The Vampire of Sacramento: Richard Trenton Chase | Serial Killer (Part Two)


(Richard Trenton Chase. Picture credit: Express)

Continued from part one...

In August through to December 1977 there were other bizarre incidents which included Richard's car being found in a sand drift in Nevada by the police who then discovered him naked, covered from head to toe in blood which he claimed was his own and had leaked through his skin. There was also a bucket of blood, guns, clothes and a piece of liver which was later determined to have belonged to a cow. He set fire to a neighbours garage because he didn't like the music they played and attempted a drive-by shooting a woman's house. Luckily the woman was unharmed but a bullet from the gun was later found in her kitchen.

By later December Richard's madness was spiralling out of control even further when he randomly targeted a man in is 50s by the name of Ambrose Griffin. Ambrose was just outside of his house with his wife carrying bags of shopping when Richard fired the gun. Ambrose sadly passed away. 

Richard had a habit of walking around the neighbourhood checking to see if any of the doors were open, he later told the police that if the doors were left open (as some people tended to do in the 1970s) he saw this as some sort of invitation and he'd go inside. If the doors were locked, he believed that to mean that he was to stay away. 

In one of the houses that belonged to a married couple, he helped himself to some of their valuables and for some sickening reason decided to leave faeces on their sons bed and urinated in a drawer. Whilst Richard was still in the house the couple returned home. The husband confronted him but he managed to escape. Despite the sickening scene in their home, luckily the couple and their children were not hurt.

Richard's next victim was a woman by the name of Teresa Wallin. She was three months pregnant and was taking out some trash whilst her partner was at work. Unfortunately Richard spotted this poor woman and shot her three times using the same gun he had been using all along. 

[Please be warned, more disturbing details coming up] 

Teresa's deceased body was then dragged into a bedroom where Richard sexually assaulted her corpse and made several stab wounds. He then cut her open and removed some of her internal organs and collected the blood in a bucket. he sliced off her nipple and collected the blood in a yogurt pot which he proceeded to drink out of. He took the bucket of blood into the bathroom where he emptied it into the bathtub and sat in it. At some point he went outside and found some dog faeces and returned to Teresa's body where he rubbed the faeces into her mouth and throat.

A couple of days after the horrific and disgusting, vile murder of Teresa, Richard bought two puppies off of a neighbour, killed them, drank their blood and dumped the poor animals on the neighbours doorstep.

His final act of horrendous, sickening cruelty and murder occurred on the 27th of January 1978. Again, the details shared here are horrendous so please be warned. Richard broke into the home of a 38 year old woman by the name of Evelyn Miroth. In the house with her was her nephew David (who was only 22 months old), Jason who was her 6 year old son and Evelyn's friend and neighbour Dan Meredith, who came over to check on her and the children.

Richard shot and killed Dan and stole his car keys and wallet. He chased Jason into Evelyn's bedroom where he shot and killed him. He shot the baby in the head before bursting into the bathroom (Evelyn had been taking a bath before Richard broke into the house). He then dragged Evelyn's body into a bedroom where he sliced pieces of her neck and drank the blood. He also sodomized her repeatedly. Later examination of Evelyn's body showed that there was a considerable amount of semen left behind by Richard Trenton Chase. He stabbed her anus and other parts of her body causing more blood to rush into her abdomen. He cut open the abdomen and drank the blood. After he was done drinking the blood he took the baby's body into the bathroom and split his head open, consuming some of his brain, 

 This whole, evil, sickening act that I can't find the words for was something that really aroused him. It's actually been quite difficult researching this case and putting it all together for this blog as you can imagine. I'm sure you are having some difficulty reading it.

Whilst Richard was in the bathroom he was disturbed by a knock on the front door which happened to be a little girl looking for Jason. Richard fled the scene and took David's remains with him. A concerned neighbour managed to get into the house where he made the gruesome and horrific discovery of the bodies and contacted the authorities. Richard had left fingerprints and evidence that he had been there, behind.

[More horrendous details are coming up, please be warned]

Once Richard had gotten home with baby David's body he sliced off the baby's penis and used it as straw to drink the blood from the corpse. He also made one of his sickening smoothies from David's remains. He then dumped whatever remains of the body he didn't want, by a church.

Five days later, Richard was finally arrested. During a search of his home, the police found blood and rotting remains throughout the house as well as pieces of flesh belonging to various victims. He also had a collection of pet collars which I assume to be from the pets that he captured off the street and from his neighbours.

In 1979 he stood trial and was found guilty of first degree murder for all six of his victims. He was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. His lawyers had originally tried to plead insanity and claimed that Richard should not be put to death as the murders were random and unplanned.

Richard Trenton Chase (as you have been reading in these two posts) was an absolutely sick and evil monster. I don't think he deserves to be called a human being. I don't know what to call him but at the time he was in prison, everyone feared him, even the big tough guys who had been in gangs, feared him. They knew this guy was an absolute nutcase and could do anything at any minute. They knew of his crimes and the sickening and nightmarish things he had done. Normally the monsters who kill women and children don't last five minutes in prison because people are out to get them but with Richard Trenton Chase, people watched their step.

Instead of facing the gas chamber, Richard took an easy way out and swallowed a pile of antidepressants he'd been secretly hiding for a few weeks. On the 26th of December 1980, the day after Christmas, one of the most evil 'things' (I can't find any words to describe him) to have walked this earth was pronounced dead.

Now I'm at the end of this post I can actually breathe. This case was a horrendous case to have covered. All of the cases I have written about have been heartbreaking and effected me but this one has to have been the most gruesome. Those poor people and what they went through at the hands of this monster. My heart breaks for the families too, can you imagine the anger and the pain of knowing all of this happened to their loved ones? I cannot imagine it. 

Thank you for getting through these two posts and this case with me. I will be sharing more of my thoughts on this case and other updates over on my Patreon page.

(Teresa Wallin, Evelyn Miroth, Jason Miroth, David Ferreira. Just four of Richard Trenton Chase's victims. May they rest in peace. Picture credit: Slideshare)

RIP Teresa Wallin & her unborn baby, Evelyn Miroth, Jason Miroth, David Ferreira, Dan Meredith and Ambrose Griffin. 

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  1. Of all the evil that men can do this truly was the most gruesome I've ever read. As you said to even call this creature a man or even refer to him as human is something that can't be done. This was terrifying and gruesome and one of the most gut wrenching, heart breaking posts to read. But you did it with such passion and such power that the story was incredible and brilliant!