The Palette that is a Favourite with Celebrities & Makeup Artists!

I'm not one to splash out on an Expensive palette if Im not 100% that it's going to tick all the boxes of what I'm looking for and needing to create my desired looks especially one that is aimed at 'Bronzing & Highlighting' but I've struck Gold with this impulse purchase. 

First of all I thought the palette looked beautiful but wanted to check if it was worth the price tag so I checked out a few YouTube reviews and everyone was raving about it and from what I could see and hear, I was in the mood for popping this little beauty in my Shopping Basket & seeing what it could do for me & why it was a Favourite with Celebs, Makeup Artists and Beauty Addicts alike.

You see before you the Stunning 'Bord De Plage - Highlighting & Bronzing Palette'. But let me tell you, this is so much more than a Bronzing & Highlighting palette, you could pretty much create the majority of your look with this Palette. As well as Bronzing & Highlighting, you can also Contour and use the beautiful shades (which blend like a dream) as eyeshadows and they are longlasting.

Whether it's a subtle glow or Intense look that you're going for, this palette takes care of that. If you want something more Dramatic looking you can dampen your brush for a more intense look. The highlighters are Fantastic and you can achieve that 'Dewy/Glowy' look or dampen your brush & really make your cheeks pop. Infact this palette has helped me create cheekbones and sculpt my face, define my jawline. This palette in a Nutshell is Fabulous!


These swatches were taken in the daylight but you can just imagine what they look like as soon as the light hits. As I mentioned before, the pictures don't do these shades justice but trust me they are WOW! They certainly Impress. Easily Blendable, longlasting, perfect for subtle or dramatic looks. 

I created some subtle everyday looks below. I used the palette to subtlely contour & highlight my face and I used 'Crique' & 'Galet' shades for my Eyes. I used the bronzer for my neck. The palette helped me achieve a Natural Dewy look & gave me a nautral looking brown glow like I'd caught a little bit of the sun. 

I'm looking forward to creating more looks with this palette especially more Dramatic looks! The Palette retails at £45.00, you can purchase it Here My advice to you is try and snap it up quickly as it tends to sell out pretty quick. 

Have you got any NARS favourites that you swear by? Do you own this palette? what are your thoughts? Leave in the comments below or tweet me at: @TheBloggersPost @CaledonianKitty 

Stay Fabulous! See you in the next post x 

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