The Horrific Murders of Playboy Bunny Eve Stratford, Lynne Weedon & Lynda Farrow | Part Two

 (Lynne Weedon. Picture credit: BBC News)

Continued from Part One....

Just a little warning that some of the details shared in this post are quite disturbing. 

Just 6 months after Eve's murder a 16 year old girl by the name of Lynne Weedon was making her way home in Hounslow, West London after a night out with friends at a Disco. Lynne was a popular, friendly and well liked girl who always had good grades in school. On this particular night she decided to take a short cut down an alleyway near her home. As she was walking someone came up behind her and hit her over the head with a blunt object, she was bruitally raped and her body was thrown over a fence. 

The next morning a caretaker found her, she was still breathing but was obviously in a very bad way. She was rushed to hospital where she clung onto life for a week but sadly passed away. The police searched the area where she was attacked and found no murder weapon, no witnesses came forward. They suspected that the same person who murdered Eve had been the same person who carried out this horrendous crime. 

Along with Eve's case, Lynne's case also went cold. Eve and Lynne didn't know each other and they had never met but the police believed that there were similarities in both murders. 

(Lynda Farrow. Picture credit: The Sun)

Four years after Eve and Lynne's deaths, a pregnant mother of two Lynda Farrow had been savagely murdered in the home she was staying in with her boyfriend. Again, there was some similarities with Eve's murder. The perpetrator didn't break into the house, there was no weapon left at the scene and the gruesome way in which Lynda was murdered is the stuff of nightmares. 

The 29 year old was also horrifically stabbed to the point that she was almost decapitated. Police found similarities with Eve Straford's murder but also suspected that she could have been a victim of The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. Two schoolgirls walking passed the house that day heard a scream followed by a door slamming shut. 

Lynda was found by her two daughters who had returned home early from school that day in January 1979. The poor girls had to see their mother lying face down with blood all over the place. 

Footprints that matched Size 7 wellington boots were found outside the door to the house. The police believed that Lynda knew her killer due to the fact that there was no forced entry into the house. She had just recently left her husband to be with her boyfriend and both men were investigated and let go without charge.

Lynda was said to have been a lovely, outgoing woman and caring mother who worked as a Croupier. 

The only clue that the police had to go on was a description of a man seen running from the scene. This man was estimated to be in his 30s. He had an afro hairstyle and was wearing a donkey jacket.

Lynne's case, which was now considered a ''cold case'' was reopened in 2004. 

In 2007, the police were proved right about the connection between Eve and Lynne's murders. DNA had shown that they were murdered by the same man. Both Eve and Lynne were featured on Crimewatch with the police making a fresh appeal, they believed that both murders were sexually motivated. 

Unfortunately in Lynda's case, evidence was lost so they could not carry out the same investigation. 

As of 2020, all three cases remain unsolved and there is no certainty that Lynda's murder was carried out by the same person who killed Eve and Lynne but it's still a theory along with The Yorkshire Ripper theory. Without the evidence all there is, is speculation.

I find it heartbreaking that these three young women, all living in the London area in the mid to late 70s had their lives so cruelly wiped out and the fact that this person or persons could be still out there right now. They could be abroad, they could be dead. The police believe them to be at least into their late 60s or 70s by now. 

Eve's family have all gone now, they never lived to see justice for Eve. Lynne's mother still lives with the heartache of what happened to her daughter, she said in an interview in 2015 ''1975 seems so long ago and it is. 40 years without her. We have missed out on so much. We are well aware that whoever murdered Lynne also murdered Eve Stratford. That young lady also had her life snubbed out.''

If you or anyone you know has any information about any of the cases shared in these two posts, no matter how small, please call the Police Incident Room on 020 8785 8099 or contact Crimestoppers (Anon) on 0800 555 111.

RIP Eve, Lynne & Lynda. I pray that one day justice will be done for you x

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Thank you so much for checking out my two part series on these 3 cases. I hope you found them informative and hopefully one day all three of these cases will be solved and I'll be able to update this post with some positive news x

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