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So as we approach the end of the year I decided to look back at all of the cases I have covered this year and make a note of which ones got the highest of views. This year my blog has been popping and it's been amazing and thank you to all who continue to read my posts. You might see some posts that I have previously written way back in 2020 or 2019 included and the reason those are included is because they are still going crazy with the views. I have an amazing number of regular readers but new people come onto my blog every day and I've been loving it. 

I've also been enjoying the messages on social media and the emails I've been receiving from you. I appreciate it all. Of course I have had some interesting emails too from relatives of victims, murderers family and even cult followings of some of the offenders I have written about. Some even going so far as to pose as the offender but that's a long story and one I don't plan on sharing just in case they are reading this lol. 

Are you excited about 2022? I always approach a New Year with an open mind because who know's what will happen and with all that is going on with Covid you just never know what the situation is going to be. 

In regards to my blog, I have had a successful year this year and I'm very proud and will continue to bring you more content in 2022. I hope you continue to find my work interesting and informative. 

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So let's take a trip down memory lane and see which posts made the top 10 of most popular true crime posts by yours truly....

1) The Husband From Hell - Mitchell Quy 

Mitchell was a sadistic psychopath and tried to control his young wife. When she suddenly vanished he claimed that she had simply walked out on him and their children. He took part in numerous interviews and played the part of the father and husband done wrong. The truth was far more dark, more sickening than anyone could imagine. 

This post was very popular this year (and one that has been copied from my blog and onto other blogs or YouTube channels quite a few times lol) 

2) The Sarah Everard Story

This was a gut wrenching case which stirred up both heartbreak and anger. We all hoped and prayed that Sarah would return home safe but sadly it wasn't to be. I wrote about the case in the beginning as a way to help spread awareness that she was missing. As the days rolled on and more of the truth was revealed, it was just too much to bare. To learn of the true details of her final moments on this earth and to learn that her horrific end was all down to a twisted and sick monster who was a police officer just sent shockwaves through the UK (especially to women everywhere). 

3) The Panty Thief Killer: Russell Williams

He was the nice guy that everybody respected, a true professional at his job and had rubbed shoulders with members of the Royal family and the elite in Canada. He was a happily married man who had many friends so it was a deep shock when Russell Williams was exposed for the pervert, rapist and cold blooded killer that he really was. 

4) My Pictures Were Stolen And Put On A Porn Website 

I wrote about my personal experience with having my pictures stolen and used to create fake accounts. This was terrifying at first and I managed to get this situation sorted out but you know what? I've had another handful of these accounts pop up again using my pictures. I have one that is live right now on Instagram and as much as myself and my followers have reported it, IT'S STILL THERE, so thanks a lot Instagram! It's obvious the account is not really me but if people want to be stupid and pay money to a catfish there's nothing I can do about it, I have informed people that it is fake and my official links are here

I still get regular emails about this post asking for help from girls who have had the same thing happen to them. 

5) Death of A Heavy Metal Legend: The Shocking Murder of Dimebag Darrell 

A heartbreaking loss to the music industry and to the world in general. Dimebag was a big teddy bear and to this day his loss is felt. I delved into what really happened to him and the other people involved as well as the murderer in this post. I have had many emails from devoted fans of his who actually met him or were present at the scene. 

6) The Horrible Truth About Actor Eric Cullen

Quite a few people were shocked by this post, people who had grown up watching shows which Eric featured in had no idea of what happened. 

7) The Secret Life of Claudia Lawrence: What Really Happened?

To this day the Claudia Lawrence case remains a mystery. Recently a search was underway in York but the police have said nothing further so everything remains up in the air with this case. In this post I talk about the facts of the case which some may feel uncomfortable with especially the fact that Claudia had links to several married men. It's important to include that factor when talking about a possible motive for why someone would kill her. Was it a married man who she threatened to expose? or an angry wife who found out about the affair? Who Knows? Check out the post if you haven't already done so and see what you think. 

8) The Gruesome Story of Glyn Dix

I remember how shocked some of my readers were about this case, it was very insane and very sickening. If you haven't read about it, I will leave you to check it out yourself. 

9) Hidden In Plain Sight: Darren Vickers 

Horrendous case which stirred up anger and still does to this day. This monster was a bus driver who abducted a little boy and did some horrendous things (I go into the sickening details in my post). The little boy was reported missing and he had the nerve to contact the family and play Mr nice guy pretending to help knowing fine well what he had done. 

10) The Beauty Queen Killer: Christopher Bernard Wilder 

Here we have the serial killer Christopher Bernard Wilder who would target young beautiful women. He is one of those serial killers who isn't spoken about much but is every bit as sadistic as the monsters we see constantly glamourised (cough 'Ted Bundy' cough) in movies and TV series. 

Well there you have it, my 10 most popular posts in 2021, I hope you do check them out if you get the chance.

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I am now taking a little break over the Christmas period but I will be back with more true crime content in January 2022 so stay tuned. 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year x 


  1. Awwww Jo, thank you so much for the fabulous year !

    Reading your post, true crime case and content every weeks has been a blessing, and a treasure.
    I don’t know what 2022 will bring but I do know that I will try to enjoy the upcoming holidays as much as possible. I do know that 2022 will be busy and challenging for several reasons. Hopefully, the Covid will get under control but it’s a day to day fight.

    It’s so amazing to rediscover 10 of your masterpieces.
    Such an amazing and tremendous work. Most of the cases were heartbreaking, others were really tough for my stomach, and they were also some personal crazy stories such as the fourth one. My God, you’ve been through so much with these fake disturbing fake accounts. I can’t believe that IG haven’t done a thing about it ! IG must get their shit together !

    The Mitchell Quy case was so disturbing to me. I’m still thinking about it. Same could be said about Eric Cullen.

    I was heartbroken to read what was happening to Sarah Everard. Thank you so much for your amazing coverage of the case all along.

    I’m still thinking of Dimebag Darrell with a heavy heart !

    That was incredible to read you every week Jo, thanks again for everything.
    Now, it’s time for you to enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays. Happy Happy early Christmas and happy happy early New Year ! I can’t wait to reading your 2022 content and to see what 2022 will look like. One thing for sure, I will count on your awesome content to cheer me up every week.

    Have a wonderful and magical holidays Jo !!! Xxx

    1. Thank you so much and all the best for this year x