Toxic Relationship: The Tracie Andrews Story | Part Two

(Lee Harvey and Tracie Andrews. Photo credit: Mirror)

Continued from part one 

The day of the barbecue arrived and Tracie was so excited to tell everyone about her and Lee's engagement. At the family get together everything was pleasant and they were both having a great time. Tracie was waiting for the right moment to share her good news when suddenly, Lee's sister Michelle asked for everyones attention. She announced that she was getting engaged to her long term partner and everyone cheered, everyone except Tracie Andrews.

Tracie didn't even try to hide the fact that she was angry. Even though she was in front of Lee's family she didn't care who saw or heard what she had to say. She stormed into the house and into Maureen's living room with Lee following behind her. Everyone was stunned and wondered what was going on, they could hear Tracie shouting with Lee trying to calm her down.

Tracie claimed it had been a set up between Michelle and Maureen to ruin her big moment. She said that she should have been the first to announce her engagement and that nobody would care now that his ''cow'' of a sister had beaten her to it. Tracie carried on yelling and badmouthing Lee's family whilst she was stood in his mother's livingroom.

Tracie told Lee that he was banned from his sister's wedding and that if he attended, their relationship would be over. [Lee kept his word to Tracie and on the morning of his sister's wedding some months later, he came to Maureen's house with a gift, kissed his sister on the cheek and told her he loved her but wouldn't be attending. Michelle later said that it tainted her wedding day]

It was no secret that Maureen didn't like Tracie and she already knew about the engagement and didn't agree with it. Was this a bit of a dirty trick pulled between Maureen and Michelle? or was it just a coincidence? Who knows. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

As predicted, Lee came back from Tracie's house after yet another argument and arrived on Maureen's doorstep with bags. This time it was over for good he claimed. A few days later Tracie got in touch with him and said she wanted to talk to him about something important. She told him she was pregnant. Lee felt that he couldn't turn his back on her now and decided to give things one last chance. Maureen wasn't happy about the pregnancy and thought there would be no way of getting rid of Tracie now.

A few weeks went by and things seemed to be quite calm between them. Lee was still staying at his mother's house to create a little bit of space between them. One day he got a call from Tracie to say that she'd had a miscarriage. He was devastated and moved back into her house to look after her. Tracie complained that motherhood had made her breasts sag and Lee agreed to pay for her to have boob implants to help boost her confidence.

A few weeks later, Lee and Tracie visited Maureen and her husband. Tracie was wearing a low cut top which showed off her boobs. Maureen said that Tracie grabbed her husband's hand and said ''here, have a feel of them''. Tracie's confidence did go up and on nights out she would dance provocatively on the dance floor in revealing outfits. She would openly flirt with men and Lee would be furious. Another argument erupted when they got home and the neighbours called the police. It was not the first time that the police had been to the house. Tracie told Lee that she didn't have a miscarriage, she had an abortion. She told him that having a baby would ruin her life and he was devastated and furious. The police arrived and tried to calm the situation down. Lee went to Maureen's house.

Lee was at his mother's house for a few days trying to get over what Tracie had done and his friends encouraged him to go out with them for a few drinks to cheer him up. He finally agreed to go and they all went to a nightclub. Unknown to Lee, Tracie had heard that Lee might be out in the town that night, she decided to spy on him. She went from club to club looking for him and she finally found him in a nightclub. Lee was having a conversation with a girl that he knew when Tracie walked up to him and began screaming at him. Witnesses looked on in shock as Tracie began to punch, kick and bite him. Security men struggled to pull her off of him. Lee was left with a huge bitemark on his neck.

 Maureen and her husband were horrified when they saw the state of Lee's neck. Everyone seemed to have had enough between faking the miscarriage, the abortion, the endless fights and now this. Shockingly, Lee gave her another chance and everyone couldn't believe it. His sister Michelle refused to speak to him and his parents warned him that he was going to end up getting killed at some point.

A few weeks past and it seemed that Lee was beginning to come to his senses once and for all. He told friends and family he wanted to end the relationship for good and this time they believed him. He told Tracie it was over and she begged him to change his mind. Lee was adamant this time and said that he wanted to be friends. Tracie persuaded him to go for a drink and talk about things properly. He agreed and they both went to the Marlbrook pub. 

They arrived at the pub and Lee wasn't in the mood for talking, he just wanted to hear what she had to say and why she had behaved the way that she did. He did everything he could to make her happy and it never seemed to be enough for her. Tracie's charms were no longer working on Lee and she knew that this time he was serious about the breakup. The pair sat there for the majority of the time in silence and witnesses say that there was a negative atmosphere between them, they did not look happy at all. At one point Lee stood up and said it was time to go. Half of his drink was still on the table and he didn't bother finishing it. Tracie looked puzzled and didn't look like she was ready to leave.

Continued in part three...

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  1. I think it is always sad to see that someone is so narcissistic that they can't be happy and share the spotlight with another sort of family member, I hate to say it this way but announcing an engagement is not that important especially to get mad about. I can understand being a bit annoyed but beyond that unless Tracie/who ever knew they were doing it to undermine her than whatever. Seriously, bad mouthing Lee's sister is not a good introduction into the family and wow I already hate this lady.

    I feel so bad for Michelle because she lost her brother and lost what should have been a beautiful day for her to have him with her. I think that it was just maybe an odd coincidence, but then again she had a wedding, and so why would she make up an engagement just to mess with someone when it was already happening. I can see maybe Maureen pushing her to make the announcement to make everyone especially Lee see Tracie's true colors, but I don't think she made the engagement happen.

    I always feel bad for people that go back to a relationship because of a pregnancy, when really bringing a child up in that environment would be toxic and bad for all the children involved. Co-parenting is what should have been considered. Even though I don't believe that she was ever pregnant, and that was just a bad excuse for breast implants.

    She is a real piece of work.

  2. Thank you Tiffany, another awesome comment! I don't think she was ever pregnant either, it was just a ploy to get guilt trip Lee into coming back. As for his sister's engagement, she had been with her partner for years so it was natural that maybe they would want to get married. A few people have said what you just mentioned about Maureen possibly knowing about Michelle's engagement and persuading her to announce it in front of the family because she knew that everyone would see Tracie fly into a rage and maybe make Lee realise that he should end the relationship once and for all. Thank you for commenting and reading as always : ) x

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