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If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll probably remember that I covered the Heather Elvis disappearance back in March of this year (2019), well I've been keeping an eye on the latest news and today we had another important turn in the case. 

For those not familiar with the case, to cut a long story short (for the full details check out: What Happened To Heather Elvis, Part One and Two) Heather was a beautiful 20 year old girl from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina who had dreams of working in the beauty industry. Whilst she was studying she had worked as a hostess/waitress at a restaurant called The Tilted Kilt. 

It was here that she met a maintenance man by the name of Sidney Moorer. Sidney was 37 years old and was married with three children. Heather and Sidney began flirting and soon ended up having a full blown affair. They would have sex at work and on his days off, Sidney would bring Heather coffee and bagels on her lunch break. The affair was common knowledge at the restaurant and Heather would often have to put up with some of the opinions of the other girls that she worked with as they didn't approve of the relationship.

Things quickly turned sour when Sidney's wife, Tammy found out about the affair she contacted Heather on the phone and told her ''You are going to end it with my husband.'' before passing the phone to Sidney who then proceeded to run Heather down for Tammy's benefit, telling her that he didn't care about her and that it was just a sex thing.

Heather was devastated and it really took a toll on her confidence but she did her best to move on but Tammy had other ideas, she continued to send abusive messages to Heather.

Over the passing weeks, Heather began to notice that she was gaining weight and she told her colleagues at work who advised her to take a pregnancy test. The test came back as ''error''. 

Heather had not contacted Sidney for 2 months but for some reason out of the blue he rang her at 1:35 am on the 18th of December 2013 (it was Sidney Moorer, calling from a payphone). The call lasted 4:53 minutes.

When she got off the phone she started crying and called her close friend and roommate (who was out of town visiting relatives) and told her about the phone call. Her friend told her not to make any rash decisions and to go to bed. Heather agreed but when she got off the phone from her friend, she decided to call the number that Sidney had earlier called her from.

When she got no answer she decided to call his mobile phone which just rang out, she tried again and he (or someone) finally answers and the call lasts for 4:15 minutes. 

As I mentioned in my original post about this, shortly after this phone call from Sidney's phone, Heather drove her car to Peach Tree Boat Landing (Sidney and Tammy's house is approx 3 miles from Peach Tree Boat Landing) which was dark and empty at that time of the morning. 

The full time line of events and the circumstances are all covered in part one and two of my original posts. 

The Peach Tree Boat Landing was the last place that Heather was located by her mobile phone before the signal had vanished. Her car was left behind but the police later discovered that her purse. keys and phone were missing.

Not a glimpse has been seen of her since and many believe that Tammy had discovered that Heather may have pregnant with Sidney's baby and that she and Sidney had come up with a plan to kidnap and murder Heather.

Their behaviour after Heather was reported missing was said to be highly suspicious. Tammy wouldn't  let Sidney near his mobile phone but gave him it back after Heather was reported missing. In this new re-trial for Sidney some footage on the Moorers were found with Tammy walking around the yard with a mirror as if to inspect for any hidden devices. They both thoroughly cleaned their truck too.

At Sidney's original trial in 2016 it resulted in a hung jury. At her own trial, Tammy was sentenced to 30 years.

Yesterday, after a couple of weeks, Sidney (who was currently serving his 10 year sentence for lying to police officers) was found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap. 

He was sentenced to 30 years, which is the maximum they could give him.

Heather's family said it was a step in the right direction but didn't provide them with any answers 

Heather's body has never been found and nobody knows for sure what happened to her. 

Now, Tammy and Sidney are both behind bars, I would like them to give Heather's family closure and just tell them where their beautiful daughter is. 

Will this happen? Nobody can say. A little bit of justice has been done today for Heather and her family but I think that they will not feel right until Heather has been found.

What are your thoughts on this case?

See you in the next post x

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