Prison, Pizza & 24 Hours In The 1980's | Part Two: Let's Talk......Anything Goes!

Welcome to part two of my Q&A, thank you for joining me for this concluding post before we go back into my Serial Killers of The 70's, 80's & 90's Series. 

So grab a snack and let's see about answering some more of your questions....

Question One: How often do you run into discrepancy issues between sources and how do you resolve them? 

I'm lucky enough to have so many books that have been written by professional criminologists, forensic psychologists, police officers, coroners etc so I always do proper research and look at court documents along with newspaper articles, courtroom footage, interrogations, news reports etc. Because I have been doing this for years and know a lot of cases quite well especially when it comes to certain serial killers, it always shocks me when I stumble across a new writer or a well-known criminologist and I notice that they've made a mistake with victims names, dates of birth or locations. I'm very OCD about that sort of thing. I'm currently working on my own book and I aim to have every detail 100%. It just goes to show that there are a lot of people out there who are in such a hurry to self publish and have a book. I believe in doing things properly, I'm still growing as a writer. 

Question Two: What is the biggest hindrance to your research, and how do you overcome it? 

I think that I put a lot of pressure on myself at times because I always aim to publish quality content but one of the things that can be an issue is health. If I'm on my period or like right now, I'm going through a cold virus and can't stop coughing, it can really affect my concentration. There's also a matter of time, I have set evenings where I do all of my content and I like it to be completed before Friday if I can so that I can relax and really enjoy the weekend before I edit and publish on a Sunday evening. 

Question Three: What would you do if you had the possibility to go the 1980's for 24 hours? 

Only 24 hours? That's cruel!!! Let me think.... I'd probably go to London and visit Top of The Pops and then go nightclubbing with the New Romantics! I have no idea, never thought of just having 24 hours in the 1980's before. 

Question Four: What's your favorite pizza topping? 

I love a good old margarita pizza with lots of olives on top. If I'm feeling extra hungry, I'll order a Veggie Supreme from Domino's. 

Question Five: Do you think you would be able to spend a long stretch in prison? 

I'm such a diva that it's hard to imagine me in prison but knowing my approach to things, I would get my head down and get on with it. Obviously glamour would have to go out of the window, I'd have to walk around in a tracksuit with my hair in a bun, giving it the big tough act (only joking). I would be scared as hell and I'd hate it but I'd get on with it and if I managed to survive it, I'd write a book about it. 

Question Six: What laws would you like to see happen? 

There's so many....but off the top of my head, I would have tough jail time for animal abusers, jail time for sex offenders and those that expose themselves in public (we all know this leads them down a path to go on to more extreme and dangerous acts of behaviour). Tougher laws on stalking and more support for victims of stalkers. Prison terms for online trolls/bullying. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed these two Q&A posts, any questions I didn't cover this time will be added to a future post. Thank you to everyone who sent me questions, I really appreciate it and I'm happy to respond back to them if you would like an answer through email:

I hope you have a great week ahead and I will be back with the next installment of my Serial Killers of the 70's, 80's & 90's Series next Sunday so I hope you will join me then. 

In the meantime, I hope to see you on socials x

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  1. Brilliant post Jo. I love all of your answers and it's always fun to know more about you. Couldn't agree more about your opinion on new laws. I also want to have a Margarita Pizza now with a lot of olives haha Again, such an entertaining, informative and interesting two parts post Jo, you are amazing gorgeous ! Xx