatments and a trim at a new hair and beauty spa near to where I live.

My appointment was Thursday morning and when I arrived it was a gorgeous mansion with beautiful decor. I was going to blog all about it but the rain was coming down in buckets and I wasn't exactly singing and dancing when I came out of there. 

When I arrived, a lady greeted me at reception and she seemed nice. I sat in the waiting area which was really nice and comfortable whilst the hairstylist that I was supposed to be seeing was finishing with her customer. A young women came down the stairs and asked if I was waiting to see anyone and I explained about what treatments I had booked so she told me to come upstairs and she would do my treatments and my hair would be done afterwards. 

The young woman (I've forgotten her name) was so nice and we had a right good chat about everyday stuff. I was really pleased with all the treatments and booked another appointment with her for a few weeks time. I went downstairs to see the older woman for my hair doing and that's when the nightmare began,

First of all she had a face like a bulldog sucking a lemon (I'm not saying that to be bitchy but she wasn't the most welcoming person ever if you know what I mean). I tried to make conversation (Talking crap like ''Isn't the weather terrible'' lol). She didn't take my jacket or bag which was odd as I'm always used to having a gown put on me before having my hair done. I had to ask to take my jacket off and get a gown. She said ''Right, what are you having done?''. I explained that I wanted a trim and some layers put in my hair. There was only me and her in the room and the building itself was really quiet, just two or three members of staff there. 

First she told me to sit in a chair and then told me to move over to the sink to have my hair washed. At the sink she commented on how long my hair was and said she would have to cut a little bit off before she washed it. I didn't see what she was doing but again I mentioned that I was just having a little bit trimmed off the bottom of my hair and some long layers put it which she said was fine. 

Usually when I have my hair washed, the stylist does the whole massage thing with the scalp, not in this case, it was just, hurry, hurry, hurry. She was really rough with my head like it was a football or something. As quick as a flash she told me to sit in another chair in front of this tiny mirror with lots of products in front of it so you couldn't really see what was going on. 

Again I told her about how I wanted my hair. So she started to comb my hair and cut it. I tried making conversation asking if Thursdays were a busy day for her and she said ''Sometimes, we have a member of staff just diagnosed with breast cancer so we are having to see her clients today''. I replied that I was sorry to hear that, I wished that a cure could be found and that her colleague got through it all ok. Her reply left a bad taste in my mouth, she said in a sharp manner ''Yes, well it's just one of those things''.

Another customer came into the room and the stylist said to her ''Have you got an appointment? what do you want done?, have a seat, I won't be long''. This kind of annoyed me because I had booked my appointment well in advance and part of coming to a hair and beauty spa is that you relax and enjoy being pampered. I wasn't exactly feeling relaxed here.

She kept ferociously grabbing clumps of my hair and chopping it off, I assumed this was the layers at the front. She was really rough with my hair and at one point ripped my earring out of my ear, luckily it wasn't bleeding and she didn't apologise, luckily it landed on my sleeve. 

So, it took about 15 minutes and then she stopped and told me my hair was done. I stood up to try and see in the crappy mirror and noticed my hair was touching my shoulders, I thought that would just be the layers until I noticed to my horror that I could not feel any hair at my back. She'd cut off all of my hair. When I came in my hair was at my butt and now it was touching my shoulders. I specifically asked for a trim, that I wanted to keep the length and have long layers. 

I was devastated but felt like I was put on the spot cause she was staring at me asking what I thought. With the week I was having and everything I just didn't have the strength for any confrontation so I just pretended to be pleased with it. As I went to pay (I didn't leave a tip lol, no bloody way!) she was trying to get me to make another appointment to have my hair done again in 6 weeks time or whatever, I made excuses and said I'd have to check my diary etc. There was no way in hell that I was letting that woman near my hair ever again! 

I did book treatments with the other lady I mentioned earlier cause she was nice and did a fabulous job but no way am I having my hair done at that place again! You could call me a drama queen but seriously, how do you go from having such long hair that you can practically sit on to it just touching your shoulders? especially when you asked for a trim? 

I won't be getting my hair cut for a while, I'll be happier when it grows to just under my boobs lol. Next time I'll be going back to my trusty Tony & Guy cause they always do my hair exactly how I want it. I don't know what this woman's problem was but she wasn't a happy bunny from the moment I walked in anyway. 

I wasn't happy at all about my hair but everyone seemed to love it (I thought that was just them trying to make me feel better). Once I had washed and styled it my own way I started to embrace it and now I actually do like it. It's a lot shorter than I'm used to and I miss my long hair but I just have to put it down to a lesson learned. 

I will update my profile pictures at some point and you'll see the result. If you're out there and you're planning on going to a new stylist to get your hair done, take a picture of the style you want, make sure that you can see everything that's going on in the mirror and you tell them till you're blue in the face how much you want cut off. If you see anything dodgy going on then stop them and say that you don't want this or that too short or could they do something different. I trusted someone that I shouldn't have lol. 

Have you got any hair stylist horror stories? leave a comment below or tag me in a post on twitter and I'll read and share.

Thanks as always for reading, hope you had a fabulous Bonfire night and I'll see you in the next post x 

*All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and 100% genuine. this is not a sponsored or gifted post. Picture is my own.

Christmas Gift Guide - 2018 + Giveaway

Can you believe it's that time of year again when we are putting together our Christmas lists and preparing and planning for Christmas day! I'm so excited to bring you my Christmas gift guide for 2018 which is affordable and includes so many fantastic, luxurious and top quality gifts.

I'm also giving away a fantastic Liz Earle 12 days of Christmas advent calendar (worth £80.00) which is packed with so many iconic Liz Earle products and more, all details of how to enter will be at the end of this guide so keep your eyes peeled.

So grab a festive drink, get your notepad and pen ready & have a good browse at the gorgeous Christmas gifts coming up....

Pampering Gifts: 

Everyone loves a good pamper and relaxation session and these stunning gifts below are perfect for creating that 'spa at home' experience. These products are also ideal for both men and women.

The stunning Silent Night - The Relaxation/Slumber Kit is the perfect gift for anyone who needs some 'me' time and a really good relaxing sleep. It's perfect for travelling or everyday use and the lovely black wash bag comes with the following:
- DRIFT AWAY: Relaxation, bathing and massage oil (30 ml)
-  AAAHHH!: Soothing balm for aching feet and limbs (50 ml)
- QUIETUDE: Calming mist for me and my space (30 ml)

- IN THE STILLNESS: Eye duvet.

The sleep kit also includes the TOTAL PEACE Ear plugs and the amazing REPOSE Aromatherapy resting cream (15 ml).

The Silent Night - The Relaxation/Slumber Kit is available to purchase from Temple Spa for £18.50.

See my review for this fabulous kit here 
A product I highly recommend as a fabulous pampering gift for both men and women is the amazing REPOSE Aromatherapy Resting Cream (£40.00 for 50 ml) 

For more info on this product and other Temple Spa products, see their website & check out my review post 
This Champneys Professional Collection Moisturising Face Masks are a luxurious collection of face, under eye gel and hand masks which are perfect for relaxing and soothing the skin.
The pack contains 2 x Moisturising hand masks, 2 x Moisturising face masks, 2 Gel eye masks and 2 x Pick me up face masks. This is a fantastic gift for both men and women who love face masks and the collection  retails at only £9.00 from Boots
This amazing advent calendar from Liz Earle contains a beautiful collection of luxury Liz Earle pampering, skin and hair care products. Suitable for men and women and retails at £80.00 from Boots 

The design of the advent calendar itself is divine. For a more in depth review of my thoughts on this beautiful calendar, check out my review and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled at the end of the post for a chance to win one of these amazing Liz Earle advent calendars.

As with every year, I Love have an amazing range of gorgeously scented pampering goodies for your bath and shower moments. They make the perfect gifts and stocking fillers for the guys and gals in your life. The deliciously scented Minty Choc Chip Delicious Duo includes a divine bubble bath and shower creme, a nourishing body butter and exfoliating body puff. This fabulous set is a bargain at only £8.00
 So many people are loving the Violet Dreams range from I Love If you love the sweets Parma Violets, you'll love this! This gorgeous hand and body (the box contains a hand and nail cream and a body wash) set is only £15.00
 The I Love Strawberry Cream range has been a favourite of mine for quite a while. I love Strawberry scented pampering goodies and I Love have a mouthwatering range. This cute mini treat box contains a bath and shower creme (100 ml), nourishing body butter (50 ml) and a gorgeous body puff.

The mini treat boxes are also available in other yummy scents such as: Chocolate fudge cake, Raspberry ripple and Minty choc chip and are only £4.00 each. 
 This is a must for all I Love fans and for introducing someone to the brand. 6 amazingly scented body washes and each one of them is divine, I not only use these as body washes but also to create a lovely, yummy bubble bath so they make the perfect gift for that pamper queen or king in your life. They retail at £12.00. You can purchase them here
 For the perfect relaxing bath, you have the stunning English Miniature Pampering Duo which consists of the delightful body wash and scented candle. You can find this lovely set here for only £10.00
This little gem makes the perfect stocking filler and is available in 6 gorgeous scents from I Love. In each box you'll find a bath and shower creme as well as a exfoliating body puff. You can find this little beauty as well as other scents in this range here for only £5.00
Blossoming Gifts  have the most amazing range of flowers, treats and personalised gifts with a price tag to suit every budget including this lovely Mini Prosecco and candle pamper pack The pack contains a little pink tray with a personalised bottle of Prosecco (200 ml), a personalised votive candle, Chocolate truffles and Shea butter bath melts. You can find this gem here for £38.99
This luxurious and heavenly scented combined body wash and scrub is the perfect pampering treat. Perfect for a stocking filler or as part of a homemade hamper. For a more in depth review, check out my post

You can find this skin pampering lovely at Boots (£7.00 for 200 ml).

Skincare Gifts: 
 One of my favourite luxury face masks and also a favourite with celebrities is the amazing Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask (40 ml) 

This is the perfect luxury treat for both men and women. I talk all about it in this previous post

This product is a touch of luxury and would make a perfect Christmas gift. This wonderful mask is available to purchase at Feel Unique (£78.00 for 40 ml), Amazon (£86.87 for 40 ml) and Harrods (£82.00 for 40 ml).
 You really can't go wrong with a luxury gift from Kiehl's you're always guaranteed to make someone smile. The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye cream is the perfect pick me up for tired eyes and dark circles. Perfect for men and women and a little goes a long way with this cream. I talk more about it in this previous post

You can find this fabulous cream available to purchase for £26.00 (15 ml) here
Another favourite of mine and a perfect luxury skincare gift is the Daily Reviving Concentrate, this beautifully scented oil is perfect for use on it's own or mixed with foundation for that perfect dewy base. 

The Daily Reviving Concentrate retails at £38.00 and you can find it here 

For more of my favourite Kiehl's products and gift ideas check out my recent post
This stunningly scented body lotion from Champneys is both the perfect skincare and pampering gift. This lotion smells absolutely amazing and just melts into the skin for long lasting smoothness and a gorgeous lingering scent.

You can find this beauty here (£8.00 for 350 ml)

Sweet Gifts:
 If you're looking for the perfect chocolate gift that is a little bit different and personalised. Check out this lovely Minstrel Pink Rose Sweet Tree from Blossoming gifts even the flowers are edible and you can leave a little message or name of the person you're gifting it too. This lovely gift retails from £25.99 and you can find it here
This lovely box is perfect for the chocoholic in your life. The tasting collection from Green & Black's contains 24 miniature chocolates of all different flavours from butterscotch to ginger. You can find this dreamy chocolate gift here for £12.00 
For a little chocolate stocking filler. Green & Black's luxury chocolate bars (35g) are perfect. You can find it here as well as others in the range for only 85p.

Candles & Home ware Gifts: 
A gorgeous scented candle from Yankee Candle makes a beautiful gift at any time of the year especially Christmas. They have an amazing range of Christmas scents. You can find this lovely candle here for £10.99 (regular tumbler size).
 It's so exciting that as well as having an amazing range of gorgeously scented pampering gifts, I Love now have lovely scented candles (priced at £15.00 each)

I Love also have a lovely range of Diffusers which are also priced at £15.00 each.

* I Love currently have an offer on where you save £10 when you spend £30 if you use the code: 30FOR20 + free delivery when you spend over £25. See the I Love website for full details. 
This beautiful Sweet Dreams Calming Candle from Feather & Down (220g for £18.00) has a gorgeous relaxing scent and a beautiful design all around the glass candle. 
Another gorgeous relaxing gift from Feather & Down is the dreamy Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray which retails at £7.00 for 100 ml.
Taylor Benfield have a beautiful range of luxurious and beautifully scented candles that are perfect for a Christmas gift or a present for any time of the year. The candles come in beautiful packaging and have a long lasting burning time. You can find out more about these lovely candles here, in my post

The beautiful Spiced Noir candle contains an amazing combination of notes which gives off this beautiful, festive scent which is so relaxing and really warms up the room. The notes included are:

- Head Notes: Pink, Pepper, Cardamom, Thyme, Frankincense.
- Heart Notes: Clove, Patchouli, Lily, Plum, Raspberry.
- Base Notes: Tobacco, Cedar wood, Guaiacwood. 

The Home candles retail at £30.00 for 220g and each has approximately 40 hours burning time. 

There are plenty of beautiful and unique scent combinations to choose from such as:

- Citrus & Lemongrass
- Crimson Rose & Oud
- Grapefruit & Orange Blossom
- Summer Haze
- Floral & Ginger

These beautiful scents are also available in the Travel Candle size (75g) with approximately 15 hours burning time and they retail at £12.00. The Travel Candles also come in a lovely glass with the Taylor Benfield label and are also packaged with a pretty grey ribbon.  

Christmas Decor Gifts:

 These beautifully designed Christmas crackers for him & her are the perfect gifts for a couple or for your loved one. Each cracker contains a lovely designed piece of jewellery from Buckley London and are priced at only £12.00 each.
This beautiful Christmas bauble is also designed by Buckley London and also contains beautifully designed pieces of jewellery which retail at only £12.00 

Makeup & Perfume Gifts: 
 The perfect gift or stocking filler for that beauty enthusiast in your life. These shades are the perfect shades of nude, whether you're looking for a light nude, medium nude or dark nude, this collection has it all. You can find it here from Missguided for only £10.00.
 The Babe Power fragrance from Missguided is divine. This set is no longer available on the site but you can still find the fragrance here for £17.00 and there is also the Boss Babe (£28 for 80 ml) and Babe Oud (£28 for 80 ml) available.
Impulse  are forever a favourite with women of all ages and it's always such a treat to find some of their fragrances as Christmas gifts. I love popping some of their gorgeous body mists in Christmas stockings or buying Impulse gift sets, they always bring a smile.

Go Get Glitter  have teamed up with Impulse to bring you these two fabulous limited edition fragrances, they smell absolutely dreamy!

The stunning mists are perfect, especially for this time of year with Christmas and New Year celebrations around the corner.

These limited edition must-haves are available to purchase from Superdrug  and they come in the scents: Coconut Spritz + Glitter Bomb (£5.99 for 150 ml) and Melted Candy + Unicorn Dust (£5.99 for 150 ml)

These are such an amazing stocking filler or a treat for yourself as part of your festive glam routine. You'll be addicted to the scents, they are utterly divine. 
This fabulous primer in it's beautifully designed packaging is a lovely gift or stocking filler for makeup lovers. For a more in depth review of this product, check out my post 

You can find this lovely Emani Perfect Primer here for £32.00 (40 ml) 

Tech Gifts:

 If you're looking for a gift for a fitness enthusiast or someone who is looking to lead a more healthier lifestyle in the New Year. The Proze Band+ Fitness Tracker with heart rate monitor is the perfect gift. Much better and more affordable than the Fit Bit!

It comes with 14 sports modes and you can tailor it to your needs, it also tracks your heart rate and calories burned, it even keeps track whilst you sleep when you wear the band+. It is very easy to set up and very quick to charge.

You can also get notifications from all your social media accounts from Twitter to Facebook. To find out more, check out the Proze Electronics website and you can find the Proze Band+ available to purchase here for £34.00.
The perfect gift or stocking filler for someone who likes to take their selfies but has trouble finding the best lighting. This little gem is great for taking photos's and also using as a makeup mirror. It has three light settings and clips easily onto your phone. It also comes with a little cable so it can be charged straight from your laptop. For more details about this product plus other ring lights from Radiance Ring check out my post 

The Radiance Ring Mobile clip light retails at £12.00 and is available to purchase here 

Other Gift Ideas:
 Alcoholic drinks are also nice gifts at both Christmas and New Year and these drinks are a little bit different and fun! Jacked drinks are wines with a refreshing fruity twist. The packaging is fun and the flavours are lush and come in the delightful form of Jacked Rose With Lychee and Sauvignon Blanc with Ginger. You can find them at Tesco for £5.00 each (50CL)
 Slippers are like a staple gift at Christmas, everyone needs a good pair of slippers and Lazy Dogz do an amazing range for people of all ages and budgets. There's free delivery on all orders and for every purchase, Lazy Dogz donate £1 to Manchester Dogs Home.
The SMUG Active Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask is perfect for when you want some proper shut eye, even during the day or during travel. It's different to other eye masks as the contours around the eyes help protect the eyes and saves any eye cream you have on from going all over the place. It makes the perfect stocking filler for beauty enthusiasts. You can find it here for only £12.00. 
 The Intuition f.a.b razor from Wilkinson Sword is the perfect stocking filler for all the fabulous females in your life (or even to treat yourself). I love getting Wilkinson Sword razors in my stocking at Christmas, they're an absolute essential and this fantastic razor gives you the rarity of shaving your legs both forwards and backwards, giving you that perfect close shave, saving you time and leaving you with silky, smooth pins! 

You can find this gem available to purchase at: Superdrug for £5.98 and Boots for £5.99. 
I'm always buying Wilkinson Sword razors for both the men and women in my life for little added Christmas gifts, they're such an essential and perfect stocking filler. Everyone needs a good, quality razor and Wilkinson Sword razors are always the best and fantastic quality. 

The amazing Hydro 5 Sense is the latest must-have razor for men from Wilkinson Sword. Designed with 7 hydro glide gel pools and 5 blades with skin guards to help reduce irritation. It also has shock absorb technology, the razor auto-adjusts based on how a person shaves and senses the right pressure for them for a real close, customised shave. 

You can find this perfect stocking filler for the fellas at: Superdrug for £8.99 and Boots for the reduced price of £4.50 (check the Boots website to check that the offer is still available) 

Christmas Cards & Charity Gifts:

Cats Protection do a lovely range of cat themed cards and gifts which are really affordable with money going to helping cats in need. Have a browse here 

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