The Playboy Bunny Curse? | Murder, Suicide & Tragedy | Part Two


(Stephanie Adams and her son. Picture credit:

Continued from part one...

As with my first post in this series, please take into consideration that some of the details shared in these posts are quite upsetting. The murder of Dorothy Stratten was bone chilling but the next case I want to briefly share caused a lot of anger and outrage that nobody could get their heads around it and are still sickened and shocked about to this day. 

Stephanie Adams had been a Playboy playmate turned author of self help books. She seemed to be a woman who was full of confidence and was so great at motivating other people and offering advice that it seemed nothing could get her down but in May of 2018, Stephanie was in a very very dark place in her life. She was involved in a bitter custody battle with her ex husband.

Divorces and custody battles can be tough and anyone would have sympathy for what she was going through but what she did next was unimaginable. Stephanie took her 7 year old son to a hotel in New York and pushed him out of a 25th floor window, she then jumped out herself. The sheer horror of trying to imagine what that poor child must have been going through in those last moments of his life? What kind of mother does that to her child? No matter the circumstances, that little boy deserved to live and to think that his last moments on this earth were full of fear and sheer terror at the hands of his own mother is horrendous, someone who was supposed to love and keep him safe at all costs. 

To do that to a little boy was just selfish and evil, she also denied him a future. That is my opinion and I know a lot of people were sickened at what happened to Vincent, her son. 

(Left: Jonathan Harris. Right: Christina Carlin Kraft. Picture credit:

Christina Carlin-Kraft was a beautiful model who had posed for various high end and designer brands, not just Playboy. She was known for her striking green eyes and olive skin and was happily engaged to her long term boyfriend. 

Christina was only 36 years old and seemed to have the world at her feet but that all came to a horrific end in August of 2018. Jonathan Harris attacked Christina in her own home and bound her hands together before beating and strangling her to death. This evil monster beat her so badly that even he admitted that he couldn't look at what he had done to her and had to put a sheet over her body.

Jonathan Harris told the police that they met at a club and went back to her house for sex and ended up having a fight over cocaine. Christina had no trace of cocaine or any or drug in her system.

Jonathan was sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

(Eve Stratford: Picture credit: Met Police)

I recently covered Eve's case here. Eve worked as a Playboy bunny at a club in London during the 1970s. She was murdered in her own home and to this day nobody knows who did it. Her murder was connected to another girl's murder 6 months after, this man has still not not been found. I talk more about this case and the two other cases which were said to be connected in my 2 part series.

(Cassandra Lynn Hensley. Picture credit:

The beautiful Cassandra had been Playboy's 'Miss February' in 2006 and was happily married with two children but she had difficulties with alcohol and drugs. 

She was sadly found dead in her bathtub in January 2014. She was only 34 and her death was ruled an accidental overdose. Investigators said that she had been binging on illegal substances and drinking alcohol before she died.

As if losing his beloved wife was not enough, Cassandra's poor husband found out that Cassandra had been sleeping with another man behind his back and had been with this man the night before her death.

(Ashley Mattingly. Picture credit:

This was another sad case to research. From the picture above as well as other photoshoots she has done you would think that the world was this beautiful blonde's oyster. The sad truth is that behind the beautiful smile, Ashley was fighting a battle everyday. 

She had struggled for quite some time with drug addiction but was always determined that she would get her life back on track once and for all and had her heart set on becoming a pilot but it wasn't to be for reasons best known to herself and her family. She decided to end her life in April of this year (2020), she was just 33 years old. 

It was revealed that she had taken her own life by putting a gun in her mouth and pulling the trigger. It's hard to imagine someone taking the decision to end their life in such a horrific way. She had left suicide notes to family and friends. Just two days before her death she posted a strange video to her Instagram page of herself in hospital. She claimed that she had been taken to hospital after vomiting up blood due to drinking too much alcohol. 

It's such as sad and tragic story as are all of these stories that I've been researching for these posts.

Continued in part three...

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