73 Questions With Caledonian Kitty | Vogue (Parody) - True Crime Edition


As you know, I do like to change things up a bit on my true crime blog and cover various cases but I also like doing the Q&A posts too. I'd seen a few of these Vogue parody posts but nobody has ever done a true crime style one, so I thought I would have some fun and give it a go. I hope you enjoy...

Q1) What are you most excited about in life right now?

To be honest and maybe sound a bit personal here, I am still over the moon about getting my results back from my Cervical Screening for cancer & the HPV virus. As you may know, here in the UK, 1 in 3 women have not been attending their Cervical Screening appointments (for various reasons, through fear, not being able to get an appointment etc) and I was one of those women. I buried my head in the sand and put off appointments. It wasn't the smear test that bothered me, it was the 3 weeks wait for the results. I was worried sick but it was a huge relief when I got the all clear for cancerous cells. Pleaseeee go for your Cervical Screenings, if you are a woman due to go for yours and have been putting it off, it could save your life. I'm also excited because it's my birthday next month. 

Q2) What are you reading right now?

Well, if I'm not reading books for research, I'm currently reading 'Unnatural Causes' (The Life & Many Deaths of Britain's Top Forensic Pathologist) by Dr Richard Shepherd. I also have his second book which I'm hoping to read after this one. 

Q3) What is the song that you're currently obsessed with?

OMG! 'Ghosts Again' by Depeche Mode. 

Q4) If you were not writing about true crime, how would you be spending your time?

Dancing, working out, watching movies. 

Q5) What is something you would still love to learn?

Pole dancing & burlesque, which I am taking classes for soon. I've been dancing since I was a child but never in those styles professionally, just for fun.

Q6) What is the best film ever made?

Either Manhunter (1986) or The Silence of The Lambs. 

Q7) Who's the best criminologist that has ever lived?

There's so many I admire but we'll go with Prof David Wilson. 

Q8) What are your favourite flowers on earth?

Tulips, roses or tiger lillies 

Q9) Do you prefer to read about true crime stories or watch true crime documentaries?

I prefer to read books 

Q10) Kindle or paperback?


Q11) Silver or gold?


Q12) Heels or flats?

Always heels!

Q13) What excites you most about being a true crime writer?

I don't know, I feel that we in the true crime community help bring more awareness to cases which may have been forgotten about 

Q14) What's your favourite aspect of your job(s)?

Well I have two jobs, one that I do by day and the other which is my content. I like that in both roles I'm pretty much my own boss. 

Q15) What's the hardest thing about your job(s)?

The long hours that are involved, sometimes I don't go to bed until 5am. 

Q16) What is the most overused word in the true crime community right now?


Q17) What's a fashion rule that you completely disagree with?

That people with red hair can't wear red clothes. 

Q18) Do you research, write and promote your true crime blog yourself?

Yes, I do every bit by myself and I'm quite proud of that, to have built something from scratch.

Q19) Is it true you are vegetarian?


Q20) Is it true that you are a fitness fan?

Yes, I try to workout every day 

Q21) What is a movie that everyone should be watching right now?

Trying to think....Watch Sinister!

Q22) What TV show have you recently been hooked on?

I love having a little binge session on 90s X-Files episodes. I've seem them all but every now and then I like to delve into them again. 

Q23) If you could have coffee with anyone on the planet, who would it be?

Jamie Lee Curtis 

Q24) If you could have dinner with anyone on the planet, who would it be?

Depeche Mode 

Q25) What's one item that every woman should have in her wardrobe?

Black mini skirt 

Q26) What is your greatest achievement? 

Probably leaving school with no qualifications, moving to England, going to college then Uni & becoming a PR Executive as well as having my true crime blog. I did this whilst having learning difficulties with Maths and Dyslexia. I'm proof you can come from a council estate with no money, no qualifications and that you can work yourself up. 

Q27) How would you describe your personal style?

Princess meets Vamp!

Q28) What's the most important thing to have happened in the true crime community? 

A lot of cold cases from decades ago have been re-opened and a lot of them have been solved. It's amazing what writers, podcasters and youtubers have helped achieve to help finally bring justice to families. 

Q29) Which is a fashion trend that you wish would never return?

Dungarees! I still see people wearing them though. 

Q30) Do you think that one day we are going to be reading your autobiography? 

I have thought about writing a memoir about my childhood in my hometown but I'd have to be careful cause everyone would be trying to sue me lol 

Q31) If you ruled the world, what would you make the law? 

Free healthcare and dentistry for all. 

Q32) Where do you hope to see the world in 5 years from now?

Better than it is now but sadly, I think it's getting worse

Q33) What's your favourite true crime documentary series?

I love the Born To Kill series 

Q34) Who inspired you to write about true crime?

Reg McKay

Q35) Of all the cases you have written about, is there one that still gets to you?

There's so many that have touched me deeply and that is why I have written about them. To name some, off of the top of my head: 

Beyond Evil | The Murder of Jessica Lunsford

The Horrific Murder of Sylvia Likens

The Dunblane Massacre

The Evil That Some Men Do | The Judy Malinowski Story

The Limbs In The Loch Killer

The Murder of Suzanne Rossetti

Q36) What is one of your favourite memories from childhood?

Watching cartoons, eating cheese on toast at my Dad's house. He would let me sleep on the sofa and I thought that was awesome, having the TV to myself. 

Q37) What's the best advice that anyone has ever given you?

Whatever you give out, comes back to you, meaning, be kind, be nice, be positive to those around you. 

Q38) What's the best gift you've ever received?

I treasure everything I have so I can't pick just one thing. 

Q39) What's the best food in the world? 

Italian food 

Q40) What's the best thing about living in England?

I think there's more opportunities here, Part of the reason I moved here was so that I could go to college, Uni & have more chance at a decent job. It's also great for concerts and easier to get to London. 

Q41) What's your favourite country to visit and why?

Scotland! I've yet to visit Italy, which is my dream. Scotland, for obvious reasons but really, the scenery is so beautiful and really like a watercolour painting. It just takes your breath away to be stood there in the middle of all of this beauty, the hills, the trees, the landscape, the fresh air, there's nothing like it. 

Q42) What's your favourite thing that English people say? 

I like cockney accents, especially when they swear and say 'Fackin hell' or 'Darlin'. 

Q43) What's your favourite Scottish word or phrase?

''Whit's fur ye will no go past ye'' (meaning, if something is meant to happen in your life, it will) 

Q44) What's a Scottish word you wish other countries would pronounce properly? 

Edinburgh. They pronounce it as Edin-burg! It's not an issue though 

Q45) What makes your blog unique?

Me! And the fact that I write like I'm having a conversation. 

Q46) Which blog post are you most proud of?

I'm proud of all of my posts. You can find them all here: Archives

Q47) If you were a # what would you be?

Just simply #CaledonianKitty 

Q48) Who is your favourite true crime writer?

Reg Mckay, Ann Rule, Prof David Wilson & Christopher Berry-Dee 

Q49) How has the true crime community changed since you first started your blog?

I feel that everyone and their mother now has a podcast! I see a lot of people copying each other and stealing each others work. I see people who work hard who don't get the recognition they deserve. Because true crime seems to be popular now, there's a lot of people who are just jumping on the bandwagon to make money. 

Q50) What can we expect from your true crime content in 2023?

I will be continuing on, working on my book and who knows what the future holds for my channel. Watch this space.....

Q51) What is your first reaction when someone says that you're one of their favourite true crime writers?

I get lovely messages and emails and it always blows me away. Whenever I get such positive comments it feels like being a kid at school and having your drawing put up on the classroom wall, it's such a nice feeling. What also feels rewarding is when victim's families or friends reach out and tell me that I did a good job and thanking me for writing about their loved one. 

Q52) Is it true that you have written over 260 true crime stories/articles?

Yes, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon

Q53) Apart from your blog, is there another true crime writer you would recommend?

I always recommend the writer and podcaster, Steven Pacheco of the Trace Evidence podcast. 

Q54) How would you describe yourself?

A spicy cocktail, a Diva, a hardworker with a kind heart. 

Q55) How do you feel you are perceived?

As a Diva or bimbo lol

Q56) Which is the biggest misconception about you?

That I'm dumb or stuck-up because I'm glamorous 

Q57) Who do you admire the most?

I don't know if I can pick one person. I feel inspired by a lot of people, every day. 

Q58) What is the best advice on writing that you have ever received?

Just be yourself, let the words flow and if your mind goes blank, don't force it, take a couple of weeks off and come back to it. 

Q59) What advice would you offer to your 16 year old self?

Be patient, everything will work out for the better, you'll see. 

Q60) How do you react to criticism?

If it's something helpful and meant in a positive way, I take it on board. If it's someone just trying to be negative, I either ignore it and block, or I give them a piece of my mind....and then block them lol. 

Q61) Who was the best designer of all time?


Q62) If you could recommend a true crime podcast or youtube channel who would it be?

Trace Evidence

Q63) What is an issue that you wish a lot of us would talk about more often?

Internet trolls and the rise in suicides because of online bullying

Q64) What would you like to see more of in the true crime community in 2023?

More originality and continuation of raising awareness of cold cases and missing persons. 

Q65) What does it mean to be a female writer today?

I think we still have a long way to go like a lot of things. We have some amazing female writers that deserve more recognition. 

Q65) Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes but not one of the extreme ones

Q66) What does feminism mean to you?

Supporting other women, sisterhood! Encouraging each other 

Q67) What's one thing that is going to save humanity?

Love and sustainability 

Q68) What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting a true crime blog or podcast?

Plan well and be prepared to work hard! A lot of long hours and late nights, early mornings are involved. It is a full time job. 

Q69) What is your favourite thing to snack on whilst you are doing true crime research? 

I like coffees, sometimes I might have some strawberries or crisps, it depends how hungry I am but I always have drinks. 

Q70) How long does it take you to research true crime cases?

Depends on the cases, I like to spend a full week on each case. 

Q72) Is there anything you would like to say to your supporters and readers of your true crime content?

Thank you so much for being so supportive over the years and hopefully you will still continue to support me, read and share my posts as it means the world to me, Thank you. 

Q73) And finally, if you were to recommend one of your true crime posts to a new reader, which would it be? 

To pick one, off of the top of my head, I would say: The Life & Gruesome Crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer (& other details you may not know). Obviously, everyone is talking about Jeffrey right now because of the series on Netflix but if you fancy reading about the case, please check out my post.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this post, it's nice to do something a little different. 

I hope you will join me next time, for more true crime related content. 

And remember, stay safe out there x (Come say hi on any of my socials: here)

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