''It Took Me Nine Days To Eat Her Entire Body.'' | Shocking Quotes By 4 Infamous Serial Killers: Part Two

(Anthony Allen Shore. Picture credit: abc13)

I wasn't expecting my first post on Quotes by Infamous Serial Killers to have been as popular as it was so I thought I'd publish a part two this week. You may be familiar with all of the individuals mentioned here or it might be your first time reading about them? either way, I hope you find the post interesting and don't read it before bed!

Albert Fish

(Albert Fish. Picture credit: filmdaily)

I've been asked quite a few times to cover the story of this horrible monster and he is on my list but the more you research the guy, the most dark, depraved, evil and sickening details emerge and there's a whole lot of information to get through about Albert Fish. He may even be the worst Serial Killer we have ever known? His evilness and depravity knew no bounds. 

He may look like a fragile old man but this man was responsible for the murder, rape and cannibalism of nobody knows how many people exactly. He was a predatory paedophile who once boasted in a letter to the mother of his 10 year old victim: 

''It took me nine days to eat her entire body . I did not f**k her tho I could have had if I wished. She died a virgin.''- Albert Fish. 

Just reading one quote by this evil man is enough to give you the idea of what a cold hearted monster he really was. Despite looking like he was in his 70s, Albert was actually just 65 when he died in prison. He was sent to the electric chair on the 16th of January 1936 at the infamous Sing Sing prison. 

I will be going more deeply into the Albert Fish story in a future post. 

Leonard Lake

(Leonard Lake. Picture credit: murderpedia)

Leonard Lake and his accomplice, Charles Ng were responsible for the horrendous rape, torture and murder of more than twenty five people, again, nobody knows the exact number of victims but the evil pair carried out their sickening acts at a cabin in Wilseyville, California during the early to mid 1980s. A truly shocking and horrendous case which I will be delving into in more detail in a future post.

Leonard took his own life by cyanide poisoning. Ng was sentenced to death in 1999 but a new Governor of California came into office in 2019 and signed an executive order placing a suspension on the death penalty meaning that Ng will still remain in prison but will die a natural death behind bars and not by execution. 

''God meant women for cooking, cleaning, house and sex. And when they are not in use they should be locked up.'' - Leonard lake 

Anthony Allen Shore 

(Anthony Allen Shore: Picture credit: abc13)

The horrendous Anthony Allen shore, otherwise known as 'The Tourniquet Killer' may be familiar to you. He was reportedly responsible for the murder of one woman and three girls but knowing his methods and sickening lust for rape and murder, his victims are probably way more than suspected. This monster even drugged, raped and beat his own daughters. Some of his victims were able to escape him but he is forever known as one of the most sickening and evil of murderers ever to have walked the earth. He was sentenced to death in 2004 and spend time using up tax payers money until he finally faced the lethal injection on the 18th of January 2018, aged 55. 

All he had to say as his last words were: 

''I've made my peace'' and ''Ooh-ee. I can feel that.'' - Anthony Allen Shore 

I will be covering this story in a future post so keep your eyes peeled for that. I think it will make for disturbing reading. 

Jeffrey Dahmer 

(Jeffrey Dahmer. Picture credit: hollywoodreporter)

He's been mentioned a few times on my blog now and will no doubt crop up again at some point but I did cover the Jeffrey Dahmer case here previously. Probably the most notorious Serial Killer next to Ted Bundy, we've seen the numerous movies, books and documentaries made about him. He was responsible for the deaths and mutilation of seventeen men and boys. I went into depth about the gruesome story in two long posts (part one & part two) about Jeffrey Dahmer so you may already be aware of the case and sickening details. 

Jeffrey was sentenced to 16 life terms but didn't get to live out his time fully in prison as he was beaten to death on the 28th of November 1994. 

''I really, really screwed up this time.'' - Jeffrey Dahmer (confessing about his crimes to his father.) 

As mentioned earlier throughout the post, I will be going more into the cases which I haven't covered so I hope you will join me for them. Keep your eyes on my @TrueCrimeWithCK Twitter page for all of my latest posts, I always post on a Sunday. you can also find me on Instagram at @TrueCrimeWithCK

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Further Reading & Sources: 

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Keep safe and hope you will join me in my next post x 


  1. These are some of the creepiest and most disturbing quotes that I've ever read in my life. 😯🙊

    All of these are so chilling and terrifying, yet I find the one from Albert Fish to be truly mortifying. As creepy as these cases are I find myself in hopeful anticipation for your covering these monsters! 🙏🤯

    Your coverage of Jeffery Dahmer was truly monumental and incredibly insightful! 😯🤯

    1. I appreciate that so much! Thanks as always for the amazing comments and support x