Let's Talk True Crime: Part Three (Final Part)| True Crime With Caledonian Kitty


Before I really get into the questions on this final Q&A post, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read, commented and sent me messages about the posts, I really appreciate it. 

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm feeling festive, I hope you are too. 

So let's get stuck into these remaining questions shall we? 

1) Would you ever cover the OJ Simpson case and do you think he's guilty?

Oh what a juicy question or two questions lol. Do you know what? Instead of answering this question with whether or not I find him guilty, I will cover the case in a future post and give my opinion on there so stay tuned. So at least one question is answered for now, yes I will cover the case and thank you for the request. 

2) Is there a case recently that has been true crime related that has affected you?

I just found out the horrific story of the little boy, Arthur Labinjo Hughes. This poor child was put through sheer hell at the hands of his stepmother and father who tortured and poisoned the child until they eventually murdered him. Both of them are behind bars and you can read the whole story here. Such a horrendous case and your heart just bleeds for that little boy, may he rest in peace. Let's hope his callous killers know no peace.

3) Do you believe in the death penalty?

In certain cases where the evidence of guilt is completely there 100%. If there is any element of doubt then the case needs to be looked over again and no execution should take place. 

4) You wrote about Gary Glitter and Ian Watkins recently, do you think they should be forgiven and give another chance?

Wow! what a question. What I have come to realise since writing about these two individuals is that they still have fans, devoted fans at that. I don't think child abuse should be forgiven and I don't think paedophiles can be cured. As for another chance I think these two would be best just going somewhere else where they can be monitored and kept apart from children. I'm not a psychologist so I don't know their state of mind and whether being in prison and publicly hated has had any impact on them. 

5) Would you please cover BTK? and what do you think of him?

I've had BTK on my list for a while but I never covered him because of Mindhunter but now that the show is said to be on hold (OMG PLEASE BRING IT BACK), I will cover the case. He is a complex character and very fascinating and I don't mean that in any sort of positive way because this man is beyond evil. His level of evilness knows no bounds and he talks about his victims like he's reading out a shopping list. 

6) What do you think of women who write to serial killers in prison? 

It's a fantasy for them, they are insecure, lonely women who maybe don't have the confidence to form a relationship with an everyday guy or have experienced negative relationships in the past. The idea of a man held in a prison with no other women around seems to appeal to these women. If he is a criminal and especially a high profile one there is that boost of it being a risk and they think that the murderer they are writing to will never harm them because they are 'special'. There is an element of narcissism here too because they think that they themselves have the power to change the man they desire and that they will be treated differently than his victims. It is sad and pathetic and very disrespectful. Sadly for these women a lot of them find out the hard way when they write to these type of offenders in prison. They find themselves being used, being one of many women and simply just a means to an end. It's therapy that these women need as often the contact with these predators does them way more damage psychologically in the long run. 

And there you have it, the final part. Thank you again for joining me here and in parts one and two

I hope to see you elsewhere on Social Media as well as here in my next post x 

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  1. Hello Jo,
    What a wonderful surprise to read you tonight !
    I can’t wait for you to covered and read your point of view about the O.J Simpson case. It’s going to be epic.
    I was heartbroken when I read about the Arthur Labinjo Hughes. Horrendous! The parents are monsters. I that case, I would say yes for the death penality.
    I couldn’t agree more with you about death penality !
    I also agree 100 % about Garry Glitter and Ian Watkins. They are both monsters.
    I know the BTK case pretty well but I would absolutely love to read your true crime case about him. I certainly can’t wait to read your true crime case about him !
    I am completely agreed with your point of view about the women who are writing to serial killers in prison.
    Thank you so much for everyting Jo Xx