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(Blessing Olusegun. Picture credit: Standard)

It's been a tense couple of weeks for the UK with the heartbreaking news that a young woman by the name of Sarah Everard was abducted off of the street and murdered by a serving policeman. I think everyone is in shock and disbelief especially as we found out that this man, Wayne Couzens had indecently exposed himself at a McDonald's restaurant just days before he kidnapped Sarah. 

We are all just trying to get our heads around the fact that this pervert was allowed to go straight back to work as a police officer, an individual who is supposed to be protecting members of the public, not harming them.

Like so many people, I watched in horror at the footage of the police manhandling women at Sarah Everard's vigil. 

The vigil (before the police came) was a beautiful, peaceful tribute to remember Sarah and other women who had been victims of violence including the beautiful girl in the picture above, Blessing Olusegun. 

It was because of these brave women at the vigil that I came to know Blessing's name. I did some research into Blessing's case and decided to put a little video together.

Please, if you can, watch the video to give you the background details of the case and then sign this petition

I am continuing to share updates on the Sarah Everard case here

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video, please sign the petition & share if you can.

RIP Blessing.


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  1. I just saw your beautiful tribute to Blessing 🙏🌹🖤⚖️. I also sign the petition. I comment under your incredible video from YouTube. Thank you so much Jo for being so amazing ❤️

  2. What was happening to her was tragic. I just hope that they will find some answers.

  3. Your video is so beautiful and such a creative way to talk about the case and what was happening to her. There is still so many question up on the air. I hope that justice will prevail for Blessing and for the familly Xxx