My Thoughts On Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, Rose West! Meeting Murderers & What Do I Think Of The The UK Justice System? | Q&A With Jo: Part Two

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So. here we are in part two of my Q&A, I hope you found the first part interesting. I have tried to answer all of the questions that I was sent on Instagram and X/Twitter so if your question is not answered, please let me know and I'll update this post but I think I've covered everything. 

So here goes....

Q1: Which crime related series is your favourite?

I have to say 'Mindhunter'! I was so obsessed with that series that I would literally sit up until 5 am, watching every episode when a new series came out. We only got two series which is a crying shame! I'm still fuming that Netflix are still back and forth about making a third series. The people are crying out for it, give the people what they want!!!! Here's hoping that Mindhunter 3 is made, otherwise we just have to appreciate it for what it was. I would like to own both series on Blu-Ray though. 

Q2: Have you ever met a murderer?

Yes, I have, loads of them! One of these strange encounters happened at university. I was on a psychology course and this older guy sat down next to me in the lunch area and proceeded to tell me (with a smile on his face) that he had murdered his step-father. I have written about this on my blog previously (this was back in 2019 that I wrote this so forgive the bad quality picture and serious lack of false eyelashes lol). It was a strange experience and the guy made my skin crawl to be quite honest. 

Q3: Would you ever become a cop?

Nope! I know there are amazing cops out there who work so hard and are passionate about helping people but I've seen a lot of things and conduct at the hands of British police that I'm not happy with. 

Q4: What do you think of the justice system in the UK?

Nine times out of ten it's a complete joke! I don't agree with cold-blooded murderers being given 15 years and serving half their sentence (in certain cases). I find it also ridiculous that people can be locked up for the most stupidest of things whilst the real monsters are let off with a slap on the wrist. 

Q5: Are you interested in doing a collaboration with other members of the true crime community?

Yes, I would love too! I always welcome it so if anyone would like to collaborate on a case or request a case, just email me at

Q6: Which book are you currently reading?

A masterpiece of a book (which I've read before): And The Band Played On by Randy Schilts. The book is an in depth look and detailed account of the AIDS crisis in the 1980's. 

Q7: Do you believe in the paranormal?

Yes! I believe in aliens, ghosts and some sort of afterlife. I believe that our souls go to a higher frequency (I don't know if I'm making any sense here) and that the spirits of our loved ones are around us. I believe that they send us little signs every day to let us know that they are looking out for us. 

Q8: What is your favourite thing to cook?

I love cooking Italian food. It sounds simple but I love making Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread and sprinkles of grated Parmesan cheese. I also like cooking a traditional Sunday roast (vegetarian style) with roast potatoes and all of the trimmings and gravy. 

Q9: Which of your true crime posts took the longest for you to research and put together?

It's hard to point out one particular post because a lot of them have taken me a long time to research and write. If I had to choose one which I remember writing into the wee small hours of the morning for a number of nights, it has to be The Most Evil Woman Ever? | Gertrude Baniszewski, this horrific case was about the cruel and heartbreaking murder of Sylvia Likens. It's a story that can never be forgotten and shocks anyone who has ever heard about it or read about it. A truly disturbing case that I have never forgotten. It was a tough one to research and took a lot of writing but I am glad I was able to share Sylvia's story along with many others. I have had various messages over the years about the post and I'm glad that other people have been inspired by my article to write about the case and that people think of Sylvia as she was before what had happened to her. 

Q10: What has been the best compliment that someone has given you on your work?

I have had some amazing things said about my work and it really means the world to me. As someone who has battled learning difficulties with dyslexia, the thought that my blog had been visited by over 1 million people is insane. So many interesting people have contacted me over the years. I guess I just love to hear that people enjoy my writing, I'm still growing as a writer, I'm still learning. I also love that I have dedicated readers who've been here with me from my very first true crime case back in 2019, I think that's amazing. 

Q11: Describe your ideal night-in?

My ideal night in would be a takeaway, some candles, a stack of classic horror movies and maybe some wine. I love nights like that, watching as many horror movies as you can until you basically pass out!

Q12: What are your thoughts on Rose West, Jodi Arias and Caylee Anthony? 

Well, Rose West (I wrote about her and her husband Fred here in a previous post) was a master manipulator who basically wore the trousers in the relationship with Fred. They were both evil and each had a part to play in the crimes but she was the mastermind in everything. When she basically threw Fred to the wolves in the courtroom and ignored him, he couldn't cope with that, he practically lived for her and couldn't cope with that rejection from her so he took his own life. I go into all of the details in that post so please check it out if you are interested in knowing more about the case. 

Jodi Arias, what a lost and messed-up person she was but also a master manipulator. I do feel that the male victim, Travis Alexander used her and messed with her head but he did not deserve what happened to him. Jodi was a beautiful girl and this is part of the intrigue that some people have about her case. To anyone looking in they would wonder why she didn't just move on to someone else and forget about Travis. But behind the looks was a raving narcissist who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. She stalked, begged and pleaded Travis until he gave in, she would use her sexuality to try and own him but it didn't work. In a final act of utter rejection she found that he wasn't interested in a serous relationship with her, he saw her as a dirty secret. In her mind, she had given him everything and posed for private, intimate pictures for him and still that wasn't enough. Her obsession with Travis drove her crazy and she committed the most evil and horrific murder whilst trying to cover her tracks. 

The Caylee Anthony story was a case that shocked us all and is still talked about to this day. Casey Anthony got away with murder, she's as guilty as sin. The whole thing sickened me and again, she is another master manipulator, a narcissist who used her looks and pathetic performances to try and gain sympathy. All three of these women are proof that sometimes the female of the species can be (sometimes) more deadly than the male. 

And there you have it, all done! I hope my responses to the questions didn't drag on for too long and that you enjoyed reading my replies. I enjoyed answering them and a big THANK YOU to everyone who sent me the questions. I liked the variety of questions...I did get a few naughty ones too lol! 

In my next post I will be continuing with my series 'The Sugarbaby Murders' so I hope you will continue to join me for that. 

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