It's a hard day....

It's 9 years today since Michael Jackson died and it still feels like it only happened yesterday. like a lot of people I was lucky enough to grow up on Michael's music and I adored him. As a kid, he made me believe in magic and I was convinced that he was magic. I'd never seen anyone dance, sing or perform like him before, it was an amazing experience and no disrespect to Beyonce and Chris Brown (who are fantastic performers and artists) but nobody really captures that originality, that excitement and magic in the way that Michael did.

At the time in the 1990's as a kid seeing everything first hand, before the Internet came along, before magazines were full of z list 'Celebrities' falling about drunk, reality TV 'stars' being hungry for fame and getting their clothes off on tacky reality shows for a few quid and 15 minutes of fame. There was a time when real music and talent mattered. We do still have some good music and artists around today but you really have to look for them and a lot of them don't get the exposure that they deserve.

At the time the 'Dangerous' album by Michael Jackson came out, he was already taking the world by storm and had been since childhood. It was an exciting time, I had the album on cassette tape and I played it to death. He inspired me to become a dancer and one of the first prizes I ever won for dancing was a Michael Jackson vinyl record (I was over the moon with that). magazines back then were exciting, artists were mysterious. nowadays magazines are full of celebrities private lives and scandals. back then there was a sort of curtain over certain famous people.

Michael was mysterious and just about everyone was intrigued by him, nobody knew the real him and he had so much talent that he didn't seem real. As well as so much talent, he was a wonderful person. He was kind, gentle and did so much for charity behind the scenes. he helped so many people and brought so many people together.

It's terrible all the pain he went though in his life and the way he was treated. Every year I'm reminded of what we have lost, there's just nobody like him and there never will be. We were lucky to have been left such an amazing collection of songs as well as pieces of film, shows and creations of his. I saw the Immortal tour and it was breathtaking.

I have quite a collection of Michael's music and books that have been written about him. My favourite book which I would recommend to any Michael Jackson fan is 'Remember the time by Bill Whitfield, Javon beard and Tanner Colby'.

So, today (and all days) celebrate Michael's music, the person he was and what he gave to the world. He tried to teach us so much and we did learn so much from him. For someone so famous, so talented, he always had time and kindness for people which is a real rarity with some of these 'Artists' today who don't even have half of his talent.

I saw a picture on twitter today of Forest lawn (Michael's final resting place) and all the beautiful red roses and tributes that are placed there every year in tribute to Michael.

Rest in peace Michael, your legacy continues x

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