5 Of The Most Popular (& Horrendous) True Crime Cases I've Covered.....So Far....


As I am currently having some work done on my house, I have decided (as I haven't got the time at this moment to properly research and write some new cases) to take a look back over the past few years to some of my most popular posts and share them again with you. Some will jog your memory and some you may not have read, but here they are. 

(Anthony John Hardy: Picture credit: theguardian)

The Camden Ripper: Anthony John Hardy This was a very gruesome and shocking case and I was surprised at the number of people who contacted me saying that they'd never heard of Anthony John Hardy.

(Left: Tracie Andrews: Right: Lee Harvey. Picture credit: mirror)

Toxic Relationship: The Tracie Andrews Story I wrote a series of posts on this case and the response was shocking, So many of you were gripped by this story and some of you even remembered seeing the news reports and reading the newspaper headlines when this tragic event happened. 

(Gertrude Baniszewski. Picture credit: murderpedia)

Gertrude Baniszewski: The Murder of Sylvia Likens This horrendous story is one that I will never forget and I remember being up until 5 am studying and writing about this case. I described Gertrude as the most evil woman ever and reading the series of posts that I put together about this case you can understand why. 

(Mark Kilroy: Picture credit: nydailynews)

The Narcosatanists Cult & The Gruesome Kidnapping & Murder of Mark Kilroy This shocking and gut wrenching case was one that I think, shocked quite a lot of us. I remember researching the case and trying to place myself in Mark's shoes and could not imagine the sheer fear and horror. It was a horrible story and quite tough to cover. 

(John Evander Couey: Picture credit: heraldtribune)

Beyond Evil: The Murder of Jessica Lunsford This case has stayed with me ever since I first heard about it and I spent years not knowing if I should write about it or not but I felt that Jessica's story needed to be shared as horrifying as it was. This little girl left a mark on me and I will forever feel a huge sense of anger and loss at what happened to her. 

I will be back in a couple of weeks with some fresh new content so say tuned for that. As always, thank you for your support, I really appreciate it (See you on my Socials in the meantime) x

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