The Hillside Stranglers: Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono Jr | Partners In Crime Series (First Instalment) GRAPHIC CONTENT

(Two faces of evil. Top: Kenneth Bianchi, Bottom: Angelo Buono Jr. Picture credits: History Link & Rolling Stone)

As you have probably guessed from the title of this post, I'm beginning 2023 with a new series on my blog, 'Partners In Crime', pretty obvious what that entails so you probably don't need me to explain. I have covered various murder cases previously where romantic couples have been murderers or friends have teamed up and become murderers so I thought I would take some of your requests and focus on some infamous duos that I haven't covered before or only touched upon briefly. 

To say that I have begun this series with quite a tough case is an understatement. I didn't exactly plan which case would be in which order, I just went down my list and organised some of the duo murderers. I'll be honest and say that The Hillside Stranglers case has popped up on many occasion on my requests and It was a case that I knew would be a bit hard for me to get through, not so much the research, writing and so forth (you know I'm such a nerd), it was the details about the murders. Put it this way if you're a woman reading the details of what these monsters (pictured above) had done to their victims, you wouldn't help but feel so absolutely enraged and traumatised. The horrible details are something that never leaves you. 

I've always felt that the nickname given to these perverted, sick creeps, 'The Hillside Stranglers', was quite tame and as we move through this post you will understand why. As always, I have to mention that I will be sharing some disturbing details in this post and it is heavy going. Please keep that in mind, it does make for uncomfortable reading and I would rather you skip the post than be emotionally scared from the details that are very hard to forget. 

So now that you have prepared yourself (those that feel that they can continue reading), let's begin...

I first stumbled across The Hillside Stranglers quite a few years ago when a friend of mine had a bunch of movies on DVD and being into horror, we thought we would give a movie called 'The Hillside Strangler' (starring Thomas C Howell) a watch. Put it this way, I wish we hadn't. I like to think of myself as a hardcore horror fan but this was too much for me, especially as we learned that this was a true story. I found myself feeling sickened, disturbed and angry and I don't think that we managed to watch the whole movie. I have a horrible memory of a scene where a sex worker was strangled to death and then sexually assaulted in the back of a car by The Hillside Stranglers. To think such evil existed in the world back then and it still exists now. 

I'd read about the case that the movie was based on (briefly) and saw a few documentaries here and there but of course they were quite sensitive with the details (which when you know the truth of them, you can see why) so I was spared the full horror even though the watered down version of events was still bad enough. 

This week however, my full focus has been on all of the details I could get my hands on and because this case is so infamous, I only had to buy one new book as all my other books had pieces and information about Bianchi and Buono so I had a lot to work with, research wise. 

So let's get into the backgrounds of Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr. Kenneth Alessio Bianchi was born on the 22nd of May 1951 in Rochester, New York and from the start there was problems. His mother was a sex worker who didn't want the responsibility of having a child. Kenneth was passed around from neighbour to neighbour when his mother couldn't be bothered to look after him, this went on for months. At an important time in a child's life and development, there was no proper bonding between them but luck finally smiled down on Kenneth and he was adopted by Francis and Nicholas Bianchi when he was just a few months old. Francis adored him, couldn't get enough of him, he was her darling boy and she showered love and affection on him that he was supposed to have gotten from his biological mother. It all seemed wonderful but the cracks began to appear pretty quickly. 

Francis was maternal, there was no doubt about that but very overprotective to the extreme. As well as practically worshipping Kenneth, she became obsessed with the idea that she was going to lose him somehow, that he would develop some sort of terrible illness and die suddenly. She constantly fixated on his health and people began to notice, they though that Francis needed some sort of professional help. Her paranoia over Kenneth was beginning to be justified in some ways because as he reached 5 he began to have seizures and his behaviour was beginning to worry her. Kenneth could be often found sitting, just gazing into space and he couldn't stop lying. They'd go shopping and he'd help himself to small items like candy bars and when he and Francis returned home he'd be questioned as to where they came from. Kenneth would lie and say he didn't know. 

Things got even worse when he threw his tantrums, they could handle them before but now they were getting worse. Francis (even though she had her own issues) and Nicholas began to wonder what they got themselves into by adopting Kenneth and couldn't understand what was happening. When he was 10 they sought professional help and he was diagnosed with Passive Aggressive Disorder

The family tried to get on the best they could with Kenneth and he was a very intelligent boy but he just couldn't apply himself properly at school for whatever reason. Tragedy struck the Bianchi family when Nicholas died. Francis did what she could to make ends meet for herself and Kenneth.

The years went on and Kenneth graduated from school and things were looking bright. He got married for a brief period of time but although Kenneth seemed to be a handsome, bright young man, something wasn't quite right with him. He had the brains to do things but it was like he couldn't be bothered. A promising start at college soon fell by the wayside and he ended up dropping out. He still had a keen interest in subjects like Psychology and Criminology, he just didn't seem to want to put the work in and became bored easily.

He did have a series of jobs but drifted from one to the other without any solid career goal. It seemed that Kenneth really didn't know what he wanted in life. He soon found a hobby that he loved to participate in and that was theft. When he took a job as a security guard at a jewellery store, he enjoyed the thrill of stealing necklaces and rings. He'd give these stolen items to girlfriends and relatives and enjoyed the attention this gave him. After a while though, stealing from the jewellery store was getting boring and Kenneth was ready for the next thrill. 

Francis was growing really concerned about him because he seemed to be all over the place with jobs, unemployed with no money one minute and in a job the next. he couldn't hold a job down for very long and there was no stability or direction in his life. Francis thought it would be a good idea if Kenneth went to visit his cousin Angelo in LA, Angelo was older than he was and he worked in his upholstery business. Francis probably thought that Angelo would train him up so that he could learn a trade and finally be able to stand on his own two feet properly. 

Kenneth idolised Angelo. For some reason, despite not much going on in the looks department, Angelo was full of confidence, experience and had a swagger about him. Kenneth wanted to be just like him. 

Angelo Buono Jr was born on the 5th of October 1934 and grew up in a single parent household when his parents divorced, there was no male role model in his life and he hated his mother with a passion. If asked any questions about his mother, he would refer to her as 'The C**t''. He was an Italian boy who grew up in a tough neighbourhood and learned to fend for himself. He got involved and hung out with Mexican gangs and was heavily involved in petty crime. His nickname was 'The Italian Stallion' obviously because of his roots but also because he never seemed to be short of a girlfriend or female attention. 

Despite the fact that he hated women, he would call them Whor*s, Bitc*es, Cun*s, Broads etc. He managed to have some brief marriages which all ended in disaster because he liked to put his hands on women in a violent way. Even though he had no problems getting female attention, he would frequent sex workers and when his sons were old enough, he would take them to the red light district in Hollywood and encourage them to show the sex workers their fake police badges. Angelo would use these badges to threaten the women with arrest unless they do sexual favours for him. He enjoyed this pastime and he didn't seem to have any loyalty or care for anyone. for example, he didn't have a problem sleeping with his sons girlfriends. The only positive thing to be said about Angelo was that he was a hard worker at his upholstery shop. He was so good at his job that it gave him a good reputation in that area for his workmanship. 

Angelo wasn't that excited when Kenneth joined him in LA in 1977 but eventually the pair got used to each other. Kenneth was over the moon to be in LA, he'd been wanting this for ages, the beaches, the girls, the opportunities and the chance to hang out with his hero, Angelo. They'd go out drinking together and they'd use Angelo's favourite trick of using the fake police badges to score sex workers but after a while the thrill of this became stale. They wanted more excitement and they wanted to make some money. They decided to become pimps. 

They managed to persuade two teenage girls who had run away from home, to work for them with promises of money and a modelling career. The two girls, Sabra Hannan and Becky Spears soon realised that all was not as it seemed but by then it was too late, Kenneth and Angelo had complete control of them and threatened them with death and claimed that they had connections to the mafia and the police so if they tried to escape they would be found and murdered. 

The girls were subjected to beatings and sexual assaults on a regular basis. They suffered various injuries to their private areas and any money they did make, went straight into the pockets of Kenneth and Angelo. 

One night, a 'potential customer' had arranged for Becky to visit him at his home. It turned out that the man was quite a prominent lawyer and when he saw the state that Becky was in, he was horrified. For some reason, Becky felt safe and comfortable with this man, David Wood, so much so that she just told him everything, all of the details. David sat and listened in complete shock and horror. Becky had been violently raped that many times by Kenneth and Angelo that she had to sometimes wear a panty liner or a tampon in her backside because her bowels would easily fail or she would bleed. 

David knew there was no way that he could let Becky go back to those monsters and he arranged for her to escape. Becky managed to get away safe and when Kenneth and Angelo found out, they were furious and tried to threaten David who simply ignored them. One day they got a visit at the upholstery shop by some of David's 'friends', big, huge guys who basically told them to leave David alone. David never had another visit from Kenneth or Angelo after that. The evil pair decided to take their anger out on Sabra and terrified her with a bag that contained a dead cat saying that if she dare to run away like Becky, she would end up a 'dead pussy'. 

Sabra swore that she wouldn't do what Becky did but was secretly waiting for the moment to escape. When the right moment came, she ran off and manged to get away. Kenneth and Angelo hit the roof when they discovered that Sabra had gone too. In their minds they had lost money and they were furious, somebody had to pay!

They carried on impersonating police officers and decided to make another go at pimping by finding another young girl and buying a 'trick' list off of a sex worker named Deborah Noble, which would guarantee them money and regular customers. When the trick list turned out to be useless, they were even more angry and decided that they were going to find Deborah and kill her. They looked everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be seen. They did see her friend Yolanda Washington (who was with her at the time the list was sold to them) and decided they would take it out on her instead. 

Yolanda, who was only 19, suffered a horrendous ordeal, violently beaten, raped and strangled. They dumped her nude body on a hillside. When she was discovered in October of 1977, investigators noted that she had 5 point ligature marks to the neck, wrist and ankles. Being that she had worked in the sex industry, her horrific death was seen as a terrible incident that maybe happened with a sick customer or a pimp or drug dealer. When another female body was found just shortly afterwards in November, the police noted the similarities. Judith Miller was only 15 and had run away from home. She was a part time sex worker so the attitude again was the same but the police began to suspect that there could be the possibility that someone could be targeting sex workers. There was an unusual piece of evidence that was quickly taken note of and that was a distinctive piece of fluff that had been on Judith's eyelid. 

Whilst all this was going on, Kenneth had dreams of being in the police force but the times that he had applied, he'd been rejected. He was delighted however to be accepted on as a volunteer and this gave him the opportunity to get up close and personal with the cops. He'd ask them questions and enjoyed the thrill of being around them knowing what he had done, it made him feel powerful. He particularly enjoyed going on car runs with them and would ask constant questions about The Hillside Strangler case. 

More murders continued and the methods of killing were even more sickening and extreme. Their next reported victim was 21 year old Lissa Kastin. She had been sexually assaulted but not sodomized. Kenneth and Angelo were not happy with Lissa's body and the fact that her legs were hairy. As horrible as it is to say, they were disappointed when they undressed her and the attitude was pretty much, get it over with. Lissa bore the same ligature marks as the other victims and her nude body had been dumped near a country club in Glendale. Lissa was not a sex worker, she was part of a dance troupe called The LA Knockers. She also worked as a part-time waitress. 

On another occasion, Kenneth and Angelo were about to attempt their routine on a young girl they had stopped as she walked past the car. They produced the badges and asked the girl for some ID. What they saw, shocked them, the girl was Catharine Lorre, the daughter of actor Peter Lorre. They noticed the picture in her wallet of her sitting on her father's knee and they realised that there was no way that they could kidnap her. It would draw way too much attention and publicity so they decided to let her go. On a side note, a lot of people don't know about the story of Catharine's lucky escape, the photograph of her and her father literally saved her life. You can imagine there would be quite a number of people in LA at that time with the surname 'Lorre' so to see the picture was no doubt who's daughter she was. I did a little bit of reading on Catharine and I was hoping to be able to share some nice news about her but sadly she had a very hard life and her health suffered quite a lot, She sadly passed away in 1985 at the age of just 32. 

Whilst Catharine was lucky to have gotten away, that didn't stop the evil pair from selecting their next victim  and they thought they had struck gold when they saw the beautiful 28 year old Jane King. Jane had just finished attending an acting class, she was an aspiring actress and a follower of Scientology. They managed to persuade Jane to get into the car whilst brandishing the fake police badges and got her back to the house. It was very difficult for me to read about what happened to Jane. Out of the horrific details that had been shared already about the other poor girl's deaths, the death and ordeal of Jane King was in more detail as Kenneth had spoken about it later. Reading about what she was forced to endure made me stop and cry. It's just something that horrifies you, disturbs you and there's a mixture of heartbreak and powerless anger that comes over you. 

Just to add in here, Catharine later described her encounter with Kenneth and Angelo as pleasant and thought that they were genuine police officers, it was only later when she saw them on the news that she learned that they were The Hillside Stranglers. 

It's not just the way that Jane had died but how the girls before her had died and the victims afterwards, it's really difficult to explain the emotions that one feels when knowing these horrendous things happened to all of these bright, beautiful girls and women who had a right to live. To be used in such perverse ways and then tortured, murdered and thrown away naked like a piece of trash with no respect or dignity, it just makes my blood boil. 

The sick pair were happy when they got Jane into the house, she was terrified and they ordered her to go to the bathroom (they did this with all of the girls to save them from making a mess ie: their bowels or bladders failing whilst they were torturing and killing them) when they stripped her naked they saw that she had shaved legs and shaved private area. They were excited and couldn't wait to start their hellish ordeal. Jane had been violently raped and sodomized and when they were fed up, they had a discussion about who was going to kill her. They put a bag over her head and strangled her whilst one of them (I couldn't take any more at this point) sodomized her. Jane was found nude, dumped some time later, her body had decomposed quite a bit because she wasn't found straight away. 

I'm not going to lie, this post is very hard to write but I'm going to do my best to get through it. Kenneth and Angelo were acting out their sick fantasies and this time they wanted someone younger because (I feel sick writing this) they said their private parts ''smelled like cheese''. 

Dolores Cepeda (12) and her friend Sonja Johnson (14) had been doing some shopping when they were spotted and lured into the car by the evil pair. The girls were subjected to the same indescribable hell and their bodies were dumped. Even more upsetting is that their bodies (that had now begun to decompose) had been found by a 9 year old boy who was out playing on a hillside located near Dodger Stadium. Another girl by the name of Kristina Weckler had been found on the same day. Kristina was a 20 year old art student and unbeknown to the police, a former neighbour of Kenneth Bianchi. Kenneth had previously taken a shine to Kristina and asked her out on a date but she turned him down and found him a bit shifty, describing him in her diary as 'like a used car salesman'. 

Kristina had been sexually assaulted, sodomized (she was still bleeding from behind when the police had found her) and horrifically tortured. She had bruises and puncture marks on her arms and it was later determined that she had been injected with Windex cleaning spray which is usually used for glass and hard surfaces. The police didn't make the connection between Kenneth and Kristina until much later when they found his name in her diary.

At the end of November 1977, 18 year old Lauren Wagner was abducted by Kenneth and Angelo in broad daylight in front of a neighbour. The elderly lady looked on in shock as she saw them push Lauren into the car (again, brandishing police badges) and hearing Lauren shout ''You won't get away with this''. Lauren's body was later found with the same 5 point ligature marks, she also had marks on her hands which were later discovered to have been caused by the evil pair giving her electric shocks. 

On the 14th of December 1977 they decided to try a new game and this time they found an empty apartment and called an escort agency. They hired a 17 year old girl by the name of Kimberly Diane Martin. Kimberly had actually joined this agency because she desperately needed the money and was too scared to work the street as she was aware that there was a serial killer (the press had dubbed The Hillside Strangler) lurking the streets. She thought she would be safe with an agency. Sadly her body was found with the same injuries as the other victims. 

Cindy Hudspeth was reportedly their final victim (as a killing duo) but as we know with a lot of serial killers, there's the cases we know about, the ones that they talk about and then there is the victims that go nameless and unidentified. We know that they had been cruising the streets in the past, how do we know that Angelo and his sons didn't start killing sex workers before Kenneth even moved to LA? How can we be 100% sure that Yolanda Washington was their first victim? We do know that Kenneth went on to murder two girls on his own (which I will talk about further on). 

Cindy was not a selected victim, she walked into Angelo's shop to enquire about having some work done on her car. They decided that she was going to be their victim and 20 year old Cindy was put through the hell that the others victims endured and was placed naked in the trunk of her own car and pushed off a cliff in February of 1978. 

Whilst they were busy torturing and murdering innocent women and girls, Kenneth and Angelo also led double lives and had relationships. Kenneth who was still a volunteer with the police force, was devastated because his girlfriend (who had just had their baby) had left him and took their child to Washington. Things started becoming very tense between Kenneth and Angelo. Angelo was growing tired of having Kenneth around and becoming sick of the sight of him, the novelty of the murders and doing as they pleased was starting to wear off. Angelo seemed to be done with the whole thing but Kenneth was over excited and wanted to carry on. Kenneth got a real buzz out of seeing the newspaper headlines about the murders and started asking the cops too many questions about the case. The cops started asking him questions and when he blabbed all of this to Angelo, it didn't exactly get the response he hoped for. 

Listening to Kenneth brag about how the cops were questioning him and how he couldn't keep his mouth shut, started to worry Angelo and he threatened Kenneth to stay quiet about what they did or he would kill him. He also realised that the investigation was heating up and it would only be a matter of time before the cops came knocking at his door especially if Kenneth wouldn't shut up. He ordered Kenneth to move to Bellingham in Washington to go and be with his ex-girlfriend and their child. Kenneth who still hung on Angelo's every word, did as he was told. 

The police carried on their investigation in LA and Angelo got on with his usual job. Kenneth however, got a job as a security guard but it seemed that he just couldn't get rid of the urge to kill. He arranged for two female students to meet him at a house under the pretence of a house-sitting job. The girls, Karen Mandic (22) and Diane Wilder (27) were sexually assaulted and murdered. The bodies dumped in Karen's car and left on a hillside. The car was spotted the next day and the girls were quickly linked to Kenneth. The cops arrested him and noticed on his ID that he had previously stayed in LA. The similarities between the injuries found on the bodies of the two students and The Hillside Strangler victims was uncanny. They also noted that (as I mentioned before), Kenneth lived near Kristina Weckler and she had written about him in her diary. They investigated him further and realised that they had their man. 

Ever devoted to Angelo, Kenneth didn't mention his name and instead came up with a whole performance that he had multiple personalities. He was intelligent enough to know that back then if you were deemed mentally ill in some capacity that you could either get a lesser sentence or walk out the door free. So he invented 'Steve' and claimed that it wasn't him (Kenneth) that did those murders, it was 'Steve'. Various psychiatrists came and went and shockingly, a few of them fell for it and believed him. The cops decided to bring in a leading psychiatrist who specialised in multiple personalities, Dr Martin Orne. Dr Orne wasn't buying it and told Kenneth that in a genuine case of Dissociative Identity Disorder at least two other personalities would need to come into play. Quick as a flash, Kenneth created 'Billy' as well as some others. It was no good, the game was up, Dr Orne saw straight through the act and by this point, Kenneth was exhausted with his terrible acting too. He told the cops he wanted to make a deal with them and then he would tell them everything. 

In a shocking turn of events, Kenneth actually pointed the finger at Angelo and told the cops everything. Angelo was brought in and the rest is history. The Hillside Stranglers were no more. When investigators went to Angelo's shop to search the scene, they were shocked to see that it had been demolished. Obviously Angelo was trying to cover his tracks but claimed that it had been demolished due to it affecting the sale on another property. The cops did find a chair that Angelo owned and Kenneth claimed that this chair was the same chair that the victims were tied to. Forensics were able to find fibres that matched the fluff that was found on Judith's eyelid. 

(Angelo Buono Jr. Picture credit: Imdb)

Both Kenneth and Angelo were found guilty of murder in a trial that lasted two years and was one of the most expensive at that time and sentenced to life imprisonment. 

(Kenneth Bianchi. Picture credit: Eonline)

During sentencing, Judge Ronald M George told the evil pair:

''I would not have the slightest reluctance to impose the death penalty in this case were it within my power to do so. Ironically, these two defendants utilized almost every form of legalized execution against their victims. The defendants have escaped any form of capital punishment''. 

Kenneth was given life imprisonment with the possibility of parole because of the deal and Angelo was given without. Kenneth was sent to Washington State Penitentiary and Angelo was sent to Calipatria State Prison in California.

More drama surrounded Kenneth Bianchi behind bars as he started to receive letters from crazy fan girls and in particular, a woman by the name of Veronica Compton. Veronica would send him love poems and declare her undying love for him. The pair struck up a creepy bond which resulted in Veronica charging off to a motel room with a female 'potential victim' in a pathetic attempt to make Kenneth look like he had been set up. The plan was that she would strangle this poor woman and leave Kenneth's semen on her body. Kenneth had placed a tied cut off finger of a rubber glove inside the bind of a book that he gave contained his semen!!

The plan was of course an utter disaster and veronica ended up behind bars. She became fixated on another monster and this time it was Douglas Clark, Douglas was another serial killing sicko who enjoyed torturing women. His thing was to have sexual intercourse with a woman and just as he was about to orgasm, shoot her in the head. Again, Veronica would write him poems and declaring her undying love for him, she even told him that he could do whatever he wanted with her corpse. The pair shared sick fantasies and dreamed about opening a mortuary together. Scarily enough, Veronica was released from prison in 2003. She claims to be an artist and is now in her 60s. She told The Sun newspaper that she wasn't really in love with Kenneth Bianchi, that she was only talking to him because she wanted a screenplay that she was writing to be a success. She's basically backtracked on everything and now claims that she would like to see Kenneth Bianchi executed. 

(Veronica Compton: Picture credit: Criminal Minds)

Angelo Buono Jr was found dead in his cell on the 21st of September 2002 of a heart attack. He was 67 years old. 

Kenneth Bianchi is still alive and still serving time in Washington State Penitentiary. He was denied parole in 2010 but will be up before the parole board again in 2025. He is currently 71 years old.

Side note: Kenneth Bianchi is on a list of possible suspects responsible for the infamous unsolved 'Alphabet Murders'. Three young girls under the age of 11 were brutally murdered in the Rochester area of New York between 1971 and 1973 (before Kenneth went to California). The poor girls were all strangled and there were similarities between the injuries and marks left on the bodies as there were with the victims of The Hillside Stranglers. Kenneth has always denied being the killer and has asked for a thorough investigation to be done into the crimes to help clear his name. His name has been linked to The Alphabet Murders because he was driving a similar vehicle that had been seen near one of the crime scenes. He also worked nearby to where two of the girls were abducted and knew the Rochester area very well. To this day, the murders have remained unsolved. 

Further Reading & Sources:

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As I mentioned before, this case is another one that is just so evil and fills you will all sorts of emotions. You read the details and even the thoughts that enter your mind are disturbing and difficult for one to comprehend, now just imagine the hell that the victims must have been through. it's a dark road that I try not to think about but my heart aches for all of them. My heart aches for the victims, for the people who had a narrow escape and Catharine Lorre, how traumatic that must have been for her to have that knowledge that she could have been a victim. I don't know if she read any of the details of what happened to the girls but I hope that she didn't, I know she had a hard life and I don't know that much about her but one wonders if the trauma of knowing that she was about to be abducted by these two evil men, had somehow left a scar on her. I hope that she is at peace now. Kenneth and Angelo never expressed any remorse or regret for what they had done, they were sick and evil with no sense of feeling or empathy for anyone. Both of them hated their mothers and were rejected by their mothers. The bond between mother and child did not exist with them. They were two sick, twisted and angry men who were well matched in their sick behaviour. It's hard to tell who was the dominant one and who was the weak, they both had their moments. Angelo did call the shots at times but then Kenneth sold him down the river in the end for the deal and he carried on his killing spree after the pair had parted. Both were cousins, not by blood but still they seemed to share the same level of sickness. 

(The known victims of The Hillside Stranglers & Kenneth Bianchi. Picture credit: People)

I just want to take a moment to think of the victims that we know of in this case and the possible unidentified ones:

Yolanda Washington

Judith Lynn Miller

Lissa Kastin

Jane King

Dolores Cepeda 

Sonja Johnson

Kristina Weckler

Lauren Wagner

Kimberly Martin

Cindy Lee Hudspeth

Karen Mandic

Diane Wilder 

and Catharine Lorre, RIP. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my first instalment of my Partners In Crime series, I really appreciate it and I know it must have been quite a tough read so thank you, my next instalment will feature a case which is quite close to home so I hope you will join me for that, next Sunday. 

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  1. Good evening Jo,

    I knew about the case but only briefly. You are the best true crime writer Jo ! By the way, I’ve seen the movie with C. Thomas Howell a long time ago, and I was, disturbing to say the least !

    I obviously didn’t know much about the background of the case and all the gruesome details. I’m petrified.

    Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr. are monsters. I can’t describe my feeling right now, they are both sick individuals.

    All the crimes that they have done are horrendous. I’m in shock. I took some breaks whilst I was reading your work because I was and still so disturbed. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you to cover the case.

    All the abuse, the threats, their control over the victims. The details of what they have done will stick with me. They are not human…Narcissistic manipulative monsters. They even pretend to be cops ! I feel for all the victims but I can’t stop thinking about what they have done to Jane. I am thinking of Catherine too, she must be traumatized for life.

    These two sick individuals would have deserved the death penality. Angelo passed away in 2002 and at least Kennett will spend the rest of his life in prison. I didn’t know that Kennett Bianchi is on the list of possible suspects for the unsolved “Alphabet Murders”.

    RIP to all the victims.

    Thank you again for everything Jo !

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the post. It was one of the most disturbing cases that I have written about & that movie you have also seen, it was very tough to watch x