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So, in a different change of direction to what I usually write I just wanted to express my thoughts on something here on my blog in this particular post (don't worry, I will be back covering various solved, unsolved cases, serial killers and mysteries from next week). I just felt that I needed to write something here especially as I have been asked to cover the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case quite a few times. I haven't covered it because the story is all over the place but something has been bugging me to write my thoughts on what has been going on with Gypsy recently. 

Now, we all know the horrific story of how she had been abused by her mother for years, starved, beaten, forced to take pills, her hair shaved off and had her whole life controlled as well as many other horrendous things. Her mother (Dee Dee Blanchard) did all of these things to her own daughter to pretend to their local community that Gypsy had cancer as well as many other illnesses in an attempt at gaining money and attention. When you heard Gypsy's story of the abuse that she endured for many years, your heart went out to her. 

To cut a long story short, Gypsy (having suffered enough of years of abuse) arranged and provided the financial means for a young man that she was secretly talking to online, to murder her mother. Nicholas Godejohn was 26 years old and was Autistic, he also shared some very sick fantasies with Gypsy through endless messages. Gypsy manipulated this man by sexually explicit messages and promises of what would be if he helped her get rid of her mother. 

Gypsy knew where to find money that her mother kept hidden but instead of choosing to take the money and some household valuables and running away to the authorities or staying somewhere else, she chose to end her mother's life. The horrific plan had worked, Nicholas came to the house and stabbed Dee Dee Blanchard to death with a knife that Gypsy had paid for. Gypsy was in another room as she heard her mother beg and scream for her life. After the murder, Nicholas came to Gypsy's bedroom and the pair had sex before stealing money that her mother, Dee Dee had hidden away. 

When you read the details of what happened in that house when the murder took place, it leaves chills down the spine and makes you question things. Yes, Dee Dee Blanchard was a monster but she should have been exposed and faced justice, Gypsy would have still gotten the attention and support that she also craved and had gotten used to. To have been murdered in a sickening way and for Gypsy (who claimed that she had sex with Nicholas because he had threatened to sexually assault her mother before killing her so she promised that she would have sex with him instead afterwards) to have not only had sex with this guy instead of putting a stop the whole thing and calling the police. She happily went with him with the stolen money until the pair were finally brought to justice. 

Both were clearly in it together and Gypsy admitted this. She had used her background to try to explain her actions and when the public heard her story they were shocked. The community who knew her were shocked because they had fallen for the lies. The world heard her story and were horrified at what she had been put through but when the details of her actions came to light, some people began to have different thoughts especially recently. 

Nicholas was sent down for life and Gypsy got 7 years due to her past abuse. Debates continued for years as to was it right that she was put behind bars or was she just an abused victim who deserved 100% support and sympathy? Whatever the mix of opinions were, Gypsy was released in December of 2023.

It was revealed that she had been filming her life behind bars and her story had been covered many times in books, documentaries and dramas. When she came out of prison the majority of comments that I had seen online and the general opinion was one of sympathy and support. However, here in April 2024, the tone has since changed. It appears that Gypsy had quite a few admirers writing to her whilst she was in prison and had been engaged to a guy called Ken Urker. Apparently she had cooled things with Ken and moved onto another guy called Ryan Anderson who was a teacher. Whilst developing a relationship with Ryan, Gypsy was still in contact with Ken and still had some feelings for him but ended up marrying Ryan. 

Ryan stood by Gypsy and supported her whilst she was in prison and worked hard to support her release. Having seen how she was now a married woman to a teacher and had appeared to have grown and spoke openly of her involvement in her mother's murder, she was released. 

The couple were everywhere in December, TV chat shows, endless interviews, everywhere on social media. They lapped up all of the attention and money that poured their way. I, like a lot of people, thought it was wonderful that Gypsy had this supportive husband and it was now time for her to start living her life and maybe having a family. But fast forward just a few months later and now Ryan has been dumped, Ken is back on the scene (having apparently never left cause she admits they had been in contact the whole time) and Gypsy is promoting the next season of her documentary whilst recovering from undergoing plastic surgery. She's also been openly out and about in front of staged paparazzi shots, cigarette in one hand, holding Ken's hand in the other and the pair have matching tattoos. All in full display of Ryan and the world. 

Sure, we all wanted to see her happy and live her life but something just doesn't sit well with a lot of people. When a lot of the public were starting to turn on Gypsy's thirst for attention and fame (you have to admit it) she announced that she was going to step away from the public life and go and enjoy her life but that has since changed. It appears that she is trying to be a celebrity and every time you look on your phone or browse social media, she pops up in another interview and it leaves a sour taste in your mouth because the reality is, she was part of the horrific murder of her mother and has made (and continues to make) money from crime. Obviously the media has a huge part to play in this because they are giving her a platform and printing stories with her as well as arranging paparazzi shots. But isn't this all just in poor taste? By all means, give your side of your story like you have done in your book and you've made a lot of money but why the attempt at trying to be the next Kardashian? 

Even the situation with Ryan is being used for publicity and attention ''If you want to find out what happened with me and Ryan, tune in to the next season of my documentary and all will be revealed''. 

I've talked many times on this blog about how serial killers can be glamourized in movies but this situation too is in poor taste. I remember reading a comment that a young girl had written underneath Gypsy's plastic surgery post ''Do I have to off my Mom so I can get money, fame and a BBL?'' Let's hope that younger people don't look at Gypsy Rose Blanchard's story and think that it's the way to go. How many times have we seen guys like Stephen Griffiths, the infamous 'Crossbow Cannibal' who felt himself a loner and watched the glamorization of the likes of Ted Bundy and wanted books and movies to made about him too. He thought that becoming a serial killer like Bundy would help him be famous and make a name for himself. 

In the true crime community a lot of us are here to share the stories of these horrific cases and tell the victim's story and to raise awareness for unsolved cases. Never have I glamourized a cold-blooded killer in my blogs. I'm not a fan of serial killers, I write about them and know a lot about them but I come from a psychological aspect. I studied criminology and psychology at university and worked with victims of crime. I'm not on Youtube, I'm focused on becoming a writer. I'm wondering what my readers are thinking about the Gypsy Rose Blanchard situation. Do you think this is acceptable behaviour? and what of Ken and Ryan? are they along for the ride for financial reasons and fame? 

Some people believe that Gypsy should still be in prison and have described her as a master manipulator who has fooled us all and Ryan was another person that she used, do you think this to be the case? 

Nobody is saying that Gypsy did not go through utter hell with her mother, every sympathy is there for those years of suffering but at what point do we say.....''hold on, what's with dumping the supportive husband just months after being released, acting like a celebrity and getting plastic surgery?''. 

Gypsy had a lot of time behind bars to think about what she wanted to do when she was released, could it be that she thought that marrying Ryan (the teacher) would be a good look for her but planned all along to hook up with Ken on the outside, splash the cash and get plastic surgery, she was only released in December and has done all of this already, it does make you wonder?

As always, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on all of this. You're welcome to leave any comments below, contact me on my Socials or drop me an email at jocaledoniankitty@gmail.com 

I hope to see you in my next post, take care x

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