Just A Little Message....

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to start off the new year of 2024 with a little message to say thank you! I just wanted to show my appreciation for all of the support not just for last year but for the whole time that I have been writing about serial killers/true crime. 

Whether it's been kind words of encouragement on my social media pages, comments here on my blog or private emails sharing your views on a post, all of it has meant so much to me, so thank you! Also a major thank you especially to the people who have donated to my Buy Me A Coffee page. 

As promised, I will be continuing on with more weekly content this year and I welcome your requests!

So here's to 2024, wishing you all the best for this year. Stay safe and I hope you will join me every Sunday evening here on my blog. 

To be continued..... 

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