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I was watching some videos on you tube the other night and a recommended video popped up. I had been watching some true crime documentaries and this video just appeared. I clicked on it, thinking it would be something to do with what I was watching and soon learned of the heartbreaking story of Katelyn Nicole Davis.

Katelyn Nicole Davis had a hell of a life and she never got to reach her 13th birthday. Her story is heartbreaking and if you're of a sensitive disposition you may want to leave this page. I want to start by telling you a bit about Katelyn. She was an aspiring vlogger, blogger, singer and comedian. Some people knew her as 'ITZ Dolly' online and she would post live streams and blog posts about her daily life.

Her daily life was a struggle and she bravely posted live streams telling her viewers (and showing them) what her life was like. Living in a dilapidated trailer, sleeping on a rusty old mattress on a floor which was soaking wet in a room with black mould and holes in the walls that went through to the outside. It was just so unreal to see. 

As well as trying to live in this situation, she was forced to take care of her two younger siblings whilst her mother and step father were nowhere to be seen and both were said to have substance abuse issues. 

With all of this going on, the neglect and the responsibility that was forced onto her 12 year old shoulders, Katelyn was driven to depression, despair and harming herself. She had also been given Prozac to help but obviously in that situation plus the fact that Prozac itself has often been the subject of scrutiny for side effects with some people saying they have developed feelings of suicide after taking it, may have added to the struggles especially being a 12 year old and taking that kind of medication.

I watched some of her live streams and I could not believe this girl's life. Her only escape in the trailer was to a bath with a curtain around it where she would film some of her videos. Even then, the younger children would burst in or her mother would come looking for her. She had no privacy. There was a video with her mother shouting and swearing at her with Katelyn begging her to listen to her and acknowledge that she self harmed but it was clear that her mother was uncaring about the situation, it's harrowing to listen too and was filmed a few days before Katelyn's death.

One wonders why people watching these live streams at the time didn't do anything to help. This poor young girl plus her younger siblings were in a horrific situation and being neglected and it was all online for all to see. You have to wonder too that maybe this was Katelyn's way of crying out for help, hoping someone would take her and her siblings out of that hellish situation but help never came.

Watching the live streams and reading some of Katelyn's blog/diary posts was quite harrowing and she also mentioned that her step dad had tried to abuse her and her siblings. All these things were online and nobody stepped in. Katelyn would be so down on herself and felt so unloved and unwanted. 

On the 30th December 2016, Katelyn walked outside to her back yard, filming a live stream as she went. She tied a rope to a tree and said a few words. She was crying and apologising (even though it wasn't her place to apologise). She said that she didn't deserve to live, that she was worthless and a whore. All of these things were of course lies but this poor child was pushed too far. She kept apologising and said goodbye before she hung herself. Her body was discovered later. 

Katelyn's live stream of her suicide was 45 minutes long and people sat and watched it, did nothing. Nobody picked up the phone to call the police and I'm not going to mention some of the horrific, sick comments that were left on her video. 

Since Katelyn's death, police have been trying to have her video deleted on the internet but to no avail, sadly it can still be found online. Her live streams and her diary entries can also be found online. What do I think about this?, I agree with the suicide video being deleted but I think it's important for her other videos and diary posts to stay up. Katelyn deserves her story to be told and people need to see for themselves what this poor child went through. Her mother and step dad should be shamed for what they put those children though and in those horrible conditions.

Nobody has ever been brought to justice over Katelyn's death and as far as I know, nothing has been done about the step dad in regards to the abuse allegations that Katelyn mentioned in her diary.

Katelyn has died and nothing has been done. I read that her mother has moved somewhere else. There are people online who have heard about Katelyn's case and are wanting to see some sort of justice done. There is a group on Facebook called 'Justice for Katelyn Nicole Davis' as well as a 'Justice for Katelyn' Youtube channel.

Various petitions have been set up online too, requesting a proper investigation to be done. It is comforting to see that so many people care and have been touched like I was about this young girl's story.

Katelyn was a beautiful young girl who had a full life in front of her, she deserved to be loved, cared for and looked after properly. 

I've never understood people who have children only to treat them in such a horrible way. The day Katelyn felt that she couldn't go on and said goodbye to the world was December 2016 and I've only just found this out recently. people are scared that Katelyn and her story will be forgotten. We owe it to Katelyn to never forget. 

Katelyn would have been 14, if she was still alive today and able to live her life as a normal kid in a decent situation with a proper mother and step father. 14 is no age and neither was 12, one wonders what she could have done with her life had she been given the love and chances she deserved. 

You can find out a little bit more including the background of Katelyn's story here as well as just a simple google search: Katelyn Nicole Davis. Same with you tube 'Katelyn Nicole Davis'.

I know this post was a harrowing read but I felt like I owed it to Katelyn's memory to write it. She deserves her story to be told and I don't think many people know about it in the UK. Hopefully more people will hear her story and help the fight for there to be a proper investigation.

If you're in the UK and need someone to talk to, please contact Samaritans on 116 123
CALM (nationwide) 0800 58 58 58

Please reach out to someone, your doctor, a friend, a trusted relative. Don't suffer in silence. Be careful who you talk to online and if you see someone who is suffering, reach out to them.

Thank you as always for reading my latest post, I appreciate it. If you would like to chat more about Katelyn's story or have any comments you would like to make, if you don't feel comfortable to leave them below then please direct message me on Twitter or email:

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