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Being a Bonfire night baby, when I heard that Costa had a new exciting 'Bonfire Spiced' range which included a 'Bonfire Spiced Latte', I just knew I had to try it!

The Bonfire Spiced range contains delicious drinks such as:

- Bonfire Spice Latte
- Bonfire Hot Chocolate
- Cold Brew Coffee

All the drinks contain delicious notes of Caramel toffee, toasted spices topped with caramel vermicelli.

I treated my tastebuds to the 'Bonfire Spiced Latte' and before I even had a sip the smell of the spices were gorgeous. 

From the first sip I was hooked! It's the perfect combination of sweet (but not too sweet), spicy with the right blend of caramel. 

I absolutely love it! I may have to put my favourite vanilla latte drink to the side for the time being and treat myself to this for my Costa visits!. 

Have you tried any of the 'Bonfire Spiced' range yet? what do you think? Leave a comment below or tweet me 

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*Product purchased by me, all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% genuine. Picture is my own. 

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