Why Do I Write About Serial Killers?, My Book & The Thriller On Netflix That Everyone Should Be Watching | Q&A With Jo: Part One

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So, as you may know, I'm currently in the middle of doing a four part series here on my blog called 'The Sugarbaby Murders'. You may also know (if you are a regular reader of my work - thank you!) that I always post my content on Sundays, well, this week I haven't had the time to really research and study the third instalment of the series unfortunately.  As I am always one to keep my promises and deliver fresh new content every week, I decided that I would do a Q&A since it's been a long time since I have done one. 

On Thursday I asked my followers on Instagram and Twitter to send me their questions and I ended up with more questions than Bob Holness lol (not that I'm complaining). So to be fair to everyone who asked me questions, I have split this into two parts. After these Q&A posts, I will continue on with the series, The Sugarbaby Murders. 

Hope you enjoy reading my Q&A posts, here goes....

Q1: How is your book coming along and when will it be released?

I'm still in the process of writing my book! As with a lot of things that I do, I want it to be right. I want to take my time so it's done properly. As an owner of so many true crime books, it's shocking to see seasoned criminologists and true crime writers who rush their books or self publish on Amazon only to find a mountain of mistakes. I also want a good quality cover that won't fall apart after a few reads. I will keep everyone updated when it's all done and I'll even send a few out to my regular readers with some Caledonian Kitty merchandise when the time comes. I'm actually excited just thinking about it. 

Q2: Which true crime case has shocked you the most recently?

I was reading about a case last night actually and it left me feeling both heartbroken and angry. It was the horrible story of the murder of 5 year old Shaniya Davis. The girl's mother had sold the poor child to a sick monster to settle a $200 debt under the knowledge that this man would SA the child (it just makes your blood boil). The man took Shaniya, assaulted and murdered her before dumping her remains. The whole story was horrendous and both the mother (if you can even call her that) and the peadophile are now behind bars. It just breaks my heart that this little girl went through all of this pain and suffering. There was some CCTV footage that caught the perpetrator carrying Shaniya towards an elevator and it's haunting, the poor girl looks so scared and confused and you wish that you could just jump through the screen and save her. A horrible case which left an effect on me for sure as I'm sure it does for anyone who reads about it. 

Q3: Are you watching any trials lately? Which was the last one that you followed?

I'm not watching any trials at the moment unless it's part of a case that I'm researching. The last trial I followed was the Gareth Pursehouse trial. He was given life without parole for the murder of Hollywood therapist Amie Harwick. I wrote about her case briefly on my X/Twitter page but didn't cover the story in full on my blog. The trial is still available to view on Youtube. 

Q4: Can you recommend a good thriller on Netflix?

One that I watched recently which was more of a sci-fi thriller but brilliant all the same was 'T.I.M'. If you like the 'Black Mirror' series, this will be right up your street. It definitely taps into the modern age with all of this AI stuff and how much we rely on technology in our every day lives. I've actually watched this twice because it was so good! Highly recommended. 

Q5: Will you be bringing out any new merch soon? 

Yes, I will be bringing out new merch, I'll update everyone when I get around to it. 

Q6: What made you get interested in writing about serial killers?

I saw The Silence of The Lambs when I was 6 years old and I was hooked! I wanted to be like Clarice Starling and work for the FBI Behavioural Science Unit. I'm a big fan of John Douglas (who the character of Jack Crawford is based on) and I have tons of true crime books. My grandmother loved her murder mysteries and my Dad was into true crime stuff so I suppose I just grew up around it. Re-runs of Columbo and Taggart were a big thing in my house growing up. 

Q7: How long does it take you to do your research at average? 

It depends on the case but it usually takes a week. I spend hours and hours studying, going through books, court documents, newspaper articles etc until I feel like I know the case inside out and have all the important dates, names and locations and then I write about it. I try my best to have everything done for Sunday and I always manage to do it. 

Q8: What is your favourite movie?

As I'm not sure what genre to go by, I'll say which is my favourite horror movie and that is the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Well, that's a wrap for part one! I hope you found it an interesting read and hope you will join me next Sunday for part two. As I mentioned earlier, The Sugarbaby Murders series will continue after the second Q&A post. 

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