Nowhere To Run: The Marilyn Mckenna Story | True Crime | Part Two

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Continued from part one

Thank you for checking out part one of this case which I'm sure you will agree was quite an uncomfortable read but in this post it won't get that much easier as I continue to tell you Marilyn's story. The details are horrific and such that I have never gotten over reading them the first time I had come across this case. 

I mentioned in part one that I completely understood if you would like to skip over this case as it can be quite difficult to digest the details. I will try in this post to be as gentle as I can in explaining what happened but I will give you the truth as devastating as it is. 

As I mentioned before, I am going to be mentioning some pretty heavy themes to do with attempted suicide, domestic violence and murder in this post so please be aware. 

So let's continue....

Marilyn and the kids were enjoying the peace and quiet for the first time in a long time. Was this it? Was Stuart Drury finally out of their lives once and for all? Weeks went by and there was no sign of him and Marilyn couldn't have been happier until the day she found him on her doorstep out of the blue.

He said he just wanted to have a talk, to apologise properly for everything he had put her and the kids through. Rightly or wrongly she let him into the house and made him a cup of coffee, she may have felt it was safe because he knew the police were aware of him and he did disappear for a few weeks, maybe he had realised the error of his ways. At first, he seemed to be genuinely sorry for all that he had done and they had a civil conversation over coffee. The kids were in the house too but they stayed out of the way, they couldn't bare to be near him.

At some point during the conversation, Stuart grew tired of playing the nice guy and got straight to the point, he wanted Marilyn to take him back. Marilyn stayed strong and told him that she would never be with a man who was violent and she had no interest in starting a relationship back up with him. It was over as far as she was concerned and it was about time that he had left. Marilyn got up and just as she was about to walk towards the door to direct him out, Stuart pulled out a knife and cut his wrists and throat in front of her. The scene was utter chaos and Marilyn was hysterical, the children ran into the room and were horrified at what they saw. Again the police and an ambulance was called. 

This incident didn't stop Stuart from returning to the house and hiding in the bushes outside. All the police did was caution him to stay away from Marilyn but he never listened, it was an endless cycle of him showing up, Marilyn calling the police and nothing getting done about it. Marilyn was at her wits end. The phone was constantly ringing at all hours of the day and night and he would leave abusive messages on her answering machine. 

On one of the occasions that he was outside the house, Marilyn had called the police who managed to get there straight away and remove him but that didn't stop him making a reverse charge call to Marilyn's house, when she picked up the phone, she could hear him say over the operators voice ''You're dead''.

She was so terrified, she gathered the kids together and fled to a woman's refuge hostel in another part of the city. She was too scared to stay in the house with the kids. The hostel was known for being secure and safe but Stuart somehow found out where she was and started making phonecalls there. She had no choice but to leave.

Marilyn's relatives had offered her and the kids a place to stay but for some reason she just wanted to go home. Maybe it was an act of defiance against Stuart? 

When Marilyn and the kids returned to the house they found that the house had been turned completely upside down, it had been wrecked, windows had been smashed and there was excrement all over Marilyn's clothes and the walls. The answer machine was full of messages from Stuart:

''Pick up the phone you f*cking bitch, pick up the f*cking phone or you are a dead woman. You can't hide from me. You won't ever get away from me''. 

Marilyn kept a record of every incident and reported each one to the police, at least 64 different police officers had been to her house but nothing was ever done. Marilyn began to lose hope that she would ever get out of this situation. Stuart knew everything about her, in the two years that they had been together, he know her routine, where her friends and family lived, private and personal details about her, it was like there was no escape. 

As a break from the abusive answer machine messages, Marilyn began to leave the phone off the hook. The kids helped her board up the windows and clean the place up. She put extra locks on the front door but she still felt unsafe in her own home.

She called Aileen and poured her heart out to her on the phone, she said ''I've had to leave the phone off the hook because he's been calling me every 10 minutes. I'm going to be found in a pool of blood and then everybody will be paying attention''. 

Despite everything Marilyn still had some fight in her, she was becoming more angry that nothing was being done by the police to protect her and the kids. She hated Stuart having control of her life and was determined that she was not going to let him win. She told Aileen that she wanted to see her on Friday night and that she really needed to let her hair down after everything lately.

A few days later, Marilyn was putting on her makeup and trying to put Stuart Drury out of her mind. She was determined that he was not going to stop her living her life. That night, she was sitting in a bar with Aileen, having a few drinks and was having such a good time that she forgot about Stuart instead her attentions were drawn towards an attractive man that she saw watching her from the other side of the bar.

At first they were just staring at each other but he soon came over and offered to buy her and Aileen a drink. He seemed nice and the three of them had a laugh and continued to enjoy the night. Aileen could see that Marilyn and her new friend were getting on really well and she didn't want to play gooseberry. She told the pair that she was going home but whispered in Marilyn's ear that she wanted her to call her the next day and tell her everything. Aileen was excited for Marilyn and it was great to see that sparkle come back into her eyes again.

Marilyn and her male friend continued talking and having a few more drinks and when the bar was starting to close, Marilyn suggested they go back to her place for a coffee. It was quite a risky move for someone to make considering everything she had been through but there was something about this guy that she just connected to and she was determined to move on with her life. Maybe in the back of her mind she was hoping that if Stuart was watching, that he would see her with someone else and finally get the message? being with a man she may have felt more safe? who knows what was going through Marilyn's mind but the pair got in a taxi and headed to her place. The kids were at their grandparents house so they would have plenty of privacy there.

Back at Marilyn's she put on some music and opened up a bottle of wine, she was getting on well with this new guy but then there was a loud thud at the door. Her heart must have sank because sure enough, it was Stuart. She opened the door, probably thinking it would be safe because she had a man with her. Stuart created a scene, shouting and swearing, asking her what was going on and who was this guy?

The man had no idea what to do and was quite intimidated by Stuart. To be fair to him, he had just met Marilyn and didn't know the background of her situation with Stuart. The man put his jacket on and decided it would be best if he left. Marilyn ran out the door after the man and Stuart followed, continually shouting and swearing.

At some point, the three of them stopped at Abbeyhill street where the arguing continued. The man left, leaving Marilyn and Stuart continuing to argue. A witness who was up feeding her baby in the early hours of the 5th of September 1998, claimed that she could see from her kitchen window the events that unfolded which she has never been able to put out of her mind. 

''What the f*ck were you doing with him?'' shouted Stuart in a rage at Marilyn, to which she replied ''What do you think?''. Stuart pulled a claw hammer from his jacket and smashed Marilyn over the head with it. She tried to protect herself but her short and petite frame was no match for him as he was broad and six foot plus. She tried to protect herself but the blows rained down, he kept smashing her over the face and head. Pathologists later said that there had been 7 blows to the head and one even claimed that Marilyn's injuries had been the worst they had ever seen. 

Marilyn was slumped over on the ground, bleeding profusely but he didn't stop there, he crunched the hammer into her neck and ripped her jaw out. Lying there in a pool of her own blood and still clinging to life, the coward and monster known as Stuart Drury fled the scene. 

The witness at the window was hysterical and called the police and an ambulance who arrived at the scene very quickly. The scene was horrific, there was blood everywhere. The ambulance crew had to remove Marilyn's smashed teeth from her airways in order to help her breathe but it was clear that this poor woman was dying. There was pieces of Marilyn's skin, jaw, blood and teeth scattered about the road. She was rushed to hospital where doctors did all they could to save her but she sadly passed away.

It didn't take the police long to figure out who was responsible and in just a few hours, they were at Stuart Drury's door. He was still wearing the same clothes which were splattered with Marilyn's blood. As the police searched his flat they found a stack of photographs of Marilyn which had either been ripped apart or her face had been scratched out. They arrested him and took him to the police station where they found another picture of Marilyn in his pocket which had been slashed in two with a knife.

35 year old Stuart was convicted of Marilyn's murder but he tried to appeal and for the next couple of years he put her family through hell through the court system. He tried to drag Marilyn's name through the mud by telling the court that she slept around and that they were having a sexual relationship. 

He managed to have his father and a friend speak on his behalf and they claimed to have seen Marilyn and Stuart together in a romantic relationship right up to her death. Stuart tried to play the part of the man who had been done wrong, he claimed that he loved Marilyn and was broken hearted when he saw her with another man and just exploded. His lies didn't wash though and he was convicted a second time for the murder of Marilyn Mckenna.

After he was jailed, it came to light that he had been convicted two years before Marilyn's death for assaulting a woman. He had tried to strangle the woman to death and she was severely beaten in her flat in Glasgow and for this sickening act he was sentenced to just 60 days in prison. 

The fact that this monster had tried to kill a woman, been handed a pathetic sentence, went on to terrorise another woman (whilst the police did nothing) and then murdering her in the middle of the street in cold blood, makes me sick. 

I feel anger for this utter lack of justice in these cases. In the UK I am often sickened at the ridiculous sentences that are handed down to people who have done the most horrendous things. 

Marilyn was only 37 when she died at the evil hands of Stuart Drury. She was a wonderful mother and friend as well as an extremely hard worker. Her three children have to live with the nightmare of what happened to their mother and the horrible memories of Stuart Drury. I think of Aileen too and how difficult it must have been and is for her, she could never have seen it coming, she left her sister that night with a man who she thought may have protected her. I think about that man too and the guilt he must feel but how was he to know what the real story was, Stuart was very manipulative and could get around people. 

The story of Marilyn Mckenna should be known everywhere, this can happen to any man or woman and these situations need to be taken seriously by police especially with someone who already had a previous conviction for attempted murder.

This is a case that haunts me and if you have made it this far in the post, I thank you and I appreciate it. As devastating as this is, Marilyn Mckenna deserves to be remembered.

UPDATE (January 2020) The authorities have ruled that Stuart Drury is not fit for release as of this time and is to spend another two years in prison. Let's hope he stays there. 

Thanks as always for your support. I'll see you in the next post. If you would like to comment below about this case, please do. If you want to talk more about it, feel free to message me on any of my social media platforms or email me at:

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RIP Marilyn x 

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  1. The justice system in this country is really bad. 60 days for Attempted murder and the police knew this and sod all. That is so bad. I feel so so sorry for that woman and her family. Marilyn had so much evidence against this evil guy. Yet the police did so all. If there did there job and put him away alot sooner she could still be here with us now. Instead they did not and because of that she is no longer here. Thank you for sharing Marilyn storie with us kitty. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ R. I. P Marilyn.