''I C*t Her Throat To Help Her.'' | Obsessed Neighbour Who Murdered OnlyFans Model Charlotte Angie (The Carol Maltesi Case) GRAPHIC CONTENT


(Collage created by me. Top left pic: Carol Maltesi: photo credit: lokmattimes. Top left: Davide Fontana: pic credit: Daily Mail. Bottom left: pic of Carol with her son, taken from carol's FB page. Centre: yours truly. Bottom right: Carol: pic credit: milano.repubblica)

This case is a recent one and to say that it is a horrific and disturbing story is an understatement. I've mentioned in previous posts that I was looking to cover more true crime cases from various other countries outside of the UK and the USA, this tragic case occurred in the beautiful country of Italy in 2022. 

Researching this case proved to be a bit of a challenge as a lot of articles were in Italian but I managed to get through it and gather as much information as I could, as you know I don't like to leave any stones unturned. Before I begin I have to warn you that this is going to be a difficult post to get through, it's going to be upsetting and you'll probably feel a roller coaster of emotions reading it but I will try and be as gentle as I can with the details whilst sharing the facts. 

In 2023 we like to think that we are more open minded than what we were back in the day, especially about the adult entertainment industry. We now have OnlyFans and other sites which are dedicated to providing a platform for male and female sex workers, glamour models and such to be able to create and share private and often explicit content in the safety of their bedrooms and studios for a subscription fee. So many people have an OnlyFans account now that it has been seen as an every day thing, an extra way of making money and we all saw how OnlyFans blew up during the Covid pandemic. 

During the pandemic when a lot of us were advised to stay at home, wear a mask, isolate ourselves etc, a lot of businesses were affected, the adult industry was hit pretty hard and a lot of porn stars (who also did some escorting on the side) found themselves out of work and you could really see the financial struggle and depression setting in. When a lot of porn stars decided to move their content onto their own personal OnlyFans accounts, to essentially be their own boss, it totally changed the game and some would say that OnlyFans have had a huge impact on the adult entertainment industry for negative reasons. 

A lot of people are no longer interested in glossy porn that's been made in fancy studios in California or Las Vegas by surgically enhanced people, they want to see Margaret and Bob from down the street making a naughty video (or taking pictures) on their phone and posting it online. It seems that amature porn is very popular (although we all have different tastes). There is a lot of money to be made on OnlyFans so to the single mother of three children trying to make ends meet you can understand why this would be an attractive opportunity. But like all things, it has it's negative side. 

I get offended (even though I don't have an OnlyFans account) with the way that women who have these types of platforms are judged and treated, Why shouldn't they want to make their own money, be their own bosses in the safety of their own home? I would rather have that situation then having them risk their health and safety in some dodgy red light district, wouldn't you? A lot of the time, people who work for professional adult entertainment companies are often abused and exploited this is why they turn to escorting to help make ends meet because despite what some people may think, porn stars don't earn as much money as you think they do. I've been told (whilst having many a conversation with adult performers) that most of their income comes from escorting (those that partake in escorting, some are lucky enough to be able to get by on what they earn or have added support elsewhere).

I also want to point out that it's quite hypocritical for some men who like to take explicit pictures of women that they have found by either hacking a site or finding on some forum but will use these materials for their own pleasure (sorry to be gross) but then blast women who chose to have this type of career, say that they should ''Get a real job'' and should basically have all of their content available for free. This is what we mean by toxic masculinity. 

As a different type of content creator, I don't like it when these types of guys tell OnlyFans creators that they don't have a job! There's men and women out there who are spending hours filming and editing content, promoting content as well as having to manage the financial side of it and then throw in the creepy, obsessed stalkers and the nasty men who become verbally abusive if you don't do what they tell you. I imagine it to be very very difficult at times, the money might be of some comfort but to be spoken to in such a fashion and having your body put under the microscope for Harry in his mommy's basement to ridicule (even though there's nothing wrong with you and he's just salty that you did't give him that free customized video he begged for). 

I apologise for the rant but in many ways I'm not sorry, live and let live is what I say. Part of the reason for this rant (and it does coincide with this post) is the comments I was seeing about the lady I am going to be talking to you about in this post. There was a lot of judgement and nasty comments. I'm not a fan of victim blaming and you've probably noticed that I moderate my comment section due to horrible things being said about innocent people. 

So let's get into the case properly now that I have stepped off of my soapbox in regards to that. 

(Carol Maltesi aka Charlotte Angie. Picture credit: lokmattimes)

Carol Angie Deborah Maltesi was a beautiful 26 year Dutch-Italian woman who some of you may know as 'Charlotte Angie', in this post I will be referring to her as 'Carol' to try and avoid confusion. Carol had a young son that she absolutely adored and she was obsessed with travelling to different countries, she'd already been to 26 destinations and she still wanted to see more. She had a beautiful outlook on life and if we rewind back to just a few years ago, it seemed that she had it all. Beautiful young woman with an adorable child and loving, handsome partner. She made ends meet by working as a sales assistant and was very close with her family and friends. If you were friends with Carol or happened to be a relative and you happened to send her a message she was the type of person who would respond back within 5 minutes, she was always fast at typing messages on her phone and she loved sending voicenotes to loved ones on WhatsApp

Carol lived somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle (she even had the word 'Wanderlust' as a tattoo) and had lived in various different countries. Not surprisingly, she would be in contact with her family and friends every day, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms were very important to Carol because they enabled her to keep in touch with her loved ones and share video clips, pictures and messages. 

(Taken from Carol's Facebook page) 

So Carol was happy with her life and expressed on many occasion how much she appreciated the little things in life and how grateful she was for who and what she had in her life, but the pandemic struck and suddenly (like a lot of us) Carol's world had changed. She now found herself single because she and her partner had broken up, her son who she adored went to live with his father but she kept in regular contact. She also found herself with very little money having not been able to work. I remember that Italy was hit very hard by the pandemic (as a lot of countries were) and was brought to a complete standstill with hospitals full to the brim and endless coffins filling up churches because there was no space to put everyone, it was truly horrific scenes that were being flashed across our TV screens, your heart went out to them. Beautiful place and beautiful people having their lives taken away and turned upside down by this horrendous thing. 

(Taken from Carol's Facebook page)

Carol was online most of the time (like a lot of us) just trying to remain calm and find out what was happening in the rest of the world. It was during this period that she discovered OnlyFans and being as beautiful as she was, people had often commented on her looks quite a lot and after some time of thinking about it, she set up a page. She was surprised to see how well her account was doing and she had made a decent amount of money. She used a stage name 'Charlotte Angie' and began to enjoy the financial stability and numerous admirers that being an OnlyFans star had brought her. 

It was around this point that a handsome Italian man by the name of Davide Fontana came into the picture, he was already married but the pair grew close and he left his wife to carry on a passionate, brief relationship with Carol. Davide was financially comfortable and always well dressed, he liked the finer things in life and worked as a banker. He enjoyed wearing designer suits, being flashy and going out for dinner, having champagne and he enjoyed this so much that he had a hobby as a food blogger. 

(Davide Fontana. Pic credit: milanotoday)

Davide was too good to be true and to the outside world he seemed like the perfect Italian gentleman. He was well aware of Carol's career on OnlyFans and this didn't bother him. In fact, he had joined in on helping her make content. As part of my research I watched a few clips of Carol's content and the content she had made with Davide and it makes for disturbing viewing because of what later went on. The content with Davide was quite aggressive, role plays of being tied up but not in the usual way, more a case of being held at knifepoint with duct tape. In order to do that style of content with someone or even to role play like this in the bedroom, you have to have 100% trust in your partner because when you think about it, you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position. For Carol, she was used to making this type of content. 

With their relationship being based on lust, sex and Davide being a raving narcissist and control freak, it was inevitable that it was going to come to an end. Davide, however, wanted the content to carry on and even made a fake OnlyFans customer account with a false name so that he could spy on Carol and request kinky videos where bondage was part of the role play. He pretended to be her friend and moved next door, the pair seemed to get on well but Davide was completely obsessed and had been stalking her without her knowledge. 

(Davide Fontana. Pic credit: Daily Mail)

Carol felt that she could completely trust Davide because he had helped her in the past and she felt that they had an understanding. She told her friends that Davide was a great guy and that they were both on the same page with a lot of things just not romantically. Carol had also started seeing another man who lived in Holland but because it was a long distance relationship, Davide didn't feel too threatened by this. 

Things stated to get darker when Davide was listening to a private conversation that Carol was having on her phone with her ex partner. She explained that she wasn't 100% happy with where she lived and wanted to move closer to him and their son. It sounded to Davide that Carol wanted to get back together with her ex and this enraged him. 

What happened next was ultimately chilling. He claims that nothing was premeditated but I beg to differ. Davide, using his fake account had set up a scenario where the 'customer' wanted Carol to be tied to a stripper pole (she had one in her apartment) with a bag over her head. The request also included a man hitting her gently with a hammer on the thighs and stomach. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is going to be disturbing so please bare that in mind in case you don't wish to continue any further....

Davide and Carol were in her apartment filming content, they'd already recorded one video with Davide's phone and were in the process of making another. As mentioned in the request from the fake customer, Davide placed a bag over Carol's head and tied her to the pole completely nude, one can only imagine that Carol had gone along with this because she had made similar style of content with Davide before. With Carol firmly tied to the pole and the bag over her head, he proceeded to hit her gently on the thighs and stomach with the hammer. He then decided to hit her elsewhere on the body with the hammer a little harder and decided that he would move up to her head where he started to hit her very violently over and over again until she stopped making any noise. He claimed that he didn't know what he was doing and that he didn't know what had come over him. He said he didn't realise she was dead because he couldn't see her face. Once he realised that that blood was beginning to pour from the bag, he decided to slit Carol's throat with a knife for whatever reason (he later claimed it was to help her). It was an act of pure evilness, anger and total overkill. These were actions of an angry person who wanted to destroy their victim.

Murdering Carol in cold blood in her own apartment was not enough for him. He later told the cops that he paced the floor in a panic and didn't know what to do.....or so he says. He didn't waste any time picking up Carol's mobile phone and decided that he would pretend that she was alive so nobody would be looking for her. One of the advantages for him at this point was that Carol always lived in different countries and she loved to travel so for people not to see her for a while, it was no strange thing. He texted her boyfriend in Holland and then some family and friends. 

He realised that he was going to have to get rid of her body somehow without raising suspicion. He decided to dismember her body (after trying to burn it and realised that it wasn't going to work) and later told the police that it took him 3 days to cut her body into 15 pieces which he placed in plastic bags. He bought a freezer which he had delivered to her home and he placed the bags in there. 

He carried on texting her friends, family and boyfriend pretending to be her and used her credit cards to pay her rent and have things like ladies shoes and lingerie delivered to the house to make it look as if Carol was very much alive and that he was just the nice guy neighbour next door who was taking in some parcels for her. 

This pathetic display continued on until March when Carol's family started to feel that something wasn't right, Carol didn't sound like herself in the texts/WhatsApp messages and she had not sent a voice note in weeks as well as that, it would take days and days for a response, this wasn't like Carol at all. Some friends did get a message out of the blue from Carol's phone saying that she was going to move somewhere else and give up OnlyFans. Everyone was concerned and when Carol failed to turn up for an important appearance at a adult entertainment festival in March (one that she had been so excited about and preparing for) alarm bells were ringing and authorities were contacted. Soon there was cops hanging around asking questions, Davide panicked and realised he had to get Carol's remains out of her apartment and dumped somewhere before the cops did a thorough search. 

When there was a quiet moment, he carefully loaded the 15 bags which contained Carol's remains, into his car and and drove to a ditch at a beauty spot. He put all 15 bags together which is quite unusual, usually killers tend to dump remains in water so that they are scattered about making them a bit more difficult to identify. Davide went home and continued to keep an eye on the news and not that long after the bags were dumped, a member of the public found them, they'd spotted what looked like a hand with glitter nail polish. The remains were thawing because they had been previously left in the freezer for quite some time. 

So the police had this gruesome discovery of 15 bags which were filled with dismembered human body parts and they were now given the horrible task of trying to identify them, Carol's face had been burned beyond all recognition which is another sign that he was trying to destroy all that she was by trying to erase her beautiful looks. Carol had 11 tattoos and they were quite unusual ones, unique to her and despite the utter disrespect that had been done to her body the tattoos had not been damaged in any way.

The tattoos were carefully photographed and the police put out a request to the public for any possible information of who this lady might be. Suddenly, Carol's fans began to notice how similar the tattoos were to the ones Carol had and they contacted her phone. A journalist who was following the case of the unidentified remains was also contacted and Carol's fans were saying that those missing body parts are Carol or as they knew her 'Charlotte Angie'. The journalist went under cover as a fan and contacted the WhatsApp number for Carol and asked if she was ok because some remains had been found and the tattoos matched hers. The response came back to this journalist, her fans, friends and family, that she was fine and those tattoos being the same was just a coincidence but nobody believed it. 

DNA on the bags was tested and the police were soon knocking at Davide's door. With so much evidence against him and no more lies to tell, he confessed that he had killed Carol, dismembered her body and then dumped her remains. 

He claimed that it wasn't planned, that he didn't know what had come over him and that if he could take it all back today then he would. 

It was obvious that Davide had an obsession with Carol, he left his wife for her, he moved next door to her, pretended to be her friend, created a fake account so that he could see and watch explicit content from her. He couldn't stand the rejection even though Carol had been sweet to him and didn't want to take their relationship anything beyond friendship. Overhearing the fact that she wanted to move closer to her ex partner and her son would have made Davide feel that he was losing her. Another case of 'If I can't have you, nobody will'. The things he did to her body afterwards, the mutilation, the burning of the face and cutting her into 15 pieces just to be locked in a freezer and then dumped at some ditch, he wanted to destroy what he couldn't have. 

(Taken from Carol's Facebook page)

Being a true narcissist all he could think about what himself and how the whole thing had affected him. Whether or not he felt any sort of remorse is hard to believe because of how much of a pathological liar this guy really is. You'll be pleased to hear that he is behind bars as we speak although I'm sure some people would want more harsher 'justice' done after what he has done. 

Psychiatrists who were involved with the case described Davide Fontana as having three personalities, the one he was before, the one when he was with Carol and the one after he killed Carol, they said: 

''the man could not have killed her by looking at her face: she was wearing a hood in that moment, if he hadn't had it we don't know if Fontana would have been able to do what he did".

The psychiatrists claimed that Davide had an obsession with Carol almost like he was a 12 year old boy in his behaviour, he was terrified of losing her and the conversation that he heard between Carol and her ex was a huge trigger for him. He felt threatened, even though Carol expressed that she didn't want to take their friendship into a serious relationship again, maybe he still felt hope that she would change her mind? The way things were not an ideal situation with him stalking her but to him she was still there in his life, he knew where she was and he was able to get close to her. 

As far as I have been able to find on this case and I've read a lot of Italian articles, Davide has confessed as we know and is expected to serve life in prison. He is behind bars right now and there has been no updates on this case since December of 2022. There's no information yet of his sentencing but I will be keeping an eye open for any updates on this case but it's pretty obvious we know the outcome, he has done this despicable crime, his DNA was everywhere, he's confessed and that is that, the only thing now is for him to officially be sentenced and it'll be a life sentence, you don't have to be Albert Einstein to work that one out. 

I included a few screenshots of Carol's Facebook page in this post because I was trying to give everyone a flavour of what she was like as a person, she wasn't just a murder victim or an OnlyFans model. She was a mother, a well loved person who saw the beauty in everything and loved to travel the world and make new friends. In every country she visited she soaked up the different cultures and enjoyed every minute of it, she really did live her life to the full. I wish things had worked out differently between her and her previous partner, she seemed so happy with him and her son, maybe they could have gotten back together? we'll never know. 

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(Taken from Carol's Facebook page) 

RIP Carol x

Carol is buried in a cemetery in Italy known as Cimitero di Sesto Calende. 

I hope that by writing about this case that not only have you come away from it feeling a sense of more knowledge about what happened to this beautiful and kind woman but are also to see that she was real person just like the rest of us and her life was cut short. We don't know why she continued to do OnlyFans it's not for us to judge, maybe there was money troubles? difficulties with finding another job or because she had earned a decent amount of money? At the end of the day she was just trying to get by like the rest of us and she wasn't causing any harm. She thought she could put her trust in Davide, he'd been kind and nice to her before but like I always say, there's a thin line between obsession and hate. Just like in the Ricardo Lopez case which I covered in 2019 (you can read the article here) he thought he was in love with the legendary artist Bjork, he had her pictures all over his tiny apartment, her music videos and tapes, magazine articles, he was obsessed and recorded endless videotapes of how amazing she was. The minute he read an article in a magazine that she was romantically involved with someone (which included a photograph of Bjork with her new boyfriend), Ricardo went berserk and ''love'' turned to hate within a second, he set about trying to destroy her. I talk about it all in that post but you get the idea. It's very scary when someone is obsessed with you. Sometimes stalkers are not hard to spot, the creepy guy that won't leave you alone for 5 minutes, always bothering you online. Then there's the even scarier ones that are obsessed with you but hide it, they lurk on your social media platforms and pretend to be your friend. 

There's no way to prevent this sort of thing happening, anyone of us with a social media account could fall victim to a stalker. We just have to keep ourselves safe as much as we can and be careful with what information we put out there on our socials, be careful with locations and putting personal details on there. I once had a situation where I let it slip on Twitter that I was going to see a show with my best friend, some guy who'd be trying to get close to me for weeks took it upon himself to book a ticket for this show and drove 5 hours from his home (which he lived with his mother in his 40s) and booked a hotel room in the hopes that he would just happen to 'bump' into me and a magical fairytale romance would occur. This same person also found out the city that I worked in and assumed that I also lived there because I made the stupid mistake of posting a picture of a restaurant that I liked to frequent after work (I was obsessed with their mac & cheese) and one Sunday out of the blue, he drove 5 hours again and sent me a picture on Instagram with him stood outside of a restaurant (he went to the wrong one) saying ''Surprise I'm here, please come meet me for a coffee, no strings attached''. Can you believe that I actually felt guilty about this because he had driven all that way but I had no idea he was going to do that and there was never any encouragement from me. 

He ended up having to drive all the way back home, a journey wasted but I couldn't risk my safety and to be honest, I was fuming. So, I try to be as careful as I can be now, even if I go to a concert I will be quiet about it until the day after the show. 

So this was quite a long post and a very tough case to get through but if you have managed to make it to the end, I really do appreciate it and as always I welcome your thoughts either in the comments section, email or or any of my socials

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I hope you will join me again in my next post. Stay safe x 

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  1. Hello Jo, I just finished reading your latest True Crime case.

    I wasn’t aware of this case at all. I was heartbroken to read what happened to Carol Maltesi “Charlotte Angie”. I couldn’t agree more with you Jo, It was definitely a roller coaster of emotions. I agree with you about your quote “live and let live”. Too many people in our society love to blame a victim or they are judging a person choice without even knowing the context and the complete truth.

    Davide Fontana is certainly the definition of a dangerous narcissist. He is a complete control freak. I couldn’t believe what he has done to Carol. He cut her throat and he claimed it was to helped her ? He is an manipulative evil man, a liar, and a aggressive sick individual. A vicious evil murderer. I’m disturbed and hunted by what he has done to Carol.

    I was obviously relief to read that this monster is expected to be in prison for life. I am looking forward to any update from you about his sentencing.

    It must have been one of your most difficult cases to covered. I obviously remember when you covered the case of Ricardo Lopez. It was really scary to read that you had your own stalker too. We do live in a crazy unsafe world.

    Thank you for your brilliant work as always Jo, you’re amazing.

    RIP Carol Maltesi Xx