5 UK Serial Killers Deemed Too Dangerous To Ever Be Released From Prison

I am still working on my final post in the decade of the 1980s as part of my Serial Killers of the 70s, 80s & 90s series. It's a big case and I still have some research and reading materials to get through before I feel that I know the case 100%. In the meantime, I have put together this post which is in a similar vein and the focus is still on serial killer cases. 

After I publish my next post, I will be moving on to serial killers of the 1990s which will be interesting as there are a few names on my list which I'm not familiar with. It'll be interesting to delve into as many books and court documents as possible and see what the story is behind each of these six individuals. 

For this post, we will be looking at just a handful of serial killers, 5 to be exact, who are deemed too dangerous to ever be let out of prison and as you read through, you'll begin to understand why. You may recognize the faces as I have covered their cases before and others you might not be familiar with. I hope you find this post informative either way and I would love to hear your thoughts below, by email (jocaledoniankitty@gmail.com) or on my social media platforms 

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Christopher Halliwell 

(Christopher Halliwell. Picture credit: standard)

Cold bloodied serial killer, Christopher Halliwell is the first name to appear on this short list. He was convicted in 2012 of the murders of two women. He was a sexual predator and pretty much like John Worboys, he saw his job as a taxi driver as an aid in his crimes. He would target vulnerable women and subject them to a horrific sexual assault and is said to be one of the most cold and calculating individuals you could ever come across. He is suspected of other murders and further investigation into possible links to him and unsolved cases is currently ongoing. For now and the rest of his natural born life, he is in prison serving a whole life order. 

I covered his case back in 2022, you can find it here

Steve Wright

(Steve Wright. Picture credit: wikipedia)

At the height of his reign of terror, Steve Wright was bringing back horrible memories of the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe (Sutcliffe was an English serial killer who murdered woman in West Yorkshire during the 1970s & 1980s. The majority of his victims were sex workers and the hunt for him was one of the biggest investigations in British history. Luckily, he was later caught and died behind bars). Steve Wright created a level of fear in the UK that the public had not seen in years. For those of us who were not around during the 70s and 80s when Peter Sutcliffe was on the streets murdering innocent women (and nobody knew who was next) we got a taste of what it must have been like to live in fear. When you turned on the TV another woman's body would be found and everyone was tense. 

Like Sutcliffe, Wright frequented sex workers but had a love/hate relationship with them. He was well known to a number of the working girls and the women that he murdered. He was convicted of murdering 5 women in 2008 and given a whole life order. 

For the full case and background, please check out the post I previously wrote back in 2022, here

Stephen Griffiths

(Stephen Griffiths. Picture credit: nbcnews)

Stephen Griffiths was no stranger to odd behaviour, he had a history of acting eccentric and controlling with previous girlfriends, even stalking one and leaving chilling messages on her answering machine. He was a ticking timebomb and what was even more sinister about him was that he was actually intelligent with an interest in criminology which he would go on to study. Instead of just having an interest in human behaviour in terms of psychopathy and crime patterns, he idolized the likes of Ted Bundy and decided that he wanted to have books written about him and movies made about him. He wanted to be infamous and he frequented sex workers too. The working girls were used to seeing him around and would provide their services to him on occasion so this could be why they felt that he was harmless and felt comfortable enough to go back to his flat. 

He ended up being convicted of the murders of three women who were working girls, it has always been suspected that he is responsible for more deaths. He was given a whole life order in 2010. 

Stephen Griffiths turned out to be more of a monster than anyone thought and I go into all of the details in my post about his case here

Joanna Dennehy

(Joanna Dennehy. Picture credit: independent)

Joanna Dennehy was one messed up individual who claimed that she loved the taste of blood. She targeted her innocent victims just for the hell of it and never expressed an ounce of remorse or regret. In March of 2013 she murdered 3 innocent men, according to her she did it because she felt like it. Since she has been in prison (for which she is serving a whole life order) she has continued to show no remorse for her actions. 

Levi Bellfield 

(Levi Bellfield. Picture credit: mirror)

Levi Bellfield is one of the most evilest men to have ever existed and for him to have been issued with a whole life order is completely justified. He was found guilty in February of 2008 of the murders of three young women and the attempted murder of another. 

Levi was and is a bully and a braggart with a history of violence towards women but the strange thing is, he was a complete mother's boy with a dislike for girls with blonde hair due to his own insecurities. For the full story and background of his case, check out this three part series I wrote about him back in 2019. 

Well, I hope that you found this short post informative, obviously there are quite a number of dangerous individuals that I could have included here but I will save those for a future post. My next installment of my Serial Killers of the 70s, 80s and 90s series will be published here on my blog next Sunday (I post new content every Sunday evening) so I hope you will join me for that. 

Stay safe, hopefully I will see you in the next post and in the meantime, on my socials x

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