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As you may be already aware I, like millions of others over the years have already written previously about Ted Bundy. I've talked about the horrendous details of his crimes, the victims, the trial and the aftermath but is there anything else that hasn't been covered when it comes to him? I've always said that, in my opinion he is the most over-glamourized serial killer in history (so far, at least). I've personally lost count of how many books, articles, podcasts, documentaries and movies have been made about him. Despite there being so much out there about his crimes, a lot of people are still unaware of other bits of information about him. I have put together a new series on my blog which focuses on some of the unknown facts of the Serial Killers that many of us know from the endless books and movies. 

[If you are not familiar with Ted Bundy and his shocking crimes, please check out my previous post on him]

So let's get into it in this first instalment of this series '10 Facts You May Not Know About Serial Killer.....Ted Bundy'.

1) Ted (full name Theodore Robert Bundy) confessed to the murders of 30 young women but the true number of his victims is unknown. He constantly toyed with investigators right up to his execution that there may have been more victims. 

2) Ted once worked on a crisis hotline as a volunteer with the best selling true crime author, Ann Rule. The pair became close friends and Ann would later write a book based on her friendship with him, his trial and his crimes. In her book 'The Stranger Beside Me', Ann recalled how Ted would be 'wonderful' on the phone with people who were depressed and suicidal, she said it was ironic that he had saved lives during those moments. 

3) Some people who knew Ted were shocked and in disbelief when his crimes were exposed. He was able to adapt his persona to whoever he was with at any given time. One of his ex girlfriends who had a young daughter, explained that Ted was a great father figure to her little girl and would often make breakfast for them in the morning. 

4) When Ted was a young child there were some red flags beginning to show including the time that he was staying with an aunt who had woken up to find that he had placed knives around her whilst she had been asleep in bed. She was shocked and disturbed by the discovery and also to Ted's reaction to it for he could not stop laughing. He found this strange act to be very amusing. 

5) Ted has a secret daughter whom he fathered whilst in prison with a groupie who would attend his trial. Carole Ann Boone was obsessed with Ted and was one of many of his 'fan girls'. He would write to many women in prison but Carole was the one he gained the most out of (obviously he was using her for his own gain). His daughter changed her name and has continued to live a private life. 

6) Ted Bundy was 42 years old when he died in the electric chair on the 24th of January 1989. 

7) Ted Bundy's youngest known victim was 12 year old Kimberly Leach 

8) The run up to Ted Bundy's execution was like a national event, t-shirts were printed, banners were made, countdowns to his death were arranged. Crowds of people and media were camped outside of the prison chanting ''Burn Bundy Burn''. When his death was announced and the hearse containing his body was being driven out of the grounds, people cheered and sang songs in celebration. 

9) 42 people reportedly came to watch the execution of Ted Bundy, many of them were relatives of the victims. 

10) Ted Bundy's brain was examined for any signs of abnormalities but none were found. Scientists were nowhere near any closer as to trying to understand Ted's remarkable intelligence but also his sickening and cruel thirst for violent sexual murder. 

So, I have covered just some of the facts about Ted Bundy in this piece along with my original post about him. If you would like me to write more future articles about Bundy please let me know. I always welcome comments below or emails: jocaledoniankitty@gmail.com 

RIP to Ann Marie Burr, Lonnie Trumbell, Lisa Wick, Joni Lenz, Lynda Ann Healy, Donna Gail Manson, Susan Elaine Rancourt, Brenda Baker, Roberta Kathleen Parks, Brenda Carol Ball, Georgeann Hawkins, Janice Ott, Denise Naslund, Caryn Campbell, Julie Cunningham, Denise Lynn Oliverson, Melanie Cooley, Shelly Robertson, Nancy Wilcox, Melissa Smith, Laura Aime, Debby Kent, Nancy Baird, Sue Curtis, Debbie Smith, Rita Lorraine Jolly, Vickie Lynn Hollar, Lisa Levy, Margaret Bowman, Kimberly Leach, Lynette Culver, Rita Curran & many unidentified others. 

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