10 Facts You May Not Know About Serial Killer....Dennis Rader (BTK)

(A recent mugshot of Dennis Rader. Picture credit: reddit)

In this final instalment in my '10 Facts You May Not Know About Serial Killers' series, the focus is on the infamous Dennis Rader otherwise known as BTK. If you haven't had a chance over the past weeks to check out the individuals that I have covered in this series, please see the posts below:

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So, let's get into this final instalment....

1) BTK stands for Bind, Torture, Kill. Dennis Rader gave himself this nickname.

2) Like a lot of serial killers before and since BTK, Dennis would have a horrific hobby of torturing animals as a child. He fixated on cats as his main target.

3) Dennis was accidentally dropped on his head as a child and it is believed that this event may have caused long lasting brain damage which would later affect his ability to feel remorse as well as his bizarre and sickening activities. 

4) Dennis saw the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy as an inspiration.

5) Dennis would stalk his victims for weeks, sometimes months and would view them as projects. Some victims were later murdered and some luckily never met an unfortunate end as they'd been able to somehow avoid him by chance of not being home on a particular day. 

6) He has never shown any remorse for his crimes and when questioned about the horrendous things that he has done, he is so cavalier about it. 

7) During the attack and murder of one of his victims he locked her children in the bathroom. 

8) Dennis Rader was very open about his crimes and confessed in chilling details about what took place. 

9) Dennis's daughter Kerri often speaks publicly not only about her relationship with her father (which she also documented in the book: A Serial Killer's Daughter) but is supportive to victims of crime. 

10) Dennis Rader is still alive and well in prison. He was given 10 life sentences but was not placed on Death Row due to it not being reinstated at the time. 

My heart goes out to the victims and survivors of Dennis Rader. The story of BTK will forever be a horrifying and disturbing case which none of us will ever come to understand. 

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Thank you so much for joining me these past 7 weeks in this series, I hope that you found each of these posts informative. I will be taking a break for this coming week but I will be back with a new series in July of which I hope you'll continue to join me. 

Stay safe.....until next time x 

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