UPDATE (Dec 2019): The Black Cab Rapist: John Derek Radford aka John Worboys

(John Worboys aka John Derek Radford. Picture credit: bbc.co.uk

You may remember me covering the shocking case of The Black Cab Rapist who was stalking the streets of London and targeting young women, sexually assaulting them after giving them drinks laced with drugs. 

You can check out the post here 

I have a quick update on the case. In May of this year (2019) he was suspected and charged with the sexual assault of four more women. 

He had already been serving time for the other sickening acts that he had committed in the early 2000's and now he has been found guilty of four more assaults (as I mentioned in my original post on the case, he is suspected of carrying out more attacks and is still being investigated) and jailed for a minimum of 6 years. He pleaded guilty for the attacks and the sentencing took place today (Tuesday 17th of December 2019).

John Worboys, who now goes by the name John Derek Radford is in prison at this moment, he was nearly released last year but due to public outcry and a campaign by his victims and their families, he has remained behind bars, partly for his own protection.

I will update you should any other details arise about this case, 

x Jo

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