Targeted: The Kriss Donald Story | Part Two

(The Shielders: Imran ''Baldy'' Shahid and his fellow gang members: Daanish ''Ferrari'' Zahid, Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid, Mohammed ''Becks'' Faisal Mushtaq and Zahid ''Ziggy'' Mohammed. Photo credit: BBC News)

As I mentioned in part one, please be aware that disturbing and graphic details are included in this post.

The next day, March the 15th 2004, Imran ''Baldy'' Shahid was in the council flat of fellow gang member Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq otherwise known as ''Becks''. Imran was still fuming about the night before and was making various phonecalls trying to track down anyone who could identify The McCulloch Street Team and tell them where they were. Baldy and Becks were soon joined by Imran's brother, Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid, Zahid ''Ziggy'' Mohammed and Daanish ''Ferrari'' Zahid.

All five of the men were members of ''The Shielders'' and Imran Shahid was the leader. 

Imran told them all what was happening on the phone and what he had plans to do. As instructed they each produced a tool which was placed in a blue bag. The bag contained a hammer, a screwdriver, a sharpened knife as well as other implements. The plan was that they would find these McCulloch Street Team members and ''chop them up and take their eyes out.''

Before they went out to look for the McCulloch Team, Imran decided to dye his hair black which was his original hair colour. Why he did this is not known to me but it may have been so that he didn't stand out as much or maybe because one of the McCulloch Team may have made a comment about his blonde hair the night before.

Once Imran was finished doing his hair, He together with Zeeshan, Zahid and Daanish called a taxi at 2:42pm to take them into the West End of Glasgow to collect a stolen Mercedes. Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq was to stay behind at the flat and they would call and pick him up when they were ready.

By 3:08pm, Imran called Mohammed and told him to be ready with the blue bag of tools. They picked him up and now there was five of them in the car.

Imran did all the directing, telling them where to go and to keep their eyes open for any ''white b*stards'' that looked like the McCulloch Team. Imran must have got bored very quickly because they were having no luck finding them and he suddenly spotted two boys walking on Kenmere street, it was Kriss and his friend Jamie Wallace. Imran told them to stop the car and said ''I'M, DOING THEM.'' He got out of the car and told them to turn the car around and come back.

Kriss and Jamie were too busy talking about the video game at first and seemed to be in a world of their own till Jamie saw the huge, angry figure coming towards them, ''F*ck, it's Baldy'' said Jamie. Kriss had no idea who he was talking about and didn't know what to think when this guy out of nowhere grabbed Jamie. He was demanding to know where the McCulloch Team were and the boys were terrified and didn't know what to tell him. Imran struggled to keep a hold of Jamie who tried his best to get away, suddenly Imran lost grip of Jamie and turned his attention to Kriss who was of slighter build. Kriss didn't know what to do and as the Mercedes approached them he tried his best to get away.

The car door flew open and Imran tried to push Kriss into the back seat, the others were trying to get a hold of him too. Kriss kept saying ''I'm only 15, what did I do'' as he tried to hold onto the roof of the car but he was kneed in the back and was pushed head-first into the foothold where he was repeatedly punched. Jamie stood in shock, shaking and crying as he watched the gang attacking Kriss shouting ''WHITE B*STARDS''. Imran then turned to Jamie and said ''DO YOU KNOW WHAT PAIN IS? YOU'RE NEXT.''

The car door slammed shut and the car sped off with Imran's brother, Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid at the wheel and Imran shouting ''DRIVE, DRIVE.''

Jamie was hysterical and went to get help. His grandmother had witnessed the whole scene from her top floor flat window, she was already running down the stairs. A neighbour went to inform Kriss's mother of what happened and the police were called.

By 3:28pm the Strathclyde Police were informed of what had happened with a brief description of the car and the men who abducted Kriss. It was hard to give a good, detailed description of the men who were inside the car but they got a good description of Imran.

It's hard to imagine what was going on in Kriss Donald's mind at this moment. To be dragged off of the streets, pushed into a car with a gang of men punching and threatening you, calling you racist names. He was just a 15 year old boy of slight build who dreamt of becoming a motor mechanic or joining the army and tried his best to avoid confrontation. He wasn't in a gang and wasn't friends with anyone who was part of the McCulloch Street Team, he just happened to be on Kenmure street that day.

As he was continually punched in the back seat, Imran kept demanding that he provide the names and whereabouts of the McCulloch Street Team and Kriss told him that he didn't know them and kept begging to let him go and that he wouldn't tell anyone what happened. Imran shouted ''I'M BALDY, NOBODY F*CKS WITH ME.''

Imran held up the blue bag in front of Kriss and told him that there was a ''shooter'' inside.

The gang drove around Glasgow and even as far as Dundee making phonecalls from one contact to the other, all in full earshot of Kriss. Imran was looking for a place to take him so that they could torture him without being disturbed. He told the gang earlier that his plans were to chop up members of the McCulloch Street Team and take their eyes out. Imran was getting frustrated because they were struggling to find somewhere, they drove for a long time with no success. The time was approaching 6pm and they needed to drop off Zahid ''Ziggy'' Mohammed because he had a security tag and curfew.

Once he was dropped off they carried on with some more suggestions on where to take Kriss from their contacts over the phone. When this failed it was suggested that they go to the Clyde walkway behind the Celtic Supporters Club on London road. They were informed that it would be quiet and they wouldn't be disturbed. They decided to go there but stop off at a service station to buy a canister of petrol.

At around 7:19pm they arrived at the Clyde walkway. Daanish ''Ferrari'' Zahid, Mohammed ''Becks'' Faisal Mushtaq, Imran ''Baldy'' Shahid and his brother Zeeshan ''Crazy'' Shahid were in the car with Kriss Donald.

Between 7:19pm and 7:39pm, it is unknown who did what, but Kriss was dragged from the car and restrained whilst he was brutally stabbed in the front and the back 13 times. The knife punctured his lung, kidney, stomach and intestines. Three of his major arteries were cut. One of his ribs was cut in half and the knife had gone through one side of his arm to the other, cutting a notch in the bone.

When they let go of him he slumped onto a felled tree trunk in agony, losing a lot of blood. They opened the canister of petrol and poured it all over him as he was struggling. They set him on fire whilst he was conscious.

They got in the car quickly and sped off. The stolen Mercedes would later be found abandoned and burnt out in another part of Glasgow. They also burned the clothes they were wearing in an attempt to cover their tracks.

When the murderers had sped off in the car, Kriss was still conscious and managed to move himself whilst his body was on fire. He moved from the tree trunk and tried to reach the grass slope that led to the walkway path. He tried to roll himself in a muddy hollow in an attempt to put out the flames. This was where he was found by a passerby the next morning. Kriss had died from losing so much blood and suffered 70% burns to his body.

A scenes of crime examiner, William Galloway said that Kriss was mostly naked when they found him due to the fire burning his clothes. All he was wearing was some remains of clothes around his mid section and one trainer.

Continued in part three...

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  1. These guys where just bullies, I think they choose children off the street because they were easy targets, because it would have been obvious these were not the McCulloch Street Team members. They were just plain evil.

    1. So horrible and like you said in your previous comment, they picked on people who were smaller than them x