From TikTok Fame To Prison, Online Affairs To Revenge Porn Etc | Part One: Let's Talk......Anything Goes!


So, you're probably wondering where this week's installment of my Serial Killers of The 70's, 80's & 90's is. Well, it's in the bag don't worry, I'm currently researching my final cases in this series ready to be added to the list these coming weeks. The problem right now is, that I am currently coughing my lungs out and sounding something like a cross between Regan from The Exorcist and Bonnie Tyler (of both which I love by the way). So I simply cannot concentrate properly on research and putting my cases together right at this moment in time. I realize that I have been burning the candle at both ends lately (as writers often do) and so I've taken the decision to have a couple of weeks break. I will be doing some research though and will continue on with my series after this fortnightly break. I hope you can bare with me and enjoy these next two posts that will give you a bit of an insight into the author behind this blog. 

I have invited you (my fabulous friends/readers/partners in crime) to ask me any questions (nothing was off of the table) and in the next two posts you will see some of the answers to those questions. Obviously I couldn't cover every single question but I still have them for another time. 

I hope you enjoy this two part Q&A and I hope you will join me for my next installment in my Serial Killers of The 70's, 80's & 90's Series. 

Question One: I found out about your blog through Instagram and I've been a huge fan ever since. Do you have any plans to do merch? 

It's funny that you mention that (and by the way, thank you for saying that you enjoy my work, that means a lot) because I am planning on sorting out some new merchandise very soon. I want bigger mugs (LOL) and more fun bits and pieces. I had some merchandise with my original logo on but it's something that is in the works, watch this space....

Question Two: Jo, have you been following the case about the female TikToker and her mother who had two young men murdered in England and what are your thoughts on the case?

By the sounds of it you must be talking about the Mahek Bukhari case. 

[For those unaware of the case, 24 year old Mahek was a rising influencer on TikTok. She would often post videos to do with fashion, lifestyle and dances with her mother. Mahek had a unique relationship with her mother, they were/are very close and acted more like sisters. However, Mahek's mother (who was in her mid 40s) began an affair with an 18 year old boy online and all hell broke loose. The affair managed to last for three years with Mahek's mother and the boy meeting up now and again in hotels and restaurants. When Mahek's mother tried to break off the affair, the boy (who was now 21) turned nasty and threatened to send nude pictures and videos of Ansreen (Mahek's mother) to her husband. Things grew more and more toxic with the 21 year old boy (Saqib) demanding money and leaving endless messages on Ansreen's phone. It ended up with Mahek trying to protect her mother by threatening Saqib and arranged to gather some people together to frighten him. Saqib was led to believe that Ansreen wanted to meet him for a talk and to hand over the money that he demanded. Saqib arranged for his friend, Hashim to take him to this supposed meeting place to see Ansreen. However, the two boys could see that it was pretty much a set up and decided to leave in Hashim's car. Mahek and co followed the boys in their cars and to cut a long story short, they chased the boys and drove them off of the road to which the car had burst into flames, killing the young men trapped inside. Mahek, her mother and the rest of the gang tried to lie to the police about what really happened. All of them except one man, stood trial and were found guilty and sentenced last week. The judge was not playing with the sentences. He handed 24 year old Mahek a 31 year and 8 months sentence, her mother, Ansreen, received 26 years and 9 months. Both are expected to appeal their sentences] 

(Mahek and Ansreen Bukhari. Picture credit: Sky News)

As you can see, I have been following the case and it's completely shocking how all of it just spiraled out of control the way that it did. A married mother in her 40's messing around with a teenage boy online and for it to have gone on for three years. Saqib was clearly caught up on Ansreen, she seduced him and messed with his head and when she grew tired of him she thought that she could just cast him to the side. It's very dangerous to play with someone's emotions like that, especially a young boy. Saqib was no complete angel in this either, revenge porn is simply not acceptable! He was a good looking young man, he could have moved on with a girl of his own age but things just turned toxic. Mahek wanted to protect her mother, her father, her family and her online reputation. According to the Bukhari lawyers, Ansreen was put under considerable amount of pressure from Saqib who constantly harassed her with threats of exposing the affair. Mahek stepped in and it was a whole mess and now two young men are dead, Mahek is going to spend a big chunk of her life in prison and Ansreen (if she ever gets out of prison alive) will be in her 70's when she is released. 

Ansreen has a lot to answer for because she was the adult here and she has caused so much trouble and heartache. I look at Mahek and I see a total waste of a beautiful, promising young woman who could have continued to grow in her career and really made something of herself. Instead she will be watching years of her life slip away in prison. It was a really awful situation and I don't know what I would have done in this predicament. I would have just told Ansreen to come clean and tell her husband the truth. Going by the fact that he's been supporting them in court and Mahek blew kisses to him in the courtroom, tells me that the family have worked past the knowledge of the affair. It's a shame that two young men's lives were wiped out over this mess. 

Question Three: Comparing what you've been covering with your Serial Killers of The 70's, 80's & 90's Series, do you think the severity of the crimes committed have changed over the decades? For example more violent as time has progressed or more bizarre? 

I think that we've always had very brutal and gruesome killings since time began. In regards to crimes I think that when it comes to dismemberment, there seems to be a lot more cases where that is now becoming a more common way to dispose of a body. With the internet we have more vulnerability because sometimes people can get access to some details about our lives (that's why you always must be careful what you put online). I'm currently following a trial where a stalker was able to find out his victim's phone number and address by trawling the internet. We've seen a rise in cyberstalking, trolling and homicides where someone has met their (unknown to them) killer from an online dating site. I think we are more easy to track now but at the same time I see the advances in forensic technology and the usefulness of GPS systems and CCTV cameras in helping catch suspects. 

Question Four: Do you have a favorite drink or snack whilst you are writing your cases?

I go through endless cups of tea and coffee. I try not to sit and stuff my face whilst doing research cause obviously I'm sitting for a number of hours reading, writing and typing so that can be a bit unhealthy. I make sure that I get all of my meals and snacks at appropriate times but I might have a slice of cake every now and then but drinks are an absolute must when I'm studying. 

Question Five: I love your storytime posts as well as your true crime and serial killer posts. Do you have any plans to incorporate more of your personal posts on your blog. I for one would love to hear your thoughts on current trials. 

Thank you! I suppose you could call this a bit of a personal post. I do plan to share some more of my rambling posts on here but there are some cases that I can't comment on if they are currently conducting a trial with said case. 

Question Six: What would be the subject of your next upcoming True Crime Series? 

Well I still have five installments of this series to go and then I will think about it. There are a few things that I have in mind. I may do another series or I may do some isolated cases that do not involve serial killers, maybe lesser known or unsolved? Watch this space. 

Well, that's a wrap for part one of this Q&A, I don't want to make these two posts too long but I have very much enjoyed answering the questions put to me. I appreciate everyone who sent questions and if you don't see your question featured, don't worry, it will feature in a future post or you are welcome to contact me and we'll have a chat about it. 

Anyway, I wish you a great week ahead (whilst I sit here with a mouth full of honey & lemon medicated sweets trying to get over this cough lol - I did a couple of Covid tests and they're negative!) and I hope you will join me again next Sunday for part two.

Hopefully we'll bump into each other on my socials x

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  1. Good evening Jo,

    I read your latest post. I always love these questions and answers post.

    Informative and interesting as always Xx

    New merchandise are coming, that is exciting !!!

    The Mahek Bukhari case is crazy. At the end, it’s very sad to see a mother in her 40’s acting like she did. I am glad that both received a long sentence but if they appeal, it’s obviously going to take some time to see what will happen…

    Thank you for everything as always and I am obviously looking forward to read part two of your upcoming Questions and Answers post next week.

    I hope that you’ll be 100 % in no time gorgeous and I was happy to read that you didn’t have Covid Xx