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(Little angels who never stood a chance. Star Hobson and Arthur Labinjo Hughes. Picture credits: BBC News & Telegraph & Argus)

Look at those two cuties, anybody in their right mind would be so proud to have such beautiful little angels for a son or a daughter. These pictures say so much to me about these children, they both had a zest for life, a tremendous light inside of them that shone bright, so bright that when you looked at a picture of them you could not help but feel warmth and an over protective feeling towards them.

For those of us who have looked into the horrific stories of Star Hobson and Arthur Labinjo Hughes, we now know that behind those beautiful little smiles was a frightened child just trying to survive, 

It stirs in us a mixture of heartbreak and anger. Both of these little darlings are deceased, those beautiful smiles are no more and who's to blame for that? the pieces of filth that these poor angels had for parents. 

There's people in this world who don't deserve to be parents, who don't deserve to have the title and role of Mother and Father and in this case I look to the parents of Arthur and Star and I think to myself that these poor babies never stood a chance. 

Arthur's mother was put in prison so he was left in the care of his father and stepmother. Instead of appreciating how bright this little boy was and giving him all the love and affection he deserved, they starved him, tortured him and force-fed him salt. Arthur repeatedly told other adults, especially at school, what was happening to him and he even admitted to being scared that his father might kill him one day. Despite these shocking revelations, the people who were supposed to be helping him, the very people who had the power to help him, did absolutely nothing. Apparently his grandmother and some other relatives tried to intervene but were told to stay away and when they were said to have raised the matter with authorities, it fell on deaf ears. 

(Arthur Labinjo Hughes. Picture credit: BBC News

Arthur managed to survive to 6 years old through a life of absolute misery and hell. He believed that nobody loved him which anyone could understand, here was this child who was being put through hell on a daily basis and when he tried to ask for help nobody does anything. It's no wonder he felt so alone and it's utterly devastating. 

His biological mother may have been behind bars when everything happened but she was an utter disgrace as a parent and in my opinion is partly responsible. As a mother bringing a child into the world she had a duty to protect him, to love him and keep him safe. 

I look at the father and stepmother of Arthur and the two of them make me sick. That boy was too good for the pair of them, they were scum, trash. Arthur was a bright light who was a little character, quick witted and you could just tell that he was going to go places when he got older, he had a great love of football too. 
(Cold hearted murderers. Emma Tustin & Thomas Hughes. Picture credit: West Midlands Police)

His father Thomas Hughes (29) and Stepmother Emma Tustin (32) were both sentenced at the beginning of December 2021 and the sentences sparked a public outcry and deemed too lenient. She got 29 years and he got 21 years for manslaughter. 

Since Emma has been behind bars it has been reported that she has been subjected to bullying by fellow inmates. Her food and drinks are over filled with salt. One of the prisoners claimed that they had done this in revenge for what she had done to Arthur. 

It has also been reported that Emma has been moved into isolation for her own protection, can you believe that? 

The UK public and beyond has taken Arthur into their hearts and many tributes have been paid to him including by his favourite football team. What this beautiful little boy endured is unimaginable, tougher sentences need to be given and to the people who turned a blind eye in authority, they need to be fired. At the end of the day, Arthur would still be here if someone stepped in properly and did something. 

I think about Dave Pelzer, who wrote the world famous book 'A Child Called It',he endured a horrendous nightmare of starvation and torment from his mother and eventually reported what was happening to his school and he was placed into protective care and survived. 

More needs to be done to protect our children. 

Another case which is currently in the process of being wrapped up as the jury are currently making their deliberations, is the 'alleged' murder of 16 month old Star Hobson. Star died in September 2020 after what a Forensic Pathologist described as an ongoing campaign of neglect and abuse. Star had a number of horrific injuries that were inflicted on her before and leading up to the day that she died. Her final cause of death was said to have been as a result of a number of forceful blows and kicks to her tiny body. 

(Star Hobson. Picture credit: The Guardian

Stood in the dock accused of her murder is her 20 year old mother, Frankie Smith and her partner 28 year old Savannah Brockhill who both deny all the charges put before them. They are both accused of not only neglecting, torturing and murdering/allowing the death of Star but also accused of waiting 15 minutes whilst Star lay dying, to call for an ambulance. They allegedly spent that time doing google searches instead 

Their trial which wraps up the week before Christmas 2021 has been going on for eight weeks, both have took the stand claiming to be innocent although Frankie did confess that she was at times cruel to Star. The little girl was often witnessed to have several bruises and cuts. 

The court has heard from a number of experts, various witnesses and even viewed hundreds of text messages and videos exchanged between Frankie and Savannah in the months leading up to and on Star's death. The trial has been taking place at Bradford Crown Court. 

(Pure Evil. Frankie Smith and Savannah Brockhill, Picture collage credit: Metro)

The court viewed videos that Frankie had made of Star on a number of occasions where she filmed cruel punishments placed upon the child and would send these videos to Savannah. 

CCTV footage was also shown in court and it revealed on one occasion, Frankie dragging Star along the street whilst the child had difficulty walking.due to having a broken leg. 

UPDATES on the Star Hobson case: The jury finally came to a verdict on Tuesday 14th of December 2021. They found Savannah Brockhill guilty of the murder & previous on-going abuse of Star. Frankie was found guilty of allowing or helping contribute to Star's death. Both were sentenced the next day, Savannah received a sentence of up to 25 years for the murder of Star and Frankie was to serve 8 years with time served taken into consideration so it's highly likely that she will actually serve a short time in prison. 

During the trial as I mentioned before, various videos, messages and CCTV footage was shown to the court and carefully looked over. One of the pieces of evidence that helped seal Savannah's fate was some CCTV footage from a carpark. Apparently Savannah was seen in a car with Star and repeatedly struck the child. 

Frankie has been painted as the young insecure mother with learning difficulties who was immature and easily let by older lover Savannah. Witnesses told the court that Frankie was often seen with bruises herself and claimed that Savannah was very much the dominant one in the relationship who was a bully. The pair were said to have been locked in a toxic relationship for months. 

Also revealed during the trial was the failure (YET, AGAIN!) of Social Services to act on FIVE SEPARATE occasions where concerns for Star's welfare were raised. Like Arthur Labinjo Hughes, this poor child was failed horribly by authorities. 

On the day that Star died, Frankie claimed that Star had ripped up a concert ticket and Savannah was furious. She went to the bathroom and came back to see Savannah up close to Star's face but wasn't sure what was going on, Savannah claimed that Star had just passed out and the pair spent 15 minutes looking up health sites on Google trying to work out how to bring Star out of whatever they claimed to think was wrong with her. 

Both of these cases are very emotional and disturbing and I appreciate you reading this post especially if you have made it this far. 

RIP to to the two beautiful angels who deserved so much more....Arthur & Star x

UPDATE: Tuesday 15th March 2022. Star Hobson's mother, Frankie Smith has sentence increased to 12 years by court of appeal after her original sentenced was deemed ''too lenient''. 

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  1. These two little angels. They were so cute and adorable.
    My niece just gave birth to a baby boy a few months ago, and it’s a treasure to everyone close to her.
    To think that monsters like these outrageous parents parents exist is beyond me.
    It’s heartbreaking !
    I’m looking at the beautiful smile of Arthur and I’m obviously getting so emotional. The things that they have done to him is horrendous.
    I can’t even look at these monsters ! I hope that they will rot in hell and get what they deserve in prison. No justice will bring back Arthur, that little ray of light.
    I completely agree with you, authority must do something to prevent these awful treatments. Maybe Arthur would have still been there with a better system. Dave Pelzer is a great example.
    RIP Arthur Labinjo Hughes Xxx

    I was less familiar with what was happening to Star Hobson. That is hearbreaking to read. She was only 16 months old and all the things that she went though. I’m sick to my stomach.
    I hope that justice will prevail and that we will know the verdict as soon as possible.
    RIP Star Hobson Xxx

    I’m so emotional right now. Thank you Jo for your incredible work. These two cases must have been so difficult to cover.

  2. Thank you so much for the latest update Jo.
    These two monsters deserve to rot in hell for what they have done to Star.
    I can’t wait to know the sentence for both of them.
    Savannah is pure evilness !!!
    RIP Star Xx

  3. I'm in disbelief about both sentences. Savannah sentence is shocking and ridiculous. Both sentences are ridiculous but only 25 years to Savannah is insulting. I'm so disappointed with the legal system and the social service. Horrendous ! Thank you for the updates about the verdict and the sentences Jo, you are amazing !

  4. I followed lovely wee Arthur's case I cried for hours when I knew what he had been through. He could have been with family who loved him. I agree police social services and all the others are not fit for purpose, but no they will get away with it move to other jobs blame anyone but themselves. As for the 2 Henious beasts who were allowed to keep him after they pulled the wool over social workers eyes they must serve whole life sentences and die in prison. The look like two evil scumbags.
    What's worse as well they couldn't even let the wee lamb rest in peace they lied about him and blamed him they were not fit to even be in his life. I do hope Arthur's resting easy 💫🕯️🕊️and flying high along with Star and all the other precious angels who have gone to soon because of these monsters that are so vile and evil wre able to treat poor wee lambs with no remorse, care or love. Hell is waiting for them 😪for what they have done. I could not read Stars story after Arthur's it was unbearable what happened poor wee tot. I started to light a candle for Arthur when I first read about him I light one for my late Husband every day since I lost him and will always do it now. I hope somehow somewhere Arthur Star and all the little ones know how much they have touched so many people and somehow somewhere they are at peace safe and sound the wee lovesxx🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸 Best wishes Coconut🕯️

  5. Thank you so much for the update Jo. I am glad that the Frankie Smith sentence has increased.