True Crime & Personal Q&A With Caledonian Kitty (2022) | Part One

It's been a long time since I did a Q&A post and I thought it would be fun to answer both true crime and personal related questions. I loved that so many of you sent me questions and every one of them was awesome and much appreciated. This is part one of the Q&A because I didn't want to overload you with so much text.

Hope you enjoy...

Q1) What age did you get into the horror and goth lifestyle? 

I started watching horror when I was a child, I'm not even sure when but I know I was very young and my first horror was Scanners which is pretty hardcore for a kid and a first horror movie. I got into the goth lifestyle when I was about 12, I also got into witchcraft and I was part of a group of friends (bit like The Craft ha ha!) who liked to dress up in black clothes, listen to goth music and watch bands as well as do spells and attempt to communicate with the dead via Ouija boards. 

Q2) Who's your favourite horror villain?

Oh that's easy, it will always be Freddy krueger (played by the incredible Robert Englund).

Q3) Outside of horror and rock and roll, what are your other interests and hobbies? 

I love heavy metal, 80s synth music! I'm a big fan of Depeche Mode and I love The Cure. 80s music is a big thing for me. I love everything about the 80s. I love to workout every day if I can and I also love dancing. Like a lot of girly girls I love shopping and going for cappuccino at coffee shops and long chats. I'm a big lover of the countryside too obv being from Scotland. I love going for long walks, I respect nature and love animals. I also love spending time with my cats. 

Q4) What's your favourite food?

I'm a big lover of Italian food (veggie versions) and Sunday roast dinners. I don't think I could ever get tired of roast or mashed potatoes with thick savory gravy and roasted parsnips!!! So delicious. I'm a fabulous cook so I love a lot of home cooked meals but I do like going out for the odd curry or McDonald's meal. 

Q5) What's a memorable moment between you and Freddie?

Oh that's a question! It's hard because there are so many that mean so much! I've been very blessed and lucky in my life to have had that furry little man for 11 years (he's still here in spirit). The one memory/story that I tell everyone is when I first adopted him, he was this little black ball of fur with a bit of an attitude problem. He seemed to be hostile with everyone else but not me. I'd carry him around the house and he'd be purring, if anyone else went near him he'd arch his back and go all spiky and hiss. It was actually pretty funny. He soon mellowed though and you couldn't have met a more laid back cat than Freddie. He was/is so patient and loving. 

Q6) What serial killer have you not covered yet that you'd be interested in covering?

I have tons of books filled with 100s of serial killer cases but I have had regular requests for the likes of BTK and Rodney Alcala and those are on my list to cover. I have so many that I am getting through them post by post. 

Q7) Are you dominant or submissive? 

I can do both but I like a man to look after and protect me. I like man to throw me around the bedroom if you know what I mean. I'm into kinky sex but I also like having power too. I can be a wildcat at times but I also enjoy being a princess. I'm very adventurous when it comes to sex. 

Q8) Are there any true crime cases you are less familiar with and plan to research more?

I am planning on doing more cases about other parts of the world. There's been quite a few cases from Australia that I am thinking of including in a future post esp the serial killer, Ivan Milat who inspired the horror movie, Wolf Creek. 

Q9) Is there a true crime case or person you find the most fascinating?

I find all of the cases that I have covered or read about, interesting but when it comes to researching serial killers, I would say, BTK, Edmund Kemper and John Wayne Gacy. 

Q10) Do you ever feel with your love of past music, movies and pop culture that you were born in the wrong decade? Would it have been nice to be a teenager in either the 70s or 80s? 

Oh all the time, I could easily be a teenager in the 70s and 80s, what magical times to be alive . from the music to the movies, the fashion, the culture, the way things were. People have forgotten what it's like to have a laugh today. Politics, greed and this 'every man for himself' mentality has taken over. Twitter can be very toxic at times. I'm not saying that the world was 100% perfect back in those days but there was a certain innocence, like 'anything was possible'. When I was younger you had to wait for music albums to come out and you saved up your pocket money, magazines and music TV shows were a big thing. Now, music is instant, a lot of it manufactured and the music made today, 90% of it all sounds the same and don't get me started on award shows like 'The Grammys', it's all political and people looking for attention and to score points, plus they give awards to people like Cardi B, no offence but 'Wet Ass Pussy'? winning a Grammy. I never watch award shows anymore,. I sound like an old grumpy git lol. I prefer to listen to iconic bands and music from back in the day. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my little Q&A, I was excited that I was sent so many questions. I will be posting part two next week. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the posts and for checking this post out. 

See you (hopefully) in the next post or on My Socials. If you feel there's any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to email me at

All the best for the month of July x 

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