Let's Talk True Crime: Part Two | True Crime With Caledonian Kitty

Well here we are in part two and I just want to say thank you to everyone who read Part One of the Let's Talk True Crime series. I didn't expect it to be as popular as it was. It always surprises me when my Q&A posts do really well but I really appreciate it and my loyal readers. 

Can you believe we are getting so close to Christmas and the end of the year? Soon we'll be in 2022. 

So, let's get stuck into part two shall we?

1) Has there been a case that you've covered that has given you nightmares?

I don't know about nightmares but each case has left it's mark on me. It's difficult just to pick one out that has affected me the most because I've written about so many cases but off the top of my head I would say the Jessica Lunsford case, the horrific murder of Barry Wallace and of course the devastating stories of Sylvia Likens and Kriss Donald

2) Which serial killer would you interview and why?

I've probably answered this question in the past and maybe gave a different answer but in this moment I would have to say, the late John Wayne Gacy or Edmund Kemper. I'm not sure why as I have written about a few serial killers but with these two they had quite complex personalities but I'd be interested to hear more about their backgrounds, more than what we already know and have read in books. 

3) Who has done the best on-screen portrayal of a serial killer in your opinion?

As if I have to answer this question because you know what I'm going to say if you're a regular reader of mine..... the fantastic Brian Dennehy in To Catch A Killer. If you haven't seen this movie, stop what you're doing right now and go and watch it here / part one and here / part two. Brian's portrayal of John Wayne Gacy leaves chills down the spine. 

4) Which is the best? Manhunter or The Silence of The Lambs?

OMG! You can't do that to me. I am dedicated to them both and love them both for different reasons. I saw The Silence of The Lambs when I was 6 years old and I wanted to be like Clarice and join the FBI whilst other girls my age were playing with Barbie dolls. I love both movies and often binge watch both. 

5) What was the last true crime related documentary you watched?

It was more of a movie than a documentary but it was called The Lost Girls and I actually have the book based on the real case. It may still be available to watch on Netflix but it was heartbreaking. 

6) Are you currently reading a true crime book, if so, which one? 

Right now I don't have the time but there's a little stack that I'm determined to work my way through. I will be posting about them soon. 

Well thank you for getting through part two with me, the final part will be up next week. If there's anything you would like to ask that hasn't been covered in these two posts, please feel free to email me at jocaledoniankitty@gmail.com and I'll add them to next week's post. 

Hopefully I will see you in my next post or on my socials x


  1. Thank you for you answers Jo.
    Interviewing Edmund Kemper would be so creepy he I agree with you. I’m thinking about the scene in Manhunter series. Oh my my !! I couldn’t agree more with Brian Dennehy in To Catch A Killer. Not only that it’s one of the best true crime movies ever but such a perfect casting ! Brian is one of my favourites actors (RIP) and I his performance is amazing.
    Manhunter and Silence of the Lambs are two masterpieces !
    You’re amazing Jo, thank you for your awesome content !!!

  2. I love these Q&A posts!

    Always insightful and interesting to read, it gives not just a broader picture of who you are as a writer but it also enlightens the workings of true crime writing and research.

    I won't reiterate what you've written as I'd rather leave it to the reader to get their own impression and just say that I truly do enjoy reading your work and your Q&A posts. 🙏❤