Stalkers, Regrets, Plans & More: True Crime & Personal Q&A With Caledonian Kitty (2022) | Part Two


So here is part two of my true crime and personal (2022) Q&A, thank you again to all who sent in questions, I loved them all and tried to answer as many as I could. 
I hope you enjoy this post...

Q1) What's your favourite type of horror movies and what decade?

I love anything from the 1980s and I like a few 1970s horrors too! I'm a big fan of the classics. 

Q2) As a true crime writer, if you could sit down with 1 Serial Killer, 1 Detective and 1 True Crime Author, who would they be and why? 

Great questions & very thought provoking! I would be interested in interviewing Serial Killer Peter Manuel, for Detective, I would have to say Colin Sutton and for True Crime Author it would be the late, great, Reg McKay. 

Q3)  As time has progressed you've had your share of stalkers and creepy ba*tards on social media, not naming names but who was the worst , and what did they do that pushed you too far? 

There's been so many, from people trying to get my address through my Amazon wishlist (which has since been deleted), to people hacking my favourite shopping brand accounts using my email address pretending to send me gift cards, to a guy driving 4/5 hours to a restaurant that he knew that I liked to get my lunch at. I do put up with a lot, especially when it comes to certain subscribers but if they go too far I block them. 

Q4) Is there a movie you are really excited to see at the cinema right now or later this year?

Well, I've recently seen all the movies that I had on my list, Elvis, Top Gun: Maverick and The Black Phone. I am interested in seeing the Salem's Lot movie which I'm sure comes out in September. 

Q5) Do you have any regrets about your life?

No I don't, any choices I have made in my life have been because it had suited me at the time and I try to live my life to the fullest every day. I have a blessed life and am happy with my lot. 

Q6) Are you going to work on another series? Your Nazi Concentration Camp and Serial Killer series were masterful work. 

I have been busy as hell lately and a lot has been going on in my personal life, I recently went through Covid and lost my sense of smell. I was so weak and ill. I also lost my furbaby of 11 years so I've had grief on top of everything plus work. I am itching to do another series so stay tuned for that. 

Q7) What book are you currently reading?

Believe it or not, I am TRYING to read Kathryn Casey's Deliver Us! Every time I pick it up, I pass out sleeping. I'm currently on page 107. Hopefully I will finish this book at some point. (I ended up giving up reading this book at this time and I'm now reading 'Unnatural Causes' by Dr Richard Shepherd)

Q8) What is your top 3 true crime movies ever?

Ohhhhh my readers know this one!

I'll include the links anyway: 

Q9) Would you love to work on a new series involving paranormal activities?

I'm interested in all things paranormal so it would be interesting to look into for some future posts if I can tie them into true crime. 

Q10) What is your opinion on people who judge your interest and work on true crime? 

I don't care! I have a brain, I use it, and some people think that you can't be both glamorous and write about serious subjects such as serial murder but I'm here to prove them wrong. I'm just happy that thousands of people enjoy what I do and I don't mean that to brag but to have built something all on my own and to have it be a success is something I'm really proud and grateful for. 

And there you have it! Thank you again for the amazing questions, I did try to answer everything but I know I did leave a lot of them out which I will include in a future post. 

See you in the next post or on My Socials x 

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