Easter Special #TrueCrime Storytime With @CaledonianKitty | ''She Hid Cocaine In My Bag''

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When it comes to friendships, I've had some unlucky moments in my time. I for one know first hand what it's like to be tricked by someone you thought you were safe to put your trust in. As we approach Easter, I was thinking about what my next post was going to be on my blog and I decided to change things up a little bit by sharing a personal true crime story of my own. I have many stories which will no doubt be appearing here in the future but for now, I'll share this one. 

I hope that by telling my story that it will make people (especially younger people) remember to think twice about who you trust. When I first moved to England when I was about 19 or 20, I got a job in a household store as a Sales Assistant whilst studying at college. It was there that I met an older woman named Jill, she was 26 and was a single mother of 2 children. We struck up an unlikely friendship and would have breakfast together before starting our morning shifts. As the months went on we talked about all sorts of things from relationships to past experiences. 

Jill would tell me how much she hated where she lived and how much it was a struggle for her to bring up two children on her own as a single parent. She'd had a number of relationships but they would fizzle out after a few weeks. Another difference between the pair of us was that I was in a close relationship with my boyfriend at the time and had quite a number of good things going on in my life. I've always been (what friends and those who know me as) a 'glamourpuss' and very much into looking my best. Jill on the other hand was more of a 'Tom-Boy' who wore jeans, trainers and no make-up. Even though there were a lot of differences between us, we got on well. 

As the months went on I started to notice that Jill was asking me a lot of questions about what cosmetics and perfume I wore as well as where I bought my clothes. I didn't think anything of this and took it as a compliment. I also noticed that whenever I spoke about my boyfriend there would be a bit of an ambiance like she was jealous of my relationship. I thought I was just being silly and tried to brush it off. 

One day out of the blue Jill was late for work and around lunchtime she appeared and I couldn't believe what I saw (and the rest of the staff were taken aback too). Jill walked in with a full face of make-up, hair extensions with her hair styled like mine, similar clothes and my favourite perfume. Everyone thought it was hilarious and threw out comments such as ''Single, White, Female'' and ''It's the twins''. The whole thing made me feel uncomfortable. Jill said that she had used her welfare money to buy the makeup etc (she was able to claim welfare because she only worked a certain number of hours per week). As uncomfortable as I was I just tried to push it to the side and changed my perfume etc. 

One day Jill suggested that we have a girl's night out and we made arrangements to go to a nightclub on a Saturday evening, just me and her. She made it clear that my boyfriend wasn't allowed to come (she made out that it was just a girly night). She said that a friend of hers would drop her off at my house and I said that was fine. There was a local bar around the corner from my house at the time and I suggested getting a quick drink there before heading into town to the nightclub. On the way to the bar, Jill was texting on her phone and asked if I wouldn't mind if her friend had dropped something off for her. The next thing I knew some guy in a car pulled up and she jumped in beside him as they talked for a couple of minutes. He seemed friendly and nothing seemed odd. She got out of the car and I asked who he was and she claimed that he was a guy that she was getting close to in a romantic way. 

We had our drinks at the bar and headed to the nightclub, Jill was a smoker and she had a bag with her but was complaining that she couldn't fit her cigarettes and her lighter in her bag so would I put them in mine as my bag had more space. I agreed and thought nothing of it. We stood outside of the nightclub as the doormen checked everyone in, everyone's bags were searched as they went in. I opened my bag and the doormen could see that all I had in there was Jill's cigarettes, lighter, my lipstick, some money and my phone. We went in and got some drinks and danced. Some time later Jill said she needed the bathroom and grabbed my hand to go with her. We went into the bathroom stall and closed the door behind us. She asked me if I had a bank card and puzzled I asked her what she needed that for? She asked for her cigarettes and it was there that she pulled out a bag of cocaine. I was a mixture of alcohol and shock and couldn't quite believe that I had been carrying cocaine in my bag this whole time. That I had been around the club and let the doormen search my bag whilst I had cocaine in there. I didn't know how to feel about it, everything was happening so fast and Jill was acting like it was no big deal. 

She asked if I wanted some and I refused, she took the bag and I don't know how much she took but it was gone and she put her cigarettes in her bag (the same bag that she said she couldn't fit them in). With everything going on and after having a few drinks I couldn't think straight. Jill was practically wasted. Before we knew it, the night was over and I could've offered Jill to stay over at my house that night but I just wanted to get rid of her as drunk as I was. I made sure she got a taxi and made my way home and was on the phone to my Dad as well as explaining the whole situation to my boyfriend. My Dad was furious and trying to drum into me the seriousness of what had actually happened. Jill knew fine well what she was doing, she put them drugs on me just incase we were searched so that she wouldn't get into trouble. I told my Dad that I wasn't taking any drugs and he explained to the young, naive me that it didn't matter, I could have been arrested for carrying drugs with intent to supply, I wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. 

Me and Jill never spoke about it and I never confronted her. I was actually so stupid at the time, looking back I should have played hell but I didn't. When I think about it now I get a mixture of chills down my spine and anger. How could she do that to me? Why did she do it? Was it all part of a plan?

Her behaviour leading up to that with copying my style, being jealous over my boyfriend and then trying to set me up makes me wonder if she was lowkey trying to destroy my life somehow? When I think back to her actions that night, I see how she carefully covered her steps all the way. 

After this, I didn't see Jill outside of work and distanced myself from her. She'd had all sorts of problems with her neighbours and started missing work until she ended up getting fired. I never saw her again but I later heard from friends who knew her that she'd had a bad reputation for years around where she lived. I also heard (and I don't know if this is true or just rumours) that she had two boyfriends who had died due to drugs and people were pointing the finger at her. As I say, I don't know if this is true or not but this was years ago, I have no idea or interest in where Jill is now. I just hope that she is a better person. 

I guess the moral of this story is that no matter how mature and nice someone may seem, even if they are a mother and are older than you are, you have to be careful who you trust. I should have known better that night, I was very naive and the scary thing is that I could have ended up in jail. If those drugs had been found in my bag there's no way Jill would've told the truth, she would have lost her kids over that. The cops wouldn't have cared about my story either. It's a scary thought but luckily I had a narrow escape. 

On a positive note, I moved on to bigger and better things and a lesson was learned. I would never do that to another person and now I'm very careful about who I trust in my life. I have a small number of people close to me and because of what I have seen of certain people over the years who could blame me. 

I will be taking a little break to enjoy Easter but I will be back at the beginning of April. I hope you enjoy Easter (if you happen to celebrate it) and please check out my previous posts if you haven't already done so. If you would like to donate to my work, that would be wonderful and much appreciated, you can do so here

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Happy Easter & hopefully you'll join me in my next post. Stay safe x 

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