''I'm Dead When I Get Home'' | The 50k Per Year 'Fake Barbie' Who Murde*ed Her Boyfriend

(Abigail White & Bradley Lewis. Picture credits: Daily Mail)

It was a case that shocked the UK when the story made the press in 2022. A 24 year old Only Fans 'model' from Bristol in England, who called herself 'The Fake Barbie' had stabbed to death her 22 year old boyfriend who was also the father to three of her children. Abigail White reportedly made £50,000 per year on the OF site whilst still in an active relationship (albeit a very violent and abusive one) with Bradley Lewis. Due to the amount of money that Abigail was making from posting nudes etc on the site, Bradley seemed to be fine with it and he was happy to take some of the pictures. 

Despite being a young couple in their early 20s, they each shared the responsibility of looking after children in the household. Bradley had also had a child with a previous partner who wasn't living with him but stayed with their mother. The fact that Bradley had another child was a point of many an argument between himself and Abigail. Abigail was a very paranoid and controlling partner but Bradley did have his moments too. The relationship was an endless cycle of arguments, infidelity (on both sides) and violence (Abigail had a disturbing habit of threatening Bradley with a knife on a number of occasions and had actually nicked him a few times before causing minor injuries).

Despite the violence and endless threats on his life, Bradley stayed with Abigail, he told friends that he was scared to leave her in case she took her own life as she often threatened to do. Abigail would later say that Bradley stayed because of the money that she made from Only Fans and that the arguments (she claimed) were down to him trying to take control of her money. 

Abigail had told a close friend that she knew that Bradley was cheating on her and she claimed the only way that she could get the truth out of him was to threaten him with a knife. She also said on more than one occasion that she felt that she was close to actually killing him one day. 

The constant see-saw of a destructive relationship had reached it's final end. Bradley, sick of the violence and threats on his life had decided that enough was enough and he wanted to end things for good. He and Abigail had gone out for a few drinks with friends and an argument had ensued with Abigail throwing a drink in Bradley's face. He was overheard saying to a friend ''I'm dead when I get home.''

The pair ended up back at the house they shared and Bradley was still determined that the relationship was to be over. It's unclear what was said between the pair but what we do know is that Bradley had walked into the kitchen and Abigail plunged a knife deep into his chest, the knife going through a gap in his rib cage. 

A deliberate act or did her plan ''to just scare him'' (as she later claimed) go too far by accident? Whatever the case she realised that she'd gone way too far this time and realised what she had done as the blood was everywhere and Bradley collapsed. She screamed for help and went to the neighbours who came to the house and saw Bradley in the kitchen. The neighbour performed CPR as Abigail stood without any emotion just saying that she didn't want him to leave her. 

Initially her story was that Bradley had stabbed himself but as the evidence and actual recordings of her threatening him in the past were made clear, she quickly changed her tune. It was a clear case of a controlling, abusive woman who ruled by fear in that relationship and when she realised that Bradley had finally given up and was actually prepared to face the consequences, she lost all control. She was a deeply jealous individual despite the fact that she was posting nude pictures of herself online to strange men in exchange for money. It seemed to be one rule for her and another rule for Bradley who wasn't a complete angel himself as he had also been unfaithful. 

It was a complete nightmare of a relationship involving two very young people and one of them was a narcissistic control freak. It's hard to fathom that in the middle of all of this, they had children. 

Abigail White was found guilty of the murder of Bradley Lewis on the 21st of October 2022 and sentenced to 18 years in prison. 

The Judge (Mr Justice Peter Donald Fraser) at her trial upon sentencing her remarked: '

'Not only will your children grow up without a father, but they will grow up knowing that their mother murdered their father. It was his misfortune that he was in a relationship with you because you are a controlling person and you are also very violent. You had stabbed him on previous occasions. You threatened to kill him regularly and he had told his friends he was scared of you and wanted to leave you.''

Abigail White is currently serving her sentence in HMP Eastwood Park prison in Gloucestershire, England. She has since found a new boyfriend who has been writing to her and she made the press in March of 2023 due to a letter she had written complaining that the prison should allow conjugal visits. 

RIP Bradley who lost his life at the young age of 22. It's heartbreaking to think also of his family and the children who have to live with the consequences of this disturbing situation. 

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