The Millionaire And The Mansion Of Horror | Christopher Foster | Part Two

(The living room in Osbaston house as it was. Photo credit: Daily Mail

Continued from part one...

At the time that Christopher Foster bought Osbaston house, he had entered into a contract with DRC to manufacture his product. In 2004, Christopher was said to be worth £10 million pounds but by 2005 his spending was so out of control that he had more money going out than he did coming in.

There were rumours that all was not as perfect as it seemed with Christopher and Jill's marriage. His personal assistant said that she overheard conversations that led her to believe that they were having an open marriage. Christopher was rumoured to have had up to eight mistresses. There was also rumours that Jill had affairs but this was never confirmed. Christopher wasn't described as a good looking man by those that knew him but his money and the fancy cars that he drove made him attractive to some people.

By 2007, the damage of the overspending was coming to a head and he tried to break the contract with DRC who successfully sued him and took over his patent which they made into a global success. At the same time as this was happening, he had a dispute with his accountant who reported him to the Inland Revenue for not paying taxes. Christopher didn't pay VAT, national insurance or any other kind of tax. He started borrowing from banks to try and pay back some of the tax that he owed. He also remortgaged Osbaston house three times and had 20 different bank accounts.

Christopher Foster faced bankruptcy and his company went into liquidation in 2007 with £3 million worth of his assets frozen and salary stopped. He was in a desperate situation but continued on as if nothing was happening.

Over the next 12 months he continued to do his hobby of clay pigeon shooting and driving around in his expensive cars. People who knew Jill don't know for certain if she knew the full extent of Christopher's financial problems or if he kept it from her, she certainly didn't seem to be cutting back that much on spending and didn't confide in her friends that anything was wrong. Christopher didn't tell his mother either of his problems.

Christopher was struggling to cope, he knew that time was running out and feared that he would lose everything. In a conversation with a friend they got onto the subject of houses and Christopher said that he would never leave Osbaston house unless it was in a body bag. He also said that he would take his own life rather than lose his family.

With the pressure to keep up appearances and knowing that the money and time was running out, Christopher went to the Doctors and was placed on anti depressants.

7 days before the August bank holiday weekend of 2008, Christopher found a letter from the bailiffs attached to the front gate. The letter informed him that they were coming back on the following Tuesday to repossess the house and other assets. The nightmare that Christopher had been avoiding was coming true, he had no money, he was on the verge of losing all his material possessions and everyone was going to know about it. He must have thought about how Jill and Kirstie would be devastated and that Kirstie would be distraught because her horses were considered assets and would be taken away. The family would have to return to Wolverhampton and say goodbye to the luxury lifestyle. For a proud man like Christopher, this would have been humiliating.

On the 21st of August 2008 a friend sent a text to Christopher asking how he was doing and he responded ''Not good. Things are coming to a head for me soon.'' This was the only communication the friend had received from Christopher and he wasn't aware of Christopher's financial problems.

It was later found that the total of Christopher Foster's debts had amounted to over £4 million pounds.

The bank holiday weekend was fast approaching and The Fosters had been invited to a friend's summer barbecue which they held every year around that time. Jill called Enid, Christopher's mother and invited her to come along but Enid had other plans and said that she would see them at another time. The housekeeper and personal assistant said that the family were acting as normal and seemed to be in a pleasant mood, enjoying the bank holiday weekend and looking forward to the barbecue on bank holiday Monday.

What they didn't know was that behind Christopher's fake smile and chirpy persona, he was planning on murdering his family and destroying everything.

Continued in part three...

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  1. That's not surprising by what you said in the other post, that Christopher was spending more than he was bring in by what you said in the last post. Or that he had been affairs, a lot of people would start an relationship with someone if it meant the other was well off sadly, I think a lot of people see it as an opportunity because they would hope to be the new spouse.

    That all seems like a lot of bad luck, but also like karma from everything he was doing as well with the suing, not paying taxes, and such. I think that is surprising that he got away with having 20 different bank accounts, because that sounds a lot like money laundering. The sad part is that it was more about him saving face and pretending that nothing was wrong, but he didn't seem like he tried to fix the issue at all.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know, but I also wouldn't be surprised if she did and just didn't care because she felt like she was owed this lifestyle. I feel like what he told his friend should have been a big warning and the text to family was a sign. While this whole experience I do understand would have been humiliating, but that could have been overcome that the sad part.

    1. I totally agree! There's much speculation about whether Jill knew or not but judging by his personality, who would chose to stay with a person like that? maybe, someone who let it all slide for the sake of the money and lifestyle? Thanks for commenting : ) x