The Strange Disappearance Of Jodi Huisentruit

(Jodi Huisentruit. Picture credit: cbsnews)

The mysterious disappearance of the beautiful and talented American news anchor, Jodi Huisentruit is a story that has continued to send chills down the spine of anyone who reads the details of the case. Jodi was a popular lady and anyone who ever worked with her or knew her up to the point of her going missing have always said nothing but sweet things about her. 

As with a lot of the missing cases that I have covered, I never speak of people in the past tense even though a lot of time has passed since that person vanished. I always believe in these cases that you can never really know what will happened. I always believe in hope but I am realistic. There have been cases where people have been found alive and well years later. You never can tell. 

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So let's get into the story...

Jodi Sue Huisentruit was born on the 5th of June 1968 in Long Prairie, Minnesota in the USA. From an early age it was clear that Jodi was destined for a bright future, she loved to have fun and socialise and loved sports especially golf. Golf was one of her passions and continued to be right up until her disappearance. Being the outgoing and very perceptive person that she was, it was no surprise that she would do well in college where (she studied mass communications and speech communications) she would successfully graduate with a bachelor's degree. 

Jodi was a hard worker and straight out of college she started working for an Airline. She was only working for the airline for a short period of time before she really found her calling which was working as a news anchor on TV. She was so excited and to her it was her dream job.

Although busy with her broadcasting career she never stopped her passion for golf. She would take part in regular tournaments and would play whenever she could. 

In 1995, all seemed to be going well in Jodi's life from the outside looking in. She had her dream job, some great friends, her passion for golf and a very proud family who praised her for all of her achievements. But something happened to 27 year old Jodi and to this day, nobody knows what. 

The day before she went missing she had been at a friend's house watching a video and everything seemed fine. The next day (27th of June 1995) Jodi was supposed to get up early to go to the TV studio like she always would but she accidentally slept in. Her producer called her on the phone and Jodi explained that she'd slept in but would be there as fast as she could. 

Her colleagues at the TV station noticed as the clock struck 6am that Jodi was still nowhere to be seen. She was 2 hours late which was highly unusual for her. Phone calls were made to her house but there was no answer. At 7am another member of the team had to fill in for Jodi. Her colleagues were so concerned about this unusual behaviour that they contacted the Police. 

When the police got to the parking lot outside of Jodi's apartment it was clear that something was not right. Her car was still parked in it's usual spot but there was items all strewn about the ground as if someone had been involved in some sort of struggle. All of the items were confirmed to be Jodi's. 

The police found a bent car key as if someone had come up behind Jodi as she was putting the key in her car and tried to drag her away. It's clear from the state of the scene that Jodi tried to put up a fight and the police found an unidentified hand print on her car. 

When investigators were taking statements from the neighbours it was reported by three people that they had heard a scream and some commotion at around the usual time that Jodi would be leaving for work. There was also mention of a white van that had been seen in the parking lot some time before she went missing but this was never confirmed. 

It's been over 25 years since that terrible morning and no trace of Jodi has ever been found. It is believe that she was abducted and dragged into a car that morning. Someone had to be watching. Someone had to have been keeping an eye on Jodi's routine. Jodi was late for work that morning so this person or persons must have been sat there waiting to pounce as soon as she got into the parking lot. 

Over the years since Jodi's disappearance no other lead has turned up, nobody has ever come forward with any information. Jodi's family were at their wits end and decided to consult psychics in an attempt to find Jodi but it didn't work out. 

After so many painful years of wondering, hoping, searching and praying, Jodi's family decided to legally declare Jodi deceased in May of 2001. 

The case remains open to this day. 

Like all of the unsolved cases that I cover, if any updates become apparent I will share them with you on this post. 

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I hope that someday Jodi's family and friends will find the answers they've spend all of these years looking for. 

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  1. This is such another heartbreaking disappearance cases. I don’t know what happen to Jodi Huisentruit that 27th of June 1995.

    I also think that she was abducted because of the unidentified hand print in her car.

    I hope that the family will be able to find some closure one day and that we will know the truth.

    My prayers and positive vibes are with the Jodi’s family.

    Thank you Jo for your article Xx

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post and for your comments x

  2. Another horribly sad unsolved disappearance. So many questions unanswered and so many thoughts about what could have happened.

    I wonder how often the police have ran the one random handprint since her disappearance.

    Was it a random incident, was it someone that saw her on TV... so many questions come to mind.

    As always you have written an incredible and powerful true crime story and I hope that bringing this story back to the masses will help uncover some kind of clue.

    I also love the fact that the way you write you always keep that ray of hope alive.

    A truly incredible story. 🙏🏼❤

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post and for your comments x

  3. Another sad and horribly heart breaking unsolved disappearance case so many unanswered questions and so many things that could have happened I think she was abducted by the person in the van because all of her stuff was scattered near her car and there was a unidentified finger print on Jodi’s car I feel really heart breaking for what the family must be going though because of the disappearance of Jodi huisentruit my prays are with the Jodi’s family I hope someone finds her or her remains I love when you write your cases and you always have that beautiful positive beautiful ray of hope that they are alive a remarkable incredible amazing story ones again thank you this story makes you think that there are a lot of crazy people out there and this story it’s just absolutely brilliant I love the way you write and edit your content it’s just absolutely flawless and beautiful thanks again ❤️🙏🏻❤️

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post and for your comments x