Horror At 25 Cromwell Street: The Story of Fred & Rose West | Partners In Crime Series (Second Instalment) Graphic Content

(Rose and Fred West. Picture credit: Devon Live)

I'm back again in this second instalment of my Partners In Crime series and I'm afraid to say it's another hard one to stomach. As I mentioned in my last post, none of these cases (that have been requested) are in any particular order. After the last horrific post I was hoping to give you all a bit of a break and not write about a case that was too hard hitting but here we are, I don't think I've ever written about a case that hasn't been difficult. We'll just have to get through it together! This case though, is one that I'm sure you all know so you know this isn't going to be a jog in the park but it's a case that comes up time and again and I aim to give my readers what they want and even though this case is well known, you've told me that you want to read/hear my take on it so here I am. 

I've lost count of how many people have said to me that they've learned more about a case by reading my blog and honestly I love that because that's what it's all about, raising awareness and bringing something new to the table. I also learn myself, I thought I knew a lot about these cases but during my research I find out all sorts of details that I never knew before. 

So, this is a big case so I suggest cups of tea and biscuits to be at hand and comfortable seating arrangements (you can tell I've been watching far to many of these luxury fashion Youtube channels lol) but on a serious note, I just want you to be comfortable and as always I will try and be sensitive with the details. 

Let's get through this...

Fred Walter Stephen West came into the world on the 29th of September 1941 in Much Marcle, Herefordshire, England. He was one of six children and the family struggled to make ends meet but were a hard working family who worked on the farmland. Fred was close to his mother (uncomfortably close some would say) but not with his father. His father was very strict and Fred feared him. His mother on the other hand practically wrapped Fred up in cotton wool and would treat him differently to the other children often letting him away with things that he would normally have been in trouble for. It was a difficult childhood with lots of hardships, violence at the hands of his father and a lot of sexual abuse (please be aware that I will be talking a lot about sexual abuse and things of such nature in this post). As Fred got a little bit older and went to school the other kids would make fun of him because of his clothes. Self grooming was never a high point for Fred even later on when he had money, he always looked very scruffy and unkempt and the kids would make fun of his voice too. They called him ''Country Bumpkin''. 

Fred claimed that during his childhood, his father would molest his sisters and he also claimed that he discovered sex through his own mother. Apparently his own mother had began sexually abusing him at the age of 12. He also later claimed that he'd be forced to partake in bestiality (sex with animals). The whole situation was horrendous in that family with the amount of violence and sexual abuse that reportedly went on and it was all kept quiet and treated as if it was a normal every day thing. Like a lot of young people in those days, Fred left school at 15, apart from all of the horrendous things we were to learn about him, nobody could say that he wasn't a hard worker. Fred knew how to graft when it came to manual labour. When he wasn't working, he and his younger brother John would go to a local youth club and even at that stage red flags were showing. Fred just couldn't keep his hands to himself and couldn't seem to take no for an answer when it came to girls. He was always acting creepy and trying to grab and touch people like he had some sort of compulsion to do it and he couldn't understand why people would be upset, he thought this was perfectly reasonable behaviour.

When he was 17 he got into quite a horrific motorcycle accident and this moment in his life is often commented on because some people believe that injuries he sustained (he had to have a metal plate put in his head) may have somehow contributed to his behaviour in the coming years. The argument here is that he'd already been showing signs of predatory behaviour and what I'm about to share with you in the next paragraph also shows that he was already on the way to what he became, accident or not. 

 It was discovered that Fred himself had been molesting his 13 year old sister (and it had been going on for years) and this caused outrage within the family. They turned against him and wanted to take the matter further with the authorities. Fred's mother stood by him in the beginning and made excuses for him, even volunteered to go to court and speak on his behalf but the rest of the family pressured her not to and she changed her mind. The case ended up getting dropped and Fred suddenly found himself estranged from his family but in time he and his parents, along with his younger brother John (who he was closest to out of his siblings) would reconcile. 

During his childhood and up to his early adulthood it's important to mention here that Fred was also quite fond of petty crime, he was always stealing something and to be honest, just writing about that seems tame to everything else he did and what he experienced during childhood. 

Another odd thing about Fred was that he never seemed to be short of female attention despite the unkempt appearance and his behaviour towards women and girls. His strange predatory behaviour was hard to understand because he did have girlfriends. In 1962 he bumped into a former girlfriend and they got back together again, her name was Catherine Rena Costello but everybody called her Rena. Things seemed to be working out with the pair (despite Rena being pregnant with another man's child but this didn't seem to bother Fred) so they decided to move up to Glasgow because Rena's family didn't approve of her being pregnant with a mixed race child and they got married. Fred managed to get a job and when I first heard about this, I thought it was a joke that he'd gotten a job as an ice cream man. They settled in Coatbridge (east of Glasgow city centre) and it wasn't long before Rena gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Charmaine. 

''Growing up in the Gorbals was tough....Fred West was our ice cream man.'' - Colin McFarlane (excerpt taken from the book: The Real Gorbals Story

Fred and Rena would tell people that Charmaine had been adopted incase anyone started asking questions about her ethnicity, They moved again to the Bridgeton area of Glasgow and Rena fell pregnant again and had another daughter, they named her Anna Marie. Fred seemed to be the doting father at first but that soon changed, he started being strict with the girls and his bizarre behaviour was showing itself again when he put bars on the children's bunk beds and ordered that they stay basically caged up whilst he was at home. He didn't seem to want his daughters around him and would only let them out when he was at work and didn't have to deal with them. Rena tried her best with the girls and she really did try to be a proper mother to them but Fred ruled the roost and whatever he said, went. To help Rena out they had a friend called Isa who would help her with the girls and shopping for groceries. 

Isa would sometimes bring her friend, Anne McFall along with her to the house and it was from here that Rena became good friends with both of them and they spent a great deal of time together. The relationship with Rena and Fred was becoming very strained and Rena was fed up with him always being away for long periods of time, it soon became clear that he had been having affairs behind her back and got one of the women pregnant. To get revenge, Rena turned to a man she knew had been keen on her, John McLachlan. The pair began an intense affair and all hell broke loose when Fred walked in on them one day. For some reason it was ok for Fred to have affairs and get people pregnant but he didn't like the same sort of treatment done to him. Despite the fact that he'd been uninterested in Rena and never showed her any affection, he was furious when he found out that she was having fun with another man. Fred charged into the room shouting obscenities and struck Rena in the face to which John grabbed Fred. Fred had a knife and it grazed across John's chest but not enough to do serious damage. John wasn't scared by this and continued to assault Fred who completely backed off in cowardly fashion. It was clear, Fred West had no problem beating women and children but when it came to men, he was weak! A typical coward and typical of a man who is a domestic abuser. 

It's unclear how they moved on after this incident but the situation of Rena and Fred living together continued and the affairs that both were having, carried on. Fred continued to beat Rena though and every time that John seen her she appeared to have more and more bruises, he was enraged and confronted Fred again giving him a severe beating. The cycle seemed to continue and although John gave Fred a good hiding, Fred never stopped his abuse. On another occasion, John later spoke of how he had witnessed Fred assault Charmaine after she simply asked him if she could have some ice cream. This infuriated John and he grabbed Fred yet again and assaulted him. 

Life in Glasgow was not going great at all for Fred, Rena or the girls and it all came to a head when a horrible 'accident' occurred. Fred claimed that he 'accidentally' ran over a young boy with his ice cream van. The child sadly died and although the police had basically let Fred get away with it, the locals were not that stupid (especially Glaswegians, they're not backwards at coming forward and they tell it like it is) and he knew his days were numbered especially in a place like the Gorbals. 

There was only one thing for it in Fred's mind, time to move again and this time he went to live in a caravan in Bishop's Cleve in Gloucestershire, England. He took the girls, Charmaine and Anna Marie with him and Rena soon followed. They were surprised to find some time later that Isa and Anne McFall decided to join them. Isa and Anne didn't have much of a life in Glasgow and struggled to make ends meet so they thought that coming to England would be a great opportunity, they were hoping to get some sort of employment. Fred always had a way of finding work and this time he'd managed to secure a position as a driver for a local abattoir. To think of them all in that caravan (I assume it must have been a standard sized caravan back in those days) one can't help but wonder how tight the space must have been, 5 females and one guy all under a small roof? It must have been tense. As will everything, Fred ruled the roost and Isa and Anne seemed to fall under his spell too. Whatever he wanted done, was done. 

Fred ruled by fear and it was reported at this time that he had begun sexually abusing Charmaine whilst trying to force Rena to take up prostitution. Fred's attitude towards women and girls was appalling. It all became too much for Rena (as it would do for anyone) and she needed help, she wanted to take her children and friends and get away from Fred. There was only one person she could call and that was John McLachlan, he wasn't scared of Fred, Fred was scared of him and he made her feel protected. 

A plan was put in place that John McLachlan, together with a man called John Trotter, were to drive a mini van down south and they were all to meet up and make a quick getaway. It was a great plan but of course someone had to spoil it. For some odd reason. Anne McFall became keen on Fred and the pair had been flirting for a while. In an attempt to show loyalty to him and get in his good books, Anne blabbed to Fred about the escape plan and hell broke loose yet again. The scene was a shambles with Fred grabbing hold of the children and Anne declaring that she wanted to stay with Fred and become an nanny to the children. There was a scuffle with John McLachlan trying to get Fred away from the girls but it was all no use. With all the commotion going on, someone called the police and Rena, John McLachlan, John Trotter and Isa all got into the van and drove off leaving Fred, Anne McFall and the two girls. Fred shouted that if he ever saw Rena again that he would kill her. 

Despite this horrible incident that must have been really traumatic to witness especially for the children and the threats that Fred had made to kill her, Rena would often visit the girls as Bishop's Cleeve for brief periods of time and the relationship between Rena and Anne became very frosty. Rena felt uncomfortable with the fact that Anne was now taking her place and trying to be a mother to her children, she also felt very betrayed by Anne. Rena was angry with both Fred and Anne and this was further demonstrated when she decided to steal a few items from Fred's caravan before taking off back to Scotland. Fred reported the thefts and Rena had to face the music, she was forced to return to England and sentenced to 3 years probation.

The situation between Rena and Fred was very confusing because after all of this drama she continued to go between living with Fred and going back to Glasgow. Anne McFall was still on the scene as well so he had both women at his beck and call. It was a really ridiculous situation with the women in competition with one another for Fred's affections. Anne (who was now pregnant with his child) begged Fred to divorce Rena so that they could get married but he was stalling, it seemed that he was quite happy with the arrangement as it was. 

In another strange turn of events, Anne McFall disappeared out of thin air, Fred didn't even bother to report her missing and with good reason. Unbeknown at the time, Fred had murdered Anne, why is the million dollar question? She was devoted to him and wanted to marry him but Fred didn't seem to have love for anyone (at that point in his life) and it seemed that he just wanted to get rid of her. It seemed to be a pattern in his life that he would just get rid of people and move from place to place. He wanted to control things and people and for his own selfish reasons, he wanted her gone. Her body wasn't found until 1994, he had dismembered her and reportedly the unborn child may or may not have been removed, it was a horrific and evil way to treat the mother of your child and your unborn child. For a long time he had denied that he murdered her but eventually confessed and his story was that he stabbed her to death, however, investigators claim this to be false as she had material on each of her wrists indicating that he had been restrained her prior to her murder. 

The on-off relationship with Rena continued, she had no knowledge of the murder of Anne, it's assumed that Fred possibly told her that Anne just decided to leave. Whatever the case, Rena continued to live with Fred for a period of time but soon took off again and left the girls behind for whatever reason, It's strange to think why she would leave the girls with Fred knowing what he was like. Fred struggled to take care of the girls on his own, at this point he had no other women living with him so he would place the girls in temporary care of the state whilst he was working. Quite a bold move on his part as any of the girls could have told social services about what had been happening but one imagines that because he was quite a fearful person and had been able to control older girls and women, that the children would also be under his control even to the point where he wasn't around. 

In early 1969 Fred was at a bus stop when he noticed a 15 year old girl that he instantly took a shine to, for him it was love at first sight. That girl was Rosemary Letts, She wasn't as impressed by him and thought of him as quite scruffy but he persisted. She wasn't that interested in him but the more that he persevered the more she gave in and the pair began dating. Rosemary preferred to be called 'Rose' and Fred would sometimes call her 'Rosie' or 'My Rosie', all sickly sweet but for some reason, even back then in the early days of the relationship, Rose had some kind of hold over Fred that no other person had. 

Rose fell for the sob story that Fred told her about how terrible it was for him that his wife had left him to be a single father. Rose (Rosemary Pauline Letts) who had been born in Devon, England on the 29th of November 1953 also came from a horrific childhood, her mother was manic depressive and was given electric shock treatment during her pregnancy with Rose. Her father also suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia and would sexually abuse her and her sister as well as being very strict and violent. It was later revealed that rose would sexually abuse her brothers. She was one of seven children and the family struggled financially too. So both Fred and Rose shared some things in common at the outset, Both had come from poor, difficult childhoods where sexual abuse and violence was rife and both had abused their siblings. It was a recipe for disaster and a meeting of two very messed up people. 

Rose moved in with Fred and helped him with the children, at first it seemed to go well and Rose was quite friendly with the girls and enjoyed taking them for walks to pick flowers but being just a child herself, she had no idea how to be a mother. They both fell in love (or their version of love) and Rose felt after months of being together that it was the right time to introduce Fred to their parents which didn't do down too well. Her parents were furious at her dating this older, scruffy man who they thought to be a 'pathological liar' and told her that under no circumstances was she to continue the relationship and they warned Fred to leave her alone. Both Rose and Fred continued to defy her parents and it got to the point where Rose's parents contacted social services and had Rose placed in a home for troubled teenagers. It had to be done in her parents minds because they had heard that Rose had been partaking in prostitution under instruction from Fred, they wanted her away from him as soon as possible and if it mean being in this care home for some time until she came to her senses, then so be it. 

The odd thing about this home for troubled teenagers is that they would let their occupants leave at weekends so Rose would go to stay with Fred which completely defeated the object of her being there in the first place. The more her parents wanted her to stay away from him, the more she wanted to see him. As soon as Rose turned 16 she was released from the home and had plans to go and live with Fred permanently, however, she was to learn that he was in prison for not paying fines and for theft. He was serving a 30 day sentence so her plan was to return to her parents for the time being and move in with Fred once he was out of prison. The girls had been in the care of social services at this time but as soon as Fred was released he went to collect them and Rose wasted no time in going back to Fred. Her parents were enraged especially when they found out that she was now pregnant (with this pregnancy it has always been doubted as to if Fred was really the biological father and some people speculate that Rose's own father could have been responsible for getting Rose pregnant at the time because she was still being abused by him). Rose had to return to the care home again but was released a month later under the agreement that she would have an abortion, cut ties completely with Fred and have a fresh start with her family. Rose did none of these things, she insisted that she was keeping the baby, returning to Fred and that was to be the end of the matter. Her father, who was furious,  told her that she was never to return to the family home again. 

Forever on the move, Fred moved himself, the girls and Rose to a flat in Cheltenham in 1970 where Rose finally gave birth to a little girl they called Heather Ann. For Rose, it was a lot to take on at such a young age, she was still a teenager and here she was, a mother with a baby and two young girls to take care of. It didn't help matters when Fred ended up in prison again for stealing a tax disc and car tyres. Rose struggled to manage looking after the children and her real personality began to show. She behaved like a monster towards the girls and she especially had a problem with Charmaine. For some reason, Rose disliked the little girl and would use any excuse to punish her in the most cruelest of ways. Fred was only serving just over 6 months but Rose couldn't handle that (not that the girls would have been any safer with Fred around). Rose must have witnessed Fred's treatment of the girls previously so felt quite comfortable to abuse them herself. 

The situation between Rose and Charmaine was getting worse. The little girl was quite feisty and would try to protect herself against Rose's abuse which enraged Rose even more. Even at the age of just 17, Rose was an evil individual who's cruelty knew no bounds. Charmaine began to answer back to Rose and say things like ''My real mummy wouldn't talk to us like that.'' and ''My mummy is going to come and get me.''. On one occasion a friend of Charmaine's came over to the house to see if she would like to come out and play only to be greeted by a very disturbing sight. The little girl, named Tracey Giles, said that she opened the door to see Charmaine standing naked on a chair with her hands tied behind her back with a gag around her mouth. Charmaine had no expression, almost like she was used to being treated this way. Heather was reportedly stood in another area of the room with a blank expression. Both of the girls gave off this impression that this had been done before. Rose was stood next to Charmaine holding a large wooden spoon. 

Rose always made an effort not to injure the girls on their faces or hands whilst abusing them and hitting them with objects but sometimes things would go beyond her control as on one of these horrible occasions, Charmaine had to be taken to hospital. She had suffered a very painful injury to her ankle which Rose told the Doctors was due to an accident at home. 

(Rose and Fred West. Picture credit: Financial Times)

With all the hell and abuse that Rose inflicted on Charmaine it sadly comes as no surprise that the poor child met her death at the hands of Rose. Fred was still in prison at the time of Charmaine's death so Rose put her body in the cellar. When her friend Tracey came to call on her at the house one day, Rose said to her ''She's gone to live with her mother and bloody good riddance.''  When Fred was released from prison, Rose told him what she had done and instead of being sickened and devastated as any normal father would have been, he seemed to be delighted about it and told Rose that he would get rid of Charmaine's body as he did so, he buried the child's naked body in the backyard. Rose covered her tracks with Charmaine's primary school by telling them that she had gone to live with her biological mother. In those days people would take kids out of school all the time and move around so nobody thought to check into this. When Heather and Anna Marie asked where Charmaine was, Fred and Rose told them the same story that Charmaine had gone to live with Rena. Anna Marie was upset by this news and asked why Rena didn't take her too, Fred callously told her ''She wouldn't want you love, you're the wrong colour.''

It was only a matter of time before Rena appeared on the scene again, she hadn't seen her daughters for a while and was wondering why contact had gone quiet. She was frantic with worry and contacted Fred's relatives to find out where they were. She was given the address and turned up on Fred and Rose's door step. The pair invited Rena in to the house and subjected her to a horrendous sexual assault and torture before they dismembered her remains which were then placed in plastic bags and buried in a field known well to Fred as Letterbox near to Much Marcle. 

Fred and Rose got married on the 29th of January 1972 and like his first marriage, the only guest was his younger brother, John, Rose quickly became pregnant again and they ended up moving to the infamous 25 Cromwell street where Fred was able to buy the three story house for £7,000. They made money by the odd jobs that Fred would do and they rented out the rooms to students. They turned the property into a guest house but had separate cooking and bathroom facilities for their tenants. They rented out the rooms on the upper floors and kept their living area private. They also kept the garden off limits to tenants too. 

The next child born into the nightmare that was the West family life, was a baby girl that they decided to call Mae June. She was given the middle name June due to her being born on the first of that month. It wasn't long after Mae's birth that Fred and Rose decided amicably to turn their 'fetish' into a money making scheme. Both Fred and Rose fantasised about sex with other people and Fred wanted to watch Rose with other men, especially black men. They had all sorts of horrendous fantasies that wasn't just your run of the mill BDSM. They were into torture, real torture, child abuse and bestiality. They had a collection of everything sordid that you can think of...and worse! They had bondage stuff, torture items, sex toys of every size, shape and model as well as a huge stack of videos which included your standard porn, then horrendous tapes which included child abuse and bestiality. They both agreed that Rose would work as a prostitute and set up a room in the house for men to come and pay for her 'services'.

Fred created a room for Rose which was off limits to everyone else and had a special key which she always wore around her neck. She would openly advertise her services in the local community and both she and Fred didn't care who knew. She would place regular adverts in a contact magazine and request for men who were black or Indian to come to her place for a 'good time'. Surprisingly, Rose made a lot of money and got quite a few customers, even regulars. Fred installed a private doorbell which the customers would be instructed to ring and a red light was placed outside of Rose's private room. If the light was on, it was an indication that she was busy with a customer. 

To add to this horrendous set up, Fred installed some 'peep holes' in the walls so that he could watch Rose having sex with other men. They also had baby monitors around the house and in Rose's private room so that Fred could listen to Rose with the other men. Sometimes the noise would be so loud that the tenants and the neighbours could hear but they didn't care. Rose was known to walk around the house in front of tenants wearing next to nothing and had even slept with some of them in the past. Rose was known to be 'sex mad' and was attracted to both men and women often indulging in threesomes with Fred. 

(Fred and Rose West. Picture credit: The Sun)

Rose was very dominant in all aspects of the sex sessions, Fred was always said to be 'not up to much and had a small penis'. Rose would be sadistic especially with the female partners, she would enjoy humiliating and torturing the women by using extremely large sex toys and when the women cried out in pain she'd laugh and say ''Are you not woman enough to take it?''

Rose controlled everything even the finances. Fred would hand over any money that he had made from his work and no questions were asked. Rose was the boss and that was it! 

Rose's father came back onto the scene and claimed that he wanted to build bridges with Rose and Fred. Fred and her father even had a go at going into business together by opening their own cafe but it soon proved to be a failure. Her father also became aware of the fact that Rose was a sex worker and instead of being horrified he would go regularly to the house to have sex with Rose which just.....I have no words!

When the West children had gotten to the age of 7 they were ordered to do daily chores around the home. Rose had eight children by this point (1983) three of which were by customers and the others were supposed to have been by Fred but there was always the question as to who Heather's biological father was because of the abuse at that time from her father. Rose was having that much sex with so many different people that it was difficult to tell who was who and Fred didn't seem to care, he had this obsession with mixed race or black babies. Fred would often say that black people bred better than white people. The children who were always fearful of their parents, would carry out their chores as asked but this didn't guarantee peace from Fred and Rose. The children would often find themselves being beaten for no reason and were reportedly taken to the hospital a total of 31 times for 'household accidents'. Rose would often take out her rage on the children but Fred was often at the receiving end too, especially on one occasion where she chased him around the house with a knife. When he manged to lock himself in a room, Rose plunged the knife into the door almost cutting her fingers off in the process. She didn't even flinch and calmly asked him to take her to the hospital. 

When Anna Marie turned eight, both Rose and Fred began sexually abusing the child. The details are horrendous and very disturbing. She'd be taken to the cellar and be forced to undress and if she refused, Rose would rip the clothes off of her. She'd be tied, gagged and assaulted by both parents. On the first occasion that it happened, the evil Rose took the child to the bathroom and laughed as the poor girl tried to clean up some of the blood from her intimate injuries. They made it clear that this was going to be a regular thing and that it was natural. As Anna Marie got a little bit older, Fred and Rose forced her into prostitution and she would be made to carry out sexual acts on Rose's customers. They (Rose and Fred) threatened to kill her if she didn't do what they wanted. Rose would tell the customers that Anna Marie was 16 years old (as if that was any better) and would be present in the room, not for safety reasons but to ensure that Anna Marie didn't tell the men her real age or try to refuse any of their requests. 

Another victim of their sickening sexual perversions was Caroline Owens who they claimed to be hiring as a nanny for the children but in reality they had evil designs on Caroline. Caroline agreed to do the Nanny job thinking that Fred and Rose were just a normal, friendly couple. However, when she actually spent some time at their house and realised what they actually wanted from her (they made it clear that they had a sexual interest in her) she politely said that she didn't want to take the nanny position. Both of them were angry that she had turned them down but pretended to be ok about it. They knew that Caroline would sometimes hitchhike a lift home or to go and visit her boyfriend. They decided to drive out and trick Caroline into their car with apologies for their behaviour, Caroline fell for it and ended up being subjected to Rose molesting her in the back seat and Fred punching her in the face. They took her back to Cromwell street where the hell continued and she was subjected to a horrendous sexual assault by both of them. At first she tried to fight back but realised that she would die at their hands if she continued to fight so she just let them do what they wanted hoping that they would let her go. When it was finally over, Caroline had to put on an act that everything was ok and that she enjoyed what happened. She was terrified and didn't know what they were going to do next. 

To keep up appearances, she didn't make a run for the door, she stayed at the house and had a cup of tea with them, even hoovered the floor and agreed to stay and be their nanny. Rose and Fred obviously felt like there was no danger in her running off and telling the police so Rose took Caroline to the launderette and it was here that Caroline made her escape. Caroline reported what happened to the police and Fred and Rose were due to face court but Caroline couldn't bring herself to face them and the case was thrown out with the Wests only receiving a fine. Caroline said the whole ordeal including what happened at court, made her feel worthless and she attempted to take her own life. 

Because of what happened with Caroline, one wonders if their decision to murder their future victims was because they were scared that they would get caught as they had a close shave with Caroline's escape. If she had tried to make a run for it whilst at the house they may have killed her. Things at the West household took a more evil turn when young girls who came to work for the Wests as a nanny or simply to stay in one of their vacant rooms, suddenly disappeared without trace. It turned out that each of these girls had been victims of torture and rape at the hands of Rose and Fred. The bodies would be dismembered and buried in the cellar or in the back garden under the patio. The children would later say that Fred used to joke about the patio especially about Heather, who also ended up going missing. Fred would joke that if the children didn't behave, he would bury them under the patio like he did with their sister, Heather. 

Heather was reportedly the last victim of Fred and Rose. On the 18th of June 1987, the remaining West children returned home from school to find Heather missing. Rose told them that Heather had been accepted for a job that she had applied for and had moved out. The children were puzzled because Heather had told them the night before that she didn't get the job and she was devastated about it because she wanted to so badly to escape. Heather had been through hell living in the West household and was repeatedly raped by Fred and he claimed that he had accidentally strangled her to death. Fred had this to say in a later interview about Heather's death: 

''I mean I thought the bloody world of Heather. So anyway I got to grips with it after a while, and the first thing that came into my mind was I'm gonna have to take this...and sort it out, which I did, all the messes Rose got herself into. I took the f**king rap for them, and helped 'em out....so anyway, I said 'You'll have to tell me exactly what happened'. She said that Heather was cut up. Well, I never felt so ill for a few seconds, a few more minutes before I could get to grips with myself, and I said: 'What on earth did you cut her up for?' She said 'She wouldn't fit in the dustbin!' Now the things that makes it hard, is that she cut Heather up and chucked her in a f**king dustbin. Her daughter, in a dustbin'' - Fred West (1994) 

(25 Cromwell Street. Picture credit: Gloucestershire Live)

What was going on in the West household with Rose's sex work was now common knowledge and even the school friends of the West children knew. People noticed that Heather was missing and the police questioned Rose about where Heather was and she would tell them ridiculous stories that changed from one moment to the next so they didn't know what to think. The abuse of the remaining West children continued and Fred began filming his 13 year old daughter Louise during a sexual assault. Louise told her friends at school and the authorities got involved when one of her friends told her mother and they contacted the police. Fred and Rose were investigated for child abuse and the remaining West children were taken into foster care. Fred and Rose were supposed to stand trial on the 7th of June 1993 but two of the witnesses couldn't go through with it and the case was dismissed. The police were not about to give up though, they had suspicions that something had happened to Heather and after hearing from social workers who had been with the West children and the repeated rumour of ''If you don't behave you'll end up under the patio like Heather.''

The police were able to get a search warrant for 25 Cromwell street and the property was searched from top to bottom as well as the cellar and the gardens, not surprisingly, human remains were found and Fred was arrested on the 25th of February he kept insisting that Rose was innocent and knowing the evidence presented, he confessed to Heather's murder. He told the police that he was to blame for everything. As more gruesome discoveries were made of more human remains, Fred confessed to another 9 murders. By now, Rose was in custody and being questioned too but she was claiming that she knew nothing and was completely innocent. 

On the 30th of June 1994, both Fred and Rose West stood in front of the court and both were charged with murder. Fred was charged with 11 murders which soon became 12 as he was charged afterwards for the murder of Anne McFall. Rose was charged with 9 of the murders which she claimed to be innocent of. During this court appearance, Fred was heartbroken because Rose wouldn't look at him, she tried to dissociate herself completely and tried to throw him under the bus but it didn't work, she was guilty as sin, just as much as he was, and everybody knew it. 

On the 1st of January 1995 whilst Fred West was on remand, he took his own life using bedsheets, He left a suicide note: 

To Rose West, Steve and Mae.

Well Rose it's your birthday on the 29th of November 1994 and you will be 41 and still beautiful and still lovely and I love you. We will always be in love.

The most wonderful thing in my life was when I met you. Our love is special to us. So, love, keep your promises to me. You know what they are. Where we are put together forever and ever is up to you. We loved Heather, both of us. I would love Charmaine to be with Heather and Rena. 

You will always be Mrs West, all over the world. That is important to me and to you.

I haven't got you a present, but all I have is my life. I will give it to you, my darling. When you are ready, come to me. I will be waiting for you - Fred West 

I'm not sure why the date on the suicide note of Rose's birthday is the year 1994 considering he wrote it in 1995 but it is as it stands. 

When Rose was informed of Fred's death she reportedly showed no emotion. She continued to play innocent and claimed to be a victim herself, a stance that she had never changed. She was found guilty anyway at her trial in October 1995 of all known 10 murders and given a whole life term meaning she will never be released from prison. 

It's difficult to know exactly how many people the Wests did murder because Fred buried his victims elsewhere not just at 25 Cromwell street. We may never know the exact number. What went on in that house was hell on earth. Anyone who had this misfortune of being anywhere near Fred and Rose West often suffered the worst of any nightmare imaginable. 

It's no surprise that when Rose found herself behind bars that she bumped into a fellow female monster and struck up a 'close friendship', with none other than Myra Hindley. I think both of them would tie in the award for 'Most Hated Woman in Britain' or 'The Most Evil Woman In Britain'. Both are the embodiment of pure evil. I will be talking more about Myra Hindley along with her equally sick and evil side-kick, Ian Brady, in another instalment in my Partners In Crime series so please look out for that. 

The case of Fred and Rose West and 25 Cromwell street, is a huge case and it's hard to tackle every last minute detail but I feel that I've done the story justice here, I think you get the picture of how evil this pair were and what they did and were capable of. However, if you want a really in depth, detailed description of each of the murders as well as everything else, I recommend the book by Howard Sounes Fred And Rose West: The Full Story of Fred And Rose West And The Gloucester House of Horrors. I listened to this book on Audible for 15 hours over the course of a few days, as part of my research for this post and I think it's an incredible piece of work and really detailed. If you want to know every last drop of detail and fact about this horrendous case, that is the book to read. 

I want to take a moment to remember the victims that we know about and thinking of the survivors. 

Anne McFall

Charmaine West 

Catherine 'Rena' West

Lynda Carole Gough

Carol Ann Cooper

Lucy Katherine Partington

Theresa Siegenthaler

Shirley Hubbard 

Juanita Marion Mott

Shirley Anne Robinson 

Alison Jane Chambers

Heather Ann West

And the little boy who Fred killed (in Glasgow)


(Some of the known victims of Fred and Rose West. Picture credit: Metro UK)

Further Reading & Sources:

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As of January 2023, Rose West is still alive and still maintains her innocence. She is said to be a model prisoner and enjoys baking. 

(Rose West. Picture credit: Media Mole)

25 Cromwell street was demolished in 1996. 

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  1. I just read your second instalment Jo.

    Fred and Rose West are the definition of evilness. They are both monsters.

    The first instalment was indeed tough to my stomach but I had to take a few breaks whilst I was reading the horrific crimes of this evil couple. I read about these two monsters but I wasn’t aware the nature of their crimes and the cruelty of their acts. I know that l always say that to you but no matter how much I thought I know about a case, I never really know anything until I read your work. I can’t say enough about the talent that you have. All your researches, details and the commitment and devotion that you put into your work are amazing ! I can’t say enough about your work Jo. I wish I could find the proper word to describe my thoughts of your work and to give it proper justice because your work is flawless, and brilliant!!!

    I can’t believe that monsters like them exist in our world. I mean, I don’t know how a couple could do what they have done to all their victims.

    I can’t wait to read your upcoming third instalment of your “Partners in Crime’ series.

    Rose is still maintaining his innocence to this day, I’m in disbelief. I think it’s fair to say that she will be baking in prison for a long long time. As for Fred West, I wasn’t surprise to learn that he took his own life.

    RIP to all the victims of these two sick individuals. They aren’t human being.

    Thank you so much Jo Xx

  2. Thank you as always for checking out my latest post. I know it was a tough one to get through. I appreciate your kind words on my work too x